Roidmi RS40, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, White


The next generation cleaning system

The New RS40 with powerful performance and effective pickup.

The RS40 is a cordless vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning accessory mount. For easy carpet vacuuming or vacuum and wash cleaning hard floors simultaneously.

  1. mop

    Vacuuming and wet cleaning Simultaneously

    The RS40 is equipped with an innovative technology allowing it to vacuum and wet clean your floors.

  2. app

    Intelligent app management

    Connect to your device for info about battery, cleaning time, dust bin capacity and filter condition

  3. rechager

    Magnetic wireless charging

    Simply snap into place and the RS40 will be ready to clean when you are.

  4. anti tangel

    Anti-tangle brush teeth

    Long hair – No problem

    The Tangle Free system and the roller design effectively prevent tangling.

  5. Hepa

    Cleaner floors and healthier air

    The ROIDMI RS40 offers air-purifier level filtration, ensuring dust and allergens stay in the bin.

1 Vacuuming & wet cleaning 2 App management 3 Wireless charging 4 Anti-tangle brush teeth 5 Clean air sensation

High suction power

The powerful brushless motor and Air-X dust separation efficient pick-up of dust, debris and hair.

Battery power

High battery capacity

The new BMS-X battery offers extended run time through innovative cell management giving 2500 mAH battery. Allowing deep cleaning in the entire home

great design

Form follows function

Classic and clean design with a futuristic feel. Notice how the beautiful white colour matches the grey tones creating an artistic functional piece.

hot spot
pack out

Dimensions: 60.4 x 32 x 20.4 cm; 6.22 Kilograms
Model: RS40

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