RENPHO Massage Device for Legs and Feet Circulation, Electric, Air Compression for Massage and Relaxation, Calf, Feet, Thigh

leg massager


This is a new way to relax your entire legs, and it doesn’t similar to traditional massager that rollers to work.

This leg massager is simulated hands compressing and squeezing, it helps to relax our legs. It doesn’t vibrate and there are no rollers inside.

Please consult a doctor if you are pregnant, suffer from skin infections, use a pacemaker, or have another serious medical condition.

Why do you need to have it?

  • If you stand or sit for long periods of time, are unable to get exercise, or are suffering from soreness from athletic training, you may suffer from leg fatigue.
  • The RENPHO Leg Massager can help you enjoy short-term relaxation to tired legs.
  • Using it 20 minutes once or twice daily can relax muscle fatigue, and exercise recovery. Multiple massage modes can give you different massage experiences, while the portable design allows you to enjoy it anywhere anytime. Saves time and money!

Air compression leg massager

What can Air compression leg massager do for you?

1. It can compress your muscle and improve blood circulation when inflating, helping to reduce swelling, leg edema, tension, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, and reduce fatigue and soreness, and promote exercise recovery.

2. 3*2 airbags deliver an optimal massage experience from feet to thighs. Relax your entire legs and reduce edema and soreness.

3. 6 modes including 3 massage combine areas and 3 massage separate areas and 4 intensities can be customized to your preference.

4. The thigh and calf wraps can detach from each other and be used separately. Thigh wrap can massage your thighs or arms individually through using “Mode T” .

5. Wraps are adjustable to meet most leg sizes. You can enjoy this leg massage machine to share with your family.

6. A perfect gift to your grandparent, family, and friend on Christmas.

Massage Way: Inflating and deflating cycle

Massage Body Area: Feet, Calves, Thighs, Arm

Massage Modes: 6 kinds different mode

Massage Intensity: 4 Level — from low to high

Installation Guide

1. Find the marks on the wraps and hoses interface to ensure the corresponding wraps for Left and Right legs.

2. It is recommended to leave a gap available to put 4 fingers in it, or you will feel too tight or too powerful.

3. Choose the lower intensity if you feel powerful or tight.

leg massager 076H leg massager with heat leg massager with heat 073 075
Heat 2 Heating Modes 2 Heating Modes
Mode 3 3 5 6 3 3
Intensity 3 3 3 3 3 3
Airbag 2 4 4 6 1 4
Power source Wireless/Battery Powered Corded Electric Corded Electric Corded Electric Wireless/Battery Powered Corded Electric
Massage Area Calf/Arm Calf/Foot Calf/Foot Thigh/Calf/Foot Calf/Arm Thigh/Calf/Foot/Arm
Material Mixed fabric Polyester Polyester Polyester Mixed fabric Polyester

Weight: 1.56 kg
Dimensions: 41 x 25 x 21 cm; 1.56 Kilograms
Model: RF-ALM070

159 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    Ero molto scettica, ma fa bene il suo lavoro, molto rilassante e facile da usare

  2. Anonymous says:


    Llevo aos acudiendo a centros de esttica a realizarme el tratamiento de presoterapia. Las intensidades ms altas de este producto (nivel 3 y 4) pueden compararse a las de una mquina profesional. Estoy muy contenta con este producto del que realmente no tena altas expectativas, aunque, para m tiene dos fallos: la cara delantera del tobillo no queda cubierta y la banda del muslo es muy pequea.
    Me gustara que la bota fuera cerrada para que parte del pie y del tobillo no quedara descubierta y tambin se presionase.
    Tambin, sera ideal que las bandas de los muslos fueran ms anchas porque son muy estrechas y pequeas. Lamentablemente no llega a cubrir completamente el muslo.

  3. MarceliGQE says:


    La prima impressione sembra positiva, non ho per mai fatto la pressoterapia professionale quindi non posso fare un paragone. Personalmente almeno per il momento non trovo il massaggio molto piacevole ma forse dipende dal fatto che soffro di allodinia.
    La consegna avvenuta nei tempi stabiliti

  4. DennyWKIcxloa says:


    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersEste producto ha superado mis expectativas. Tenia dudas de si comprarlo o no, por las opiniones positivas y negativas que iba leyendo. Tambin tena dudas de si un producto “tan economico” (en comparacin con otros modelos) iba a ser til.

    Tengo 26 aos, hago ejercicio de fuerza y cardio casi a diario y sigo una dieta baja en azucares y grasas. Me cuido bastante pero aun as por el lipedema me cuesta mucho notar resultados.

    En una clinica me recomendaron sesiones de presoterapia pero mi presupuesto no me lo permita. Por ello, me he decido probar con este producto (10 sesiones de preso me salan 120, y estas botas 85).

    En cuanto a la intensidad, no tiene nada que envidiar en comparacin con las maquinas de presoterapia que he probado previamente (2 sesiones).

    Su uso es fcil y cmodo. Se puede usar en casi cualquier lado. Yo lo uso despus de una sesin de gimnasio mientras veo la tele, o mientras estoy estudiando.

    Llevo usando estas botas una semana, asi que aun no he podido notar muchos resultados evidentes. Pero creo que me va a ser de mucha ayuda, tanto para mi circulacin como para la retencin de lquidos.

    Para saber aproximadamente como colocar los velcros, voy probando diferentes medidas. Cuando siento que me va bien (ni muy prieto ni muy flojo) una vez los he usado, esta apagado y desinflado, me lo quito sin despegar los velcros. De esta forma evito que dejen de ser adherentes y para la prxima vez se como ponrmelos.

    La nica pega que puedo poner es que me gustara que hubiese opcin de comprar una funda para el vientre o para los brazos que se pudiese conectar a este aparato.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    great bit of kit works like my chiropractors but not the same cost
    really delighted helps with my back legs and feet also feels great
    it could use a better carry bag the one given is a cheap pull string tote bag
    Paul Luto

  6. bargain sale – Новини Google says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    … but worth it once you’ve done so. Can’t say for certain it’s resolved any long term issues with tight muscles and DOMS, but it feels like it’s doing *something* and it’s not unpleasant to use.

  7. PaulinaSchindle says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant purchase and use this everyday since it arrived.
    Yes I would recommend.

  8. FOYDarbyde says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this to help with my lipoedema. I have only recently purchased it so I am not yet sure if it is working but it feels alright and I will keep using it.

  9. RositaEPFyylu says:

     United Kingdom

    Simple to use, helpful to have someone else to fasten the Velcro. Fit a good range of sizes – I was worried that they would be too small for chunkier legs. Simple to operate and a range of massage options.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for my husband for pain relief and muscle cramps. It really works. A good buy.

  11. Global Health Review says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    At present it is too early to tall for myself how things will go, but l will be doing a daily therapy with this as there is a very urgent need for something to be done, so along with this and another measure of treatment l will come back in a month’s time with a update on the results on how the therapy went for me.

  12. Jared DiPane says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for my wife to release pain in feet and when she tryed second time she said ; wish i got this earlie

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Thank you so much Amazon
    It really good and helpful my leg relief

  14. OMTNolasxxxxr says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this for compression massage. I have lipadema and lymphadema and I haven’t found an air compression massager that will definitely fit me on the thighs (74cm circumference) but this massager does. It doesn’t work like the full compression sleeves I want, but after 3 cycles I do feel my lymph has been pumped and moved somewhat. I probably wouldn’t buy it again as it’s not exactly what I need, but it does work quite well. I think it’s a bit much to say it can ease pain but maybe it has for some customers.

  15. EwanVieraf says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought these as I have poor circulation and oedema hoping to get some relief using them. I’ve used them once every day since I got them and have been a big improvement. Worked for me, very pleased

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good device, visible takes off legs swelling after first time using, feel in the heaven , big recommend

    Easy to use, tiered legs are lighter and slimme

  17. JosieEswsgkitog says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to use, my purchased for my elderly parent who needs to improve her circulation in her legs and it works. Easy for her to us without assistance, which is perfect.

  18. Alexandria Haslam says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought these originally as a gag for my partner who has restless legs. We got 50’s worth of laughter from our friends before they arrived. She started using them straight away somewhat dubiously but having easily set them up she said the massage effect was quite soothing. She says it’s helped her legs and made sleeping easier so have to recommend, but it’s stl worth the money for the laughter they cause

  19. Eleanore9080 says:

     United Kingdom

    My daughter uses is after soccer and says it’s amazing

  20. Jason Cipriano says:

     United Kingdom

    I have suffered for years with a painful leg due to restless leg. Medication doesn’t do a thing,. The first time I used this, I noticed a change right away. Two weeks down the line, I use it once a day, I’m pain free. I swear by this. I was suffering almost every night, I have tried most things on the market, none appear to work. After suffering for about ten years, it is loverly to be pain free. Well worth the money. Highly recommended.

  21. JosetteSoliz says:

     United Kingdom

    Why have I not known about this kit before…brilliant, I finally got a great night’s sleep

  22. The Motley Fool says:

     United Kingdom

    i got this item for my girlfriend who has fibromyalgia it helps with her pain she loves i

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These leg massagers really work very happy with them, we needed to find our own remedy for swollen legs on someone who can’t exercise.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersSo pleased with this product – I have Lymphoedema in both legs and feet and hoped this massager would help relieve some of the pain and swelling. The product is really well made and I was surprised with the quality for the price (I got a bargain during Black Friday – 2/3 RRP at under 60!). This is the unheated version as heat on lymphatic limbs isn’t good for me.
    With a choice of intensity settings and foot, calf or thigh options it will take a while to experiment to find the best format to use but it is very easy to operate. Use it in short bursts initially until you get used to it so you are comfortable in the feel and intensity of the massage (I’d say the experience is more like having blood pressure cuffs on which keep inflating/deflating randomly, if that makes sense?).

    I think it would be especially ideal for anyone with oedema and/or limited mobility where they can’t manage to do simple mld massage themselves as you just wrap the cuffs on (not too tight) and then switch on your required settings – sit with your feet on the floor or elevated – whichever you are most comfortable with and leave it to run through it’s cycles – lasts between 15-20 minutes.

    Early days yet but so far I am definitely impressed with this product.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This product is perfect. I have poor circulation in my legs and feet especially standing for 12 hours a day. I can confirm that I do feel the difference. Thank you

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Really good product, works like a blood pressure cuff to gently squeeze your feet, calves & thighs.
    Great for after a walk or sport. Very easy to use. 1 cycle takes about 20 minutes with a choice of intensity. Use these regularly. My 80 year old mum has asked for her own set, but my son also uses them after mountain biking, so an absolute all-rounder. Would highly recommend.

  27. RoseannLambrick says:

     United Kingdom

    On Friday did more than I planned after successive days of relatively heavy exercise day. This is the second go at using this machine. On Saturday felt jaded, especially legs. Used the machine twice on Saturday. Sunday legs felt normal. Dont think this is a mind thing. Think I have a circulation thing in my calf so going to test it to see if this machine helps resolve.

  28. LaureneLondon says:

     United Kingdom

    I found this very helpful for my aching feet, ankles and legs. It’s not a massager but like a blood pressure machine. I’ve dreamed of something like this when I’m banging my feet on the floor for relief, not realising it already existed. Now for one with ice packs please.

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I recommend this product it does the work really well but there are so many cables also if there where bigger for hamstrings massage was perfect! Value for the money.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Once u get them on, find them beneficial for circulation and had back leg pain, which has lessened from using these x

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I purchased the item as a gift for my friend who suffered from pains in his legs. He was very pleased the comfort he got from the massager, and it seems to help him with the rehab.

  32. Chris Barraclough says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    A very good and easy to use piece if equipment.
    Pressure is perfect and it helps a lot after a long training.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A very good and easy to use piece if equipment.
    Pressure is perfect and it helps a lot after a long training.

  34. AugustMccurry says:

     United Kingdom

    Love this product. Using air pressure, its so nice especially on tired feet.

    The company Seems to bring out quality products. I have also there eye massager. Also of quality.

    The materials used are of high quality and they also come with a soft carry pouch.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Although a bulky item this does provide relief from leg pain. It’s easy to use with many settings the highest is too tight for me

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    My mom has really bad pains in her legs and always complaining, she wanted to buy the massage chair which was very expensive. I saw this and got this for her and she has been happy ever since. No more pains

  37. HughSidaway says:

     United Kingdom

    At first I was a little scare of the pressure on my legs. Now I love it. And more yet because results. For years I carried water retention in my legas, ankles and feet. For the first time in years my legs are lighter and slimmer. But be aware that improving circulation can bring pain. The pain is probably some underlying problems (inflammation?!) that should be checked with your doctor. I recommend it.

  38. Jesse0221ieajum says:

     United Kingdom

    I am fond of buying and trying out electronics/electrical products and the motive to buy this one was that I have started running and I felt I need a nice massaging, something more permanent than going to a massage centre. AND I FOUND THIS, AMAZING!

    Everything is exceptional about this, the pressure, fit, comfort – all is great. Pressure has got 4 levels, I am happy with level 2 or 3, fit is comfortable too but slightly sweaty in summer ofcourse, it is like wearing a leather trouser so sweatiness is obvious. Controller is handy and easy to understand. You can massage individual parts like calves, feet and thighs separately or a combination or complete legs.

    I’m impressed with the design and what caught my attention was the small clips on the pipes that keep them together, simple things but making hugh difference.


  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    i am afraid it was not the item I needed but it looked well made but did not reach the area that needed massaging

  40. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I am very happy with this device, it is exactly as described in the picture, i bought it to try for my Fibromtalgia/ CFS pain and it really does help. It is massaging to hard to create more pain, it is like a gentle massage, it relaxes my rigid spastic muscles and it helps me sleep. In like 5-10 min after I put it on i get cut off and fall asleep which is a wonder as I have sleeping issues. I find a bit hard to put it on as I am very exhausted and also short of breath from long Covid but this is only with me. A healthy person probably won’t have any issues with that. I am really happy i bought it as helps me a lot relieve the pain, relax and sleep especially that I can’t really walk to use my muscles. I never tried it yet on my arms, the upper part for tights has separate program but you can’t detach the cables from the lower part. The cables are all together connected to the remote control which is pretty robust and strong. When you use it you need to have a plug around as the remote needs to be conected to plug, doesn’t work on bateries. I defenitly recomand it for anyone who has poor circulation or muscles issues and pain.

  41. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to put on once you fathom the easiest way. It’s really relaxing and great for water retention which i have. It relieves the pressure and pain wish I had bought it sooner.

  42. buttplugsx41 says:

     United Kingdom

    I purchased this leg and feet massager for lymphatic drainage problem and restless leg syndrome. I have had RLS for approx. 20 years which has been worse over the last year and have recently had my medication changed so I am trying to find alternatives that could help. Some days I find this leg massager helps a bit but other days not, no rhyme or reason. I will persevere as any relief I can get, especially in the evening and at night, is a bonus.
    Gill Wisby

  43. Elissa Sanci says:

     United Kingdom

    Its a nice feeling to have legs compressed. I do not feel any lating health effects out of it. It does help with teanson in muscles but very temporary. It’s a hassle to use due to pipes and it’s big but I do recommend it – feels nice.

  44. CharaLombardi says:

     United Kingdom

    Purchased as a gift for my mum who suffers from pain in her legs. It’s not given her relief from the pain like others have found but it gives her some comfort whilst using the product.

  45. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I bought this as a Father’s Day gift for my dad and when I tell you this has helped to relieve so much of his pain. This is worth purchasing especially if you’re constantly on your feet.

  46. PISFreeman says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product. Legs feel so much better after using daily for the past week

  47. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Not rated as was returned. Nothing wrong….. just no longer required. Probably excellent.

  48. CorinneF06 says:

     United Kingdom

    Just to mention it does not fit well in the bag provided. Could be a bit loose and wide.

  49. SammieMaclanach says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBest purchase I have ever made. I have suffered severe odema in my feet and legs for 5 years +. Having tried medical stockings durietics etc I have no relief. After 5 days of using this item I am wearing shoes not worn for years. No more wearing clothes 4 sizes too big to accommodate my legs.

  50. ToryGGFqjvj says:

     United Kingdom

    Honestly love this, I get pain in my feet, heels, calfs and knees. This applies a pressure using air that tightly wraps around your legs and feet to help reduce the pain. I use this every 2 days or after 5… but it helps everytime! Also its not to noisy but you can hear it.

  51. RandellO43 says:

     United Kingdom

    I have a problem with odema amongst other health problems. I have already used this item and I noticed a difference after using. thank you.

  52. WilsonLillibrid says:

     United Kingdom

    Used these to help with lymphodema. They are very easy to use and they are definitely helping with to take down the swelling.

  53. TrentLucier says:

     United Kingdom

    Yes you do look kind of strange sitting with these things strapped around your legs however I did feel the difference after only a couple weeks of using I have bad circulation and this is already making a difference.

    Most of us cannot afford daily massages so this is a good alternative.

  54. Adolfo09Ryla says:

     United Kingdom

    Really really helps with my restless legs I’m only 35 but get it every few weeks and I can’t sleep I’ve been using this before bed and my god it’s amazing it’s so nice I even fell asleep on the sofa with it o

  55. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Helps circulation and reduces swelling. I need assistance to use it.

  56. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Find it very relaxing when using it. Does definitely reduce the fluid around my lower legs! Bit of a fuss getting it on but you get used to it . Really pleased with the overall effect.

  57. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I like to run and go to the gym but have a low grade ache which lingers even once the soreness settles. The ache in my lower limbs would keep. Me up at night, this machine is a god send. I use it a couple times a week and it’s been a game changer. I wish I had found this years ago

  58. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Pain relief and amazing relaxation….put me and my husband to sleep

  59. Carrie Lavergne says:

     United Kingdom

    The RENPHO Leg Massage Device is a must for anyone that suffers from aching legs or varicose veins. One cycle of this twice a week will keep pains away and a smile on your face as it rejuvenates aggravating pain and makes you feel brand new again. A small bit laborious and takes time to fit and to put away but with every cent. A fantastic product!!!