Philips Steam&Go Plus Handheld Clothes Steamer, Vertical and Horizontal Garment Steamer, No Ironing Board Needed, 0.07 Litre, 1300 W, Black/Copper, GC362/86

Philips Garment Steamer, hand held clothes steamer

Steam&Go Handheld Garment Steamer

Differences between a hand held garment clothes steamer and an iron
  1. Steam vertically, Vertical & horizontal steaming,Steam&Go Garment Steamer, hand held clothes steamer

    Steam&Go Garment Steamer

    No ironing board: Vertical & horizontal steaming

    Steam vertically for quick de-wrinkling and to refresh hanging clothes without an ironing board.

  2. Continuous steam

    Continuous steam

    An electric pump automatically provides continuous steam for easy and quick de-wrinkling.

  3. Safe on all ironable fabrics

    Safe on all ironable fabrics

    The steamer is safe to use on all ironable fabrics, even on delicate clothes.

  4. Ergonomic design

    Ergonomic design

    The handheld garment steamer is ergonomically designed to be light, compact and comfortable to use.

1 Steam vertically 2 Continuous steam 3 Safe on ironable fabrics 4 Ergonomic design


Steam&Go Plus GC362/86


EasyTouch Plus GC524/66


StyleTouch Pure GC442/67


Steam&Go Plus GC360/36

Touch-ups, delicates, pleats Touch-ups, delicates, pleats Touch-ups, delicates, pleats Touch-ups, delicates, pleats
Complement ironing routine Complement ironing routine Complement ironing routine Complement ironing routine
1300W 1600W 1500W 1200W
Continuous steam (g/min)
Up to 24 g/min Up to 32g/min,5 steam settings Up to 30g/min Up to 22 g/min
Calc clean system
Smart, safe on delicates Smart, safe on delicates Smart, safe on delicates Smart, safe on delicates
Water tank capacity
70 ml, 1 garment per fill 1600 ml, 20 garments per fill 200 ml, 2-3 garments per fill 70 ml, 1 garment per fill
Compact for easy storage Retractable stand Self-standing Compact for easy storage
Power cord length
2.5m 1.6m 2m 2.5m
Brush, glove, storage bag Brush,pole,hanger,board,glove Brush,StyleMat Support, glove Brush, safe steaming glove

How do the results differ to that of an iron/steam iron?

Handheld steamers are the ideal solution for getting the job done quickly without an ironing board, for touch ups and for de-wrinkling delicate and difficult to iron fabrics, such as pleated or silk.

Is it safe to touch the garments with my steamer?

You should hold the plate of your garment steamer against your clothes. If you’re worried this will result in burnt clothes, it’s good for you to know that the steam plates on Philips steamers are safe for clothing.

Is my Philips garment steamer safe on all garments?

Yes, your Philips garment steamer can be safely used with any setting on any garment. It will not burn them.

What type of water can I use in my Philips steam iron or steamer?

Your Philips garment steamer has been designed to be used with tap water. If you live in an area with hard water, fast scale build-up may occur. To prolong the lifespan of your steamer it is recommended to use distilled or demineralised water.

Should my Philips garment steamer’s tank be emptied after use?

We recommend that you empty your garment steamer’s water tank after using it. This will help prevent the formation of calcification and algae.

Weight: 950 g
Dimensions: 38 x 12.8 x 15 cm; 950 Grams
Brand: Philips
Model: GC362/86
Colour: Black/Copper
Colour: Black/Copper

112 Responses

  1. ViolaGunson says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to use & results visible in seconds !I recommend this produc

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very please with it. I use it to iron clothes etc
    And it does a good job. Exactly what it says it does.

  3. hong11290106 says:

     United Kingdom

    Delivery was quick.
    Well packaged.
    Steamer heats up quickly and did the job that I bought it for so I am happy.
    Only draw back is that the water tank is very small so I had to fill it up again a little sooner than I had hoped. Hence only 4/5 stars.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Super handy product , easy to use impressive results in short time , but wish water tank was built larger, super fast delivery highly recommended it for home usage and holidays

  5. Marlys08Kqr says:

     United Kingdom

    This is one of the best things I’ve bought for a long time! For someone that irons more creases into clothes this is an absolute gem of a gadget! I’ve only tried it on silky blouses and denim shirt so far but literally in seconds my clothes were good to go!

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Works very well and removes wrinkles quickly while not damaging the item in anyway, its perfect when u dont want the extra effort needed to deal with a normal iron like needing an ironing board and such. It works very quickly in 30 seconds it is more then warm enough to be used. Some steamers seem to leave wet marks/ patches on clothes but this one does not seem to do it at all which is nice.

  7. chinjenny says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersSuper quick and easy ironing. Ideal for quick touch ups. Don’t need to pull out the ironing board now for every little thing. I used this on my trench coat, blazer, and even a tracksuit and hoodie and it worked really well and makes light work of removing creases quickly. Love that it folds away for easy compact storage. Only down side is it takes a very long time to cool down after use before you can pop it away again. But that’s not a big deal. Definitely a useful purchase. Glad i went for this one because it works.

  8. Maude0996lvpidh says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersReally good standard steamer. Tank needs filling up with water halfway through steaming, but other than that no issues. Gets started very quickly. Nice that it folds away too.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This steamer does what it says it will – takes out the creases. Easy to use but water reservoir requires a lot of topping up if you’re doing a lot of items

  10. QHFPaulette says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThe water tank is pretty small but it packs a punch. It’s the most compact I’ve seen on the market, but don’t think its not powerful.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Not usually compelled to write reviews but this has been a great buy for my wife, that I’ve come to rely on. Great for blasting the creases out of shirts when travelling and the flat heat plate helps with more stubborn bits like collars. Also freshens up clothes you may have only worn once – saved me shoving loads in the washer unnecessarily. Highly recommmended.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    For more than five years, I have not been able to live without my Philips Steam&Go. My daughter cannot live without mine either and since she is leaving to university soon, she said she would love to have one. I knew that if I did not get her one for herself, then I would soon be wearing wrinkled clothes. She would never dream of ironing…like most teenagers, I suppose. As the Steam&Go is so convenient to use, de-wrinkling doesn’t feel like a chore. I highly recommend it for convenience and especially for fine fabrics such as silk.