OMMO Metal Detector for Adults, Ajustable Lightweight Metal Detectors for Child, 10 inch Waterproof Coil, High Sensitivity, All Metal/Discrimination/Pinpoint Mode, with Headphone/Shovel/Bag/Batteries

OMMO metal detectors for adults

Important :

– Always remove the batteries for prolonged storage. Adjust the search coil so that it is parallel to the ground.

– This is a “motion” detector, the search coil must be moving to detect the presence of metal.

– Use and store the metal detector only in normal temperature environments. Temperature extremes can shorten its life.

– Be careful to prevent water from entering the control housing.

– OM-C011 is preferred to be used outdoors because there are too many interferences indoors.

– If the detector keeps emitting erratic signals in the field, the sensitivity may be set too high, please try reducing the sensitivity until the false signal disappears.

– Using headphones improves battery life, and prevents annoying bystanders for your detection. For safety reasons, please do not use headphones near traffic or where any dangers present.


1. Insert the latch on the liner into the assembly hole in the bottom of the control box, gently push the control box in the direction of “IN” on the handle to fix the latch in place. Tighten the fixing screw (Do not overtighten).

2. Unscrew the knobs on the search coil then remove the knobs and the connector. Insert the stem and align the holes on the search coil bracket and stem. Push the connector through the holes. Replace and tighten the knobs.

3. Wind the search coil cable around the stem and insert its plug into the appropriate jack.

PS: you can always check the attached video on detail page for better illustration.

waterproof outdoor lightweight metal detector
metal detector with different functions and accessories
metal detectors application

Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 13.5 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
Batteries Included: 2 9V batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: OMMO

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  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It was easy to put together.
    We are still learning as we go, as it is our first time with a metal detector.
    So far we’ve found a lot of cans and metal bottle caps

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