Charges dropped against Westland man who accused Menards security guard of breaking his leg over mask policy

LIVONIA, Mich. – The case of an alleged assault over a mask mandate that occurred at a Menards store in Livonia has been dismissed.

A judge at the 16th District Court in Livonia on Thursday dismissed a case against Steven Blake, of Westland, who was charged with misdemeanor assault following the incident.

Though he was the one charged, Blake claims that a Menards security guard broke his leg for not wearing a mask into the Livonia store, despite having a medical reason not to wear one.

Blake says on August 8 the security guard broke his leg during a takedown after notifying him that he had to wear a mask in the store.

The customer said he tried to explain to the security guard that he had a health issue, but couldn’t get a word in before the guard got in his face.

“His face shield pressed up against my face,” Blake said.

In a video obtained by Local 4 Defenders, Livonia police can be seen helping Blake into a wheelchair and taking him to a nearby hospital. You can watch the footage in the video below.

According to an executive order in effect at that time, businesses had the right to turn away customers who can’t physically wear a mask — but they did have to offer to get the items for the customer and deliver them curbside.

The security guard told police that he informed Blake of the policy, but Blake said that was not true.

“I would have left if he would have told me that,” Blake said. “I’m not going to trespass … if they don’t want me there.”

Blake initially faced a misdemeanor assault charge after the incident.

The case against him was dismissed when he appeared in court Thursday.

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