GoGirl Password Book with Alphabetical tabs – Internet Address & Password Keeper Logbook for Password Organization, Journal Notebook for Saving Website Logins. Small Size 11 cm x 14.5 cm, Rose Gold

GoGirl Planners & Organizers
small address book with tabs

Searching for a secure way to store your passwords?

If you’re worried about hackers accessing your passwords stored online or just need a helping hand to remember them all…

The GoGirl Password Book is exactly what you need to keep all of your passwords and online accounts organized and safe.

internet password book small address book with tabs
Special Features: Easy and secure password organization Our most compact password storage for easy everyday carrying
Size: Medium (5.3″ x 7.7″) Small (4.0″ x 5.5″)
Layouts: Cutout alphabetized tabs Cutout alphabetized tabs

Weight: 170 g
Size: 11 cm x 14.5 cm
Dimensions: 14.4 x 11.2 x 1.9 cm; 170 Grams
Brand: GoGirl
Colour: Rose Gold
Manufacture: GoGirl
Colour: Rose Gold
Size: 11 cm x 14.5 cm

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26 Responses

  1. [email protected] Molly Gamble says:

     United States

    Love this book. Just the right size and the color is fantastic.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Nice organizer, easy to use, and lots of space for each entry.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Pages are thick, durable enough to handle the eraser several times. Lots of room to add extra room for personal notes. Book is is the right size to keep with you at all times.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Has a hard cover, pencil or pen holder and can be close with elastic band.
    Enough space for all data

  5. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Like that it has each letter of the alphabet. Would suggest adding a place for an email address and phone number. Also would really like it to have a spiral binding so it would lay flat when using. Overall really like i

  6. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Nice book but decided I want spiral-bound… very pretty color.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United States

    A very handy book for all my passcodes
    For computer informatio

  8. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Very cute book! Helpful for my organization of my passwords.

  9. CarloENKnfnj says:

     United States

    It exceeded my expectations for a password book, the pages are thick, and the book is a nice size. I ordered the purple, and the color is beautiful

  10. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I love it I wish I had remember about the book with a key
    Other than that I do love i

  11. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Great book for passwords sturdy papers lick inside And I love the colo

  12. MarvinGrey says:

     United States

    Like the size, ease of use, and everything is in one place.

  13. KourtneJth says:

     United Kingdom

    Its good to have a place for all the complicated passwords that are hard to remember. Always remember to put it away safe though.

  14. EmanuelJobe says:

     United Kingdom

    This book is super. 4 pages per letter so there’s plenty of space. Looks good, too.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Would have like it better if it was with a lock

  16. Anonymous says:


    Me encanta porque puedes guardar todas las contraseas, nombres de usuario con correo y tenerlas a la mano.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Has 24 entries per letter apart from XYabd Z which are combined and have 36 entries, enough for me at the moment. Does the Job.

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very simple to use. Have ditched my old, worn out notebook and am now using this great little book. Much easier to find web addresses using the index tabs – everything is in one place. The cover does not indicate what’s inside so is very discreet if left on desk accidentally. Would definitely recommend.

  19. Marie47Gopvfh says:

     United Kingdom

    The compact booklet allows all necessary info to be entered and kept in one place . Layout is clear and there is plenty of pages to keep
    Very important info secure

  20. MattieBodiford says:

     United Kingdom

    A good firm backing.Well layed out, easy to use. Plenty of space for each entry. Good quality paper,seems well made.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I arrived this promptly and found it true to the advert. Consequently it is already being used. Today we have to have to remember so many different passwords for different things in our lives that it is impossible to maintain them all in one’s head. To have these all in one place (sometimes with hints to passwords to maintain security) is so much better for me as I don’t want to store them on my computer as I do not believe it is the safest way going forward. I therefore recommend this item and seller.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very happy with this. Its a compact book but well laid out with plenty of space for each entry and with 18 entries per letter (xyz combined) which is plenty for my needs. The paper is of good quality as well.

  23. Jeffery Balastia says:

     United States

    It is just the correct size to write all my passwords in and have them organized.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Perfect size little book but some of the pages are already falling out. Hope they all don’

  25. Anonymous says:

     United States

    The book is to small needs to be bigger for older people.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Was just what I wanted exactly as described it’s compact looks like a diary with more than ample room for all your informatio

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