Zoom H5 4-Track Portable Recorder for Audio for Video, Music, and Podcasting, Stereo Microphones, 2 XLR/TRS Inputs, USB Audio Interface, Battery Powered

Zoom H4n Pro Black Zoom H5 Zoom H6 Zoom
Recording Stereo, 4 Channel Multitrack Stereo plus Backup Recording, 4 Channel Stereo plus Backup Recording, 6 Channel Simultaneous recording on 12 tracks
Tracks 4 4 6 12
Inputs 2 2 4 6
Separate Line Out

Weight: 281 g
Dimensions: 7.77 x 4.78 x 15.29 cm; 281.23 Grams
Model: H5
Origin: China

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101 Responses

  1. GiseleGauthier says:

     United Kingdom

    If you can stretch to 180 (Wharehouse Deal) get this. I had the H1 which for c80 produces good quality recordings but the H5 is in another league. Solid, excellent mics, takes SD rather than Micro SD analogue dials for mic sensitivity and left right balance 6.3mm and XLR line in. We live in an age of wonders!

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