Ryobi R18PV-0 Extraction Vac, 18 V, Hyper Gree

Weight: 5.28 kg
Dimensions: 49 x 250 x 330 cm; 5.28 Kilograms
Model: R18PV-0
Part: R18PV-0
Colour: Hyper Green
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Ryobi
Colour: Hyper Green
Quantity: 1

35 Responses

  1. CristinFLO says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m generally happy, good suction power. Wet and dry is handy. I got it for tidying up after little jobs..its perfect..doesn’t take up much room. Overall I’m happy, so far.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good battery life and suction, but the unit is on the big side

  3. jeroxie says:

     United Kingdom

    Its a great vacuum , I have a 9Ah battery and it last a while

    Its got good suctio

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Really great, I have a few dust vacs, this one is the easiest to carry around. I just wish it could remove mentally ill dictators, looking at Russia and North Korea! If you have tge ryobi 18v batteries, get one!

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a nice simply designed vacuum cleaner, it’s not going to replace your main vacuum cleaner, however the suction is better than I expected. It has lots of uses, doing the stairs, cleaning the car, workshop use, quickly getting rid of spiders on the ceiling etc. It is very solidly made and is easy to empty, easy to carry with a handle on the top, with easy access to change the battery too. It is miles better than a handheld vacuum, it is halfway between a handheld and our Henry vacuum cleaner. As the air filter is the most important part in a vacuum to keep the quality of suction, it is nice that the air filter inside is easy to get to and remove and can be washed with water under the tap. The air filter is not foam, but a kind of plastic mesh, so I would imagine would last ages. It also can quickly be adapted to use as a blower, so works well in the workshop for blowing dust off machinery. My only complaint is that the rubber joint adaptor doesn’t have a storage slot unlike the other attachments (which seems a bit odd), also it could benefit from having a brush attachment (although I managed to use another from a different vacuum). All in all I would recommend, I don’t regret buying it unlike many other vacuum gadgets I have bought before.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s a great product but the hose is too springy which makes the vacuum difficult to use

    On the plus side it’s light to carry and easy to empty with good suction power. Have used in my workshop and to vacuum the car.

    The only downside is the hose which is too springy and short.

  7. JorjaShipman says:

     United Kingdom

    Suction power Great,battery life good,easy portable and light,great bit of kit for your Ryobi collectio

  8. RosalinCrawford says:

     United Kingdom

    Suction power Great,battery life good,easy portable and light,great bit of kit for your Ryobi collectio

  9. Anonymous says:


    Does as it should, nice and compact.
    Only negative is length of hose but its not that bad.
    Good item.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Since buying this for cleaning up my mess after a weekend of DIY I find myself using this for all sorts of household chores. Great for doing the stairs or cleaning up some mess after the kids. Great suction power and a huge waste bin. Easy to clean too. The hose works perfectly with Ryobi brand tools but hit and miss with other brands.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Wet & Dry Vacuum. Really like it, does what it says on the tin. Great as it’s portable and attaches to other tools keeps the dust down.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    worth the money, a very good portable vacuum cleaner, great for car cleaning

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Perfect very handy no mess light and easy to use

  14. IleneKnotts says:


    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersTop Gert, einzieges Manko ist der Akku Hunger, 15min und der Akku ist leer. Und wird auch recht Warm.
    Sonst, saugt er Kraftvoll und nimmt alles mit was er soll. Leicht zu Reinigen. Handlich.


  15. AliHzvxusfop says:

     United Kingdom

    The Ryobi R18PV-0 is a simple yet effective extraction vac, I was looking for a new portable shop vac and since I already use Ryobi products this was a no brainer.

    The vac is small & light whilst still having ample capacity making it perfect for portable jobs and moving around the shop or shed.

    Suction power isn’t phenomenal but it does a good enough job of pulling in the dust and finer particles which makes working with power tools far less of a mess.

    The battery life is probably the only major downside, even with the beefiest Ryobi battery, don’t expect extended runtimes but it will usually just about last for a medium size project.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Could do with a longer hose, good other than tha

  17. EzekielNewell says:

     United Kingdom


  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersSo I’ve gone down the Ryobi route and am so far loving their tools and the build quality.
    I had a big bedroom project that required a lot of sanding and so I purchased this to eliminate as much dust as possible.
    So let’s start with the good points:
    I like how neat and compact it is when all the tools and the hose are stored away.
    The fact that it is both wet and dry without having to swap bags or filters is excellent.
    It’s powerful and has a large capacity.
    Slotting the flat tool into the blower slot and disconnecting the pipe turns it into a blower, no good for inflating but ideal for blowing down workbenches etc.
    It’s easily portable with everything self contained without having to carry a hose or attachments separately.
    It comes with an adapter and attaches easily to ryobi tools.
    Now the bad points or niggles:
    IT EATS BATTERIES seriously this thing will get through batteries like PacMan on a winning streak!
    I wish it was dual powered so you could plug it into the mains but have the option to go cordless when needed.
    The hose is quite stiff and springs back. This is possibly due to it being new but I couldn’t get it to stretch easily more than 1 metre without it lifting up the whole hoover. Hopefully this will slacken over time and make it easier to use but it did cause a couple of issues when using it attached to a tool.
    There is nowhere to store the rubber adapter that it comes with. I’ve attached it using a velcro strap so I don’t lose it but with everything else being neatly stored this seems like an oversight.
    I used the adapter on my palm sander and at first it was great until the hose got taught and pulled it off the tool. Once it got dust on it it wouldn’t stay on, however it turned out that I didn’t need it anyway as the end of the hose fitted perfectly inside the sanding vacuum pipe. This adapter is probably for other sized pipes etc.
    Apart from those points I can’t fault it! I’ve looked into getting a battery ac converter so I can plug it into the mains but am yet to find one.
    Tip: when it’s empty and you need to do a small job you can put your tools inside it and use it like a toolbox! I managed to fit my palm sander and several batteries in it to carry to the job in hand, obviously after using it I couldn’t put them back in but it’s worth noting that it can be used in this way.

  19. Ars Staff says:

     United Kingdom

    This has worked well for what I want … I already have Ryobi batteries (probably expensive if you are buying batteries as well). General workshop use, cleaning out machines, and connecting to power tools for small jobs. Not drained a 5A battery in my use but I’ve heard you do need the big batteries or you are down to a few minutes use … Plenty of suction, a bit loud but you are generally only running it for a few minutes at a time …

  20. Sarah Perez says:

     United Kingdom

    I really like this project vac. Its suction is amazing and cleared all the debris from my mitre saw in seconds. (Sawdust gets into places you can hardly find). Being battery powered, it’s light and easy to carry. The hose adaptor enables it to attach to a range of tools and has proved very effective in keeping dust levels down on my planer.
    I like Ryobi kit and this is a perfect addition.

  21. Anonymous says:


    Ottimo attrezzo, peccato per tubo aspirante un po’ corto e autonomia bassa, consiglio batteria 9 ampere

  22. Rennie Bradshaw says:

     United Kingdom

    Great suction, picks up debris very well, battery life good but definitely needs a 5ah battery

  23. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersGuter Sauger, handliche Gre, mit 5Ah Akku gute Laufzeit und gute Saugkraft.

    2 kleine Kritikpunkte wobei der eine vor Kauf bekannt war.

    Das komplett baugleiche US Modell ist als NASS und Trockensauger deklariert, dieser nur als Trockensauger, obwohl es auch nass kann,selbst getestet.

    Der Schlauch ist etwas steif und beim in die Lnge ziehen kommt der Sauger hinterher gerutscht, gerade beim Auto saugen etwas strend.

    Sonst super Gert, Lrmpegel in etwa gleich Krcher WD3/3000 bzw Nilfisk Gerte der gleichen Klasse. (Beides daheim als Vergleich)

  24. JoanneMoon says:

     United Kingdom

    I like all of the ryobi vacuum cleaner brilliant dust extracto

  25. Anonymous says:


    Aspiratore molto potente. Un po’ rumoroso ma davvero perfetto per chi come me in officina non ha la corrente elettrica. Lo attacco alla sega circolare, alla fresa verticale, ecc ed aspira benissimo. Il tubo un po’ corto ma molto flessibile. Si allunga facilmente.

  26. ShanicePinkley says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersHA HA see what I did there .Its great. Ryobi have created another good one here. Suction is good I hooked this up with a chop saw and it coped with ease. Battery life is as stated at around 10-15 minutes of running which in reality is a long time if you think a single chop cut is say 4 seconds. It hoovered the bench and floor really well with the tools which clip neatly to the case. The switch from using the wide mouth tool to make it a blower is genius. the only omission is that they supply a rubber adaptor for connecting to various size outlet ports but there is nowhere to store it apart from inside the vacuum itself.

    All in all very pleased as it sits in the bottom of my tool case with my other Ryobi One+

  27. TobiasZ23uh says:

     United Kingdom

    sucks in a good way both with water and dry

  28. StaciaSavery says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersIts more powerful than was expecting the additional narrow pipe is a good add on and the rubber sleeve adapter fits most of my power tools

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersLast year I almost ruined our domestic vacuum cleaner when doing a large DIY job at home. It was a particularly dusty task and although the vacuum survived okay it really wasn’t designed to cope with that kind of work. When a similar home-improvement task came along recently I was able to use this machine instead, with better results and much less hassle.

    It is quite a large device but it has a huge 11 litre collection box which means that it doesn’t falter when it comes to collecting bits of rubble as well as the dust generated from working. Emptying it is straightforward as there aren’t any bags – you just unclip the box and tip it into the bin. There is a filter fitted which will require replacing in time but so far it’s been fine. It’s quite noisy to use, especially if you’re in a confined space but I’ve managed with it for short spells of use. I wouldn’t want to be working with it all day but then this is a rechargeable unit and is designed to run for only a short time anyway. It doesn’t come supplied with a battery or charger but the idea is that you’ll either buy them separately or use ones that you already have from your other Ryobi tools.

    In terms of performance it has been very good. It works well with those tools that I have been able to attach it to, and does a great job of collecting bits with the hose and attachments. I like that most things have a home for storage on the vacuum box except for the tool adapter, which is a shame. I’ve taken to keeping that with my power tools instead, although there is room in the collection box itself – so long as you remember NOT to throw it away with the rubbish. This has proven to be a useful addition to my tool kit and I’ll be making regular use of it.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIf you already have some Ryobi power tools then this is a great addition to the set. It is essentially a large handheld vacuum cleaner. You plug your Ryobi battery in the top (a 4.0AH batter will give you about 16 minutes of use) and then use it like a vacuum cleaner. I’ve been using it to clean the interiors of my cars recently and it’s done a really good job. Suction is good and only drops off when the battery is virtually exhausted. The hose extends quite a bit and you have a wide tool and a crevice tool. There is also an attachment so you attach to supported Ryobi tools as a dust extractor.

    Overall it’s a decent addition to the Ryobi tool range – remember though that it doesn’t come with a battery

  31. MireyaAlbright says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis is ideal for me I have small woodwork machines and I have found it easy to connect to them.
    It is very useful and very portable.Love it not having a bag is great .I would recommend ryobi tools to anyone.

  32. JulietAugust says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersWhen I initially started this product there was barely enough suction to lift a piece of paper, but given the amount of air expelled, this was clearly a dodgy seal. With a bit of fiddling, I got the pump body fitted onto the waste bin correctly, and the product started to behave itself.

    My intended use is onsite extraction of dust when drilling holes , tidying up sawdust, etc. and I am sure it will do that well enough, although the short hose may present a challenge trying to hold it under a drill above head height, I may well consider putting a shoulder strap on it.

    Battery life is not an issue for me as I have plenty of batteries, and only intend to use it for short tidying bursts. It is quite noisy, so using as a workshop extraction device would be wearing – I would recommend a shop vac in the workshop.

    My only concern is how effective the seal between pump and waste box may be over time – the toggle clamps are plastic and feel flimsy – I wouldnt be surprised if I have to supplement the clamps, or apply another seal in due course, but that remains to be seen, and it certainly didnt stop me from keeping it. If seal issues do occur, I’ll update this review.

    The hoses and tools are stored tidily, but the tool adaptor is just stuck in the box, and there is nowhere to store this on the device, which is a shame – the design is so close to perfect ! If I find I need to keep it with me, I’ll probably put a small clip inside the waste box, and keep it in there.

    All in all, a well designed little vac for portable tidyness !

    Update !! Using this prduct to clean a car, I managed to open the case as the toolwas resting on my hip. Not a disaster, but does confirm my concerns about the durability of the toggle clips.

    Also, the bottom of the box picks up a lot of dust Static ?? Very annoying to put the tool on a clean seat and then have to do it all again – not deal breaking, just annoying

  33. lose weight says:

     United Kingdom

    For a vacuum cleaner designed for DIY or onsite, this is hard to beat. It’s robust, built like a brick and very effective. It’s cordless as well. I’ve had other cordless cleaners, but not one as good as this before, and certainly not one designed for a tough life on site.
    It’s part of the Ryobi One system – over a hundred tools that use the same removable batteries; batteries that come in a number of power sizes and something you will need to purchase if you haven’t got one already. You’ll also need a charger – that doesn’t come with cleaner or batteries. Upside, is when the batteries start fading, then you can easily replace them; they won’t need the tool sending somewhere.
    Vacuum comes with a few tools – hose, crevice, and a general surface tool. It also comes with a rubber adaptor which links into your other Ryobi tools such as saws, which need dust extractors while you are cutting. No more holding some other Vacuum cleaner and hoping! It also works as a blower, you clip the surface clear over the air exhaust.
    In use I tried it in the car, brilliant! Cleaning detritus from the garage, great; and as a dust extractor on my circular saw, also great. Very pleased with the results.
    Downsides? It’s not pretty, but I guess that could be said about a lot of vacuums. Emptying it is just taking the top off, but if it’s full it’s a bit of a lump and easy to spill if you’re not careful, it doesn’t use bags, just a filter that will need replacing from time to time. Instruction book is really thick, but that’s mainly warnings in a million languages – the real instructions are just pictures at the end and not *that* helpful.
    But having said that it’s a keeper and very much recommended.

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersI didn’t think it was possible to be this excited about having my garage “hoovered” so, bye-bye cowebs and dusty icky edges and corners — this is a happy day. After doing the garage, we went onto the garden and “swept” up all the corners and edges, it made such a huge difference to the neatness of the garden. I’v always wanted to hoover my garage and garden clean and now I can! Anyway, that is not what this product is, but I found alternative uses that work for me

    I would describe this Ryobi as a glorified outdoor cordless hoover. Especially useful for DIY cleans. Depending on what tool you’re using (hubby has a Ryobi jigsaw, so that just simply attaches to the hose of this cordless vac and it cleans up at the same time while you’re using the jigsaw or alternatively “sweeps” up easily and quickly after DIY. Wish we had this when we were doing the kitchen and bathroom.

    All the debris/dust/dirt goes into a box underneath which has a lot more space than your traditional hoover (11litre capacity). This simply unclips from the base. Both sides are fitted with quite heavy-duty latches and can be easily emptied.

    The battery life is not brilliant, but I have a cordless hoover (very good brand name) that I use and its battery life is pretty much the same. I don’t think they have the capacity to keep going, probably because the suction is powerful and they clean efficiently the first time.

    (This product does NOT include a battery or charger) but after using this cordless vac I can highly recommend it as a luxury and practical add-on to your power tool collection.

    Powerful Cordless Suction for More Than Just DIY!

  35. Kathryn Costa says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI received this item through the Amazon Vine programme. This is a very nice bit of kit, solidly built and effective. Be aware that this item does not include the battery: it’s part of the Ryobi One range which uses interchangeable batteries between tools. The unit itself has a hose, a crevice tool and a flat surface tool as well as a soft rubber adapter to fit power tools with different size outlets. It has good suction: I own a G-Tech and a Dyson handheld vacuum and would say it’s better than the G-Tech and as good as the Dyson in terms of suction power. It’s quite noisy, I recorded 96db at 1 metre distance with a phone app: not dreadful but something to be aware of. The vacuum empties into the hollow base of the unit, no bags to bother about, and unclips with two simple latches to empty the base unit itself. The whole unit has a sturdy build and looks to be able to withstand serious usage. There are a few small niggles that I would mention: all the tools clip away very nicely onto the unit EXCEPT the adapter for connecting power tools, which presumably you have to carry in your pocket. Another small thing is that the hollow base has a lip around it which means that small amounts of detritus remain in the bottom unless you give it a really vigorous shake. These are minor criticisms that certainly do not detract from the 5 star rating I have given this well-made tool, but you may wish to be aware of them. I have attached some photographs to illustrate the points made, and also to give an idea of the size of this unit: it’s one thing to read the dimensions, another to see them in real life: the unit is a bit bigger than I was expecting, not by much but if you are packing tools into your car or van…size matters. If you need an industrial quality cordless vacuum you can take anywhere, this is the tool you need. Recommended.

    A well made, robust vacuum.