Mini Camera FHD 1080P Portable WLAN WiFi Compact Surveillance Security Camera with 32G TF card with motion detection and infrared night vision function, Video Recording for Indoor/Outdoor

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About this item

  • Mini camera WLAN WiFi security camera with HD 1080P video and pictures : The camera has 6 invisible infrared lights that monitor the place day and night. With a 120 ° wide-angle lens, all details and moments can be captured in the field of vision. The surrounding ambient light is automatically detected in order to decide whether the infrared light should be switched on or off.
  • Motion detection and loop recording function: this mini camera can only start screen recording mode when it detects moving objects. This setting is due to the fact that space can be saved and it takes a longer time. The video is saved separately every 5 minutes for easy search and loop playback.
  • Mini Video Surveillance Camera with 570mAh Battery and Latest Cooling Technology: Built-in Micro 570mAh battery, which can greatly extend the working time of the camera, Use the latest heat dissipation technology to improve the heat dissipation of the camera equipment and improve the durability of the product.
  • USB Mini Surveillance Camera can be used in many places: Suitable for Housekeeping / Pet / Antenna / Meeting / Outdoor / Garage / Warehouse / Supermarket / Shop / Office / Child / Safe;You can charge the micro camera with a power bank / adapter / computer.
  • Package content and after-sales service commitment: mini camera / USB cable / 32G TF card / user manual; From the day of purchase, we offer our customers 24-hour customer service and professional troubleshooting
Weight: 230 g
Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.9 x 6.7 cm; 230 Grams
Part: Ds05
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: CLUINIGO
Reference: ds05

Product Description





Product parameters

Video resolution 1080P
Video format MP4
Photo format JPG
Built-in battery Yes
Power supply mode USB 5V 1A
Lens wide angle 120 degrees
Microphone built-in microphone
USB 2.0
Motion detection distance 5 meters
Night vision infrared shooting (not visible)
APP system Android, iPhone
Micro SD Card 4-128Gb Class 10 Micro SD Card is recommended




Date Watermark

Select Time synchronization in the APP “Video0” settings, this will synchronize your phone time to the camera. All videos and photos will be date-stamped.

Mini Video Surveillance Camera with 570mAh Battery and Latest Cooling Technology

Motion Detection Function

Connect the camera to the APP, you can enable the motion detection function in the settings of the APP. The camera will automatically capture still photos when there are moving objects in front of the lens.

The video is saved separately every 5 minutes for easy search and loop playback.

Loop Recording

This camera records a video every five minutes. When your Micro SD Card is full, the recording process continues to record at the beginning, erasing the previously recorded material and replacing it with the new content.


Package include

1 * mini camera

1 * 32G TF card

1 * Magnetic bracket

1 * USB cable

1 * card reader

1 * user manual


1. Before turning on the power, please check whether your USB power supply is correct;

2. Do not drop the product from a high place or subject it to strong impact;

3. Avoid direct strong light on the lens, otherwise, it will easily damage the light sensor or reduce the life of the light sensor;

4. The normal working temperature is -5℃-50℃, and do not place it in places with strong electromagnetic radiation.

5.Long-term use of the camera needs to be connected to USB to maintain charging



Q 1: The camera cannot be turned on normally.

A: It may be that the battery is run out of power, you can try to connect to the USB power supply to turn on and charge it.

Q 2: The camera hotspot cannot be searched after booting.

A: After turning on the camera, you need to wait for about 60 seconds to initialize the camera, and observe whether the indicator light flashes slowly in red (a state with the card inserted).

Q3: The wireless remote connection of the camera is unsuccessful.

Answer: 1.Confirm whether the WiFi name and password are correct and standardized;

2.When connecting, the camera should be as close as possible to the wifi router;

3.Only support WiFi signal of 2.4G frequency, not 5G frequency;

4.Please try to restart the camera and then reconnect;