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CANON RF 24-105 mm f/4L IS USM Standard Zoom Lens
CANON RF 24-105 mm f/4L IS USM Standard Zoom Lens - £1029.00

Top features: - Versatile lens for whatever you love to shoot - Sharp shooting even in low light - Built tough to withstand the elements Versatile lensWhen you're shooting weddings, portraits, landscapes or travel, you want a lens that does it all. The zoom range on the Canon RF 24-105 mm f/4L IS USM Standard Zoom Lens gives you plenty to work with without the need to frequently switch lenses.And with a constant f/4 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range, you can quickly change your focal length without changing exposure.Sharp shootingAchieve picturesque portraits that are sharp and shake-free thanks to Canon's Image Stabilisation (IS). It means you can keep on shooting on overcast days and indoors.The Aspherical and UD lens elements maintain excellent sharpness, even when shooting handheld in low-light conditions. The Aspherical lens element also helps to compensate for any distortions or spherical aberrations and allows for a more compact lens design.For smooth, steady focus transitions in video, Nano USM autofocus provides accurate and virtually silent focusing.Built toughThe tough, L-series build protects against dust and moisture, but it's light enough to carry around without adding too much weight, making it an essential in your travel bag.


CANON EF-EOS-M Lens Mount Adapter
CANON EF-EOS-M Lens Mount Adapter - £104.00

The Canon EF-EOS-M Lens Mount Adapter gives you more options with your photography thanks to its versatile mounting facility.Expand your creativityThis fantastic EF-M mount adapter allows access to over 60 EF and EF-S lenses, so you can fit lenses from Canon's expansive EF and EF-S lens to the EOS M, including specialist lenses such as macro and fish-eye models, to get as creative as you like.It converts the EOS-M lens mount to accept EF lenses, so you can make the most of your Canon digital SLR camera. Access the full spectrum of Canon EF and EF-S lenses so that you can use your existing lenses while trying out new ones to achieve the results you want.The extensive Canon lens range include fixed-focus and zoom models covering a focal length range from 8 mm to 800 mm , so you'll be able to capture anything from captivating widescreen landscapes to gorgeously detailed, extreme-telephoto wildlife shots.Take your experimentation further as you try Macro and Fish-eye lenses for amazingly detailed close-up images or uniquely and appealingly warped photos respectively - perfect for small-scale nature work or action and sports photography.A lighter solutionThe EF-E-OSM Lens Mount Adapter is small and lightweight, and the removable tripod mount provides great support for lenses on a tripod. If you're a mobile photographer, this superb design will really help you to travel light, making for an unbeatable combination of practicality and creative flexibility.Choose the Canon EF-EOS-M Lens Mount Adapter to open up a world of imaging possibility with your camera and photography in general.


Canon 18x50 IS All Weather Binoculars
Canon 18x50 IS All Weather Binoculars - £1049.00

These binoculars incorporate Canon's unique image stabilising technology; enabling a steady image even with ir powerful 18x magnification. binoculars are also water-resistant, and so suitable for use even in rain or on a yacht. A range of or features ensures a bright, sharp image making se binoculars suitable for a wide variety of uses including bird watching and stargazing.


CANON 18 x 50 IS AW Binoculars - Black, Black
CANON 18 x 50 IS AW Binoculars - Black, Black - £1059.00

Built to last, the Canon 18 x 50 IS AW Binoculars are a great choice for adventurous amateurs and professionals looking for high quality, portable and accurate field optics.A powerful 18 x magnification with a generous 67° apparent field of view lets you enjoy even more of your surroundings with 15 mm eye relief for comfortable use.The wide field of view makes it easy to locate your subject even in demanding weather and tricky locations.The 18 x 50 IS AW Binoculars have been built to withstand the harshest conditions while still delivering exceptional results, making them perfect for heavy duty use, even in marine environments.Fitting comfortably in your hands, the 18 x 50 IS AW feature an ergonomic chassis with durable rubber covers that make these binoculars a versatile tool in the field, whether you're using them for bird and nature watching, sport or orienteering.These Canon binoculars also feature Image Stabilisation that eliminates hand shake and wobbles to deliver a steady image.Easily activated, the Image Stabilisation accurately adjusts the passage of light within the internal elements within 2000th of a second so you can focus clearly, even at full magnification.The stabilisation is so precise you can even use it from a moving vehicle and as it's powered by AA batteries that give you four hours of continuous use, you can easily replace them when you need to.Whatever you use them for, the Canon 18 x 50 IS AW Binoculars will give you solid and shake free images without distortion, so you can enjoy your surroundings exactly as they really are wherever you take them.


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