Town Center

Premium town centre playset

LEGO City playsets – building creative minds

This premium-quality LEGO City playset comes with feature-rich buildings, cool vehicles and popular characters from the LEGO City Adventures TV series, plus an expandable LEGO City Road Plate system.

  1. 60292

    LEGO City TV characters

    Kids can join LEGO City Adventures TV series character Shirley Keeper aboard her cool container lorry.

  2. 60292

    Realistic functions add to the play

    Sorting the glass and paper recycling containers is no problem with the lorry’s multi-directional crane.

  3. 60292

    Drive-through car wash

    Kids drive vehicles through the car wash to spin the size-adaptable washer brushes.

  4. 60292

    Powering kids’ imagination

    EV drivers can plug in at the town centre’s Octan-E charging station.

  5. 60292

    Martial arts with Madison

    There’s another popular LEGO City TV personality practising martial arts at the town’s dojo.

Enjoyable building experience

Building kids’ creativity and confidence

This 6+ playset comes with an easy-to-follow printed building guide and Instructions PLUS –an interactive building guide for budding builders that’s available as part of the LEGO Building Instructions app for smart devices.

Connect your city

An expandable playset for creative kids

The Town Centre building set comes with an expandable LEGO City Road Plate system, so kids can design their own road layouts, build a city around them and connect to other City Road Plate sets to expand their creations.

Dimensions: 48 x 37.8 x 9.4 cm; 1.73 Kilograms
Model: 60292SIOC
Colour: Multicolor
Colour: Multicolor

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