LET'S Tosy Dinosaur Balance Stracking Blocks for Kids – Halloween/Christmas Xmas Gifts


Let’s GO! Dinosaur Balance Blocks is an Interesting and Puzzling Challenge. Let’s Try it Together!


Educational Toys Game for Kids Age 3-12

  • It can help develop children’s attention, hand-eye coordination and thinking skills. Discover balance ability through stacking, help children build independent thinking, patience and perseverance, and improve their emotional control and stress tolerance.
  • Bright colors and different types of dinosaurs enrich children’s color recognition and knowledge of dinosaurs!


10 Dinosaur Wooden Block Shapes Including:

protoceratops, ankylosaurus, hadrosaurus, spinosaurus, tyrannosaurus, brachiosaurus, triceratops, pterosaurs, sabertodon, plesiosaurs

Come on! Let’s explore the world of dinosaurs with your kids!

Dimensions: 20.5 x 13 x 3 cm; 200 Grams
Brand: LET'S Tosy
Colour: Colourful
Manufacture: LET'S Tosy
Colour: Colourful

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