Diivoo Hydroponics Growing System, Smart Garden Planter with 12 Pods, Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit for Home Kitchen, Automatic Cycle Timer Germination Kit, Height Adjustable

indoor garden of hydroponics growing system
Package included


Q:Can sponges or planting pods be reused?

A:It’s single-use if pull out the stem of a plant, but we don’t recommend doing so as it’s not as good as the first usage.

Q:Does the hydroponics growing system consume much power?

A:The LED growing light works 16 hours a day. So it’s about 4-5 days for one kilowatt-hour.

Q:Does the pump have noise at night?

A:It is super quiet and won’t bother you.

Installation Steps

Installation Steps

  1. Please pour out of well-mixed of 25ml A and 25ml B plant food, and mix with 5L of water according to user manual,connect water pump to the power jack at the side and cover the lid of the water tank.
  2. Put your seeds into sponge pod, then put it into planting basket and top tank cover hole, lastly cover the transparent grow dome.
  3. Connect the power adaptor to DC jack,adjust the height of lamp rod(recommendation:5.9 inches), and then choose the mode.

Enjoy a Bountiful Harvest

Dimensions: 44.5 x 20.8 x 20 cm; 1.5 Kilograms
Manufacture: ShenZhen IGS Electronics Co.,Ltd

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve grown herbs in it. They grow like wildfire. fabulous taste. Buying another for fruit and salad. REcommend you stagger planting otherwise your crop will all end at the same time and then you have to wait a few weeks for your next crop

  2. RainaDesir says:

     United Kingdom

    light is detachable from base making refilling easier.
    Plastic sticks makes it easy to give support to plants that need it with netting.
    Pump is very quiet.
    Lights can go pretty high letting you grow large.

    Light automatic timer is rubbish – you have to set it at the time you want it to start (i.e. 8am) and it loses the timing as soon as it is unplugged (unlike my aerogarden). It also has lost the timing setting while plugged in a couple times, requiring the timer to be reset (pretty annoying when you get woken up by the light in the middle of the night).
    The pods should have a cover over them to stop the sponge inserts from getting moldy, I added my own paper ones similar to what aerogarden pods have.

    Has some great features but could do with some minor improvements

  3. RegenaEqsx says:

     United Kingdom

    This was a gift, not something I had considered buying before and really impressed with how quickly the plants started to grow. It is a shame it didn’t come with seeds however that is quickly remedied. The instructions for the fertiliser could be written more clearly, as their are tablets in the bottles, unsure whether you had to use just one tablet or all of them. It would be useful if there was a link to purchase more further products such as fertiliser etc.

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