Dash Cam Front and Rear 1440P & 1080P 【Built with WIFI & GPS】Dual dash Cam (Single Front 1440P), Car Camera 3 Inch Touch Screen Dash Camera, Driving Recorder with Night Vision, 24H Parking Monitor


Why choose IIWEY S1 front and rear dual cameras?

  • Reliable: Thanks to powerful NTK96675 processor and Sony IMX 307 sensor, the dash cam have a great performance day and night.
  • Advanced: Adopted with WIFI and GPS port, easily to download, playback and share the videos and GPS logs.
  • Experience: S1 model uses a high-definition touch screen, provide more convenient and simple operation, just like use a smart phone.
  • Higher Resolution: The performance improvement of S1 is obvious. The single front camera recording mode can reach the ultra-high resolution of 1440P, and the dual cameras recording mode can reach the 1080P HD resolution of the front and rear lenses. With 6 layers glass lens and WDR optimization function to achieve better recording effect.
  • Larger Memory Capacity: S1 support a Micro SD card, class 10 (U3 or higher) and above from 32GB-128GB to meet your needs of long time recording.
  • Strict Quality Control: S1 have CE, FCC and RoHS certificates, at the same time, we use the VO Grade material to improve the safety factor of the camera.


  • The built in battery of the cam is for emergence file back up. External power is required if you want it keep working after you turn off the engine.
  • To ensure seamless video records, please kindly turn off “motion detection” and ‘parking mointor’ of this dash camera while driving. And also, please turn on the function “Screen Saver” , it will avoid distracting you and extend the life of the device.
  • If you use a Android phone, when you playback the downloaded videos through APP on your smart phone to view the GPS logs , please disconnect the camera WIFI first and open the mobile data.
  • This is NOT an IP/4G Dash Cam – It does NOT allow you to view your recording remotely.
  • Turn Off the camera WI-FI when not using the APP.


Front Camera Installation

Easy to install with the car charger cable, we suggest you set the ‘Screen Saver’ to 3 minutes.

When the camera is recording, the blue indicator light on the left side will be flashing, and the blue indicator light will remain on after recording is stopped.

rear camera

Rear Camera Installation

The rear camera cable is 5.6 meters (18ft), Arrange the cables along the inside of the car body to hide it, attach the rear view camera to the rear windshield.

Reminder: The rear camera should be installed inside the car.

If you need the reverse function, you should connect the red wire of the rear camera cable to the Live Wire of the tail light.

sd card

Support 32-128GB Micro SD card

Reminder: The SD card is not included in the box.

We recommend you use a 32-128GB Micro SD card, U3 or higher version, don’t use U1 version.


Upgraded Flame Retardant Materials

we use the VO grade fireproof material (high temperature resistance) and high-performance processors (NTK 96675) to improve the adaptability of the S1 dash cam to the using environment.


rear camera

sd card


S1 S2 S3 N1 hardwire kit
Model Number S1 S2 S3 N1 Hardwire Kit
Video Resolution 2K+1080P 4K+1080P 4K 2K+1080P
Camera Type Dual Channels Dual Channels Single Channel Dual Channels
Camera Sensor Sony 307 Sony 335 Sony 335 Sony 307
Touch Screen
SD Card Support 32G-128G U3(Not included) 32G-128G U3(Not included) 32G-128G U3(included) 32G-128G U3(Not included)
Screen Size 3 Inches 3 Inches 3 Inches 3.2 Inches

Dimensions: 8 x 4.5 x 2 cm; 490 Grams
Model: S1
Manufacture: iiwey
Origin: China

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78 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Only connected front camera undecided presently whether to install rear camera. Looking at utube fitting suggestions which at the moment look a bit daunting. Picture quality vg can read reg’s easily. I prefer to download and check footage with a reader onto my PC and use the free download app VLC to view etc. Incidentally in VLC the playback is practically seamless across the downloaded segments. I like the touchscreen options. Overall pleased its certainly a vast improvement on the one I replaced which cost a good deal more.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersWorks really well. Easy to fit. Playback videos are good.

    For info: If you want to play the videos side by side along with GPS coordinates, you need to install Witcam player for windows or Witcam pro for android, the links for which will be in user manual. The front camera videos will have suffix A and rear cam videos will have a suffix B in the file name. Hope this helps someone.

  3. DessieO13sx says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I bought this dash cam because my old one broke and I needed a temporary one while I researched dash cams. However, I’ve decided to keep this its so easy to install and the quality is fab. I can’t believe how good it is for the money!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love it best buy for my car a must have.!!!!

  5. Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle says:

     United Kingdom

    Good quality camera .Very easy to install .
    You tube video helpful
    Need to buy sd card was the only niggle

  6. Odette53Gjc says:

     United Kingdom

    It does what it says, also takes a large capacity SD card 128GB, has a built in battery.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Small that does not block view out of windscreen, also does not distract you when driving as the screen go dark but still recording.

  8. Alecia says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product, high quality recording, easy to setup. I did I by myself in under half an hour.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is my second one no complaint about either of them. Perfect for peace of mind, just make sure to get correct SD card for it.
    I dont use the app so can’t add any comments about that.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The picture quality is excellent, you can read license plates and colours clearly.
    The only minor issue is using it but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it after a while.
    I highly recommend!

  11. director says:

     United Kingdom

    Didn’t find anything to dislike, it’s a great price, for the quality Camera captured video footage & photo shots, (Day and Night) easy to read instruction for installation and correct useage. Very pleased with purchase . It’s a safe robust system that’s trustworthy accurate, providing you set it up correctly

  12. RobinGatliff says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersPurchased in April 2021 and fitted into my wifes car. Rather than use the DC5 V 2A charger I also bought the kit to hardwire it. Fixing it into position and wiring it in was fine, the earliest problem being the rear camera becoming detached from the back window. The car is a hatchback, so I assume with the constant opening and closing it was too much for the adhesive tape supplied. I sorted that out with clear silicon.
    More recently the reversing grid has been showing on the front camera view as well as the reverse and a reset does nothing to change this. In the last week when the camera is running on the hardwired kit the image at the start of recording is flashing between front and rear cameras and only when it runs (briefly) on it’s internal battery does the image stablise. All the wired connections still appear to be ok between the camera and the battery, rear camera etc. In a nutshell it was generally fine for 12 months but sadly does not appear to be built to last and I will removing it as it is becoming a distraction for the driver.
    EDIT As I was taking the wiring out I noticed that the wiring to connect the rear camera to the front had become frayed in a hidden location, thus causing the screen problem, so my fault for not making sure wire was not securely in place. Changed review from 2 stars to 4 as since disconnecting rear camera it is working better.

  13. ClayWickjrzui says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Got this for my first car and it is just what you need nice and small easy to fit and use . I have told people to get one

  14. EmersonHenning says:

     United Kingdom

    Quick dispatch, quality of recording is great. Easy to set up.
    You can set the rear camera up and change the view to reverse to be able to read the number plate of the car behind you instead of trying to read it backwards.
    Front mount is good & very secure. You can change the angle in the X and y axis which makes it easier to set up the right angle to record. I do find it difficult to remove the camera from the mount as it so have left it on display instead of putting it away each time.
    Rear camera is attached with sticky pad which I thought looked good but has started coming loose about 2 months later so I’ll need to get something else to help stick it in place (there is holes to add screws but I didn’t want to have to add holes into the inside of the car)

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It was overall a very nice dashcam but the stickiness wont stick though

    Decent camera for driving.

  16. bublesli2 says:

     United Kingdom

    In my opinion this dash cam is a very good quality one, the footage is excellent a doddle to fit it, it has a split screen so you can see front and rear at the same time and I fitted mine to the left of my rear view mirror for less distraction and the rear one in the middle of my rear tailgate at the top.

  17. LeonardTubb says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to fit behind rear view mirror so does not get in driver’s vision excellent picture quality it does need to be plugged into car with battery back up, I haven’t fitted the rear view camera as yet.

  18. GitaU81fpvxsym says:

     United Kingdom

    I have had several dashcams over the years but never had a Front & Back camera system. Firstly I was impressed with how easy it was to set up and use, all touch screen & if the GPS unit is used there is no need to set date & time etc. I was then extremely impressed by the clarity of the video/pictures. I have had several types of camera ranging from cheap to expensive, this camera produces the best picture quality I have ever had on a camera that even the more expensive ones i have owned.
    The seller is very good, very fast delivery, and brilliant communication throughout.
    Overall, this is the best purchase of a dashcam I have ever made from a brilliant seller – I am very pleased with it.

  19. MargeneDelmonte says:

     United Kingdom

    Highly recommend this car camera set up as is a quick installation process then high quality picture on back and front cameras in both night and day and once you set the app up with the cameras you then can use the rear camera as parking camera if your phone is in a holder if you cant see the rear camera footage on front camera scree

  20. DinahMeehan says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Quality is enough, number plates are visible even at nighttime. This product can save you a lot of money and hassle and for the price is a value for money.

  21. SamualRunyan says:

     United Kingdom

    Camera quality realy good, light weight. Loads of features, night vision, photo, reverse parking if wired into reverse light, parking sensor if hard wired, screen saver, WiFi and witcam Pro app on my phone work great. Bought this for piece of mind while up against rush hour in Newcastle. Very easy to install. My first dash cam, realy impressed.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 22 From Our Users+ The two cameras built in is really nice, its holding well 9 months later when I’m writing this.
    + Does the base job at recording while you drive well.
    – You have to use their software to get the GPS to show. (Which may need constant internet connection but not 100% sure)
    – Wifi didn’t work, wasn’t a problem as I like just putting the micro SD card in my pc.
    – For advanced users planning to use this more than just a dash cam, the GPS points are encrypted. So you won’t be able to get the points. I sent an email to iiwey 6 days ago but haven’t had any response.

  23. PAHOWHO says:

     United Kingdom

    I received my camera quickly but unfortunately the rear camera didn’t work so the company sent me another rear camera. This camera didn’t work either so the company sent me a new front and rear cwmra, both of which are working. Very happy.
    Camera is excellent quality and the touch screen is easy to use. I like the WiFi too.

  24. ZoraH45oek says:

     United Kingdom

    Nice and simple to use, highly recommend!
    Installing it in my car was very simple!

    For Android users, you can use the AZDOME app, which is not even for this brand but it 100% works on my Samsung smartphone.

    Just to clarify, you won’t be able to see your camera remotely from elsewhere, it will only access your camera videos when you’re in the car, without having to remove the SD card and all that, which is still pretty useful!

  25. NiamhDeGroot says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this as a replacement for my old one with a different brand, which stopped recording. The quality is amazing, and records perfectly, however, I’ve noticed that when the car is at a stop, i.e. at traffic lights or in slow traffic, the camera display shows a countdown timer to turn off. I don’t know if it’s a setting I’ve not changed or if it’s the camera experiencing a problem? Some advice from the seller would be great!

  26. Taradraws98 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 31 From Our UsersSo, I’ve been using it for a few days now, the first problem I had was with the suction cup, it just wouldn’t stick, so I looked on youtube and saw if you heat the cup with a lighter it makes the rubber more sticky, and yes it works, I saw a defect on the cup which may explain why the camera kept falling off before using the lighter trick.

    The GPS speed monitor is around 10 MPH out at higher speeds. Location is fine using the Windows software but on Android you can see for yourself why it has a poor rating.

    Picture quality is OK, nothing to rave about. Overall its OK, I doubt very much it could be used for any insurance claim if you was to have an accident due to its inaccurate speed monitoring.

  27. Medicines Australia says:

     United Kingdom

    The manual is rubbish. Thats the only downfall of this dash cam. The good thing is that the kit is that easy to put together and use, you wont need the manual. I got this bundled with a 128gb Samsung Micro SD and the front and rear cameras. I placed the front and rear cams in position and then ran the cables. To make a neat job of it, you may come across a crevice or a compartment to hold any slack cable and then tuck the rest of the cabling behind the weatherproof seals etc.

    Once the cables were installed and everything was connected, i quickly tested the two cams to make sure all was working fine,and could see the image on the small screen on the rear of the front cam. Now I was happy all was working fine, I disconnected the front cam and ran through the settings for time and date and quality prefernce of the video for cam etc.

    The Android app is called KaKa, whilst it isnt great and has a poor GUI, it does the job.

    Activate the wifi AP mode by stopping any recording and clicking the wifi symbol, then follow the on screen instructions for the password.

    The quality of both camera’s is very very good. Easily pick out reg plates and even finer details. Both camera’s have a very wide viewing angle allowing to see a good range.

    The internal mic is also of decent quality to record the audio from within the car.

    So far, im very happy that I have pretty much all angles covered at all times of driving my car and know ill be able to use any footage as reliable evidence should I need it for insurance purposes.

    Well worth the purchase and the price.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bought this dash cam to start recording bad drivers etc the quality of the front cam is great very clear my only issue is the time will not set keeps returning to original time when received

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