Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Rescue Mission Wooden Dashboard

Dimensions: 23.37 x 18.03 x 37.08 cm; 1.72 Kilograms
Model: 33275
Material: Wood
Colour: Multicolor
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Age: 36 months – 8 years
Assembly: No
Colour: Multicolor
Material: Wood
Quantity: 1

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72 Responses

  1. Guest Author says:

     United States

    This toy is very realistic and has lots of buttons and mechanisms. I like that you can see the car move on the gps depending which way you turn (it doesn’t have to be turned on for this to work which is good in my opinion). There are buttons and dials for most things and while it comes with cards as missions even more importantly for me there is built in storage to hold the cards so they don’t get lost. The paw patrol element is a selling feature for most kids I’m sure but my kiddo doesn’t know paw patrol but will love it anyway because it’s a car toy.
    For all of the buttons on here my one complaint is that there are fake buttons on the steering wheel for volume and skipping a song on the radio. I get that a lot of cars have that feature so it makes the steering wheel more realistic but it’s also a fake button on an electronic toy with lots of other buttons just seems like a strange choice and missed opportunity to me- but it’s not a deal breaker or anything.

    Good sized fun- even without batteries

  2. Anonymous says:

     United States

    My nephew is all about Paw Patrol. He is three and he loves this toy. It has sound which cause him to giggle and laugh. He loves pretending he is driving. He does not care if he is driving off the road at all. He can play with this on his lap or at a table. He likes that it sounds like a car engine starting. Oh, and he loves the siren too.

  3. Chef says:

     United States

    Super fun and lots to stimulate their brain but also easy enough to simply have fun. Multi use gift. Cant wait for her to open.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United States

    3 1/2 year old Grandson loves it! He’s a Paw Patrol fan!

  5. Anonymous says:

     United States

    The picture of the road stopped working the same day. Not worth the money

  6. [email protected] Teresa Lopez says:

     United States

    Its fun for the kids and so far has not broken. So I guess its a good toy.

  7. Anonymous says:


    ouver au hasard pour un cadeau, le garon de 3 ans tait ravi et mme sa soeur de 8 ans

  8. Anonymous says:

     United States

    My nephew is rough on toys but this has held up and is very entertaining! He absolutely loves it and is letting his imagination go wild! It is a great gift for paw patrol lovers

  9. Anonymous says:

     United States

    My daughter loves playing with this in the car. It’s really cute and has a lot of fun features and buttons.

  10. VictoriMcclinto says:


    Fatto molto bene peccato che non ci sia anche in italiano dato che lo vendete in Italia

  11. Anonymous says:

     United States

    So I originally got this for my 2yo son and he had no interest in it. Then here comes my bossy 4yo daughter taking charge and claiming it for herself. She has a blast with it. She likes thinking that she is actually driving somewhere. I like that it engages with her. Hopefully around my son’s birthday next year, he’ll be able to have it passed back to him. It’s nicely made. The wood is smooth, edges are as well.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Grandson loves it! Carries it around with him all day!

  13. MiltonFexhm says:

     United States

    I guess I expected more… Its not a bad toy, its just when you read the instructions and the box it says there are 150 missions or something like that… I’ve messed with it, and it really just seems to do the same thing over and over. It takes like 4 steps to get it to do a different mission, which seems like an awful lot of directions for a toddler/small child… And as I said I am not sure that I got it to change missions…
    But, he did like hearing all the paw patrol, and recording his voice, and driving… Hind sight- for the price, I don’t know i’d have bought it, I think I could have found a better car toy or paw patrol toy.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This paw patrol driving “simulator” is solo interesting, I find myself playing with it alongside the children! It even says all the phrases in Spanish. My 8 year old, 3 year old, and 2 year old fight over this constantly.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Fun toy for my 3 yr old. If you leave it in “drive” it makes a sound and is annoying.

    Fun toy for my 3 yr old. If you leave it in "drive" it makes a sound and is annoying.

  16. VernitaMims says:

     United States

    My grandson absolutely loved this! It was the hit of Christmas!

  17. Anonymous says:

     United States

    The steering could be made of sturdier and more durable material

  18. MayBeersxcwsra says:

     United States

    Very interactive and engaging. The kids love the record feature. Lots of ways to play, and durable enough for daycare use

  19. Ultimate-MotorCycling says:

     United States

    Seems very sturdy and entertains a young kid for a few minutes.

  20. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This was such a hit this Christmas and my three old is loving his Paw Patrol wheel! I didn’t even realize it had a record feature that will play back what we say we have gotten quite a kick out of it. Definitely a great purchase that I would make again!

  21. dahida says:

     United States

    yes, you read that right, the MVP of our christmas, you know that kids today play with toys tow three days…. a week top, and then move on to more mundane stuff like a door stop, or pots and pans…. well, let me tell you, It is February and these kids are still playing with this thing… I mean the fun and the fights are endless… this has a feature that makes recordings of their voices, and they just spend the whole day talking to that thing and listening, the other features are fun too, but this specifically is their favorite… I purchased this for my three year old, but my 5 year old loves it just as much
    Highly recommend this toy… it is awesome

  22. Anonymous says:

     United States

    My two year old nephew absolutely loves this toy,
    He has special needs and it keeps him busy, focused and having fun during stressful car rides.

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