Premium FFP2/KN95 Particulate Respirator Masks – Individually Wrapped CE Certified 5-Layer Protective FFP2 NR Face Mask With Improved Comfort and Adjustable Ear Loops – Pack of 10


About this item

  • TIRED OF ALWAYS GETTING A BAD QUALITY MASK? Do you want to save your time and stress getting the right one for you? Introducing the YUNYIFU FFP2 NR face masks! With improved breathing circulation and improved comfort with extra layers of protection and better skin-friendly materials, you will forget about the masks you wore in the past!
  • IMPROVED BREATHING CIRCULATION – We worked hard to improve the breathing circulation inside the mask. Thanks to high-quality materials YUNYIFU dust mask will let through 50% more air during inhalation than any other masks. With the exhalation, the air travels to the bottom of the mask to avoid any unpleasant dew on the glasses.
  • PM-P2
  • AMAZING COMFORT – We tested out so many different designs and materials to understand and improve the most uncomfortable areas on the masks. That’s why we added an extra sponge under the nose clips and make the ear loops longer and more elastic. We also included the adjustable piece with every mask, so that you can adjust the ear loops as per your face composition.
  • ✅ 5-LAYER PROTECTION – YUNYIFU FFP2 masks are made of 5 thick layers to ensure the highest protection and high filter efficiency. The outer layer is made of non-woven fabric, that can filter large particles. The middle 2-layers are made of melt-blown fiber that can block more than 95% of particles. The last two layers inside are made of air cotton that operates as the last line of defense and the last layer is a non-woven fabric that is comfortable and easy to breathe through and sensitive skin.
  • CE CERTIFIED AND TESTED IN EUROPE – All YUNYIFU adult masks are going through series of quality control in the production stages based on the CE and EU standards. All our masks have been carefully tested in Europe’s top Labs to ensure the best possible quality and safety. All YUNYIFU masks fit surgical and medical grade standards, and all masks are made based on EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard.

Product description

We know, wearing a mask can be very upsetting andsometimes even painful.Every time you exhale inside the mask, you breathe out a lot of water from your body, which can end upharming your facial skinand give youunpleasant dew on your glasses.

If you are having the same problems,look no more!

IntroducingYUNYIFU FFP2 NR Face Masks.These revolutionary FFP2 masks are made out oftop-quality materialsthat we evolved in the last year to make the need to wear these masks ascomfortable as possible.

With the new andimproved design of FFP2 masks, we improved thebreathing circulation. Every time you inhale the air through, YUNYIFU masks will allow through up to 50% more air, without lowering down the filtration efficiency.

YUNYIFU masks are made of5 layersto ensure the highest protection and high filter efficiency. The combination ofmelt-blownandnon-woven materialsensures that you will stay protective and comfortable while wearing them at all times.

Every mask has anextra sponge below the nose clip, for extra comfort around your nose. We also made the ear loops longer and more elastic and we added anadjustable clipfor the earloops with every mask, so it can beadjusted based on your facial composition.

All YUNYIFU masks are going throughseries of quality controlin the production stages. They fit the highest EU and UK standards. These masks areCE-certifiedand are made based onEN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard.