LEGO 21174 Minecraft The Modern Treehouse – Dollhouse Toy for Kids, Collectible Model with Creeper Figure

Massive Minecraft fun

A towering treehouse for play and display

Give Minecraft players a modular, hands-on way to experience their favourite game. This impressively detailed treehouse brings all the imaginative play from the game into the real world.

  1. 21174

    4 rooms to rearrange

    Reconfigure for new adventures

    Kids reposition the kitchen, library, study and bedroom for cool, new layouts.

  2. 21174

    Easy to customise

    Add, detach, mix and move

    Kids can either attach rooms to the tree base or position them separately.

  3. 21174

    Authentic details

    Familiar Minecraft items to play with

    Just like the game, this hands-on playset is packed with fun accessories.

  4. 21174

    Creative role play

    Kick-start imaginative adventures

    Kids can explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end.

1 Customisable rooms 2 Rebuild and reconfigure 3 Awesome accessories 4 Play possibilities
Endless enjoyment

A thrilling Minecraft world filled with adventure

Measuring over 29 cm (11 in.) high and 20 cm (7 in.) wide, the endlessly versatile LEGO Minecraft treehouse provides fun on an epic scale and takes players of the game into a new dimension of hands-on creativity.

Favourite figures

A cool cast of Minecraft characters

This action-packed playset features iconic characters, including a Charged Creeper, panda and ocelot skins, a zombie, a cat, and a chicken from the game.

Dimensions: 48 x 37.8 x 9.4 cm; 1.81 Kilograms
Model: 21174SIOC
Colour: Multicolor
Colour: Multicolor

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21 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    Fr Jungs ab 8 sehr gut. Gute Bauanleitung. Sehr empfehlenswert.Frdert das techn.Denken. Fr Opas zum mitbauen schner Zeitvertreib.

  2. LucileJanssen says:

     United Kingdom

    Bou so happy this this lego set , perfect packaging, arrived on time for Christmas

  3. Anonymous says:


    besteht aus Modulen, die immer wieder neu auf dem”Baumstamm” quasi aufgefdelt werden knnen.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    As a mode this is great. The Minecraft treehouse was a fun build, simple enough for my 8 year old to
    Complete alone and to enjoy playing with. It’s good value and very sturdy when completed

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is one of Lego’s more recent Minecraft releases. The build is two towers linked together around two trees. It is not that impressive looking and looks quite plain (even allowing for typical blockiness), with some technic bricks exposed which really don’t look Minecraft. The first room is accessed via a very short ladder- this is a bedroom with atorch. Only just higher and off to the side on the other tree is a bathroom. The next bedroom sits above a bit of canopy. Some of the ladders are more for detail rather than access as they don’t span the gaps fully. There are some sofa areas, some TNT, a library, a treasure set and then a roof canopy.
    Each room slides off the two tree trunks vertically. The canopy can be added without the rooms to make two plain rooms. Or the rooms can be added back in, at different heights and rotations. The roof comes off most rooms but they are fairly open so this isn’t really needed for access.
    The set also comes with 2 players with ocelot and panda skins, a zombie, a creeper (charged with trans blue colouring), a cat, two chickens (one wings down, one wings flapping) and an egg.
    Slightly disappointed by this set.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this set to build with my nephew who likes Minecraft and is currently going through the “Lego bug”, building all sorts of set as well as mixing and matching to create his own unique creations. We had good fun building this set and is was quite different to previous sets he’s built as it was a bit more techinal, and also quite large at 900 pieces, hence the Age 9+ recommendation.

    The set itself allows four rooms to be built and customised around two tree trunks, both of which are extremely solid. These rooms can be built in any manner and facing any direction giving loads of different options when building. The set also includes a range of Minecraft animals and figures which look just like the game counterparts.

    Overall, this is another quality set from Lego and one that fully refelcts the style and ethos of minecraft making it perfect for fans of both franchises. I would Highlyt recommended it.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    If I had to try to sum this set up in a few words they would be Fantastic Huge Set.

    My Children are Minecraft mad and so when this set arrived there was quite a bit of happy screaming to say the least. They both have Lego tables underneath their captains beds with Lego baseplates on top to represent grass, water and sand and little Minecraft Lego worlds built on top.

    This set is huge and I think one of the things they love most is that it represents the houses they build when playing Minecraft on the Xbox amazingly well. The set has 909 parts including a few small spares and has tons of play value as it can be redesigned in multiple ways not just the build shown on the front of the box.

    Along with the Panda Skin minifigure and Ocelot Skin minifigure there are two chickens, a cat, a zombie and a charged creeper.

    As I mentioned above the house can be rebuilt as your Children wish but if you are doing the main build then it has some of the usual Minecraft house necessities included such as beds, crafting table and a furnace.

    An absolutely fantastic set which my Children absolutely adore and I think its their favourite Minecraft house set so far and even outshines their Pig House set that they have and love.

  8. RochellLawless says:

     United Kingdom

    I was quite convinced that my child will never engage with this particular set after all the sleek-looking sets that we had been ordering. I could not be more wrong. This set has more appeal on some Montessorian level.
    It’s very basic in its looks but it allows so many things to be imagined and it does not impose a certain image, this set is more of an idea.
    When your child builds it, this set retains all the charm of Lego – different textures, some unexpected moving oarts, some transparent elements. Therr is something that will capture a child’s attention and will foster plenty of role play.
    It looks slightly chunky, but it also looks pretty amazing this way. And it does make a cool ornament for a shelf.
    Quite liking it.

  9. Iva14Ruyuedm says:

     United Kingdom

    This is such an excellent set. Takes a while to build, but has so much interactive game play. I love the little figures and its such a complex structure when built.

    Instructions are excellent and easy to follow. It is a truly brilliant little set for anyone who is into Minecraft.

    Highly recommended.

  10. KaseyBellingsha says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a really great lego set which combines Minecraft and Lego. It is a bit more technical than it looks on the box and has just over 900 pieces! The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the pieces are separated into bags to make construction easier.

    The set actually has 4 different rooms which can be used separately or as part of the tree house. It is great for imaginative play.

    Younger children will need some help with construction but it is really fun to build and play with.

    The price seems a little steep but there are over 900 pieces within the set and the attention to detail is great.

    The box is attractive and descriptive.

    This would make a great gift for lego and Minecraft fans.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We’ve got quite a few of the Minecraft sets of Lego’s and this one is a great addition. It’s fairly quick and easy to build but looks great and quite tall. Perfect for fans of the games etc and for anyone collecting this set of Lego series.

  12. ThaddeuCowart says:

     United Kingdom

    Being a long time fan of Minecraft and playing since a little after release, I like seeing the game I adored so much being made into awesome sets like this!

    This new Wave has had some awesome sets, and this is arguably the best of the lot.

    The build itself is awesome and can be arranged in multiple ways due to it’s modular design, allowing for a number of cool encounters and arrangements.

    The mini figures are awesome, print quality is superb and having them in onesie costumes makes it feel like a multiplayer set. The Zombie and Charged Creeper look awesome, and the cats are a cool feature that have been in a few sets this wave, wish they added a dog somewhere instead.

    The building of the sets was good, very well arranged and easy to read, each section had itself own bag which helped the process.

    As usual, Lego have delivered on quality and design, an awesome set for new and old Minecraft fans.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Who doesn’t love Lego? A firm favourite for countless years with kids and adults alike, Lego is always a great addition to fans of these fab construction sets.

    With this minecraft tree house, Lego has expanded its minecraft range with this large and detailed set, which can be customised as required by the builder.
    This is a pretty big set with just over 900 pieces and the kids will absolutely love the inclusion of a selection of their favourite minecraft characters, including a creeper!

    My son has been an avid fan of both Lego and minecraft for years (Lego for even longer) and apart from the countless Lego sets he’s been bought over the years, he has several of the other lego minecraft sets, so was thrilled to be able to build this set.

    Myself and my husband frequently join in on Lego building (any excuse to justify being able to have a go with lego that we both so loved as kids) and this set has been no different. We’ve all spent several hours working on this set together. We haven’t quite finished it yet (I’ll put a photo up once everything has been put in place if I’m able to edit the review).

    The treehouse stands at just under a foot tall and has 4 main rooms which you can customise and swap around.
    As expected its superbly made and I suspect it will join my son’s other favourite lego models in his bedroom once it’s fully completed.
    It’s fun to build as always and this set is a great choice for children, adults lego fans and minecraft players alike!

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The perfect gift for both Lego and Minecraft fans!

    This particular set if aimed at the older child; well 9 years plus and you can see why. Lots of pieces to put together and the fact that the treehouse is reconfigurable makes this a very versatile set with which children will enjoy spending so much time constructing various rooms. (A lovely change from a computer screen!) Family/friends will enjoy building along too as this is one of the reasons, I have always loved things like Lego; very interactive.

    It can be built as a treehouse or separate rooms thus allowing the child to really use their imagination and of course as always with Lego, if they are not happy with what they have built, or simply want to change it, there are lots of options which make it so interesting.

    The price has been mentioned but this is the same price everywhere and Lego has always been quite pricey anyway but with the Minecraft included, makes it one of the more worth while sets.

    909 pieces in all is a lot of pieces for the money and the price of the Lego will be worth it when you see how much fun is had by the children — and adult as they get creative together.

    Another fabulous imaginative set from Lego!

  15. SantosWinterbot says:

     United Kingdom

    Wow what a set. If you love Lego you’ll like this and if you like Minecraft, even better! What a price though! Initially saw it at 99 but seems to have come down a bit. Lego isn’t ever cheap though. You can get other Lego sets that work well with this one, for a full on Minecraft-meets-Lego experience! My son devoured this, and he’s not young, he’s a young autistic adult. Like Minecraft itself, you can really set this up how you wish, make it your own, chop and change and that’s the beauty of Lego too, they give you the bricks and you create. Nice to go by the instructions first time round at least, get a feel for what’s in the box (and there a good amount!). Instructions are alright. Ok, my son might use this as more a thing to build and admire quietly in the room, but the younger ones are all over it with their creative games with the character pieces included. Nice to see the online game come to creative off line play, give their eyes a rest from the screen and let the creative juices run!

  16. Kim Bullock says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant quality and great piece from Lego. Mine craft is a big hit in our household so this definitely went down well.
    Instructions very easy to follow and so easy to assemble the kit.
    Great fun for adults and children
    Highly recommend

  17. Lucy Gillmore says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a huge Lego set which is both fun to build and to play with. Unlike smaller Minecraft sets there is lots of playability which is great for imaginative play.

    My nephew has been a Lego fanatic for years but was beside himself when I asked if he could help me review this Minecraft set as he had spent way to many hours playing that game too! We had a great day building this and as I said there was plenty of play stimulated with ample characters and rooms to explore.

    The instructions were straightforward and the bricks were packaged into manageable amounts to construct.

    My only gripe is the price the RRP is 99 which I don’t think I would pay (unless guilt tripped by a child!)

    I hope you find my review helpful

  18. Avis9770ecxk says:

     United Kingdom

    This set was seriously exciting, combining my love of both Minecraft and Lego! Obviously Lego is by far the best medium for making “real life” Minecraft models, and this didn’t disappoint, even though initially I thought it was a bit of a plain build – it actually turned out to be one of the best sets I’ve put together recently.

    The construction is pretty modular, based around two really solid tree trunks, set in a mixed terrain footing. The trunks are seriously solid, making the finished model really sturdy. There are four main rooms or layers that can fit onto the tree trunks – and quite possibly the best bit is they can go on in any order facing in whatever direction you like. Might not sound like much, but gives loads of configuration options for the finished product so me and the kids have been setting it up in various way depending on how we fancy. There are two level tree tops to go on top of each of the main tree trunks.

    There are two main humans, one panda and one, I think, yellow bear as well as a creeper and a zombie. The set also comesloads of cool little extras like some chickens (damn near identical to the actual Minecraft ones), sword, pickaxe, cat, fish, some furniture and possibly best of all a TNT block and a reversible furnace/cooker! There are a load of other bits and bobs like vines and plants to scatter around. The one thing I really like about this model (and Minecraft as well I guess) is how you can use such simple blocks to make something so good – it really is made up of very basic Lego pieces, but works perfectly in this set.

    I’m genuinely really pleased with this set – it’s not the cheapest, but it will take pride of place on a shelf and be regularly rearranged. I’m seriously tempted to get some more Lego Minecraft figures to go in it, as well as perhaps extending the building with another set. This was a properly fun build and an excellent finished model!

    Oodles of configurations

  19. EarthaD69ahknjp says:

     United Kingdom

    Minecraft isn’t really my thing and I know next to nothing about it – the only little bit of knowledge I have on the franchise is gleaned from The Boy. That said this is such a great looking set that it was a bit of a no brainer to get. Especially as we already have a lot of the Minecraft range and they have always proved to be fun builds that rely on the System Brick (makes it all feel so much more nostalgic from 1970s childhood).

    This set is deceptive as there is a lot ot Technic structure buried underneath those tree trunks. You build a Technic framework and then the System bricks are used to create a cladding for the trees. This works really well as you get strength without weight and it makes getting the height super simple. One cool feature is that the rooms are modular and you can place them however you desire on to the trees – a little bit of jigging about may be needed to get them to align neatly but nothing too arduous. I also like that the treetops can be placed on the trunks without the modules so you can have 2 tall trees and a cluster of cabins if you want.

    The only figures that were familiar to me were the Creeper and the Zombie (I am reliably informed that it is a Charged Creeper cos he has blue on his face – who knew? :|). It also has a grey wolf (according to Lego this is a cat but The Boy is adamant it is an uncharged Wolf – no, me either), a couple of cute little chickens and then two mini figures. The two minifigures are skins rather than recognisable people from the game – a panda and an ocelot.

    As a playset this certainly checks a lot of boxes. It is definitely wonderful for creative gameplay and also allows you to create your own Minecraft world – cue gamers using them to set up their online world on their shelving (actually a pretty neat idea). Yes, this is a pricey set but it does recreate the look and feel of Minecraft excellently, even better throw some more standard minifigures at it and it works as a slightly Brutalist take on a treehouse.

    Many thanks to the Amazon Vine Program for a review copy of this product. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Lego or Amazon. This is also an honest and unbiased opinion based on my experience with the product and is not influenced by it being a review copy.

    Number Of Pieces: 909

    Approximate Price Per Piece: 0.11

    Build Time: 2 Hours

    Mix and Match

  20. Sammi King says:

     United Kingdom

    We all love Lego in this house and obviously Minecraft! So I just had to order this. I do think it’s rediculously expensive at 99.99! Crazy money, your paying for the brand and qaulity but I honestly can say I could not and would not pay such crazy prices. For this I have deducted a star. It comes in a big box, lots of pieces, Kids build the dollhouse’s 4 very different rooms — kitchen, library, study and bedroom — that don’t even have to be attached to the tree! Includes a charged Creeper Minecraft figure and a panda skin, ocelot skin, zombie, cat and chicken from the online Minecraft game.
    Measures over 11 Inch (29 cm) high, 7 Inch (20 cm) wide and 6 Inch (17 cm) deep.

    Contains 909 pieces.

    So expensive!

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My friends 10 year old son absolutely loves Lego and minecraft so when I saw this I just had to get it for him, there is so many different things he has made with this already, I personally don’t no much about Lego but I was shocked at what he built with this set, this set is aimed at older children as there are lots of small parts but for his age group it is brilliant he has already had hours and hours of fun with it, you can’t go wrong with Lego it’s a trusted make and of high quality will definitely be getting some more sets for the children for up coming birthdays and Christmas, if your child’s a Lego fan you won’t be disappointed with this set.

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