Ideal Standard Cerafine O Dual Control Bath Tap Filler, BC707AA

Weight: 2.24 kg
Size: Dual Control Bath Filler
Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 18 cm; 2.24 Kilograms
Model: BC707AA
Part: BC707AA
Colour: Chrome
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Ideal Standard
Colour: Chrome
Quantity: 1
Size: Dual Control Bath Filler

26 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    Robinet simple , ligne sobre, dimensions parfaites. Solide et fluide dans son utilisatio

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Nice looking tap that looks very sturdy.
    However it is very disappointing to see that Ideal Standard has chosen to use some plastic for the fittings (& waste bits), especially for the price of >90.

  3. Jenny Paulin says:

     United Kingdom

    I love Ideal Standard Cerafine O Mini Basin Mixer
    I go the version Without Waste,
    The colour is Chrome
    The item number is BC722AA.
    It looks really stunning – it’s very pretty, and the performance is top notch.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Nice modern mixer tap. Complete with quality fixtures. Easy to install. Looks great on my new vanity unit. Sleek and stylish for a really reasonable price. This tap is perfectly sized for our little vanity sink. It is so stylish in a timeless way. Really pleased with it.

  5. tjohnson says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent tap
    Very nicely made with quality internals
    Easy to fit for regular and low pressure residential systems and regular standard hand basins
    Attractive – nice smooth damped action.
    Overall the price is excellent – if you’re after a tap get this – as at the price point it makes sense – avoid the cheaper ones found here.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great quality…. but expensive. It creates a water effect like no other.

  7. SophiaHubbard says:

     United Kingdom

    This mini basin mixer is really good quality made for a long time use for sure.Very nice design looks great in my bathroom.Its very easy to use and install.Worth to spend any penny for this item.

  8. XKWRoberto says:

     United Kingdom

    Yes, it’s 90 and you could be forgiven into thinking that’s rather expensive but it’s one of those occasions where you really do get what you pay for.
    Build quality is off the chart. There’s a 5 year guarantee but I really can’t see that getting used. It’s super solid and the action is silky smooth. The end product of water is delivered aeriated as stated and it certainly feels lighter (or fluffier?) as you wash your hands, which is more often nowadays! So that’s the eco part of it – less water used for the same cleaning time and it works. I’m not sure but I think the other eco bit is the tap magically sending out cold water before hot (no matter what the position). If you are only using it for a quick rinse, there’s no need to move the horizontal and you’ll get a glug of cold water before the combi boiler is needlessly called to kick in. Good idea with no electronics involved.
    Fitting a tap doesn’t happen that often so I would say it’s well worth splashing out on one like this. Our only issue is this tap embarrasses the rest of the bathroom!

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very good quality, befitting the good brand image. The finish is superb, down to the last detail. Very nice to look and also to touch. Standard fit with the enclosed fittings. The on and off is very smooth. With five year guarantee, you can not go wrong with this. Similar price but much better quality than the own brands at the DIY chain shops.

  10. TonyaCuevas says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a review for Ideal Standard Cerafine O Mini Basin Mixer Without Waste, Chrome, BC722AA. It was 80.75 at the time of review.

    What I think is good:
    – high quality finishing on chrome coating, style is slim, modern and classy
    – sturdy build which build to last for many years
    – well known brand name, long-standing history in the industry
    – pre-installed many parts which reduces the time to install and my partner don’t even need a plumber to handle, he can change it by himself after watching a few video online.
    – It’s a basin mixer tap, single lever to control both hot and cold water, it’s smooth and very easily adjust to temperature you want.
    – anti-rust and corrosion design
    – price is reasonable, it’s definitely not the cheapest but given the quality and 5 year guarantee, it worth this price

    I am very happy with the new mixer tap and would definitely recommend it.

  11. Valenti4948 says:

     United Kingdom

    The photo’s do not do this tap any justice, you really have to see it in real life to unerstand why the rrp is high.
    The tap is simply stunning, looks amazing in a modern minimalist kitchen, very shiny chrome and I have become a little obsessed with cleaning this.
    I had a professional plumber install this despite my husband saying he could do it with the help of the instructions it does look easy but my husband is very much a man who doesn’t read instructions. The plumber was very fast and efficent and did confirm it was a easy set up.
    For me not having water gushing out the tap spraying on the backsplash is heavenly, the water is controlled and does feel softer instead of it spurting out.
    Would highly recomend and it is very much worth the rrp.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    You can see the quality of this mixer tap instantly straight out of the box , it has a beautiful polished chrome finish , you can see your face in it , it has some weight to it and the build quality is excellent.

    I like that it comes with a 5 year guarantee it shows that ideal standard are confident in the quality of their products and they are built to last , I am also confident that this tap will last year’s, it’s very well made , it has a really smooth action when moving the arm of the tap when switching from hot to cold or vice versa.

    It’s not the cheapest but you sometimes have to pay for quality, we hadn’t changed our tap for years and we can’t half notice the difference in quality since using this ideal standard mixer tap.

    I’m very impressed and very pleased with the overall quality and performance , excellent quality from ideal standard , I would definitely recommend.

    It’s shinier and more polished than our existing sink basin but it still matches really well.

    It comes really well packaged , our neighbour fitted it for us as I’m hopeless at DIY , it took him less than an hour and looked pretty straight forward.

  13. MattieWinkler says:

     United Kingdom

    This review is for the Ideal Standard Cerafine O Mini Basin Mixer Without Waste, Chrome, BC722AA

    Absolutely top quality tap. Arrived well packaged and on time. Super quality, is so well made as you would expect from the Ideal Standard brand. Was easy to install and looks amazing. Water flow is good but will depend on you pressure. Cannot fault. Expecting it to last for year – hassle free.

    Love i

  14. Isabell8407 says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a good quality, single mixer tap that is stylish as well as well made. The lever moves smoothly to mix the hot and cold and without needing a lot of space behind the fixing, which makes this suitable for smaller basins, such as the one I have in my cloakroom. It replaced a much clunkier tap that had seen better days, even though it wasn’t terribly old, it looked very tired. This tap lifts everything and makes the basin look brand new.

    It comes with two hoses already attached ready for fitting. I didn’t do it myself but got a plumber to do it and I am really pleased with the difference it has made. It has a five year guarantee so don’t forget to register it in case anything untoward happens.

  15. GonzaloGain says:

     United Kingdom

    I founded this easy to fit, comes with a leaflet but ended up watching some youtube videos. Ideal standard has been around for years and it is a trusted make of taps and bathroom gear. I love the finish on this, it is chrome and polished. The mixer tape level design makes it simple to get the right temperature and it keeps it that way. The quality and craftmanship is great, nothing leaked, and connections felt tight. Fits lovely on the sink owl. The price is about right for what you get, it has a modern look and would look great in any bathroom or utility room.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Ideal Standard Cerafine O Mini Basin Mixer Without Waste, Chrome, BC722AA is one high-quality mixer tap that looks good when installed. I love the fact it is so easy to keep clean. The tap is so easy to turn on and delivers a nice steady flow of water.
    Everything which is needed for a complete installation is included within the sturdy box in which it is packaged.
    A quality mixer tap which I am happy to recommend.

  17. ArthurAndrade says:

     United Kingdom

    My son who is a plumber was super impressed with this; he terms them top of the range products and favoured by most plumbers; expensive but worth it was his view. Easy to fit and he had it up and running in no time.

  18. VeronicHust says:

     United Kingdom

    The name of the maker says a lot about this tap, Ideal Standard, which is a British company, who have been around for a long time and make quality bathroom products, this tap is an excellent example. I have other Ideal Standard items and they have lasted for years, are very well engineered and made and so are good value for money.

    This mixer tap is truly beautiful, the materials are top notch, when you hold and feel it you understand why it priced so highly, the adage that quality has to be paid for is true here. It comes with all of the connectors you need, we had our one installed and it is working beautifully.

    The tap lever is smooth and so easy to use, there is a quality filter on the tap mouth and the water flow is excellent, in addition this tap has a ceramic type washer, so it wont fail for many many years, you wont get leaks and it will last.

    I am very satisfied with this tap, it is really lovely and I have no hesitation paying more money for the quality you will get, so a solid five stars.

  19. Mohamed33D says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIt’s a good, heavy, sturdy tap. The finish quality seems really good. works great so far. Everything starts and stops at just the right spot, things are definitely on or off.

    The taps were very easy to fit and came complete with all the fittings including the flexi hoses. It feels Wonderfull to turn the tap on and off, very smooth and non clunky. It doesn’t gush out which is great meaning it will not splash everywhere. It’s not too noisy and the action when turning the tap on is nice and smooth and not jerky at all. It’s got a bubbling thing as well so even if you turn the tap on full, it’s not spraying water everywhere out of the sink.

    Superior corrosion & rust-resistant finish prevent dirty from sticking to tap surface, clean tap by cloth is enough in Daily Use. it has a chrome finish and made from a premium stainless steel. These materials make is really easy to keep clean.

    This tap looks nice and dispenses mixed water, it does what you need from a mixer tap. Overall – it’s good value – and I hope it lasts!

  20. DVSTanesha says:

     United Kingdom

    One of the finest quality Basin Mixer tap that I have ever come across. The build quality is astonishingly good. It’s heavy and chrome shines like a badge on a Rolls Royce.

    I am very impressed with the Ideal Standard Cerafine Basin Mixer BC722AA. This tap is definitely going to last a life time. Reason I love this Mixer tap more is because it is eco friendly designed. It let’s out cold water first to save wasting hot water unnecessarily. It also also introduces air into water flow for softer foamy water and economical aerator limits the water flow.

    Adjustable mono lever is very smooth and light to operate and adjust temperature. It’s ergonomically designed and have plenty of space underneath to wash.

    I am very impressed and delighted with the Mixer tap and would definitely buy from this company in future. Definitely 5 stars from me and highly recommended.

    Mono Mixer tap that will blow your mind. Exceptionally good quality.

  21. Nicole says:

     United Kingdom

    This basin mixer tap has a chrome finish and comes half assembled. This helps cut the installation time by approx 30%-35%.

    Things I liked:
    * high quality build
    * heavy metal weight
    * use of ceramic disc (giving approx 12-15years of usage)
    * beautiful design and nice chrome finish

    Overall, the performance of the mixer tap is great. It has a nice smooth action with 5years manufacture guarantee.

    build quality is high

  22. KayleighHildret says:

     United Kingdom

    I got it for our bathroom and I am so happy!

    It came in a nice and good box.

    It is a bit heavy but looks very sturdy and classic.

    The tap turns on and off very smoothly

    This is perfect! I can clean the sink easily

    Overall, a very nice looking tap and it was very easy to fit!

  23. WilfredTKTE says:

     United Kingdom

    Not only does the tap look great in the bathroom, it’s very smooth and sleek in design which I love, but also it’s so easy to fit! Comes with everything you need to fit, it’s really robust so definitely won’t be breaking anytime soon and it has been manufactured to a very high standard. Also for those of us with mobility issues in the hands it is smooth and easy to operate the lever.

    Lovely looking tap

  24. Mo Harber-Lamond says:

     United Kingdom

    We really like this tap because we can spot good quality and this certainly is.

    Some taps can that we have used in the past can be really cheap and you can tell, however straight away you can feel the quality in the making of this tap.

    Firstly the tap doesn’t have any sharp edges to contend with. They way that it has been designed offers a nice connection when moving the temperature level and the flow is nicely controlled. There is a nice touch on this which is with the cartridge in the nozzle which ensures a nice aerator for the water.

    Overall a wonderful quality tap that was simple to fit and looks great – highly recommended

    A really high quality tap

  25. ArleenBarringto says:

     United Kingdom

    Good quality product. No defects or imperfections. Perfect for single deeper type of the ceramics. Full standard fitting kit included except cotton anti scratch baggy.

    Nice quality tap.

  26. [email protected] Sara says:

     United Kingdom

    This is very good quality tap. It’s very heavy and shinny.
    I really like mixers that you can operate with 1 hand. Great for people with hand issues .
    Tap comes in Brandenburg box and complete with all accessories .
    I would buy again and I would recommend.

    Really good quality bathroom tap.