MiLESEEY Golf Range Finder with Slope On/Off, 660 Yards Range finder with Flag-Lock and Vibration, Legal for Tournament Play, ±0.55yard Accuracy, 6X Magnification,Carrying Case, Free Battery

MILESEEY golf rangefinder with slop on/off

Golf Range Finder with Slope On/Off

MILESEEY, a Professional research and development manufacturer of quality Optical products including Golf rangefinder, laser measure and binoculars. We have our own research, development team,and first-class production. We dedicate to improve customer’s life by rich experience and expertise.

All of our rangefinders have been designed and manufactured by real golfers. We listen to what golfers need and then create rangefinders that help them swing with confidence and hit more greens.


  • Rangefinder Golf 600M
  • Accuracy: ±0.5m
  • Slope Compensation switch ON/Off
  • Flag-Lock with vibration
  • Speed measurement: 18~300km/h
  • Premium Design & LIGHTWEIGHT 178g
  • Flagpole Scanning for Golf Training
  • 6X Magnification
  • Field of view: 7°
  • Adjustable Focal length and diopter ±5D
  • Units of measurement: m / yd (meters / yards)

MiLESEEY golf range finder with slope switch vibration
2 MILESEEY PF260 range finder PF210 range finder with slope MiLESEEY lcd golf distance finder
Slope on/off switch Slope On/Off switch Slope On/Off switch Slope compensation On only Slope On/Off switch
Flag-Lock with vibration Flag-Lock with vibration Flag-Lock NO vibration Flag-Lock NO vibration Flag-Lock with vibration
Competitions Legal for competitions Legal for competitions Good device on the course; Not for competitions Legal for competitions
Accuracy Accuracy: ±0.5m/±0.55yd Accuracy: ±0.5m/±0.55yd Accuracy: ±0.5m/±0.55yd Accuracy: ±0.5m/±0.55yd
Magnetic X X X
Vertical Height X X
Power Supply CR2*2 Rechargleable CR2 CR2 CR2*2

Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 3.8 cm; 178 Grams
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Included: 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Mileseey
Composition: PP+ABS
Quantity: 1

75 Responses

  1. TiaraWoodhouse says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product apart from one thing. The carabiner to attach the case to the trolley was faulty

  2. neperlin says:

     United Kingdom

    Fantastic rangefinder. I currently play off single figures so getting the correct yardage is very important and the Mileseey certainly delivers that. Highly recommend.

  3. TerrenceReid says:

     United Kingdom

    Very impressed on how easy this is to use & accurate. Especially for the price.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love this range finder. My friends tried it as they have more expensive range finders and they were surprised with how good this product works for the price.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Husband loves this, spends hours looking at it and claims it helps his golf!
    Also helps me as he is out of the house more .

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product very easy to use and compares well with more expensive models used by my fellow golfers

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    When I got this i brought it to the range first to try different clubs to find my yards for each one. It has certainly help my game that way by helping to lower my scores. The product itself is so easy to use just press the on button then press the measure button to until you find the yards or km on screen then press again until the flag simble appears, then line up the bullseye press and hold the on button and it will buzz to let you know when distance is found. Range finder is small and easy to hold also the carry case that comes with it is great, shock proof and it can easily be attached to golf bag or belt. I could not fault it. Recommend it.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to use. Swap from pinseeker to normal distance quickly. Vibrates when pin found.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Compared to others on the market this is an excellent product. Great value and very accurate.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This device is definitely at the cheaper end of the scale. I played a round with my friend who has a Bushnell range finder, and up to 150yds we got the same readings give or take a yard. Over that distance I had difficulty locking on to the flag. We swopped devices and I found the Bushnell easier to use on longer distances.
    I normally use a GPS on the course but wanted a range finder for winter greens. At the price paid I’m happy enough with the Mileseey and its limitations, (in my hands).

  11. NickolaHotchin says:

     United Kingdom

    Tested it against my shotscope gps watch and friends range finders and all the results were pretty close, a couple of yards at mos

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great value for money. If you don’t want to spend 300-400. This is an excellent alternative. Only used a handful of times but is easy to use and was just as accurate as my partner more expensive model

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have had GPS devices and still use them as they are a lot quicker than the laser devices when you just want to know, within a yard or two, where the green is. I am simply not good enough to need to know the exact distance to the pin but the laser is very handy to get the distances to bunkers, ditches, a tree or other course landmarks which the GPS doesn’t always tell you. The battery lasts for ages and carrying a spare is easy. Picking up the flagstick with the device is easy and the vibrate function works well.
    Very happy with my purchase. You can even take it birdwatching!

  14. ClaudetteOCGC says:

     United Kingdom

    For the money, this is a good value for many rangefinder – certainly when you compare it to the Bushnell models. It gets the yardage quickly and pretty accurately.

    However, there’s one problem, and I don’t know it this applies to laser rangefinders in general, but it is pretty useless in slightly misty conditions on the course. I don’t know if the laser gets confused by the droplets of moisture in the air, but it wasn’t working and just was showing a yardage of 10.1 yds on any distance I tried to measure..

    Therefore I wouldn’t use this as a primary distance measuring device, I’d use this in conjunction with a GPS device (on a clear day)

  15. VeronicHust says:

     United Kingdom

    For the price of this range finder you can’t go wrong. One of my mates has a very expensive Bushnell, and the the measurements when compared are the same or less than <0.5m. I would recommend without hesitatio

  16. RodrigoFerraro says:

     United Kingdom

    Tried after relying on a gps watch (which) was much more expensive for a few years, as I thought the necessity to know exact yardages was beyond my skill level. However this is easy to use much more accurate than working on the watch and has helped my game by a shot or two a round definitely

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    As mentioned, for the price it’s actually decent. Rather than paying hundreds for a Bushnell. For a fraction of the price you get most of all the features you will ever need. Highly recommended. Sort of like a Honda, in car terms.

  18. AnthonyNettles says:

     United Kingdom

    Really good product, needs a bit of practice capturing the flag and a steady hand. Not easy the next morning after a heavy night out. I use in conjunction with my gps giving distance to the green so any readings capturing the landscape behind the flag by accident you can ignore and re capture the flag distance.

  19. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Compared to the more expensive models this is well worth the money
    If your simply looking for accuracy to pin and no frills this is for you.
    It does have a slope facility however I personally do not use it
    Equally as good as my last Bushnell at a fraction of the cos

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love the range finder. Very easy to use and because I also have a handheld GPS I can confirm the accuracy is spot on.

  21. RamonHitchcock says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to use has most features more expensive models have . Not paced out yardage but seems to be accurate good looking stylish and compact. Comes with case which looks very much like more expensive models

  22. Aaron says:

     United Kingdom

    A tad fiddly to get the flag to register as ‘pinpoint’ but practice makes perfect – and the costs far outweigh the presumed precision of models on the 200+ price bracket.
    When I’m able to use the slope rating I’ve found it to be really accurate for choosing the right club.
    If I lost it tomorrow, I’d buy another.

  23. ReynaQ76rgnlvgh says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this to replace Nikon older tech. Thought it was a bit risky due to price point compared to brands. Used it twice now and can’t fault it. Very happy to recommend this great product at sensible price. Why pay 400+?

  24. CynthiaMilam says:

     United Kingdom

    Picked this up last December for a mere 109.99, when compared to a Bushnell is a great price and this does exactly the same job with a comparable level of accuracy from my experience (comparing against playing partner’s readings during a round). The flag lock with vibrate function is particularly useful, as well as the slope option which can be turned off for competition use. I noticed some reviews mentioning having trouble with readings in the cold, however I used this device over Christmas and early January and had no such issues. The only time it would give clearly incorrect readings i.e. flag over 150 yards away and flashing up 8 / 9 / 12 yards etc. would be when there is a bit of fog about. As the laser is reflecting off the fog, I assume this messes with the readings so wouldn’t put this down to the kit being faulty, more just that laser range finders generally don’t do well in such conditions. However, I have had no real issues with this and during say 6 months of fairly regular use (couple of months of non-use due to UK lockdown), I think I’ve changed the batteries twice. The zip on the bag has started to get a little stiff but the way the bag is designed with two internal elastic straps, means this isn’t really an issue as I can leave the bag half unzipped during a round without worrying about the rangefinder falling out. Definitely would recommend

  25. FrancesWhitney says:

     United Kingdom

    Much easier to use than I expected after trying other models, excellent value for money.

  26. Felix Page says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great little piece of kit. It fits easily into my back pocket when out of its case. Very easy to set up and even easier to use. The yardage is smack on and the screen view is crisp. An excellent addition to my kit. Most of all, the price is superb when compared to others on the market. Highly recommended as a buy.

  27. LashundBader says:

     United Kingdom

    Gives accurate distances. Can’t seem to get the pin lock option to work for me but works withou

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    did my homework on a few and this seemed best for the price…and i wernt and easy to use

  29. BNAMonserrate says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI purchased this item as a Christmas gift to myself in 2020. Due to covid lockdown I was unable to use it until April 2021. It worked fine, it had the occasional ‘glitch’ that was solved by removing and replacing the battery however today it stopped working correctly. I had a shot of about 150 yards, it displayed 7 yards. At the next hole a shot of approx 190 yards was showing 9 yards. My playing partner suggested it might be damp so when I got home a put it in the airing cupboard for 6 hours but that has not cured the problem. I have contacted the sellers and am now awaiting instructions. When it works it works well however I had to remove/replace the battery at least once per round and now it is malfunctioning I am wondering if the price was too good to be true. Once this is sorted out I will post again. Today I received a replacement device, a mere 5 days from raising an issue with the company. EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

  30. AugustinaPleasa says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product. Replaced a more expensive unit and you can hardly tell the difference for a fraction of the price.

  31. ElmerBateson says:

     United Kingdom

    When compared with a Bushnell, there are two drawbacks – the screen brightness / clarity of display is slightly inferior, which makes it slightly harder to use. However, it does work well and is very good VFM.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Fantastic product, very accurate and quick. Clips on to the side of your bag and the case is very tough. I had an issue with mine however it was quickly replaced, fantastic service !

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good affordable piece of kit.
    Easy to use with an off switch for slope making it useable in competition.
    Well worth the money highly recommend

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The MiLESEEY Golf Range Finder with Slope On/Off Golf Range Finder with Slope On/Off is excellent value for money, I have always used and trusted my Garman GPS which is still really good, the MiLESEEY compliments that device and gives a more accurate distance to the flag.
    The MiLESEEY took a few rounds to get used to and I struggled a little at first in windy conditions but once I got used to the device I was really impressed, for the price compared to more expensive makes it is exceptional and I would certainly recommend it.

  35. RoslynMacGregor says:

     United Kingdom

    Unfortunately this often picks up trees behind the green instead of the flag so be careful that the result looks correct before accepting it. Otherwise I can’t see that this is any different from laser devices costing more than 3 times as much.

  36. Natasha69U says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this for my Uncle, who is crazy about Golf and I don’t mean ‘Crazy Golf’ 😉
    He loves to spend hours out on the course and also loves gadgets. He has just about everything else he can for his golf, but I thought this may bring an extra element to his game. I tried it before I gave it to him and I loved how small it is, the many features and also it’s ease of use. It is a great small size for everything it is able to do and comes in a nice hard shell case, to keep it safe. I am not sure my Uncle will get the full moneys use from it, as it is quite expensive, but it is a great device and I am glad I got it for him, as he does seem to love it too. If you can afford it, it’s great.

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    was a bit unsure when I first decided to buy this, considering how cheap it was… but looked at lots of video reviews online and thought I would give it a shot. Seems really accurate so far, gives me the same distance as my garmin watch.. easy to use and looks pretty smart too. would definately recomment.

  38. [email protected] Annette Anderson says:

     United Kingdom

    For the price compared to other well known brands this is fantastic. Found it very accurate, easy to lock on and the slope function has proved to be very useful. Can be a bit tricky to hold still on a cold windy morning but that could be said for most range finders. All in all a great purchase which has helped my game

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Got this after seeing the great reviews for it and the price also seemed good for a rangefinder as some can be expensive.
    Used it a couple times and seems very accurate,
    Only problem I have found sometimes is it struggles to lock onto yellow flags for some reason?
    Apart from that it has been a good purchase to help with more accurate distances on the golf course

  40. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy to use at a decent price, I find it accurate to about a yard of my Garmin GOS, highly recommend.

  41. Mac Hulligan says:

     United Kingdom

    It compares well with my phone satnav and partners Bushnell. V easy to use, and I do get the vibrate when it locks on flag, focus on back of green, move to flag, reclick. Do it twice if you want to be sure, but it measures fine and takes no time at all. Case is not waterproof, doubt the device is, I haven’t took it out in the rain.

  42. JadeFaerber says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I’m fussy about gold equipment.
    This is an excellent rangefinder at a very affordable price. Light in the hand, quality build and materials and simple to use with crystal clear viewer and measurements. Had issue with battery lasting only one round and Milessey customer service were brilliant to deal with. Highly recommend company. Thanks

  43. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very good product this, it does everything I need it for and is simple to use. Would definitely recommend to anyone, particularly those who are happy not to be paying extra for more recognised brands.

    My only negative is the battery warning light has come on after only being used a few times.

  44. Daily Mothering says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant value for a top quality rangefinder which works as well as other top brands at a fraction of the price – and it has slope adjustment too!
    Recently upgraded from a GPS golf watch to this and it has made a huge difference to choosing the right club (5.5 hcp)

  45. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Works really well, bonuses why you would spend 300 on a more well known brand

  46. HunterNewell says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product for the price I paid.
    Easy to use and fits nicely into my hand. Very pleased with item especially the slope feature.
    I also have Bushnell v2 and this compares favourably to Mileseey at half price.

  47. JanetteHck says:

     United Kingdom

    Battery life very short, had to replace 2 batteries already – Is this normal?

  48. ChristeM33 says:

     United Kingdom

    This rangefinder is great , nice and light to hold!
    Accurate and easy to use …… definitely value for money …..

  49. AlphonsFvs says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product, I play with a friend who uses a bushnell that cost him 400, this is as accurate if not more so than the bushnell, it has helped me a lot around the course and would recommend to anyone who isn’t willing to part with 400 for the more expensive models, actually even if you have 400 get this model as its as good as any out there. Then spend the 300 left over on new clubs

  50. LKQHaleyyrphfs says:

     United Kingdom

    I like that the range finder is compact, solid and very easy to use. The carry case you have with it is robust and easy to access with quick release connector. The range finder is accurate and finds your range easily. I shake a little and have borrowed range finders previously and I’ve found all very difficult to focus on the flag but with this I’ve had no problem at all. Excellent bit of kit for a great price!!
    This is really not a downside for me as I have small hands but if you have big hands you may find this a little small in your hands when focusing on the pin.

  51. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Genuine review.
    Don’t bother spending big bucks on a big name brand. Save the money, buy this for a third of the price and get some new wedges.
    This product is genuinely all you could need. Accurate, quick to use, really clear, vibrates when locked onto the flag.
    I’ve played 4 rounds with it and it hasn’t missed beat.
    Maybe the 1 thing they could add to it is, waterproofing but that’s it.

    Brilliant product for a third of the price of the bigger named models.

  52. Tabish Khan says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersUpdate – the batteries kept losing charge, a likely a short somewhere, a Google search showed this as an occasional problem even with the top brands. A replacement was sent immediately when i contacted the seller.
    This was excellent service. It should give you the confidence to buy from the seller. Great customer service. Fantastic product, a third or a quarter of the price of some of the top brands. The flag find mode is simple to use and does vibrate to let you know are you’ve located the flag. I frequently use it when there is a hazard so I know the distance to lay up or to get past. The case is solid and attaches to the bag easily. I had a small issue with the battery as it did not last long however you can pick them up pretty much anywhere and when I contacted mileseey they immediately refunded the cost of a new battery. This gives me confidence in mileseey’s customer service. If you are looking for a sturdy easy to use precise rangefinder but don’t want to pay the cost of some of the most well-known brands this is certainly a product I would recommend. One of my best golf purchases.

  53. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Really like this range finder. Nice and compact easy to use, very happy with the purchase and fast delivery to France.

  54. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s easy to use , it reads accurate if you can stop the shaking of the object in view , possibly the next generation range finders will have an anti movement system installed , as with all scopes there is a movement of the device and difficulty keeping on the object in view

  55. BrooksSoutherla says:

     United Kingdom

    Really good for a third of the price of a bushnell. Used in most weathers. I like the manual slope-off switch in the battery compartment so good for comp play. Really helpful to confirm distance especially with longer greens, centre pins match my neo watch so confident about accuracy.

  56. James Martin says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersWas skeptical about buying a range finder and been using a watch for a few years. Decided to spend some birthday money on this and I must say it’s great. Pin Lock and Slope Adjustment features are great. I don;t have the steadiest of hands and I haven;t had any issues locking to the pin yet. My course has lots of trees so it’s a good test to locking that pin!

  57. the-health says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersI’m a GPS user, but wanted to be able to commit more on deep greens or layups, so I was looking for a budget model, that had to be tournament legal.

    This does the job nicely. Measurement is fast and spot on, and exactly the same as a Bushnell I compared with. The slope switch is great, and the case is useful (extra with many others) – it seems to hang perfectly on a trolley mount, or you can quick-close with the elastic band. The pin seeker buzz gives clear audible and tactile confirmation – but my partners cannot hear it.

    The slope mode is surprisingly useful during practice – but I would like to know more about the trajactory model they are using: I assume there is no accounting for launch slope, or “shoot forward” on landing because of trajectory vectors. Regardless, it seems to work well for me as a mid handicapper

    On the negative side – I got caught in a rainstorm, and it took me a bit to close the case. That night as I laid everything out to dry, there was some fogging – moisture ingress? It dried out quickly, but I am now careful to leave the case shut if there is any chance of a shower. They say “splash proof”., but the battery hatch in particular has no seal.

    The other indication of building to a budget is that the display is not quite square to the case, which is annoying, but not critical – but the target grid is spot on aligned, which is what matters.

  58. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    While it is good value, it could easily be improved. It should measure the distance to the nearest yard or metre and not give decimal points. This makes it more difficult to read, and knowing the distance to a tenth of a yard (or metre) is of no use to most golfers. The numbers should be “bold”, as they are presently too faint to read easily.

  59. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersI have been using this rangefinder for the last few weeks and I have yet to make the the vibrate work…the other issue is that my hands shake so I have to rest the device on something more stable…
    So you would think this is a complaint…it is not…it is so good to have accurate yardage…it is so easy to use…and it is knocking the odd shot or two off my round…
    It is great value perhaps 60 plus cheaper than a similar item…no catch…it is true it is a great little device and brilliantly priced!

  60. TrevorDelong says:

     United Kingdom

    Have been comparing to friends bushnell’s and always have the same reading. For the price I cannot complain, it’s excellent. Would consider paying more for stabilisation but never really miss a read anyway to be fair. Great produc

  61. WilfordDim says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the first laser rangefinder I’ve ever used, having used an old GPS watch for years. I bought it on offer for 99.99 and thought if it’s not for me at least it’s only 100 down and not 300+ on a Bushnell!
    I’ve used this for 4 or 5 rounds now and I’ve been really happy with it’s performance. The pin lock vibration feature is great and I’ve had no trouble getting distances to pins, bunkers, trees, etc. I even compared the usability and accuracy to a playing partner’s Bushnell and the difference was negligible. I would absolutely recommend this range finder to any golfer, why pay 3x as much for the same functionality?

  62. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very impressed, have previously used bushnell but after it stopped working couldn’t justify 400 in a new one, only used for 1 round so far and compared to my gps app (considering you’re guessing where on the green the pin is) it was never more than a yard or so away so pretty confident it’s accurate.

    Would recommend

  63. EzraMatthew says:

     United Kingdom

    he Range finder the packaging and the carry case are all exceptional. Over the moon,
    Easy to use and read especially with the slope reading. It also locks onto deers which shows i guess it uses the same system as their huntings scopes.

    Could not recommend this highly enough

  64. Daniel25Neemjd says:

     United Kingdom

    Really useful tool as not so good guessing distances. Easy to use and appears accurate. Excellent value for money

  65.  United Kingdom

    Used this range finder half a dozen times now for the price it is an outstanding piece of kit. Getting the same distance as playing partners using far more expensive range finders.

  66. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this as a gift for my husband and he was over the moon. Said it’s amazing to use and is so accurate. Great quality and great device very easy to use and super quick, the jolt pin seek works a treat. Hes happy im happy

  67. cyberaty says:

     United Kingdom

    Fantastic piece of kit as good as any bushnell or nikon I’ve used

  68. Julie Snyder says:

     United Kingdom

    The only thing is the fact that it is ment to vibrate when licked on but so far we have not had that happen, we even got the pro to try and he couldn’t get it to either.

  69. James Lovick says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI own a few rangefinders, but this will be my new go to for tournament play. This rivals anything I’ve ever used, with quick readings, accurate readings, slope adjustments, and a comfortable feel. The feature that puts this over the top to me is the extended distance on the flag-lock. I usually just read it 2-3 times and average out my findings which really gets rid of the my worries if I’m on the fence for yardage. It’s very simple and easy to use and the yardage reading is pretty much instantaneous. If you want a quality rangefinder and not willing to shell out a couple hundred bucks, you should buy this

  70. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersI’ve been after a range finder for a while now but had been looking to get a second hand Bushnell and saw this on Amazon but was nervous due to the price. For the record this is half the price of a second hand V4 Bushnell and you start to ask yourself can it be any good.

    The simple answer is yes, it’s every bit as good.

    It’s small and light and very easy to use and the carry case is nigh on identical to the ones that come with the more expensive models. Came equipped with a battery so up and running in seconds.

    Used it for the first time with two playing partners who have Bushnells. This gave the same readings as them (+/- 1 yard) and the slope function works a treat. So pleased and despite my nervousness about buying a brand I’ve never heard of, the reviews on Amazon gave me the confidence to buy it. I hope this does the same for you, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  71. MargaritaSturge says:

     United Kingdom

    Very simple to operate once you absorb the instructions and use a little trial and error. Great.

  72. MaryellAlmond says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis is the first rangefinder I’ve used so cannot compare it with others but I find it easy and quick to use. Sometimes I get a reading that is obviously wrong but that is quickly rectified. Personally I find the vibrating flag lock really good and would not want a rangefinder that doesn’t have this facility. The slope calculator is also useful especially on a strange course. One word of warning, you cannot just insert the battery because it has a plastic coating all over it which prevents the contacts being made so remove it first! All in all a good piece of kit for the price.

  73. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Really like this product. Father in Law had the blue version, but wanted the version with removable slope setting.

    Really easy to use, feels just like a bush bell, but a fraction of the price. Can’t fault i

  74. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersI got this rangefinder for my dads birthday as he has played golf for as long as I can remember and I knew his previous one gave up to goat a few weeks ago after 10 years service. I was a little apprehensive at first as this one was half the price of his mates but seemed to do exactly the same in fact more, his mates doesn’t have the slope adjust element. He took it out onto the golf course at the weekend and I have had nothing but a glowing report from him. All of the features work perfectly and the fact it is able to be used in competition is great. He said even the little things have been thought of it feels great in the hand just the right size and the bag can be affixed to a belt or via the carabiner on your bag. The case even has the addition of flaps either side which prevent it from opening wide enough to the rangefinder to fall out onto the floor which he reports happens to his mates all of the time. He definitely recommends this one and im sure a few at the golf club may even fallow suit purchasing it. Needless to say im in the good books 🙂

  75. ClarissLaurens says:

     United Kingdom

    Great little range finder for golf . Locks on easy and finds the flag . Dose what it says on the tin .