OMMO Metal Detector for Adults, Ajustable Lightweight Metal Detectors for Child, 10 inch Waterproof Coil, High Sensitivity, All Metal/Discrimination/Pinpoint Mode, with Headphone/Shovel/Bag/Batteries

OMMO metal detectors for adults

Important :

– Always remove the batteries for prolonged storage. Adjust the search coil so that it is parallel to the ground.

– This is a “motion” detector, the search coil must be moving to detect the presence of metal.

– Use and store the metal detector only in normal temperature environments. Temperature extremes can shorten its life.

– Be careful to prevent water from entering the control housing.

– OM-C011 is preferred to be used outdoors because there are too many interferences indoors.

– If the detector keeps emitting erratic signals in the field, the sensitivity may be set too high, please try reducing the sensitivity until the false signal disappears.

– Using headphones improves battery life, and prevents annoying bystanders for your detection. For safety reasons, please do not use headphones near traffic or where any dangers present.


1. Insert the latch on the liner into the assembly hole in the bottom of the control box, gently push the control box in the direction of “IN” on the handle to fix the latch in place. Tighten the fixing screw (Do not overtighten).

2. Unscrew the knobs on the search coil then remove the knobs and the connector. Insert the stem and align the holes on the search coil bracket and stem. Push the connector through the holes. Replace and tighten the knobs.

3. Wind the search coil cable around the stem and insert its plug into the appropriate jack.

PS: you can always check the attached video on detail page for better illustration.

waterproof outdoor lightweight metal detector
metal detector with different functions and accessories
metal detectors application

Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 13.5 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
Batteries Included: 2 9V batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: OMMO

73 Responses

  1. R. Dallon Adams says:

     United Kingdom

    This was loads of fun for my 7y nephew. Its the right size and height adjustable. Easy for him to use and understand. Lots of fun on walks and through the fields with this and it works well – lots of random treasure collected. 69.99 is an amazing price and great for a gift too.

    Verdict: Recommended.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This Metal Detector Kids is an excellent outdoor activity for kids. With an extendable aluminium pole and a waterproof coil, it’s durable and versatile. The LCD display with backlight makes it easy to use, and it’s great for hunting treasures. Highly recommended for fun adventures.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This would’ve been incredibly handy a few weeks ago when I dropped a key in some long grass. Given that this is described as a “Kids’ Metal Detector” I’m impressed by how well it works. It’s not a toy – itv actually works! Its adjustable handle can be extended long enough for a small adult to use. I’ve often seen people wandering along the beach with metal detectors, and I thought it might be fun. It was – although, so far, I’ve not found anything valuable just some rusty piping, and empty beer can and an old lighter. Easy to set up (just some minor assemblage and battery insertion). Visual display is basic but adequate, and it beeps loudly when near metals. Nice interesting gift for children.

  4. HungNelmsrkdql says:

     United Kingdom

    The metal detector arrives securely packaged with a Velcro tie.
    It also has 2x 9v batteries included.
    The base section is the only other assembly required other than setting the length from the hand to just above the ground.
    Plastic and metal construction it appears robust.
    Easy to use and has Audible and back lit display.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Aimed at kids primarily

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a child’s metal detector so expecting it to find buried treasure at any kind of depth would be a big ask. That said, for a child it will let them search for and find metal objects on the beach in the sand and objects that are not too deep underground, you can also detect under water as the detector head is sealed. It has no discrimination adjustment so just detects whatever metal is about be it iron or gold/silver. The shaft can be extended by simply pulling it out it to the required length. There are two PP9 batteries supplied with it, it only uses 1 at a time, so there is a spare which is nice, there is also a spare lock knob for the detector disc which is the part that is most likely to get lost. They reckon up to 18 year olds but I think they would want something a bit more technically able, but for younger children lots of fun finding buried treasure, be it real or planted by mum and dad!

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a metal detector squarely aimed at kids, it utilises telescopic aluminium tubing for the stem and can be adjusted from 44cm to 81cm in length, this should encompass it’s use for all ages of children based on their height, the detector also features an LCD display and a backlight which requires two 9v batteries to operate but which are supplied.

    Item arrives in somewhat kiddie inspired branded box which is suitable for gifting, it contains the detector, 2 x 9v batteries, spare plastic threaded coil fastening bolt and instruction sheet.

    The detector is manufactured largely of plastic and aluminium with the telescopic adjustable tubing consisting of aluminium, with a simple pull/push required to determine the operators length, save for a couple of inches this could theoretically be used by an adult too, though you may feel a bit daft in utilising it in public as really it needs to be a little longer and more robust.

    The inclusion of the spare plastic threaded coil fastening bolt gives indication that this is a weak point, i noticed straight away that this item was plastic and really needed to be manufactured of metal to maintain durability, whilst it seems to operate with it fine initially as is, it’s a bit strange that they didn’t pop in a metal threaded wingnut and bolt fastening instead (probably less than a quid) and do away with the spare.

    The detector features an LCD screen which is minimalist, it features just two buttons Power/Res and Light, The Power button powers on, once powered on pressing the Power Res button will reset the detector, pressing the Light button switches the backlight on whilst pressing again will turn it off.

    In operation it is essential that the coil is kept relatively horizontal to the ground, this will give the best detection, sweeping the coil side to side whilst keeping the coil horizontal is the key to success, the detector will light up and beep when metal is detected.

    Kids will love this item, it’s suitable for making your own treasure hunts in your garden and for kids to utilise whilst out on the beach, it even has a waterproof coil, detection is good though obviously there’s no really precise indication of depth, earphones or switch to isolate for differing metals that expensive detectors may provide.

    This is however a great product for the kids to try out, in order to test out their metal in wishing to become the next prospector :-), if they take to it they may wish to upgrade to a more expensive product at some future stage, if not then at least you won’t have spent hundreds of pounds finding out.

    Don’t forget also that adults can utilise the product too, though they may wish to do this in their own backyard and not admit to it, also if doing this make sure you hide the box, it’s a dead giveaway to the age group this relates to. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A decent enough detector for a child, if a little overpriced.

    The package is quite simple, with just the detector and instructions. You’ll need to supply the PP3 9V battery and have a small screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

    It’s easy to assemble, and the three section shaft extends from 17 – 32 inches, so will suit a wide range of children’s heights. It’s pretty basic otherwise, with on/off and light control for the display. There’s no headphone socket, volume control, gain or anything like that.

    It works well enough for play – I’d take the “2 foot depth” with a pinch of salt, as it’s not really up to more than finding coins a few inches down. Lots of fun for kiddies if you can plant things for them, or even for real metal detecting if you don’t want to dig too deep, such as on a recently ploughed field.

    As long as you’ve the landowner’s permission (still really required even if it is a toy) you may well find it pays for itself, eventually.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Nice toy - if a little expensive

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this metal detector for my 6 year old niece’s birthday. It arrived quickly and was as described. Easy to assemble, lightweight and my niece loved it. Within a few days the detector started to malfunction. I got on to the company and spoke with Emma in customer service. I explained the issues and sent videos as requested. Emma issued a replacement and even sent a 10 refund. The replacement product was sent quickly and there have been no issues with it. The customer service was excellent.

  9. KendraOShanassy says:

     United Kingdom

    We had a problem with the original metal detector but OMMO could not have been more helpful. Now my son has his metal detector and it is in perfect condition. I really could not fault ommo they were super helpful and I am 100% happy with the service I received from them and with the produc

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Disappointed to find the postage label stuck on the actual box and that no other packaging was used. Spent ages trying to remove the label however had to give up in the end. this was my child main Santa gift.
    The metal detector is great. Works fine and easy to assemble.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bought to amuse the grand children on holiday. Easy to set up, great carry case. Works well found some money, enough for an ice cream not enough to go on a wild spending spree yet. Great as a starter detecto

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Present for my grandson buried some stuff in the garden for him to find great time worth every penny

  13. Milton09Kr says:


    Der Detektor selbst is sehr gut fr den Preis. Durch den Doppeltonmodus kann auch in Bereichen mit viel Eisen noch Mnzen finden. Die Schaufel ist von der Idee sehr gut, aber leider zu weich und klapprig. Zusammen mit der groen Tasche und beiliegenden Batterien bekommt man wirklich viel fr das Geld. Wichtig ist, dass man nach jedem Fund den Detektor whrend der Grabung ausschaltet, sonst sind die Batterien schon nach 2.5 Stunden alle.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersWorks OK nice with a nice analogue meter display and different tones. The handle is plastic and a bit flimsy but therefore not too heavy for a child to use. The digging tool is far too flimsy and only suitable to dig sand on the beach. The headphones do the job, we are not looking for hi fi. Tried the detector out in the garden with no problems.

  15. DannyBrunton says:


    Lo comprato per il mio nipotino di 9 anni ci si diverte un modo, abbiamo anche trovato qualche lattina vuota. Non per professionisti. Tutto sommato ok

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It was easy to put together.
    We are still learning as we go, as it is our first time with a metal detector.
    So far we’ve found a lot of cans and metal bottle caps

  17. [email protected] Dan Forcella says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBought this for my son and it’s a good weight for him. Works well and has been detecting accurately.

  18. LidiaStawell says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI’ve decided to take up a new hobby and I’m slowly getting yo grips with i

  19. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy to assemble and a great detector all round.
    Have hours of fun and finding some great treasure.

  20. Manuel Flores says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersReally happy .my partner purchased for my birthday .I ordered it .after many reviews on others decided this one was the way to go .easy to erect and very robust .had one years ago nothing like this one but it was a cheap one at the time .haven’t been out yet but once set up it found what I can only presume screws in the floor boards under carpets .taking it away next week on hold so will update once I’ve tried it .but all in all good piece off kit .bag is really good quality,everything fits in nicely and you don’t have to take it all down to fit it in which is good as makes easier when you do want to use it . Update. Went out for a couple hrs. Found British half pence and a piece off metal round in shape convinced myself it was an old coin Untill I looked at it cleaned up, was only a round piece off junk. Items found were about 6 inch deep so this detector found it. Not sure how deep it would actually find any thing, but overall had fun doing it. Just got to find some where legal I can go without having to ask a farmer or who ever for permission.. Now thinking off joining a group,but I’m sure they all will have the very expensive type. But good enough for now

    Simple to set up

  21. RusselRoque says:

     United Kingdom

    I like that this metal detector is lightweight to carry , comes with a handy bag , it’s accurate and I have found items with it while beach combing

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    had this as a gift from my partner and i was well impressed with its functions and contenets it came with, as an amature in the field im more than happy with this product.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersMetal detector was very easy to assemble and was using it in minutes and working great. Great buy for people new to it. Easy to take apart and store away in bag provided. Excellent provider for new metal detectors

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Metal detector was very easy to assemble and was using it in minutes and working great. Great buy for people new to it. Easy to take apart and store away in bag provided. Excellent provider for new metal detectors

  25. AdellVirgo says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bought this for my husband and he loves it! Easy to assemble and clear instructions. Very impressed with the delivery as I wasn’t in and it was left at my local shop for collection the same day.

  26. IngeAJRXuwb says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for my husband and he loves it! Easy to assemble and clear instructions. Very impressed with the delivery as I wasn’t in and it was left at my local shop for collection the same day.

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Product is a bit too heavy and long for my 9 yr old daughter to use herself but children love going out on adventure with it as long as there are adults to help them. Comes with a great little digging tool.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this as a present for my partner as he wants to investigate our field as it might be historically interesting! He found it easy to assemble, although fitting and removal of batteries is a bit tricky. He has tested it but not used it in the field yet. It is lightweight and the bag is useful for storage and carrying around. He is pleased with the product.

  29. Bridget Carey says:


    Die Verarbeitung scheint ganz korrekt. Auch wenn nicht immer ganz klar ist was fr Metall angezeigt und letztendlich gefunden werden soll. Mein Sohn verliert schnell die Geduld am Suchen, wenn sich eben keine Goldmnze sondern, meistens nur eine alter Kronkorken auftut. Aber naja!

    Das Gert ist nicht geeignet fr kurze Kinderarme. Deswegen auch ist das Gert eigentlich gar nicht fr Kinder zw. 8-12 Jahren geeignet. Die Armsttze lsst sich nicht auf kurze Unterarme einstellen. Da muss man als Handwerker ran und sgen, bohren und schrauben.

  30. SerenaWdhcy says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Great product for a beginner , easy set up and was delivered quickly and in perfect conditio

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product for a beginner , easy set up and was delivered quickly and in perfect conditio

  32. MarcosAguiar says:

     United Kingdom

    Great item but arrived in its own box no parcel box so my husband saw the item before I could gift it. Otherwise it’s fab

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s a very good product, it’s reliable and easy to use. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s planning on purchasing a reliable metal detector.

  34. AnnabelIeh says:

     United Kingdom

    It is easy to use and done all it said it would

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The instructions given were usefully informative, and interesting also. Assembly was quickish Very lightweight and a good easy and fun detector to get you started .. Lots of good times to be had with this Metal Detector..Nice One Thank you

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought a good price of 75 so can’t complain when looking at the price. Soon as I turned it on it found signals in my garden. Found one high pitched noise which turned out to be a penny which I was actually impressed with.
    The digging tool it comes with in incredibly flimsy and I bent the shovel straight away.
    Took the meter detector to the beach it wouldn’t stop finding hits in the wet sand but nothing there. It must pockets of air or something that makes a fake reading. My pin pointer picked up the same thing so it’s not a fault.
    Overall great for the price but I’m guessing the more you pay the better and more precise they become.

  37. JulioY68gs says:

     United Kingdom

    Found this to be great fun to use.
    Used on the beach found lots of metal bits(tent pegs mostly) but also some coins .not enough to retire on .
    Well worth the cost.

    fun to use

  38. HarryProwse says:

     United Kingdom

    Its light weight easy to use and makes the right noises. However most of time on digging we find nothing. Its early days and im sure it takes practice but it makes you wonder if a more expensive one would have been better but who knows. Overall its still a bit of fun for the kids

  39. Helen says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersGot this to go metal detecting with my 11 year old son. We had an absolute blast and found 7p and a load of scrap metal but we didn’t care!

    Very easy to set up and comes with a sturdy bag and a handy shovel.

    Very easy to use and the target feature is a big help.

    I would thoroughly recommend.

  40. ArianneXRHB says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bought this a couple of weeks ago. Easy to assemble and use. The detector bleeps a lot which is a bit annoying. Has a storage bag and foldable shovel. Haven’t found anything yet but there is always hope. A good beginners piece of equipment.

  41. KayleigSkertchl says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for my son. Loves it! It comes with a carry case so easy to take out and about. It was easy to assemble and easy to use. Fairly lightweight but works great. Looking forward to finding lots of hidden treasures!

  42. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersReally light weight and easy to set up comes with all the bits you need to go detecting

  43. BenValladares says:

     United Kingdom

    Really light weight and easy to set up comes with all the bits you need to go detecting

  44. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought as a gift for an adult beginner. Well impressed with the quality of the product. Easily put together and easy to operate. Carry bag included along with the essential digging tool for all those amazing discoveries he is sure to find :-). Throughly appreciated.

    Perfect gif

  45. Michael Hicks says:

     United Kingdom

    I was wary because of the price however it is the best bit of kit!! I have found bottles from the brewery that date back to the 1900’s. It is so easy to use ans get the hang of, I’ve already recommended it to my friends! Buy and you won’t regret i

  46. MaribelBlacksto says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    My son really wanted a metal detector for his birthday. We were a little worried it would be too difficult for him to use but so far it’s perfect. Up and running within 5 minutes of opening the box. Really like the suggestions of what finds might be. Amazingly my son now WANTS to go fit for walks so we can take it along!Look forward to lots of fun with this.

  47. [email protected] Pete Larson says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Very easy to assemble and use. Instructions would be better written for UK coins as it mentions American currency to use for testing.
    Not used it much yet but it seems to detect items underground (no gold yet!) and seems easy to use for the sensitivity function. My first metal detector so nothing to compare with, but seems good value for money and the case is useful to keep it together.

  48. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The product is lightweight, easy to assemble and use. I bought this for my 9 year old son and it has given him hours of fun and finds already. Perfect to get the kids out for cheaper days during the summer holiday- we have enjoyed joining in too! Would definitely recommend.

  49. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI am only starting my journey as a detectorist and such was wary of spending too much money but at the same time spending enough that it would enhance my detecting experience. I think I have achieved this balance with the OMMO Metal Detector. Easy to build up and supplied with a useful carry-case. The features on the metal detector probably would not meet the needs of an experienced detectorist but it meets my beginner needs perfectly. Highly recommended.

  50. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    An all-round great detector. The included carry-bag and shovel were a nice bonus too. Highly recommended.

  51. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersGreat value for money, easy to assemble and use and helpful booklet. Not sure how long the batteries last but from this one occasion they lasted all day and are still not on low power
    Great item, as a beginner I bought this to search for a ring lost in garden waste 20 feet container. I was able to adjust the settings to eliminate the pickup from the reinforcement bars in the concrete. Unfortunately I didn’t find it though due to the sheer volume of the waste and running out of time and the amount of metal that was thrown into the skip that the detector easily found but used valuable time up.

  52. ChauKHMYhsosocf says:


    Novice, j’ai command ce produit pour m’essayer, et je dois avouer que c’est amusant et etonnament precis, titre de loisir, c’est assez amusant, je recommande d’investir dans un pointeur pour faciliter les recherches.

  53. slansky says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Initial item received was unfortunately faulty. This was rectified by Ommo with good communication once I had contacted them. Replacement received promptly and is working fine. It seems quirky at first to get used to but we are having fun with it so far.

  54. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Ideal for starting out, read manual properly , great value for money…fake email address though for gift vouche

  55. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great piece of kit for the price. My son found a 50p piece on a beach within the first 5 minutes of use!

  56. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A well made, sturdy and good entry level metal detector, I am very happy with the product and will be
    be recommending this to a friend for sure!

  57. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for my grandson now we all won’t one very good he loves it he is 6 and he can use it. Found tin can large chain from a old farm machine

  58. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Never been metal detecting before but thought I’d give it ago after seeing a video on YouTube. Picked out this product and couldn’t be happier, really easy to use for a beginner. Love it, happy treasure hunting

    Brilliant for beginners excellent quality

  59. RenateWyatt says:

     United Kingdom

    All looks great and really easy to set up, cannot wait to get out in the field and test it for real.

    Delivered promptly and packaged securely with no issues at all.

  60. Sara Coughlin says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent value. Everything I need for my new hobby. Hi-Tech detector, headphones, fold away small spade and even a carry case. Easy to put it together.

  61. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersExcellent quality metal detector. Very easy to use and light weight.

  62. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this metal detector for my kids to get them off their PlayStations and outside. My son found a coin and a few other bits within 1 minute of using it. Can’t wait to take it to the beach.

  63. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersEasy to assemble and use – not found any treasure yet but will keep trying

  64. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought as a present for our grandson a new detectorist and is a total hit.

  65. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersThis was bought for my 18yr old son who, excitedly assembled it really easily, the instructions were clear and tbh hes been out a few times and had a few finds, probably old ploughing parts, but he,s pleased with the detector and his finds, as a beginner, cant fault the detecto

  66. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBought this for my 11 year old son . He loves it . It’s easy to use . Very accurate, found lots of things straight away .
    A great hobby for any age . I highly recommend it .
    Really good value for money .

  67. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersOnly recently purchased this product and so have had limited time to assess its capabilities. So far after using twice it seems to be an excellent product. Have given 4 stars for it use so far, but would like to use further before giving 5 stars

  68. Rick Marshall says:

     United Kingdom

    Looks really good bought as a present.
    Lots of attachments.

  69. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Looks really good bought as a present.
    Lots of attachments.

  70. Rusty82Liua says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersThis device is great for beginners who are just starting treasure hunting, but they still don’t know if they want to continue, so you don’t need to invest a lot of money to try gold. In the end, I got a decent device that can really find metal. The radius of the circle is about 10-20 cm, so you have to dig a slightly larger hole to find the metal, but this will not bother you because we think there is little motivation to find it. I can recommend buying the product, it does do things that we should not let it down, and it looks very strong and stable (the coil is waterproof), so it will definitely last for a while. If it works for you, please press the button on the lef

  71. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersAlways wanted one of these as a youngster, so decided why not give it a whirl and just see what all the fuss is really about…that’s it i’m hooked!
    Really good value kit this, as it includes obviously the metal detector itself, which can be stored in the sturdy carry case that it comes with, but also a very sturdy collapsible spade for unearthing the treasures you find, which itself has a very handy carry pouch that can be attached to a belt.
    The detector itself has an adjustable pole to enable you to adjust the reach of the head to the exact position for just about anyone, so makes it comfortable to hold in the correct place just above the ground, and is very comfortable when in use with using the arm support/strap, as it’s also lightweight. You can also adjust the head itself to ensure that when using it stays as horizontal to the ground as possible. When In use, It is also able to discriminate between various metals via the switch setting, and as like most others, you can adjust the sensitivity of the head.
    The instruction manual that comes with it is also very informative and helpful in this
    You can either listen to the signals via the built in speaker or plug in the provided headphones. These aren’t bose quality but for using with this they are ideal!
    Now all i have to do is find that buried treasure!

    There's gold in them there hills!

  72. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersA bargain for the money works well and very accurate, used in shallow water and found many finds strongly recommend

  73. Ellen Christian says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersAfter a fun day out and then a happy chat with my granddaughter we or I
    decided to buy her a metal decetor, she like hearing about history
    and walks so these go hand in hand.

    She has had a few outings, no treasure yet but plenty if ‘hits’ and
    she has several small finds, bittle tops, foil, odd bit of ferrous metal.
    We tried it over known metals and it indicates quite well.

    Duper simple to assemble, eady to adjust for people of different hieghts
    its real light to use, functions clear and simple. If I had one tiny critique
    it would be battery Life, I’ve bought rechargables now so not and isdue at all.

    Super fast delivery, very well packaged. One thing is it easily dismantled
    so eady to carry and store.

    Lots of fun, my granddaughter loves i