Morris 12L Dehumidifier with WIFI Smart App Function For Mould and Moisture Extraction, Continuous Drainage, Timer, Auto Defrost, Quiet 36dB with Wheels

Morris 12L Dehumidifier with WiFi
Morris 12L Dehumidifier with WiFi- Stylish, Quiet, Energy efficient

This stylish, compact model glides effortlessly on hard surfaces to easily move your dehumidifier into areas which are hard to get too. Sliding elegantly into any corner or central area of your chosen room this modern style is not just appealing on the outside but has been built with the latest technology from the inside out. Control every function from the ‘smart life’ app with just a few taps. You can connect from anywhere wether you’re on holiday abroad, working late at the office or simply lounging on the sofa you can interact with your dehumidifier to keep on top of any build up of damp or condensation.

Not only can you connect via the app but this Dehumidifier can also be voice controlled. Compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant you can simply tell your device to switch on or off when you please. Connect the fast drainage hose and let your dehumidifier work constantly throughout the day without needing to empty the tank. Simply connect the hose to a drain or bucket to allow the water to drain out. If you do chose to use the 2 litre water tank then when the tank gets full an alarm will sound and the machine will switch itself off, preventing any overflowing water. Once the water tank has been removed, emptied and replaced the dehumidifier will carry on working to the settings you previously selected.

Morris 12L Dehumidifier with WiFi

Morris 12L Dehumidifier with WiFi app control on smart life app

With the ever increasing demand for smart products we have decided to adapt our Morris 12 Litre Dehumidifier and add the latest WIFI technology to give you the ultimate control and convenience when using your device. Set the humidity you require when you need it. Whether you’re on the move or in a different room, add daily timer settings so your dehumidifier comes on and goes off when you want it to. Once set you won’t have to do it again.

You can not only connect to the Smart Life app you can also use voice demand products such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to give instructions to your Dehumidifier without lifting a finger. “Alexa, Turn on my Morris Dehumidifier”. “Hey Google, set the humidity to 50%”.

Morris 12L Electric Dehumidifier Morris 12L With WiFi Bathroom Dehumidifier Morris 20L Best Dehumidifier
Dehumidifying Capacity 12L 12L 20L
Recommend Room Size 10-20m² 8-12m² 15-25m²
Noise 36dB 36dB 45dB
Full Water Tank Capacity 2L 2L 4L
Washable Air Filter
Timer function No 1-12 hours 1-12 hours
Continuous Drainage (Hose included)
Fan speeds High & low High & low High & low
Dimensions (WxDxH) 225x220x470mm 255x220x470mm 237*342*570mm

Weight: 10.4 kg
Dimensions: 25.5 x 22 x 46 cm; 10.4 Kilograms
Brand: Morris

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