Police reports: Three drivers caught under the influence

The police encountered several intoxicated drivers on Thursday night throughout the country. Shortly before midnight, a police patrol noticed a car driving through a pedestrian street in the capital. When the officers stopped the car, they were immediately hit with a scent of marijuana.

A flash drug test turned out positive, meaning a further blood test was ordered and charges were filed against the driver. Around 1.50 am, two cars almost collided on route d’Arlon in Strassen when a woman crossed over into the opposition lane with her vehicle. Both cars subsequently stopped, although the woman was reluctant to wait for the police.

Officers lated tested her for alcohol, the results coming back positive. Her license was revoked and she received a previsionary driving ban. The officers further noticed that one of the tires was damaged.

A following investigation showed the woman had hit the crash barrier on a motorway bridge between Bertrange and Strassen. Police officers also noticed a reckless driver in Pommerloch around 4.30 am. They concluded that the driver had too much to drink and previously lost control over his vehicle, causing him to hit a road sign.

His license was revoked and he received a driving ban.

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