Levoit Smart Humidifiers for Bedroom 6 L, Top-Fill Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Home | Plants | Baby, Intelliengent Humidity Monitor – Essential Oil & Timer, Up to 50H for 70 ㎡

LEVOIT Humidifier LV600S
What are the benefits of the LV600S
  1. Work with Alexa

    Hands-Free Control

    Connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control settings with a few words.

  2. create schedule

    Create Schedule

    Program the humidifier to match your schedule with customized settings and run times.

  3. customize humidity

    Smart Customize humidity

    With the VeSync app, you can turn on the humidifier before you arrive home to a soothing atmosphere.

  4. set timer

    Set It & Forget It

    Set a timer for 1–12 hours so you can focus on work without stopping to turn off the humidifier.

  1. Dual Mist
  2. Breathe Healthier Mist
  1. Top-Fill design
  2. Long run time
  3. sleep in comfort
  4. aromatherapy
  1. Reliable & trusted
  2. LEVOIT LV600S humidifiers for bedroom

Weight: 2.72 kg
Size: 24.9*19.5*28.8cm
Dimensions: 29.46 x 19.56 x 28.7 cm; 2.72 Kilograms
Model: LUH-A602S-WUS
Colour: White
Manufacture: LEVOIT
Colour: White
Size: 24.9*19.5*28.8cm

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81 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This is the greatest because of it being easy to use and also it is smart operated which makes it fun as well

  2. MarjoriFulcher says:

     United States

    I would have given this humidifier a 5-star overall rating but I had an awful time trying to remove the “float” during maintenance. The manual says that one side of the float bracket is open, (U-shaped) to allow the shaft to be removed. My model is CLOSED at both ends and the only way I could remove the float was by twisting the LARGER side of the float counterclockwise. Customer Service, while excellent in most respects, did not know this. There was an obvious mismatch between the unit I received and the manual but the experience was very frustrating and should be corrected.

  3. Justine8510 says:

     United States

    Bought this to replace a disappointing Boneco unit. I had always liked the air-o-swiss systems, but when they became Boneco something changed, and not for the better. But enough about them. The Levoit is very quiet and super efficient with water. I thought my old unit was reasonably quiet, but the Levoit is on a different level. I seem to use a lot less water as well to achieve the same level of humidification. My only quibble is that the tank has a lot of extra nooks and crannies which makes it harder to clean. I don’t do essential oils, so I have no comment on that aspect. The wifi connection was easy to connect, and allows you to control the unit from an app on your phone. It will even track your humidity levels as long as the unit has power. I had never heard of Levoit until I started researching humidifiers again and I am very glad I found them. Very highly recommended.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Appareil conforme mes attentes ; extrmement silencieux (j’ai le sommeil lger pourtant), intuitif, pratique grce l’application qui permet de grer l’appareil o que l’on soit depuis son tlphone ! Je ne regrette pas du tout mon achat.

    Il vous donne le taux d’humidit actuel ainsi qu’une courbe de ce taux au cours de la journe, hyper pratique. De plus, un rservoir externe permet aussi l’utilisation d’huiles essentielles !

    Le prix vaut vraiment le coup selon moi 🙂

  5. Lynwood42V says:

     United States

    Quiet and effective. What more could one want out of a humidifier.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Absolutely first class. Easy to fill. I have used distilled water from the start so hope to avoid any complications that using tap water might cause. With distilled water I have bought 30 litres in 5 litre tubs which cost 60. I have also bought a 25 litre tub for 30 which is too heavy for me however I intend to transfer to the empty five litre tubs as and when using a syphon and funnels. For once feeling quite organised. Absolutely first class humidifier.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I initially purchased another brand at another retailer and immediately returned it. Plastic, junky and not inexpensive. I have a Levoit Air Purifier which has never let me down so I ordered the Levoit Humidifier and immediately knew I should have gotten it in the first place. Levoit has corrected all of the issues mentioned in less than stellar reviews of an earlier model. I have not one complaint. It is sturdy and offers every possibility in its settings which are easy to understand. I purchased this humidifier because it offered both warm and cold moisture. I use it for my sweet dog who has both asthma and now a collapsing trachea to give him relief and open his airway. The warm moisture is particularly soothing. The opening for the steam/cold moisture can be directed to where ever it will be most effective without moving the base and that is an important feature based on where it has to sit. I can imagine this humidifier being a must-have if you have a baby or young children….wish such a thing existed when I was a child and a mother. It is easy to fill, rinse out and anybody can carry the water well back to the base. IT DOES NOT LEAK. Clearly, I am a fan.

  8. Lavonda79D says:


    Ho due gatti in casa nonostante io soffra di allergia al loro pelo. Furbo dirai… lo so, ma l’ho scoperto solo dopo averli salvati dalla strada ed ormai mi ero affezionato. Nel periodo primaverile in cui fanno la muta se l’aria di casa si secca io non respiro pi. Questo umidificatore stata la mia salvezza. Vivo in un appartamento di 130 mq. Di giorno lo tengo acceso nella zona giorno e prima di andare a dormire lo sposto nella zona notte. Ora in casa ho il 55% di umidit costante e respiro devvero bene. Prodotto consigliatissimo.
    Unico appunto: l’umidit che segna tendenzialmente pi alta di quella reale, ma basta prenderci la mano ed il gioco fatto. Io ho preso un piccolo igrometro da 10 per tenere monitorata l’umidit ed ho tutto sotto controllo.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Keeps us cool and makes us sleep better at nigh

  10. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This works. That’s all I’ve got. I bought a second one.

  11. KaleyShealy says:

     United Kingdom

    Very happy with this humidifier. Super quiet and efficient. Full tank of waters lasts for 2 nights of work (14hrs each night) at low steam setting.
    App works very well, very easy to operate. “Display off” setting on the app is very handy.

  12. Sara @MomEndeavors says:

     United States

    Products works well uses about a gallon of water a night on high I love i

  13. Scott Rigby says:


    Ich habe im Winter zwischen 10 und 20 Prozent Luftfeuchtigkeit. Sehr unangenehm. Daher habe ich diesen Luftbefeuchter angeschafft. Solange ich ihn laufen lasse, bekomme ich so 40 Prozent hchstens in meiner kleinen Wohung zustande. Etwas besser, aber fr mich nicht genug. Wenn die Luft kalt ist, ist es weniger. Aber besser als nichts ist das auf jeden Fall. Nur was wirklich berhaupt nicht funktioniert, ist die Sache mit dem Duftl. Das riecht man von vornherein kaum, fngt dann aber nach wenigen Tagen Gebrauch schrecklich zu stinken an. Und dann kann man das Teil nicht mehr laufen lassen, ehe man es komplett gereinigt hat und die beiden weien Fliespads ausgetauscht hat. Und wenn ich reinigen sage, meine ich alles auseinander nehmen und mit Spli oder verdnnter Essigessenz oder hnlichem zu putzen. Das hat jetzt eine halbe Stunde gedauert und die Verfrbungen gehen trotzdem nicht mehr weg. Duft macht man besser auf andere Weise. Ich hoffe nun, das der Gestank sich mit der Zeit wieder legt.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve only been using this humidifier for 3 weeks and my wife and I are impressed.
    It’s in use in a large bedroom and there in doubt that our sleep has improved with dry airways and annoying dry coughs eradicated.

  15. RussellTracey says:


    Funziona bene ma bisogna acquistare un distillatore altrimenti vi passa la voglia di utilizzarlo dopo 3 giorni.
    Se non si usa acqua distillata tutte le superfici saranno completamente ricoperte di calcare bianco.
    Molta attenzione a posizionare il sensore dell’umidit che si trova sulla destra, nell’alloggiamento delle spugnette per gli aromi, il una posizione areata altrimenti si spegne subito perch arriva alla percentuale di umidit impostata.

  16. ShawnaMatra says:

     United Kingdom

    This did the job after I gave up trying to turn on by the units buttons and connected via the App ,now, I just tell “Alexa” to operate i

  17. RosieGillam says:

     United Kingdom

    Currently at home with covid and ordered this the minute my test came back positive because I knew I would need something to help with the cough. Having asthma I’ve always slept better with a humidifier on when I’m poorly but my old one from a big brand was noisy and made my walls sweat…well I know it was condensation but it was such a pain. This is soooooo quiet….like really really quiet and I never realised when I ordered but its also cold air so I don’t need to worry about my son being near in. Infact he loves playing with the “smoke”. The app is great and I’ve hooked it up to Google home so I don’t even need to open my eyes if I want a little boost. So far so good on the old symptoms. When I get a bit coughy I just head back to my room and take a breather where this is set to auto to keep my room at the perfect conditions for me. Might not work for everyone but I loveeeeee it. Also loving that I can add some lavender or other essential oils to the base to give it a nice scent. My previous one needed specific branded things to be able to do that.

  18. EveDietrich says:


    Gran capacidad del deposito 3L, se puede llenar por arriba sin necesidad de sacar el tanque. Se puede controlar con el mismo telfono mediante Wi-Fi. Muchas opciones, temporaizador de encendido/apagado, puedes ajustar el porcentaje de hmedad que desees, mediante la app. Hace muy poco ruido, pes a lo que puedan decir, lo puedes tener encendido por la noche.

  19. kytterberg says:


    Depuis que je l’utile je n’ai plus le nez sec. Trs facile utilis, fait aucun bruit quand il fonctionne. Produit bien fini. Je le recommande

  20. Anonymous says:


    ottimo umidificatore, facile da usare e da pulire.Funziona molto bene anche con poca acqua.Si connette perfettamente ad Alexa .Atenzione perch molto ingombrante, in foto sembra pi piccolo .

  21. Anonymous says:


    With an app it is really easy to setup this machine, and configure it base on my own need.
    The machine itself is small and light, and the noise level is also low, which I can use it in my bedroom.

    Easy to setup and quie

  22. Rosemary Mac Cabe says:


    Ich bin mit dem Produkt sehr zufrieden. Man hrt den Luftbefeuchter kaum, die Software funktioniert super und das halten des Feuchtigkeitspegels funktioniert auch

  23. CathrynDuCroz says:

     United States

    for the 66% humidity level be prepared to fill it i up every day.
    When you are using heated it is normal to go off and on.

  24. Jacquel33O says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    This is the most effective humidifier I’ve ever owned. It works perfectly.

  25. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIch fange mal mit dem schlechten an. Ich war nicht in der Lage das Gert ber meine Fritzbox 7590 mit der Cloud des Herstellers zu verbinden. Da ich von einem Gertedefekt ausging habe ich Amazon um einen Austausch gebeten. Als ich mit dem neuen Gert das gleiche Problem hatte habe ich den Befeuchter ber den Accesspoint meines zweiten Handys welches ich als Router nutzte problemlos einrichten und mit der Cloud verbinden knnen. Es wurde im Zuge dieser Einrichtung auch ein kleines Firmwareupdate installiert. Danach konnte ich das mit meinem Account verknpfte Gert auch an meiner Fritzbox anmelden. Ansonsten macht der Gert einen sehr robusten und einfach zu bedienenden Eindruck der sich auch besttigt. Das Wasser lsst sich bequem mit einer Kanne in den 3L Wasserbehlter einfllen. Die fr den Betrieb erforderliche Wassermenge fliet dann automatisch in den kleineren unteren Behlter. In diesen kann man Dfte eintrufeln die dann fr einige Zeit ihren Geruch an die Luft abgeben. Das Gert gibt je nach Einstellung eine gut sichtbare Dampffontne ab die das Wasser in der Luft vernebelt. Das Gert arbeitet recht leise. Die Lautstrke ist natrlich von der Intensitt der Einstellung abhngig. Ich kann sehr gut dabei schlafen.
    Den Effekt merkt man schon nach einer recht kurzen Einsatzzeit. Die Augen sind nicht mehr gereizt die Nasenschleimhaut ist nicht mehr so trocken. Meine ungeheizte Raumluft liegt bei ca. 30% ich musste dringend etwas ndern und das habe ich mit dem Gert getan.
    Ich hoffe das der Hersteller noch das Problem mit der Einrichtung an der Fritzbox lst. Wegen dem Problem habe ich bei diesem sonst sehr guten Gert einen * abgezogen.

    *Ich benutze wie empfohlen destilliertes Wasser aus meiner Umkehrosmoseanlage

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Though it seems fancy, turned out to be an easy equipment to use.
    The humidity levels it shows is in the immediate vicinity, so we have another monitor in the room to keep a check. Good functions and we can feel the effects in the house from day 1.

  27. Anonymous says:

     United States

    You will like this clean, quiet, and extremely effective machine. Definitely worth every penny I paid for it. Absolutely the best!

  28. ShantellLnf says:

     United Kingdom

    Having a baby or pet is important to have wet air in the room for best breathing of little ones . Very good quality humidifier which I haven’t seen until now ! Easy to follow with app on the phone . Great price for the quality . Follow instructions as well described

  29. Anonymous says:


    Silenzioso ed efficace, ottimo il sensore di umidita e il controllo dall’app

  30. EvangelBanfield says:

     United States

    Wonderful. It doesn’t run out of water every few hours but is doing the job. We have it in the room with most of our plants that we bring inside in the winter and it really has helped the plants.

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    If you purchase this, you’re getting an easy to use high-performance humidifier with a massive tank and impressive connectivity,

    Despite the 3L tank, the unit itself is compact and very unobtrusive, it’s not a tiny thing you can hide away but nor is it a chunky eyesore that you hate looking at. It’s very well-designed and has a sleek, modern, and minimalistic look.

    Mist output is completely adjustable so you can have geyser-like jets or just a spring morning’s worth. When running it’s not 100% silent but it doesn’t distract and after a few minutes it just blends into the background, which is great if you’re using it in the bedroom.

    It’s easy to use thanks to the simple button layout, but also if you opt to use the connected app. On the go humidity readings let you see whether you need to increase or decrease the misting so it hits whichever % is best for you.

    Overall it’s a fantastic bit of kit just for freshening up the house, but even more so if you have allergies or health conditions, which could be helped with something as simple as adjusted humidity.

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