Kärcher SC1 EasyFix Steam Cleaner

SC 1 EasyFix

Steam Cleaner

The Kärcher SC 1 EasyFix is the compact, lightweight and powerful way to kill 99.99%* of bacteria using nothing but tap water. This versatile machine makes light work of dirt, limescale and stubborn stains around the home and comes complete with all the attachments and brushes needed to clean every corner of your home.

SC1 Easyfix

Features & Benefits

SC 1

Powerful 3 Bar Steam

Kills 99.99% of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces.

SC 1

Cleaning Without Chemicals

Deep cleans your home using nothing but tap water.

SC 1

EasyFix Connection

The new EasyFix floor tool means you can quickly switch cloths without coming into contact with the dirt.

SC 1

Multifunctional Accessories

Includes multiple accessories for cleaning tasks all around the home.

SC 1 EasyFix

Kärcher Steam Cleaners

SC 1

SC 1 EasyFix

SC 2 Upright Easy Fix Mop

SC 2 Upright Easy Fix

SC 3

SC 3 EasyFix

SC 3 Upright

SC 3 Upright EasyFix

SC 4

SC 4 EasyFix

SC 5

SC 5 EasyFix

Cleaning performance (approx.)
20m² 50 75m² 60m² 100m² 150m²
Heating output (W)
1200 1600 1900 1600 2000 2200
Max. steam pressure (bar)
3 3 3.5 3.5 4.2
Heating time (mins)
3 0.5 0.5 0.5 4 3
Tank size (l)
0.2 0.4 1 0.5 1.3 2

Weight: 1.58 kg
Dimensions: 32.1 x 12.7 x 18.6 cm; 1.58 Kilograms
Brand: Kärcher
Model: 2
Colour: Yellow
Colour: Yellow

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62 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersAs someone who has used Krcher and most the models this is money well spent! Not much further to say than what has not been said already, so many uses it is difficult to start anywhere other than saying, do not hesitate.

    – Good value
    – Heats up in just 3 minutes
    – Compact and versatile
    – lightweight steam cleaner

    – Not many tools
    – Weight is all in hand
    – Steam not variable

    The design gives superb reach and flexibility. It comes with a handy mesh bag to store tools in, but it doesn’t come with many tools, however you can buy extra attachments and the aftermarket ones are not too bad. It doesn’t come with a jug but it’s small enough that it fits under a kitchen tap. The steam is powerful for sure, when you’re done, it packs up nice and quickly. The additional steam stick is worth getting for sure as are quite a few other attachments, in the current world a must buy. I have tried some of the cheaper makes but they never quite cut the grade over time.

    Love this, love Kärcher!

  2. richbenalmadenavilla says:

     United Kingdom

    works really well. instructions clear and easy to follow. no problems at all

  3. Topher McDougal says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 11 From Our UsersIt took 4 fills to get my small house clean the first time. Since then one fill is enough. That will do the kitchen and bathroom floors, sink, toilet, large shower enclosure and tiles, kitchen and bathroom bins.

    The kitchen floor is vinyl laminate. I don’t steam the joints, but get some steam going on a solid bit, use the hot mop, then a bit more steam now and again but always on solid plank so I don’t force steam into the joints.

    I have also used it to steam an area of carpet under a bed where there were a few clothes moths lurking, and the lines in the carpet left when rearranging furniture. It didn’t remove the lines completely but softened them enough to brush them out.

    A few things from other reviews that put me off : holding the steam button down is not at all difficult. I don’t notice it. Perhaps it has been improved. It doesn’t take hours to cool between refills, you just let all the steam out and the top will open. It lasts plenty long enough for my small house, and I checked the cable would be sufficient before I bought it as I didn’t want to mess about with extension leads. The extension pipe does not get dangerously hot, it is a tube within a tube. The outside plastic is perfectly safe. The floors are left nearly dry. If they are too wet, stop steaming !

    I really like that the whole thing fits in a kitchen drawer, with all the accessories. I have read the top can seize if left for ages so I always unscrew it a bit after use.

  4. AliciaTerpstra says:

     United Kingdom

    Good bit of kit works well easy to use at the end of the day it’s a karcher can’t say much more about i

  5. Sophia FV says:

     United Kingdom

    Better than any steam cleaner I have ever used, no streaks

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great at cleaning years of ingrained mud on our utility’s wooden floor that mopping simply failed to shift. I will now be able to re-seal the boards. Used it to get stains out of a canvass covered chair rather than pay a lot to have them recovered – worked really well. Using it to steam residue from 20 years of open wood fires out of our living room paint ahead of re-decorating. Much easier than hand washing. Highly recommended.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Generally it’s ok, only used it on windows so far with the additional attachment. Need to take note of instructions around pvcs etc as the heat of the steam can undo the beading. Think it’s over priced for the size and given it’s been on market for quite some time. Water/Steam does run out rather quickly and having a trailing cable isn’t the best. Would have been better as a cordless.

  8. MarlysMountgarr says:

     United Kingdom

    I have bought one of these for my home after using one at my parent’s house for many years, and have found that they do a good job.

    Overall, I’m super pleased to have bought one; but it’s really important not to set your expectations too high.

    A lot of people on social media sites seem to go “steam cleaners are miraculous”, misleading people to buy them and in turn feel disappointed as it’s not cleaned the inside of their oven in one wipe, as promised on that tiktok video

    A few things to remember with any steam cleaner –

    1 – you do need to go back over some areas before the dirt will loosen.

    2 – you’re using hot water with no detergents, it will do as much as hot, pressurised water can do. Again, it’s great; but if you haven’t cleaned your oven for a year, don’t expect magic!

    3 – because of 1 and 2 it’ll have limitations, and sometimes you will need to use chemicals to clean things. Don’t put them in your cleaner though – pressurised, boiling hot Mr Muscle doesn’t sound fun or safe!

    4 – things you clean with it will be hot; be careful.

    A lot of other people in the comments here have expressed disappointment also with how far you can clean with it before the tank runs out.

    Again, being realistic 200ml water in a small, light, handheld cleaner isn’t going to clean a mansion in one go

    Mine arrived this morning, and I was able to clean the sink, outside of the hob, cupboards and some of the work surface before the tank ran out. I then refilled it and cleaned the kitchen floor (4x3m) and entrance hall (about half the size of the kitchen).

    Another reviewer has expressed disgust at how it passed safety standards when using the floor attachment; and again, using common sense, it’s a plastic tube with steam running through it It will get hot to the touch.

    It does also say in the manual and associated warning book to take care when using it.

    Earlier, when cleaning the floor I used a washing up glove on my left hand to hold the extension pole to shield my hand from the heat, but you could use a tea towel or oven glove, too.

    When the tank empties, you can either wait for it to cool sufficiently, or turn the device off at the wall, vent the steam and unscrew the cap carefully (again, steam. It will be hot!) as I did. I didn’t therefore need to wait 20 mins to move on to the next area – essentially the steam cleaner is a small, handheld pressure cooker. Treat it wisely and you’ll be fine!

    Now that I’ve got all my ramblings and complaints about other reviews out of the way:

    – It’s marvellous for getting into areas you can’t otherwise reach with a brush or sponge, such as the bit of your worktop that meets the sink or hob. It will easily blast through the crud that accumulates there, flinging it away and killing germs.

    – It makes cleaning the floor super easy and makes light work of anything unless it’s really stuck on (again, a normal mop would struggle anyway).

    – Using hot water also means that you aren’t buying more stuff made of plastic or using harsh chemicals. A bonus if you have pets and are trying to cut down on plastic use, like me!

    Some downsides –

    – it’s a lightweight cleaner. The longer you seem to hold it the heavier it seems to get. People with mobility issues may struggle.

    – to use it you need to hold a button down, again, people with RSI/tendinitis/arthritis may struggle. I have mild tendinitis but could use it well enough for a short period without causing a flare up. Everyone is different, though.

    – I wish it came with the hose attachment and another couple of cleaning pads; but I’m sure I could buy a couple online.

    – the cable’s about 3 meters. You will need to unplug it to move from area to area. If you don’t have many sockets, take note or buy an extension lead (obviously, use with caution!)


    Should you buy one? Yes. But it has its limitations and could be dangerous if misused. Keep those in mind and you’ll be fine.

    If you want to do bigger areas, buy the bigger cleaner. They’re more expensive; but they’re probably more worth it for your use case.

    For me, it’s ideal and complements other cleaning products. It’s not a miracle machine and I’m not going to use it as such!

    Hope this helps if you’re on the fence; and thank you for listening to my TEDTalk.

  9. AldaTyreeedqn says:

     United Kingdom

    Not used very much yet but seems very good. Wish it held more water.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very useful piece of kit thst is well worth the money.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very useful piece of kit thst is well worth the money.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very useful piece of kit thst is well worth the money.

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