Police reports: Police revoke licenses for drink driving on Saturday evening

Two drivers lost their licences. Police were originally called to Rue Lentz in Dudelange to break up a fight between a couple. Once the incident was resolved, it turned out that one of the individuals, who was very drunk, had driven to the spot.

Police discovered a car on the side of the road at 9.15am in Waldhof. The vehicle was spotted on the Route d’Echternach with a flat tyre and the driver asleep behind the wheel. An alcohol test proved positive, the man was fined and had his licence withdrawn.

On the N12 between Bridel and Rollingergrund, a car crash in the night leading into Sunday lead to a temporary road block. One motorist driving on the wrong side of the road caused the accident, with one driver managing to avoid him, but a second colliding head on. One person was not seriously injured, but first responders did have to tend to a woman immediately on site.

An alcohol test revealed the driver had been drinking, but was able to keep his licence.

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