Police Reports for Sept. 3

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations. September 3 Petit larceny, W.

Washington Street Embezzlement, Manning Bridge Road Kidnapping, Van Zandt Parkway

Simple domestic assault, Nancy Drive Nonreportable, E. Washington St.

Simple domestic assault, Nancy Drive Injured person, N. Fifth Street

Child pornography, Mill Lane Petit larceny, College Drive Attempted suicide, Highland Avenue

Harassment by computer, Grace Street Obtain money by false pretenses, Brooke Avenue Vandalism of private property, Carolina Road

Unauthorized use of auto, Bank Street Petit Larceny, Riverside Drive Identity theft, E.

Washington Street Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard Natural death, Longstreet Lane

Nonreportable offenses, Harbour View Boulevard Petit Larceny, Harbour View Boulevard Simple assault, College Drive

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard Defrauding innkeeper, College Drive Shooting from vehicle, Route 58

Simple domestic assault, White Marsh Road Lost or stolen, Nansemond Parkway Hit and run, Meadows Landing Lane

Child abuse, Ashley Avenue Natural Death, Robin Hood Trail Petit larceny, Godwin Boulevard

Simple domestic assault, Myrtle Street

Lost or stolen, Portsmouth Boulevard

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