Makita LS1019L/2 240V 260mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw with Laser Marker

Weight: 26.3 kg
Size: 260 mm
Dimensions: 80.5 x 64.4 x 66 cm; 26.3 Kilograms
Model: LS1019L/2
Colour: Blue
Manufacture: Makita UK
Colour: Blue
Size: 260 mm

10 Responses

  1. Charlotte Cottontails says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersInsgesamt eine Topsge. Ich habe sehr lange gesucht und mehrere Sgen auf Steifigkeit und Genauigkeit geprft. Diese war in dem Preissegment deutlich die beste.
    Sgt wie durch Butter und super genau.
    Wenn der Absaugstutzen zur Seite gewinkelt wre und nicht Richtung Wand abgehen wrde, wre sie perfekt.

  2. BraydenPrieur says:

     United Kingdom

    The reason it’s awesome for my workshop is the weight, if you want this to pull in and out of your van please get the next model down. I would never take this on-site unless it was set up once for a few weeks. Its an amazing machine, from basic cross cutting to rebates, so quiet.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Mein Mann hat das Teil vor einem halben Jahr gekauft. Steht seitdem uerst dekorativ auf dem Werktisch. Der gerumige Karton liegt sehr praktisch in der Ecke der Garage.

  4. stephenkilmer says:

     United Kingdom

    OK, so I already have a smaller Bosch 8 inch in my workshop, which is not that accurate. The Makita on the other hand is spot on, and cuts through everything I’ve thrown at it, effortlessly. The dust extraction is also fantastic, but if your planning to sit this close to a wall like I did, you’ll have to get a little creative, since the connections point towards the back when in use.

  5. PFCDannyqhrhs says:


    Eine gute Kappsge mit Hinterschnittfunktion sehr schwer mu man sage

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s an accurate saw, well built. Cut is very clean on a variety of hardwoods out the box. Did not have to align in either plane.

  7. Bill Detwiler says:

     United Kingdom

    What is the maximum cutting depth at 90.
    Also is this a double bevel saw .

  8. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersWie gewohnt beste Makita Qualitt. Kein Spiel, nichts klappert oder wackelt. Bei dem Preis htte ich mir allerdings einen Doppellinienlaser gewnscht.

  9. paydayeactually says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve been in the construction industry a long time and had a few named saws. but always come back to makita they deliver every single time. this gets into tight job sites were others can’t. simply unreal only little honest niggle is the weight and carrying handle but apart from that 10/10

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 23 From Our UsersI’ve been using this saw for precision carpentry not for framing so I may be a little more critical than regular users. I’m giving a very honest and open review to my own views of using this wonderful saw.

    Accuracy can sometimes be a little bit of a pain to keep consistent. Left side of the saw is perfect 90 degree cuts, change over to the right side and it can be as much as a few degrees different over the full travel length of the slide. Now as the locking mechanism uses a single piece with notches for the pre-selected angles you cannot independently adjust for this error. To this extent I do often check my compound angles with a digital gauge as I do not trust the physical angle indication any more.

    Dust extraction is another drawback. The fitting on the rear is not that great, there is sufficient gaps in which air is constantly leaking out. I have mine connected to a 100mm system with a fly pipe which is 70mm connected directly into the rear of the saw. I’m not managing to get a good vacuum on both the lower collector and the one located on the back of the blade so I’ts only collecting I’d say less than half what it could be.

    Quality of the cuts, cannot fault it. The slide has wipers so any sawdust that sticks to the surface of the rails is wiped before it can enter the moving section. I periodically apply a light coating of oil and silicone spray to the internal moving chains. The great part of the design is that you are able to place the saw right against the wall with no worry of the slide hitting against the wall. Much prefer this over the typical sliding fixed head design.

    Mitre mechanism, this can be a little annoying. Unlike other brands it is a free falling mechanism as to such you do not have control. You are able to very quickly change the angle and lock it but I’d like to of seen a rack and gear option where you can twist the control knob on the front to reduce/increase the angle with precision considering the price of such machine. I’ve cut through the fences on my machine as like most people, you are in a rush and don’t always think what is being the work piece, rather annoyed when I realised I’d done such.

    Motor power, so far I’ve not had any issues with it cutting through solid Oak beams, Sapelle and rough sawn wet lumber.

    Table extensions, these again I feel are not bad nor amazing. They work but feel like they could be substantially better instead of bent pieces of round stock, previously used other brands which incorporated a flat of the same bed which was fitted to the extensions with a lift up stop so you could make repeatable cuts easily without having to jig up a fixture.

    Work clamping, uses a very simple over the fence and twist down motion with I must say a lovely quick back turn to disengage the threads allowing you to efficiently lower the clamp without having to twist it for ever. The down side is two places where you can locate it and if you locate it on the right side you have limited placement due to the motor impedes full motion of the slide. The clamp works, you do see flex in it and could be more substantial considering it often plays a very important part.

    Electronic motor braking, fast and efficient although randomly at times under the same use will free spool to a lower speed and then apply the electrical braking.

    The laser, very rarely use it as It’s not that great in sunlight and isn’t accurate enough for me so I revert to good old scribe lines.

    Moving the saw and weight, yes it’s not a light saw at all. It can be moved with a single person but getting through single doorways with this saw and your self can be a little tricky trying not to mark the casing. The handles are located on the top of the saw and on the lower section under the rails which is ergonomically not easy to handle as your hands are not directly in a straight line to your wrists, you are carrying it with a slight bend in your wrists which when lumbering with the weight through passages is not very good on the body. If and when I’m moving it I try not to do it on my own. The top handle works fine but again isn’t great when lugging it place to place.

    Motion locking and height stop, each axis has a lock. Simple twist with an indent , can’t fault them at all as they do the job intended. The height stop on the other hand, waste of time personally. It’s an easy and useful item only to find you do not manage to get a full adjustment, I’ve had to replace it with a long bolt over twice the thread distance on the original so I can lower my saw when trying to get cuts close to the bed of the saw otherwise I’d not be able to as the original thread distances on the screw are not ample enough.

    The drop down gate on the top slide, so this can be useful at times. Simple and does the job with no daft requirements for tools. Simply lowers with your hand and raise with your hand. It does give you that extra cut depth by locking off some of the rail slide so you can use the back of the saw blade without the worry that the centre of the saw is going to bump into the work and mar it, I.e when working on skirting/architrave or tall panels.

    Maintenance wise, the rear cover of the saw comes of easily and allows you easy access to the moving mechanisms. As above mention about the rails, the saw blade I’m yet to change so that gives you an idea to the blade wear.

    Ease of use, the handle to lower the blade is located in a good place, there is no irregular motion of twisting the wrist and the trigger being directly behind activated by depression of the finger. Comfort there isn’t any excess vibration and the grip is smooth and adheres very well to skin contact. The saw can be loud as any saw but with the electrical brake it often doesn’t go on for an extended period but if you are using such, wear ear defenders.

    Would I buy this saw again? Yes with what Is currently on the market against price/quality. I would like to see some changes though to the quality and the accuracy adjusting side of things. I hope this has given people the clear view as to use over time and what to expect if you too are using it for a similar intended use.