Fockety Solar Powered Fake Security Camera, Realistic Dummy

Fockety Solar Powered Fake Security Camera

Fockety Solar Powered Fake Security Camera, Realistic Dummy Security Camera with Motion Activated Floodlights, Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Simulated Surveillance System for Home, Business


1. [Efficient Solar Charging] Powered by solar energy, this solar motion sensor light charges efficiently without the need for additional electricity, and energy saving.

2. [Responsive Motion Sensor] Equipped with a motion sensor, this motion sensor light automatically turns on when motion is detected, providing enhanced safety and security.

3. [Simulated Camera] With the appearance of a camera, this solar sensing light serves as an effective deterrent to potential intruders, enhancing security measures.

4. [Three Lighting Modes] Offering different brightness levels and motion sensing modes, this solar light accommodates various lighting needs and adapts to different scenarios.

5. [Waterproof Design] Tested rigorously for waterproof performance, this solar lamp is suitable for outdoor use in various harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.


Item Type: Solar Sensing Light

Material: ABS

Battery: Lithium Battery 1200mAh (Included)

Light Source: White Light

Lighting Mode: Motion Sensor Full Brightness, Motion Sensor Low Brightness, Low Brightness Long Brightness (See the user manual for details)

Control: Button

Luminous Flux: 300lm (Maximum)

Weight: Approx. 405.00g / 14.29oz

Package List:

1 x Solar Sensing Light (Battery Included)

1 x User Manual

2 x Screws

2 x Anchors

Weight: 405 g
Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 13 cm; 405 g
Brand: Fockety
Model: Fockety52r4987g6e
Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 13 cm; 405 g