Bus station security guard who saved man’s life in first week on the job is hailed a hero

A BUS station security guard who has been on the job for just one week when he came to the rescue of a commuter after he suffered a heart attack has been given an award for his heroic efforts. Bryan Stokell was in his first week of the job at Middlesbrough bus station when he was first on the scene when Andrew Watson collapsed on the floor in February. Along with colleague Kenny Coyle and street warden Terry Clarke, they kept onlookers calm and called an ambulance.

Mr Clarke helped with compressions while Mr Stokell got a defibrillator. He said: “I could see he was in a bad way and totally unresponsive. “I checked for a pulse but it was very weak, and then it disappeared.

“I started with the chest compressions but his eyes were already rolling back in his head and he had turned blue, I knew it wasn’t good. “I kept on with the chest compressions and then I heard a breath, but it stopped again. I did more compressions and I heard a breath again but he was very weak and he slipped away again.

“He started breathing again for the third time with the help of the defibrillator and then the paramedics arrived and took over.” He added: “I didn’t have a clue what had happened to him after that. I was in total shock to be honest.

“I rang the hospital later that day and they told me he had made it, I was so relived, it was a good feeling. “They said I had saved his life.” Mr Watson had suffered three cardiac arrests, a heart attack and a stroke.

The Great North East Air Ambulance response team were quick to congratulate Mr Stokell in a letter to the bus station supervisor which read: “Without Bryan’s actions it is likely that this episode would have had a very different outcome, and the gentleman would likely have died.” Mr Stokell has now been recognised as a Boro Hero by Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston – with the lifesaver saying he was “overwhelmed” by the award. Mr Preston said: “Bryan’s quick thinking and actions have undoubtedly saved Mr Watson’s life – nothing could be more heroic than that.

“This award is just a small way of us all to say thank you.

Bryan and everyone else who helped that day deserve a huge round of applause.”

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