Rutronik introduces AI development kit

It is based on the  low power STM32L562ZET6Q microcontroller. Itoperates at 110MHz and has a 32bit RISC-Core Arm Cortex-M33 with Arm TrustZone for hardware-based security. TrustZone provides a protected processing environment  for cyber protection and sensitive code, and an unprotected environment for the execution of untrusted code, to secure data during the inference phase of development.

It also supports Secure Boot, for secure read and write protection for the integrated memory (64Mbit PSRAM and 128Mbit NOR flash) and cryptography acceleration. The technology can also include  I/O ports, a peripheral function and flash or SRAM regions. To support short latency periods, there is an Octo SPI which interfaces to PSRAM and a Quad SPI which interfaces to the NOR flash memory and there is also a fast ADC.

To expand the microcontroller memory, the kit enables an SD card to be used and there is a protected area to securely store both raw data and inference data of the AI model. The kit also has CAN-FD and RS485 interface to quickly transmit large amounts of data, says the company. A USB-C power supply features protection IC, and low power functions which can be tested with a battery.

There is also an on-board ST-LINK V2 debugger / programmer and Arduino interfaces for supplementary boards, such as an Anybus communication module that enables products to communicate via all common field buses and on industrial Ethernet networks, such as EtherCat.

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