Kärcher K 7 Premium Smart Control Home high-pressure washer: innovative Bluetooth app linking – our most powerful solution for every cleaning task – incl. hose reel and home ki

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Kärcher high-pressure washers: performance classes in comparison


K 7 Premium SC Home


K 5 Premium SC Home


K 4 Premium PC Home


K 3 Power Control Home


K 2 Power Control Home

SC = Smart Control SC = Smart Control PC= Power Control
max. 20 – 180 bar max. 20 – 145 bar max. 20 – 130 bar max. 20 – 120 bar max. 20 – 110 bar
Surface performance
60 m²/h 40 m²/h 30 m²/h 25 m²/h 20 m²/h
Flow rate
max. 550 l/h max. 500 l/h max. 420 l/h max. 380 l/h max. 360 l/h
Max. Inlet temperature
max. 60 °C max. 40 °C max. 40 °C max. 40 °C max. 40 °C
Weight without accessories
17,8 kg 13,9 kg 12 kg 5,6 kg 4 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
459 x 330 x 666 mm 414 x 306 x 588 mm 414 x 306 x 588 mm 340 x 281 x 677 mm 246 x 280 x 586 mm
High-pressure hose length
10 m 10 m 8 m 7 m 5 m
Water suction
Built-in hose reel
Surface cleaner
T 7 T 5 T 5 T 5 T 1
Connection capacity
2,8 kW 2,1 kW 1,8 kW 1,6 kW 1,4 kW

Weight: 17.8 kg
Dimensions: 45.9 x 33 x 66.6 cm; 17.76 Kilograms
Model: 1.317-234.0
Part: 13172340
Colour: Yellow
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Kärcher
Colour: Yellow
Quantity: 1

47 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this item on Prime day due to the impressive discount. I already owned a K4 but always felt that I had bought the wrong item as for some jobs it did not seem to have enough power. When I bought the K7 I felt I had wasted some money as I already owned a power washer. It was not until I used the K7 that I knew that I had done the right thing. Patio cleaning, driveway cleaning was done in half the time and my car I

  2. VaughnFindlay says:

     United Kingdom

    The product arrived on time and in immaculate condition, well I’m hoping it is because I haven’t actually got round to opening the box yet
    The box is in good condition and I can’t imagine that KARCHER would dispatch an item in anything other than immaculate condition.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis is an awesome bit of kit but no one needs a power washer that can be controlled by your phone unless it can literally be left to it’s own devices.
    What a pointless feature

  4. IleneBarbosa says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI wanted something that is going to last the duration and actually make it easy for me to usemy last alto was used and abused but
    Lasted 10yrs so we will see

    I compared it against the K5 and this machine is more more powerful. It’s heavier; sturdier and has a heftier price tag.

    More importantly I can store the cable and hose away very quickly which makes life much easier.

  5. NYAF says:

     United Kingdom

    Cleaned a large block stone drive very efficiently which I had left a long time. Removes stains and black dirt and weeds in between blocks. Lichen no problem despite being well established. Now have a glowing drive showing the original mixed bright colours of the blocks. Very pleased.

  6. ReinaldHaszler says:

     United Kingdom

    Had what I thought was a decent power washer and then borrowed a friend’s that he uses industrially. Decided to upgrade mine to a Karcher 7 and it’s better again than my friend’s. It has cleaned marks off my drive that i thought were impossible to move, and with little effort. Definitely worth the extra money. This is the 4th Karcher I’ve owned and the added expense has proved worthwhile in every case.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptionally pleased

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Have owned smaller machines but found this one to be the best for a multitude of chores. Cleaning the car very easy and fast. Slabs a walk in the park. A bit expensive but we’ll worth the extra charge.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is one of the best machines I’ve bought for a long time, powerful and cleans dirt off the stone tiles and old paint from external walls. Super powerful, a great machine, easy to use.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this as a replacement for a K4 which was about 20 years old which finally gave up the ghost. WOW! The K7 is awesome! So powerful and versatile. I used it to jet-wash 200 Sq Mtrs of block-paved driveway and patio and it took about half the time it did when I used the K4 a few years ago.

    The K7 is easy and enjoyable to use and I expect it to last me for many years to come.

  10. Simon Cohen says:

     United Kingdom

    Seems expensive but will last for years , washing the car don’t turn it up to full strength and get too close medium is sufficient . Driveways , forget the circular head and just put it on full strength using sweeping movements to clean your drive or patio . It really does bring it up as new in half the time it used to take me I also use it on windows woodwork and brickwork . Simple to use . A good tip is not to wear trainers or flip flops when using it wellingtons or sturdy shoes are best.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I needed a new pressure washer as my karcher HD expert stopped working.
    I was bought my HD about five years ago so wasn’t that bothered about getting a new machine.
    This K7 is outstanding.
    The amount of pressure you get just a setting 2 is crazy, but once you turn it up to setting 3 hard I would say it is more powerful than my old hd expert and that was a 900 machine.
    I am super impressed.
    My only gripe is the hose could be a bit longer and it does kink a lot but this is some thing I am going to upgrade.
    The lance is another thing that I will be changing to a short quick release gun as it does feel a bit big and klunky or as my 7 year old said daddy that looks like the gun the storm trooper used in the new star wars films.
    Over all very impressed and highly recommended

  12. VernitaJJN says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 42 From Our UsersI bought this to replace a very old karcher (520M) that I owned for 20 odd years that eventually failed me. It was a shame as the main pump was made from metal – maybe that was the reason for its longevity.

    In buying the K7, I was after an upgrade to the pressure as well as a longer pressure line that would at last allow me spend less time manoeuvring the machine when washing cars and the patio.

    The K7 came almost completely assembled bar some netting that retains the power cable – it’s a 2 minute job and didn’t bother me. I believe other Karchers require more assembly for some reason.

    The Excellent
    The machine is very powerful and the lance allows you to fine tune the power very easily – especially when washing the car where you need flexibility and getting extra grunt on the patio.
    The power cable they give you is 5 metres and long enough for flexibility and to ensure that it is plugged in well away from outlets – this was always a concern on my previous Karcher.
    The pressure cable is 10 metres – great for getting around the car. Well nearly…. more later..
    The T7 Surface Cleaner is in my view the best feature. It is absolutely fantastic and will cut your patio cleaning time down by 90% – and also the clean up afterwards including not having wet shoes and clothes and detritus all over the place. I find that I clean the patio as frequently as the car, it is that easy.

    The Frustrating
    There is one element where I find the machine lets itself down and that is the pressure hose itself. My old Karcher’s hose was much thicker and very rarely kinked and got caught. This is just an absolute nightmare. It doesn’t kink as such but frequently coils itself in small loops meaning that you have to spend time trying to uncoil it. It means that 9 times out of 10, you wont be able to get round your car as the loops have reduced the working length by at least half. It also means that when you coil it up again, you have to take the lance off in case it breaks (more later). There are some choice words when coiling it back up.

    The Not so Sure
    To control the pressure, the lance has a small screen and buttons where your instructions are sent to the machine over bluetooth. The lance, therefore, has a an embedded bluetooth module, a screen and requires batteries. This does provide greater granularity in respect to different pressure settings for different uses and it does work very well. In turn, however, it does mean that you are always conscious about its fragility requiring you to place it down nicely and looking after it much more than you would with a plastic only lance. It is also not a cheap replacement part.

    Time will tell the lance’s robustness and how well it has been implemented.

    Given it has bluetooth capability, the Karcher product folks have kindly developed an app where you can also control the pressure. Unless I have misunderstood its purpose or have missed an obvious use case, I reckon you can basically ignore this feature. Well of course one reason is that the app requires you to register your details – and there, I suppose, is the business case.

    In Summary
    Overall though I really do like the machine. I suspect it will last as long as my 20 year old one but in the same manner as Trigger’s brush with many replacement parts.

    I might though do some research on a replacement hose. There must me an alternative to the one that came with the machine. I’m disappointed with Karcher on this point as I expected them to get this right.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Best pressure washer on the market todate power is brilliant I have tried a few before the one at a lower price but this beats them all. This may seem pricey but trust me well worth the money

  14. Karisa Langlo says:

     United Kingdom

    This is some serious thing! The pressure is unreal compared with an old K4 karshe

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    bought this upgrading from the K4 , i was worried i was just wasting money but you can see the difference in performance. the extra length in hose means you don’t need to carry the unit around the car. the pressure on the K7 is noticeable over the K4 when cleaning dirt off the car and cleaning pavement stone

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love this machine … Very powerful… And does what it says on the Tin … Highly recommend… But it is very heavy .. so probably not for elderly to be fai

  17. CortezAdamek says:

     United Kingdom

    Great for washing the car. I expect to get great results when I clean the patio and mono block driveway. I bought it during black friday sale, saved a good amount of money on Amazon.

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Expensive so worth keeping eye out for best offers as they do come around. Putting that to one side simple easy and does a great job on all the items it states it can do!!

  19. RoseannaMobsby says:

     United Kingdom

    Heavier than thought. Worked okay out of box. Not interested in the app. Within 10 minutes was cleaning with product. What more can you say!

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    He said he’s over the moon ! Bought in the Black Friday deal and excellent value , great power and he’s chuffed it will cut down the time spent doing the drive by half ! Doesn’t get as much splash back either so I have less dirty washing ! winner winner all round !

    Happy Bunny

  21. ElvisHollingswo says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought the K7 to replace a non-branded pressure washer then I ended up returning after a few weeks (hose wouldn’t connect to the gun anymore). Was struggling to decide between the K4 and the K7 mostly due to cost, but decided the K7 would be best in the long run after getting a quote for someone to pressure wash my patio and drive.

    Was easy to put together, most of it is already connected, the hose wheel is brilliant for keeping the hose neatly stored, there’s little clips to hold the gun and the lance extender which is a definite plus. Its missing a place to hold the electric cable when it’s not in use but the handles work well for that. The handles though seem to instantly drop as soon as you let go of them, would of been good if they locked whilst they were extended.

    The machine itself is massive, much bigger than I expected, its a pain to lift up but comes with some sturdy wheels and a handle to help move it around. On the plus side, the size and weight does mean it doesn’t move when your washing something unless you yank incredibly hard on the hose, it’s going to stay where you put it. This has been handy for washing the car, no more fear of the machine running into the back of the car whilst I’m spraying down the front.

    Pressure seems fantastic, only used it on 2 – high setting so far but was a breeze to clean the car especially as the nozzle goes quite wide allowing you to cover more in less time. I borrowed the Karcher snow foam attachment to test with my new machine but quickly went back to my old 1L snow foam attachment as it stores enough to cover the entire car and can be adjusted more (the Karcher one is a bit disappointing).

    The app is terrible, once I set it up and followed the apps instructions for setup I did everything via the machine instead, not sure the app is worth anything though the guides for how to use the machine are more helpful than the printed instructions you get. The gun display is easy enough to use with a plus and minus button that it would be much more tenious to grab your phone and switch the settings via that.

    All in all, an excellent pressure washer, if your on the fence would definitely recommend it despite the price it seems a solid piece of equipment.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I already had the K2, was pleased with it but was not up to the job of removing weeds from block paving and struggled to clean it properly. The K7 is a beast, it will remove weeds and moss with ease and clean the block work up like new.

  23. GastonHealey says:

     United Kingdom

    Decided to upgrade my old Karcher to this model. Absolutely amazing.
    I have a large patio area that needed cleaning & the patio cleaner made it so much quicker. Very powerful & easy to use. As previous people have said, I think the Bluetooth is a bit of a gimmick but you don’t have to use it.
    If you can stretch the budget to this model I can highly recommend it.


  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    some times you have to pay for the best quality & here is the evidence.

    Simple things , Done well

  25. GingerYffacbott says:

     United Kingdom

    Can’t go wrong with karcher and this is a nice machine, close to the top of the range and works well. Got it on Amazon warehouse for a good price.

  26. LouisaLudowici says:

     United Kingdom

    The company needs to address the reader of use without a mobile phone. The app is a pain to connect and, with wet hands, a phone is very difficult to use when wanting to change modes. Think things through! Not everything required a blasted app!

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My 2nd K7 purchase (this one’s for my brother) they’re reliable, really powerful and one of the best jet washes I’ve used. Definitely recommend

  28. By Liz Alderman says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant! Brought to replace my old K5 washer. Love the 10m on board hose reel, keeps everything tidy and tangle free. Powerful and easily adjusted pressure at a touch of a button, no need to change lances, just give it a twist to match your washing needs. 5 stars from me.

  29. GLUHelaine says:

     United Kingdom

    Used for patio, drive, car & gutter cleaning. Like the new hose reel works really well.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A strong pressure washer, especially the boost mode. Had to return for a damaged pressure whose unfortunately

    Pressure hose damaged

  31. Paige Lyman says:

     United Kingdom

    I have used the smaller Karchers but this is so much better because the high pressure hose has a reel to wind it up onto. This is up there with the best of pressure washers. Extending handle means it is easy to wheel around.
    Really happy, although Bluetooth function is a bit of nonsense, which doesn’t appear to do much.

  32. Ryan Waniata says:

     United Kingdom

    Money will spent, did exactly what I bought it for decking and Patio looks brandnew.
    Dislike the bluetooth part of it dont really see the point but it was cheaper to buy this model than one without.
    Ps purchased it on the prime day

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersYes, you’ve got it in one………. a blocked sewer pipe!
    I new our near twenty year old budget Karcher stood no chance, especially as it required a massive bash to get it to work at all so, it was time to invest in a new machine and, as all the you tube videos imied 180 bar was the way to go, the K7 was the machine for me. It arrived today. The Amazon app saying before ten p.m. and it was…. 8 a.m! Go Amazon and DPD, that was amzing!
    Now, my lad gave me strict instructions (as he was getting in the car and dissappearing) that I had to use his drain rods first or the blockage would become compacted.
    So, the only way to access our sewer pipe without actually digging down to it, is via the soil stack (now I know why he did a runner!) …….. up the ladders and started feeding the rods down. As soon as the spirally end hit the bend at the bottom, it stuck! Wouldn’t go down or back up. Much sweating and cursing later, I got the rods free, chucked them up the garden and got the K7 set up, with a drain cleaning attachment ( 5mtrs shorter and ten quid cheaper than the genuine Karcher one but, this has an end with a forward facing jet as well as the rear jets) and fed the pipe down, jetting as it went no problems getting round the bend at the soil stack base, and into the blockage. Using a push in pull back action, the blockage was defeated I about 20 minutes – it is true that the gurgle of the blockage freeing up is one of life’s most satisfying sounds.
    Soil stack back together, it was time to clean up the overspill so, the included patio cleaning attachment came out, and in no time, everything was sparkly clean.
    The Karcher proved more than a match for this tricky job and I reckon it has paid for itself already, especially as I took advantage of the Amazon Day sale and got it for much cheaper than it is now!

    My lad is impressed with the K7 and has lined up a few jobs for it already (he can do those jobs, he’s not getting out of it again).

    All in all, I’m delighted with the Karcher K7 and may even start cleaning my car again!

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy to set up and use, powerful. Different modes are good. Dont think the smart mode needs to be on it.

  35. MurielJFKR says:

     United Kingdom

    Blimey! What a whopper! This, to me, is industrial-sized.

    At this price you’d almost expect the machine to sing and dance. Consequently, I have to admit to some disappointment that it didn’t come with all the extra trimmings as well: dirt blaster and small brush. It is also massively heavy, even on wheels. Rather than a carry-on case, this is like wheeling a fully packed suitcase, which isn’t easy. Hence the 4 stars.

    Nevertheless, it is more powerful than any of the other pressure washers. According to Karcher, the extra power of this machine allows for the complete array of items that can be cleaned, all the way up to a caravan and a house. However, I have been able to clean part of my house (needed when dirt splashed on it) quite easily with the K4. I even managed to accidentally strip some paint off, it was that powerful. With the K7, the 30 sec boost feels a bit like holding a fire hose, although as I have never actually held one, I am simply imagining here. It certainly requires a bit of strength to hold on to and 30 secs is long enough.

    With regard to the app, why one would need it at all is beyond me. Who ‘s going to take out their phone to turn on the ‘boost’ feature rather than do so directly on the machine itself? Why complicate matters and waste time? Besides, why would you need an ‘app’ to tell you what power level is needed to clean something? You just try it and if it’s not enough, you go for higher pressure. It all depends on the situation. It’s just another gimmick to make it attractive to a wider audience, but isn’t at all practical.

    The T5 racer surface cleaner is certainly useful, but I still prefer the dirt blaster (not included with this kit) with its cyclone effect, as it gets the moss off my driveway beautifully. Perhaps it’s because I tend to leave years between doing that sort of task which allows dirt to get really ingrained. Whatever the reason, I would say that surface cleaner really is just for surface dirt. Here, again, the app would have suggested the multi-jet lance, but it simply didn’t work on my driveway and would have taken me triple the time had I done as advised.

    One word of warning whenever doing pressure washing: unlike all the advertisements, I would strongly suggest wearing waterproofs and goggles, especially with the more powerful machines, because dirt will splash everywhere, including into your eyes if you’re not extremely careful. Also, whatever you’re cleaning … move the car out of range or you’ll be cleaning that too!

    Generally, this is a serious bit of kit for the serious pressure washer user.

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI’ve been in the lucky position to cross compare this Karcher K7 along side the K4 and K2.

    The K7 is huge in comparison to the K2 and larger than the K4. The K7 is practically built when you take it out of the box. The K4 required screwing components together (wheels, handles, face plates etc) and the K2 required you to clip these into place.

    The K7 only needed a small amount of effort, you just need to connect the hose to the handle and then choose you’re desired attachment.

    The K7 came with the T patio head and a bottle of cleaning solution. In comparison the K4 didn’t have these but the K2 did although smaller quantity of the solution with that and the patio head was smaller too.

    The handle, nossle and extender fit nicely into the front of the unit where it has a designated area for them.

    The K7 weighs a lot more than I was expecting. At first I struggled to carry it in when it arrived and then also with getting it out of the box. Once it’s out it’s very easy to maneuver. It has a handle that you lift and the base had a foot rest which allows you to pivot the unit and away you go.

    You will need an area around the size of a suitcase to store this. A shed or garage is great but you may struggle to keep it under the stairs, which is where I would ordinarily keep my pressure washer.

    The K7 is really nice to look at. It’s clearly premium and the attention to detail really shows through on this model. There whole unit feels well made and there’s no wobbling like with other models.

    I particularly like the hose reel. In comparison on the K4 and K2, the hose would hang on the rear. With this unit it is nicely locked around the reel. It states to unravel the full length of the hose when using it so be aware. In a smaller garden you may end up with it doing a few lengths.

    The K7 has an extension attachment and a 3 in 1 nossle. This nossle is different than other models in that the pressure is changed in the head. In both the K4 and K2 you would change by turning and that was it. With this you can pick three different types of spray and then change the pressure level on the handle.

    You have a detergent setting, variable and dirt buster. To set these you turn just like on previous models. The handle now allows you to pick how hard you want the pressure. For dirt busting it’s locked to higher pressure.

    With the handle you can chose several levels of pressure as well as booster. You can have 1low-1high, 2low-2high, 3low-3high and like mentioned before booster.

    When using booster bear in mind that this is for a specific time with the unit then it auto powers down for a minute after using it. You use this for harder areas.

    I already had the Karcher app and an account from using the K4. The K4 uses the app for registration but the K7 can actually be controlled with the app.

    In order to do this you log into your account via the app and add new device. You then scan the QR code in the box and follow the apps instructions. If you don’t have the app you will need to download it and also create an account.

    The app is quite handy in showing the correct settings for your task and you can pick exactly what you’re doing. It will then show you the correct pressure and nossle etc and you can send a signal to the K7 to change to these pressure levels.

    The dirt buster nossle worked well on was for me but I found it to wide for block paving. I needed a smaller surface area being hit due to gaps in the brickwork and it lifting sand from those gaps.

    I used the T patio head on the block paving and this blew my mind how good it was. It was like using a vacuum. Simply moved over an area and the area was clean. Normally you’d stand doing each brick and this would be very time consuming. Not with this, it just cleaned the area with one forward and back motion.

    The T patio head is great as you don’t get any spraying of dirt. Everything surrounding is protected, in the past I’d spend hours doing my blocked paving then have to clean the dirt off walls and render, then have to swill the floors down again once the walls were clean. This stops dirt spraying.

    Being able to control the pressure within the handle is great too. We all know how normally you’d have to determine distance when using a pressure washer. You’d end up either too close or too far. It really saves time and swapping over to different surfaces is also easy. I cleaned my doors and windows on 1-high for example and my bike on 2-low.

    All in all a great pressure washer and looks beautiful.

    Great washer and the patio head attachment is brilliant!

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Spoiling myself to this K7 washer very powerful but also very expensive…nice bit of ki

  38. BritneyCadwalla says:

     United Kingdom

    Quite surprised with how big and heavy the box is when it arrived on our doorstep. I struggled to bring the 26kilogram box inside due to the size and weight especially when it had to be lifted one step up towards the vestibule and another step up towards the hallway and no one else could lend me a hand that time, I just didn’t want to tip it or roll it around as I didn’t know how it was packed inside and it might damage it. On unboxing, I was glad that most parts are already put together-especially the handle and the wheels which is really great otherwise it’s going to be another big task as it’s really heavy. Assembly is basically just attaching the hose, the trigger gun, and the multi-jet wand. You have to download the app and register the unit to set up the trigger gun control which is pretty straightforward but made me think that this will not be something the old-fashion and new-gadget-phobic people would like to have as you’ve got to do it only this way. We use our garden hose with a click system fitting for water supply and it’s all right. The 10meter hose is really quite generous so you can move freely and the built-in hose reel and guide keeps it tidy. It would have been perfect if the powerlead is a little bit longer so we so don’t need to use an extension lead to clean our driveway. The trigger is so easy to operate and comfortable to handle and the display is quite easy to read. So many options to select the best to tackle the task. The kit comes with a bottle of stone cleaner that you just plug and the impressive Surface Cleaner with extension for a no-mess and efficient cleaning on your patios-I found that it was a bit strange at first that it kept lifting off the floor when pulled towards me but after getting use to and doing it very slowly, it works perfect. If you have a Karcher and you use it clean your patios/floor quite a lot and don’t have a Surface Cleaner, I recommend that you buy this attachment so you don”t spread and splash dirt everywhere like your wall and etc adding more task to do. The noise is not bad too considering the size and the power. Overall, this is really quite a beast to have and get use too as it’s so powerful. The fact that it’s the most powerful model of Karcher, you wanna get the most of it. This is perfect choice for households with with big outdoor area to clean and a fleet of cars especially on this continuous lockdowns when car wash places are close. Just don’t be intimidated by the weight as it’s got wheels and handle and so easy to move around but probably tricky when you have steps.

    Powerful Ki

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersThe Karcher K7 comes in a large box (26kg) pre-assembled with only with net and hose connection requiring to be installed. Inside the box you will also find patio cleaning brush, detergent, extension wand, 3:1 spray lance and control handle.
    First steps is to get the controller to connect to the base unit and the App (as per instruction). To get the controller to connect, ensure the base unit is connected to the mains and turn the unit to ‘on’ position. The control handle will then need to connect by a series of button pressing. My handle took some attempts to get it to work which was frustrating, especially with the Bluetooth connection with the app.

    Lets begin with the App:
    Firstly download from App Store (Google or Apple). Create account or login with social media account. Use QR code on the accompanying sleeve. This will register the machine with the account.
    There is a step-by-step guide to the machine including visual set-up. Pair the Control Wand via Bluetooth, once successful connection has been made, the app can provide control setting to the machine. There are application guides for cleaning different surfaces with presets, the app can transfer the settings (correct accessory must be installed) to the controller. Or you can use the settings on the phone to set the power on the controller. personally I think this is a gimmick and a feature only to up-sell the machine. The control on the wand is rather self explanatory and in most cases cleaning is trial based.

    Away from the App, the K7 with selectable power opens up many cleaning applications. Generally high pressure jet wash is reserved for heavy solid surface cleaning. With the lower power settings and variable control, this opens up many opportunities.
    The 3:1 lance is great. Firstly all three variants are integrated. This helps with stowage, accessibility to immediately change to a different jet type without needing to look for and installing the lances.
    Looking at each of the spray types, for stubborn dirt, nothing beats the circular dirt buster jet. Power can be adapted from low setting to high setting including Boost function.
    Flat jet can be used for a variety of applications. This is much more gentler and can be used on many surfaces. The power settings can be from low to high including Boost.
    Mix jet is for dispensing detergent. By default the setting will be at the lowest. This is where the Smart function of the machine is demonstrated well with a calculated mix of detergent and water.

    Regarding the Boost function – this provides a 30 second burst of 180bar pressure. This is serious amount of power like commercial cleaners. Ideal for seriously stubborn soiled surfaces. However, the function is not always ready to be used. Once the Boost function is ready the indicator on the controller will remain solid.

    This particular kit comes with Patio cleaning brush. This is well thought out design with variable power selector and option of directing jet to the pointed part of the brush enabling the patio brush reaching corners and edges. The patio brush is great at cleaning large areas without having dirt flying everywhere if you were to use one of the other jet lances. The patio brush is suitable for patios, Block paving and decking.

    No doubt the K7 is built for performance, the weight of the unit with the accessories is a considerable 20+kg. Without accessories the unit is 17kg.
    The hose reel is great for keeping the hose all intact. If you tighten the hose on the reel, the hose does securely stay in place which I like.
    The retractable handle requires engagement. Once engaged this provides good manoeuvrability.
    The large wheels also help with manoeuvring the heavy K7.
    For such a premium machine, it is disappointing Karcher have not placed more thought on cable management. I would have preferred hooks to wrap the cable around rather than the fiddly process of gathering the flex and squeezing into the basket.

    I do find the K7 to be loud at 97dB.

    Karcher provides an array of accessories, so investing in a Karcher can be good value as these accessories do provide many cleaning applications.

    So does the K7 Premium provide value and is this machine worth the ‘premium’ features? To compare, I have found three other machines Karcher make with the controllable wand and 3:1 lance.

    The K7:
    >20-180 Bar pressure, 550l/hr flow and 10m hose.
    The K5:
    >20-145 Bar pressure, 500l/hr flow and 10m hose.
    The K4:
    >20-130 Bar pressure, 420l/hr flow and 8m hose.

    The price between these is vastly different. One must look at what extra you will get with the 150+ price difference? apart from extra power the premium feature is the Bluetooth and App. Personally this does not present enough to charge so much more. That will mean you need the extra power? The extra power will be limited use as the other settings provide almost all your cleaning needs?

    Very powerful and some great features

  40. Peter Larson says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the best krcher washer I have ever use the power is out of the world 2800W. This thing is massive it looks fantastic and brilliant quality it’s the best krcher you can buy right now, if your budget can go the this high price and yes it is expensive but you are getting a brilliant machine with everything the others have and more bigger more power and more features like the spray on the front of the patio T7 cleaner the hose tidy on the back. I don’t get the smart control or see the point really I for one will never use it. Anyway if you can afford this one it the best one you could buy by far and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  41. James Lynch says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a beast to say the least! I was a tad surprised by the size of the box when it arrived. I have had help with this as it’s not something I can safely use on my own with my disabilities but my care support used this after I gave it a try and I was mightily impressed with it’s power. Especially the boost mode. I live in an area that has terrible water pressure whilst simultaneously living in a high rain fall area. Meaning we get a lot of moss and algae. This can pose safety issues for me accessing and using patio areas that become slippery. My main motivation for wanting a pressure washer in fact. My care support used this to clean a patio area and watching her clean with it was like watching a painter add fresh paint such was the precision and pressure. It looked like a new patio by the time they were finished. They told me it was a very therapeutic experience and they really enjoyed using it, that it made light work of the process. The other features look good and my neighbour demonstrated them for me as they too have a Karcher so clearly a good brand as I didn’t know they had one before getting my own. Very impressive with some very useful, helpful features and add ons. Highly recommend.

    Mighty Beas

  42. Troy Christian says:

     United Kingdom

    The Krcher K7
    A beast of a machine, weighing in at around 25Kg, it’s no lightweight, the wheels are not there for an ornament! The Daddy of the range in size, power, weight and performance producing 2600 Psi – 18Mpa, 180 Bar (1 Megapascal = 10 bar), don’t leave it on full power in one place on the bonnet of daddies roller!! This is built to tackle everything you can find for it, and controllable enough to do that delicate paintwork, or clean the muck on the patio, I have this model in the barn for lawn tractors and rotovator cleaning and no matter what the task the controls are there on the LED display showing you exactly what has been selected for the job. That includes adding detergent from the dispenser that’s sat on the top of the machine ready for use whenever its required.
    I used it in conjunction with the T-7 accessory, don’t miss the two ferrules that secure the units together, this is not well documented and therefore easily missed, without these two ferrules the lance feels insecure and definitely shaky. The annual job of patio/yard cleaning took me just two and a half hours, last year with a lesser washer it took more than six hours over two days!
    The three-in-one Lance on these higher models (K5/K7) fixed to the end of the ten meter hose with easy connections to the lance, makes light work of everything, and so easily changed from setting to setting with a twist for application and a press for power.
    The liquids are available in different solutions of cleaner for various applications — stone cleaning, degreaser and detergents for various applications. The flow is sensibly controlled from the lance handle or via the blue tooth connection on a smart phone, though this seems a little gimmicky, picking the item that is to be cleaned will automatically set the controls to the optimum for that job, that is something I prefer to decide for myself. It’s not as if it’s casting a spell like the Sorcerer’s apprentice — off goes the Krcher cleaning the car/patio/garden furniture all by itself and all I have to do is set it off on my phone! I don’t think I’m ready for that even if it were possible.
    This K7 is, seriously, in a class all on its own, only a hugely expensive steam pressure cleaner will surpass its versatility, I just cannot fault it, from its bright yellow livery to its very robust build and quality, its just simply superb. Never less than a five-star rating for these machines.

  43. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 62 From Our UsersI’ve used a few different jet washers over the past 20 years or so. This is the best so far. My previous mid-range compact washer was also a Karcher, and after many years of service it’s still going, but it was time for an upgrade. Technology has moved on.

    First impressions are that it’s a beast size and weight-wise, being 18kg and taller/thicker than others that I’ve owned by a good 50%. However, this, like a suitcase, has a retractable handle and wheels, and because the hose can be reeled in easily, the lance clips to the body, and power cable also has a place, it all packs away into a space that’s comparable or even smaller than other units that I’ve owned, when you factor in unruly hoses etc. Easy to shove in the corner of a shed or garage once packed up.

    The hose feeds through the body of the unit and emerges low down at the front, so if you yank the hose, the unit is unlikely to topple over. Actually, if you pull on the hose, the unit will deliver more hose length until you reach the full 10m. This also helps to ensure that by simply winding the hose reel, the hose retracts nicely on to it, neatly and with no fuss. A big plus in my experience. Jet washer hoses tend to have a mind of their own and are a pain.

    On to performance: I’ve just cleaned my patio with this, using the included attachment which makes the cleaning action a lot like vacuuming a carpet. The attachment stops the water and mud spraying up and making you and your fences, walls etc dirty.

    I had a similar attachment for my old Karcher, but had to go over the same area several times, or just go really slowly to clean my slabs. As my video attempts to demonstrate, this is not the case here – one steady pass is enough, which is a big time-saver.

    The unit has many options for controlling the pressure of the water, cleaning solution bottles can be plugged directly into the unit, there’s a display to show how much pressure you are using, simple + & – buttons on the wand adjust this. There’s even an app, but to be honest this seems to be a bit of a gimmick. You can connect your phone to the unit via Bluetooth, which I did successfully, and can control the device via the app, including the ‘boost’ feature for particularly stubborn dirt.

    To summarise, is this a good washer and is it worth the money? Well, yes, it performs very well, and speeds up jet washing jobs. Everything then quickly packs away neatly. It’s good for patios and car washing. Is it worth the price? That depends. If you’re someone who cleans their car once a week, or money is no object, then yes, it may well be. If you jet wash only a couple of times a year, then the price and weight might not justify going top of the line. As with most things in life, you can often get 80% of the performance for 50% of the price.

    Either way, I can recommend Karcher as a brand, I’ve been using their cleaners for about 20 years with no issues.

    If this review was useful, please let me know by hitting the button below. Thanks!

    Top of the line consumer jet washe

  44. Nannett2860 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis is an absolute beast of a pressure washer. I have been in the market for a pressure washer to clean my deck and garden walls for a while, I’m so glad I held out for something this good. A quick run down of my situation: I live in a ground floor flat and my garden is set down, so I get very little direct sunlight on the deck and two of my walls, which leads them to getting covered in dirt and black slime on the deck and a horrid green algae type thing on the walls. Enter the Karcher! Putting it all together was remarkably easy, though it is quite heavy getting it out of the box initially, but once it’s out, it’s really easy to move about due to the large wheels and the retractable handle, which make it like carting about a suitcase, only easier, since the wheels are much bigger, it’s just that much more stable. Setting it up is actually quite straight forward, everything has it’s correct place, and clicks together solidly. You can’t really go wrong. If you are interested in the smart features, this is equally easy to set up over bluetooth and the app walks you through everything.

    The first thing I tested it out on was the deck, I thought this would be fairly quick since the grime can come up on your shoes easy enough and I was right, I was back in the lounge with my feet up about 10 minutes later browsing the app and wondering what I could clean next! Although this comes with a deck/patio cleaner attachment, I just used the regular “lance”, which is multi-purpose and can be changed by clicking it round at the front end and it smashed the grime super fast. One word of caution, wear old trousers! It was probably me being new to pressure washers, but I didn’t realise it would kick up so much grime over my feet and shins! Still, the deck was sparkling so I wasn’t complaining. I thought I’d try the wall next and expected it to be much more difficult to clean. It wasn’t. The K7 just smashed it and honestly, I was more worried about the paint coming off the wall than it not doing a good enough job… I’d actually forgotten how white they were painted. The box comes with a detergent bottle, though I didn’t bother to use it yet, I just wanted to give it a run and see how it went with water alone. I’ll save it for when I find something truly grim, maybe my front garden which is on a main road, so a lot of soot from the traffic.

    The hose is really long, I believe 10 metres, and this helps to negate some of the issues with the washer maybe being a bit heavy for some, as you won’t have to lunk it about as much, since you can set it down and have a fair amount of space to roam without having to constantly move it about. The weight is definitely less of an issue once it’s up and running on the wheels though. It had more than enough power to use it for my purposes and I honestly can’t think of a situation where it might struggle as it is just such a beast. It does have a boost mode, though I didn’t need to use it at all. The gun has an LED display, which I made full use of, since I’d never used a pressure washer before. The amount of information is just right so I didn’t find it baffling at all and it was clear what modes for for what, like brickwork/decking and fencing/car cleaning etc. the smartphone app also helps with this and whilst I felt like that was a little bit gimmicky, it was really useful for me as a newbie. If you have more experience, I can see you using this less and less as time goes by and you figure what works best for your situation.

    So was there anything I didn’t like about it? Not really honestly. For my purposes, just cleaning a small garden this was more than enough, probably even overkill, but who doesn’t like making a chore that little bit easier? I can see that if you have a large garden, driveway or patio, this would make your life considerably easier. The smart stuff was helpful for me, but your mileage may vary on that. Otherwise, it is a really nice, well made, efficient piece of kit with little to grumble about. If I had to moan, I’d say sure, it is quite large and quite heavy, but it’s largely negated by the large wheels and handles to move it about as well as the long hose. Storing it is probably the biggest issue I have with it now! I always try to be critical with my reviews, but this is seriously a beast and I have little bad to say about it at all, I even like yellow!

  45. HershelV33 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIt has snowed here, so I have not had a chance to try it properly yet, but my main concern is its weight. Boy, is it heavy to manoeuvre! 12kg might be OK, but almost 20kg? That is a heavy beast! I used to have a shredder that heavy but now have a lighter, more efficient one. Lawnmowers used to be that heavy, but are now much lighter.

    It comes ready assembled and ready to go, but for some crazy reason, it uses an app. Why? What does it do that requires an app? Anything that would not be possible with an onboard control pad? I don’t think so.

    So, for now, I have downgraded it to 4* for being so heavy, until I can try it properly.

    Edit: It has phenomenal blasting power, and the app isn’t really necessary. It makes light work of cleaning block paving, concrete, hardwood. I am still leaving it at 4* though as it is ludicrously heavy.

  46. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This karcher is like the Rolls Royce of cleaners.

    The box alone that it came in was as big as a house, jokes aside it’s massive. An all singing and dancing version of the lower models.

    This baby even has smart Bluetooth technology built in which gives guidance depending on what you are cleaning.

    The hose and cable are similar length to other models and the array of accessories include:

    1x K 7 Premium Smart Control Pressure Washer 1x High Pressure Gun
    1x Spray Lance
    1x 10m High Pressure Hose
    1x 1L Stone & Facade Detergent
    1x T 7 Plus Patio Cleaner
    Instruction manual.

    With the instructions to put together are pretty straightforward and easily put together. It had a telescopic handle so easy to carry around although I would say it is a bit in the heavy side although it also has wheels. .

    Great for patio cleaning , car cleaning and all those other hard to clean items.

    Care should be taken to ensure you use the correct pressure hen cleaning especially your car to brute no dansgevis caused.

    The price tag is quite high although given what it does is worth it. I would have thought that those who do a lot of car cleaning or pavement cleaning would find it invaluable. Somebody like me who doesn’t do that level of cleaning may baulk at the price.

  47. Kim Bullock says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis K7 Premium Smart Control pressure washer is the pinnacle of the Krcher pressure washers. Krcher is renowned world wide for their pressure washers to such an extent that people in Europe use Krcher to mean deep cleaning like we use Hoover to mean vacuum cleaning. This model has a 2.8 kw motor, super powerful and bigger then any other Krcher washer.
    This pressure washer comes in a large box, packed in formed Styrofoam. Unlike all the other Krcher models, you don’t need to do hardly any assembly out of the box, just attach the small accessory net and screw on the hose adapter and you’re done. You will definitely want to get the app and scan the QR code because the app tells you how to set things up and get started, which includes linking your phone to the Bluetooth trigger system. The app has tips and tricks, will send you weather warnings and you can set the pressure you want via your phone using the app. Just tell the app which job you want to do and it sets it up for you.
    The K7 comes with a cleaning wand which you can set to different modes by twisting the end (see video). There is a wash mode which will use the included bottle of stone cleaning detergent if you slot it into the top of the cleaner. There are soft, medium and hard modes with a flat jet of water or a hard mode with a spiral cleaning jet. Use the app to set the pressure in combination with the wand adjustment and the LCD readout on the back of the trigger section. You can also use the “Boost” mode to give a burst of extra pressure if you have a stubborn patch of dirt.
    This pressure washer also comes with the top of the range T7 surface cleaner. You don’t need to scrub with the surface cleaner, when cleaning stone or wood surfaces you just keep it moving and it does all the hard work. You can adjust the strength using the large knob on the top or you can use the foot switch on the back of the unit to switch to a front jet that cleans edges and corners. Of course you can also combine this with the stone cleaning detergent provided.
    There are a bunch of accessories that you can get to make this pressure washer even more useful, like a gutter cleaner or a hose to unblock drains.
    The K7 Premium really is the pinnacle of pressure washers. This is like an investment for the future, it is flexible enough to do many jobs, it’s powerful enough to shift the most stubborn dirt and it’s made by Krcher so it should last a lifetime.

    Top of the range - the best pressure washer you can buy