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Clocks go back on Sunday

Don’t forget – the clocks go back one hour tomorrow (Sunday) at 2am.And farmers are being urged to be vigilant to avoid becoming victims of rural theft when the clocks go back, as criminals use the cover of darkness to steal from the countryside.

Best Nest Secure Alternatives 2020

Source: Android Central / Nick Sutrich

Best Nest Secure Alternatives Android Central 2020

Now that Nest Secure has been discontinued, it’s pretty important to find the best Nest Secure alternative for your smart home. If you’re a current Nest Secu…

Best home security systems 2020

Why a home security system is important

(Image credit: Shutterstock)
Having the right home security system is crucial for ensuring you, your property, and any valuable possessions are properly protected against theft and vandalism. However, there is…

Ring security kit is available in SA

We’ve covered our fair share of Ring security kit, but one thing’s always been missing – local availability. Although it’s not that much of a schlep ordering kit online, it’s just far more convenient having it right here on our doorstep. 
We’re ha…