Bosch Professional GDR 18 V – 160 Cordless Drill and Impact Driver (Battery Not Included, 18 V, Maximum Torque: 160  Nm, L – BoxX)

Battery voltage 18 V 18 V 18 V 18 V
Max. torque 160 Nm 160 Nm 160 Nm 150 Nm
No-load speed 0 – 2,800 rpm 0 – 2,800 rpm 0-750/ 2,800 rpm 0 – 2,800 rpm
Rated impact rate 0 – 3200 rpm 0–3200 rpm 0–3200 rpm 0–3200 rpm
Head length 160 mm 145 mm 177 mm 145 mm
Weight (with battery) 1.37 kg 1.7 kg 1.9 kg 1.6 kg

Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100 cm; 2 Kilograms
Model: 06019G5104
Colour: Navy Blue
Manufacture: Bosch Professional
Colour: Navy Blue

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49 Responses

  1. Beth Pridding says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our Userss bonne visseuse et avec a manette lboxx pour le prix
    petit bmol le moule pour la visseuse n’est pas exactement celui de ce modle de visseuse
    sinon superbe machine prvoir une bonne batterie minimum 4.0ah pour un max de puissance

  2. Renai LeMay says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 13 From Our Usersoutstanding performance and such a powerful tool. Its performance is as expected with such a name as BOSCH. highly recommended

  3. Anonymous says:


    Good value and quality, exactly what you can expect from blue bosch

  4. Anonymous says:


    ien a dire …sauf que mon mari est ravi de cet acha

  5. LynwoodAsbury says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant bit of kit should of brought one of these year’s ago

  6. ChaunceLovegrov says:

     United Kingdom

    Great drillset.. good solid feel.. the 2ah battery goes down a little quick if In heavy use.. for the price this is really good

  7. Anonymous says:


    Produit conforme la description . Il fonctionne trs bien . Produit professionnelle .

  8. LinnieChoq says:


    fini les retournements de poignets
    vraiment indispensable lorsque que l on bricole
    je conseille cet acha

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Not the most expensive but not the cheapest but it drills well and also the battery life button helps.

  10. Staff says:


    El taladro es exacto a la descripcion, va perfecto para tornillos largos en madera, recomemdado

  11. Anonymous says:


    Prix trs correct, produit correct si on a 50 euros mettre vaut mieux passer la version 200. Mais fait correctement le travail demand (tire fond de 10×160 viss dans chevron sans pre perage)

  12. ErmelinHardy says:

     United Kingdom

    Just brilliant from my point of view. I’m a “home user” rather than a contractor so have only done a few tasks so far. However, the hammer settings on the drill have easily powered into brick making fitting washing lines and solar lights a breeze. It’s great having the separate driver as in. The past I’ve had to switch over to a screwdriver bit and back to drill, now just grab the other device! Very happy and would highly recommend.

  13.  United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersI didn’t realise that the Darwin effect has eventually after 25 years of DIY taken effect in my workshop. The only tools that seem to last and stay effective.

    I had the Hammer / Drill version of this model (which is still going strong 10years later) and wanted to have a separate tool dedicated for screws so I don’t have to change bits all the time and also for working on the car. I steered away from the next version up (impact gun) as this is really for wheel nuts and heavy commercial work such as Scaffolding etc and I wanted this to be a versatile tool in the workshop.

    I bought the Bare version without the battery as I all ready have a spare with my other unit and the charging is so quick that I cant really justify needing more than two batteries.

    When I opened the box I wondered if I had made the wrong decision, however I am please to say definatly havnet as this has been well used over the last few weeks and I am growing to really like its more compact size and power.

    So far I have used it to swap the wheels round on our Van (so much quicker and easier) I know it wont do them up to Spec however 160nm will do initially then they need to be properly Torqued up with a calibrated wrench, so no real issue.

    Around the house and workshop the screws go in so much easier and having the other bosch battery drill for pilot holes etc makes life much more efficient.

    No regrets.. 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent tools. Would have liked more driver bits but for the price can’t complain. Good battery life, lots of power. The drill handles normal cement and mortar drilling on hammer mode up to 10mm bits with ease ( probably can do bigger but not tried). Would highly recommend

  15. BernardDTD says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersGreat drill and impact driver, I have the 18v SDS version and when needing to replace my old Hitachi drill driver I swapped for these. Both perform flawlessly so far as expected from Bosch, having used drills daily and heavily you can not fault Bosch. The battery integration is an added bonus as now I have 4 batteries 5ah, 4ah and 2 x 2ah

  16. Caitlin Petrakovitz says:


    ottimo e molto maneggevole con una discreta forza di torsione

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Really lightweight tool with belt clip included. Excellent sized box supplied with mine.

  18. AdalbertoQuinon says:

     United Kingdom

    What a fantastic piece of kit. Hubby made up with his surprise. No need to keep swapping battery and fantastic quality. Bosch is always worth investing in.

  19. Anonymous says:


    J’ai utilis cette visseuse pour construire toute la structure d’une petite maison de bois de 16m2. Machine super performante surtout avec les vis tte boulon.

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBought these as a reasonably heavy diy user (rather than a professional user). Have used them a lot of the last couple of years while renovating a house and building a deck and garden furniture. So far very happy with the tools – they are significantly better than consumer grade tools). Impact driver works as expected. Combi is great, loads of settings that do actually make a noticable difference (unlike the consumer grade ones) and really decently powerful. Battery life is good, charging cycle is very quick. Would still consider a third battery if you’ll be using both at once.
    My only major complaint is that the charger broke within 6 months (just at the start of a big job…). This was very annoying. Note that the better charger was cheaper than the direct replacement.

  21. Leo Khaw says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this drill set to replace an older model. These are a great improvement they are lighter to handle but still appear to the same high quality from Bosch.
    Have only charged batteries once and they are still going strong so battery life is excellent.
    The twin set is good value especially with the free tool offer from Bosch.
    Highly recommended.

  22. LanceHanes says:


    Tres bon outils pour visser des vis de taille dans du bois style Chevron.

  23. Anonymous says:


    Produkt kam super schnell an. Der Schlagschrauber liegt sehr gut in der Hand und das Schlagwerk arbeitet perfekt.
    Definitiv eine Kaufempfehlung!

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant pair of tools. The impact driver in particular is very powerful and drives 10 and 12 screws really tight without any effort and saves an enormous amount of time and effort.. Assisted by illuminator. Makita excellent reputation for reliability. Handy case. Now in its second year and still performing as it did new.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Really nice piece of kit here, both work effortlessly at any job I do. Really easy recharging. A great asset to any tool box !

    A must have tool

  26. brendan leonard says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI was torn as to which drill combo to buy. I believe I’ve made a great decision here. The drill had everything I need, including a hammer function. It’s really precise for drilling and driving into nearly every surface – in a few weeks of ownership the only surface I haven’t tried is concrete.
    The impact driver in particular has impressed, making various outdoor jobs driving long screws into wood an absolute breeze – its save me hours.
    The battery life of both units is great… have been using them every few days for a few weeks now and only just needed a recharge.
    The lights on both units are very helpful, especially indoors when the power (and therefore lights) are off.
    Really happy.

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s ok but I’m not happy with the battery life have 2 battery using them at different times and they only last 4 hrs. These are spos to be top end battery. But they don’t last a tipicale 8hr day shift. If your paying big money you want good quality.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Another excellent power tool from Bosch and at a very competitive price. Very satisfied with this high quality impact driver been put to use immediately very satisfied

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant power tools. A lot more variance from my previous Black and decker set. Much more control on the impact driver. I bought two 4mh batteries to supliment mine but the batteries that come with it are grea

  30. Anonymous says:


    Molto comodo , molto potente e leggerissimo.
    Una qualit molto alta ma parliamo di Bosch quindi non si poteva aspettare diversamente . Se volete dei attrezzi buoni prendete tutta la gamma Bosch Professional come ho fatto io e non ve ne pentirete neanche un secondo.
    Messo alla prova dura anche per dei lavori che non dovrebbe fare ed e passato con punteggio massimo.
    E molto maneggevole ed e un piacere usare l’attrezzatura Bosch.

  31. CarlotaGibbs says:

     United Kingdom

    Great we set only let down by a battery missing lightweight and does the job well

  32. AlannaSkyiouzl says:

     United Kingdom

    A must have for any DIY enthusiasts. The combi setup hasn’t left me disappointed and mated up with the Makita drill I bought I’ve got some real good drilling and screw fastening equipment here.

    Both the drill and impact driver are real powerful and there’s no compromise there at all as they get on with the job in hand.

  33. DarioKNUlh says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this set for a specific heavy duty job & they’ve performed brilliantly.
    The batteries charge very quick & lasted all day; the tools are really powerful – drilled right through two railway sleepers with no problem.
    Specially like the drill chuck – no need for old fashioned keys just tighten by hand until it clicks.
    The box is really well designed everything has its place and there’s room for a few drill bits and screwdriver bits.
    Highly recommended

  34. Anonymous says:


    Pas la visseuse choc la plus puissante du march mais pour mon utilisation elle suffit amplement.
    Du bosch pro = j’y vais les yeux ferms

  35. BridgetBloomer says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought these, as my old Green Bosch Drill has sadly lasted beyond its years. the battery in it rigged with LiPo’s from a Radio Control Car so its time for a new one.
    I had a Decking Project to do so the combination of the batteries the charger, along with one drill/screwdriver and impact seemed the job for me.
    I had some 6 x 70mm Coach screws that I was going to use to build the decking frame with and the impact rattled them in with little or no hesitation, though I did buy the wrong coach screws at first which were 10 x 70mm and it didn’t seem to have much problem with them either.
    The walls of my house are not brick but double-hard concrete. Using the Drill-Driver on hammer action seemed to have no issue with drilling the wall at all.
    Using the Impact to screw down the deck boards the 2Ah battery that came with the drill appeared to give up after about 200 screws, and perhaps about 40-50 coach screws, so I was quite happy with the battery life. I think a 5Ah battery will be a purchase if I have more projects to do, but the 2Ah supplied seemed to have enough grunt.
    The included PZ2 bit that came with it, didn’t fair too well, with it stripping a number of deck screws and then mangling its own end to bits along with the screws. After this project its going to need replacement. Though, in fairness, it was also used to remove a ton of screws in the old deck as well, not a total disaster.
    The included L-BOXX system is a good idea, if you have signed up to the Bosch 18V system then you may as well keep everything tidy with the L-BOXX too.
    This is the first tool in the Bosch Pro 18v system that I have bought – you really have to target a system that uses the same battery, it makes the setup much more useful.
    Overall Solid tools what you expect from Bosch.

  36. PaulinaTrundle says:

     United Kingdom

    This set replaces an ancient Bosche set that has seen brilliant service for over a decade. The new set is lighter, longer lasting, just as powerful and versatile. Very satisfied.

  37. ErinTejada says:

     United Kingdom

    Good battery life and good quick charge happy with my purchase

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Can’t go wrong, it’s Bosch, although the impact driver could have done with a bit more umph to drive in the 130mm screws I was using, impact hammer came on and woke up the neighbours in the next village All good, no complaints.

    Took it out of the box, charged it, used it and BOSCH, the job was done

  39. Anonymous says:


    ho scelto questo avvitatore per due motivi: 1 posseggo gi un avviatatore bosch professional con tre batterie , quindi le stesse posso usarle sul nuovo.
    2 anche se i 160 nm non lo rendono potentissimo , per il mio uso personale pi che sufficiente , visto anche che l’ho acquistato ad un prezzo competitivo di circa 80 .

  40. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s seems to have good build quality, I purchased it in the spring and it’s developed a fault on the trigger switch where it sometimes works then it won’t. I bought it as I already have a Bosch Professional combi drill which has been great. This is disappointing but it’s let down further by the shoddy service from Amazon EU. I will buy local for items like this in future. A few quid cheaper doesn’t make up for poor customer service.

  41. EsmeralHanton says:

     United Kingdom

    If these drills give as much service as my last Bosch set I will be very happy touch robust professional tools. I love the case they come with keeps your drills safe clean and easy to store hence 5 star.

  42. Anonymous says:


    Sehr gute Qualitt, aber leider nicht zum Lsen von PKW Radmuttern geeignet.

  43. Anonymous says:


    J’ai attendu longtemps mais comme chaque fois que je me fais plaisir en choisissant du Bosch pro, je ne suis jamais du, peut tre pas les meilleurs, mais c’est vraiment de trs bons produits. J’espre que l’image de fiabilit est relle affaire suivre.

  44. Anonymous says:


    C’est la plus petite de chez Bosch bleu, mais pour un particulier bricoleur c’est vraiment suffisant. Incomparable avec une visseuse classique en terme de couple de vissage. Comme je suis dj quip en Bosch bleu pour la visseuse classique, j’ai les batteries et le chargeur. Cette version nue est donc trs conomique et je pense qu’elle va vite se rendre indispensable. Penser s’quiper avec des embouts choc, les embouts classiques rsistent mal aux -coups. Reue neuve dans sa boite avec l’tiquette Bosch non coupe.

  45. Anonymous says:


    Visseuse Chocs sans Fil GDR 18 V-160 super produit pour le bricoleur averti

  46. Katie Scott says:


    allez y, cette visseuse a choc est d’une puissance…le top quali

  47. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bargain plus I received a free screwdriver set & knife set with registering with Bosch pro deals
    Great quality so far but only time will tell

  48. Laura Binder says:


    In 5 giorni ho avvitato la bellezza di 450 viti 20cm di lunghezza in fisher foro 20 in roccia piena, senza che ne abbia risentito minimamente, un mostro. Consiglio l’acquisto con valigetta nn come ho fatto io

  49. Madonna71U says:


    Acheter en promo un trs bon prix ! Top du top qualit prix

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