Kärcher WD 3 P Wet and Dry Vacuum [Energy Class A]

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WD 3 P

Wet and Dry Vacuum

Tackle the toughest cleaning jobs with the Kärcher WD 3 P Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner, a robust machine capable of taking on the jobs too tough for your indoor vac. The WD 3 P syncs up with your power tools to keep mess to a minimum.

WD 3 P

Sync with your power tools

Keep mess to a minimum with the WD 3 P machine’s power tool triggered auto-start, which syncs the machine with your power tools.

WD 3 P

Get right into the corners

The WD 3 P blower function dislodges dust from corners and hard-to-reach places.

WD 3 P

For the toughest jobs

The WD 3 P is designed to tackle the jobs too tough for your indoor vacuum, taking on the most stubborn cleaning tasks in the car, garage and garden

WD 3 P


The WD 3 P has a compact design which makes the WD 3 P easy to move around and store.

WD 3 P Wet & Dry Vac

Kärcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

WD 3 P

WD 3 P Wet and Dry Vac

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WD 1 Compact Battery Set

WD 2

WD 2 Wet and Dry Vac

WD 4

WD 4 Wet and Dry Vac

WD 5

WD 5 Wet and Dry Vac

AD 4

AD 4 Ash and Dry Vac

Product Weight (Kg)
5.8 3.1 4.5 7.1 8.2 5.4
Actual Suction Power (Aw)
210 180 220 240 150
Energy Use (W)
1000 18V Battery 1000 1000 1100 600
Container Capacity/ Material
17L / Plastic 7L / Plastic 12L / Plastic 20L / Plastic 25L / Plastic 17L / Metal
Suction Hose Length (M)
2 1.2 1.9 2.2 2.2 1.7
Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Flat Pleated Flat Pleated Flat Pleated Filter
Accessories Included
Crevice and upholstery nozzles Crevice Nozzle Crevice Nozzle Crevice Nozzle
Filter Bags
Paper Paper Paper Fleece Fleece
Compatible with Power Tools
Use with Hot Substances

Weight: 5.8 kg
Dimensions: 38.8 x 34 x 50.2 cm; 5.8 Kilograms
Brand: Kärcher
Model: 16298840
Colour: Yellow
Colour: Yellow

103 Responses

  1. AdriannaBaragwa says:

     United Kingdom

    Good product and good value. Slightly disappointed because not all the nozzles were included in the box. Amazon sorted this for me. Otherwise I am very pleased with the vac. The feature allowing me to connect my power tools is particularly useful. I haven’t used it for wet pickup yet.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I love this thing. It sucks like crazy, the bags last well and are quite cheap and it doesn’t seem to lose power as the bag fills up – unlike my Miele cylinder. I really like the way that you can attach to power tools – it has transformed jobs like rotary disc sanding as there is literally no dust left in the house/garage. In case you were wondering how it works with power tools (I was) you simply plug the saw/sander/grinder into the vac outlet socket then as soon as you switch the tool on the vac starts. The vac overruns for about 5s after the tool is switched off. You need to but the hose adapter to attach to a tool. Cut this carefully for a tight fit! We use it in the house now as it is so powerful and effective. A longer flex would be my only suggestion to improve.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great suction,Best car hoover I’ve owned. Only down side is it could do with soft brush connection for doing dash.