Lollipop HD WiFi Video IP Indoor Camera for Baby, Pet, Home Security (Compatible with iOS & Android)- Supports 2 Cameras and Up, Night Vision, 2-Way Talk Back- Baby Boy Girl Shower Gifts (Sensor)

Lollipop – Smart Baby Camera

Lollipop Camera: Like Giving Candy to a Baby

Do you wish you could go out without having to worry about your baby being left with some young babysitter? Or, even less comforting, an old-fashioned baby monitor?  Well, say hello to the future.  Lollipop Smart Baby Camera was designed for parents just like you; worriers who want to be able to go out and still check in on their baby properly.  We developed a video-based solution to monitoring your child.  We’re a high-tech team, but we don’t have robotic hearts: we care.
This unique, one of a kind Lollipop technology is unlike anything else on the market.  It’s a remarkable, intelligent, high-quality video baby monitor that helps you look after your little one.  Not only is this technology easy to use and completely reliable when you’re out and about, but it looks great.  Now you can see and hear your baby, so you know they’re safe, and they feel safe with a friendly, pretty monitor watching over them.

               Our team doesn’t just care about smart technology.
                 We care about smart solutions for your family.

  • [New Feature 1] Audio Mode – The Only Wifi Baby Monitor with Audio Mode for Overnight Monitoring
  • [New Feature 2] Audio Mode Alarm System – Alarm while Network disconnect at Audio Mode – Make you sleep better at night
  • No Addtional Monthly Fee – We pay cloud service fee for you
  • True Crying Detection – Crying detection with low false alarm by noise
  • Push Video Notify – 30s event video, by Crying/Noise/Virtual Wall (Optional: Lollipop Sensor, Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality)
  • High Quality Video – Sony Sensor inside, H.264, 720P, with Made-in-Japan Computar Lens
  • Streaming – In home:LAN rtsp/Away from home:Cloud Streaming
  • Data History – Daily & weekly noise/crying and environment (Optional: Lollipop Sensor) data log
  • Lovely Looking – Soft colors, Toxic-free silicone(CPSIA Certified)(ASTM F963-11 conformed)
  • Quick Setup
  • Night Vision – Two mode selection – 940nm LEDs invisible for nearing baby, and 850nm for wall mounting
  • Remote Music Playing – Lullabies and smooth sounds built-in
  • Live View Sharing – unlimited shared users for your relatives
  • Mobile Device Requirement – Bluetooth 4.0(BLE) iPhone 4s or Later / Android Phone
  • WIFI Spec – IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • OS Version – iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later

We know how hard it is to fulfill your job as a parent.  We want to make things easier for your child, but also for you.  This is about improving your quality of family life. 

The Package


Lollipop camera

Power adaptor and 3 meter cable

Quick set up manual

Accessory for crib binding

Cable holder: You can store the power cable inside our holder to provide tangled wires which might pose a threat to your baby                                                                

Accessory for wall mounting: If you want to mount the camera on the wall, rather than the crib, you can!

Lollipop Sensor

Lollipop Sensor Provides More

The Lollipop sensor is a fun little additional accessory. It’s completely optional, but we think that some of you might absolutely love it. Our whole objective as a company is make parenting easier for you; we want to keep your baby safe so that you don’t lose your minds!

So, if you want to keep track of temperature, humidity and air quality while you’re not at home (because you can’t see these things on a camera), you can use Lollipop sensor.

The Lollipop sensor connects to the camera via Bluetooth, and it provides information regarding the air quality of your child’s room whilst you’re at home. With our instantaneous app notification, you’ll know instantly if there’s something wrong with the air or temperature in your baby’s room.

3 ways to install

Way 1 (On the table)

Perhaps there’s a well-positioned table in your baby’s room, and you’re thinking that this would be the perfect place to position a camera and get the optimal view of your child’s crib? Well, fear not, because Lollipop wants to ensure that you’re always able to watch your child from whichever spot you deem safest.

You can bind the tail of the Lollipop camera into any shape, and a flat-curved shape would be perfect to fit this camera onto a table. It’s screw compatible, so tripods also work well! The point is that you can position the camera anywhere in the room that you deem suitable!

Way 2 (On the wall)

This is a funky and sensible solution to tracking your baby whilst you’re out. Aesthetically, you’ll have a cool, branch-like accessory with which you can mount your Lollipop smart baby camera on the wall. Why did we create such a crazy mount? Well, because Lollipop wants the aesthetic of your child’s room to look pretty and appealing to their young and growing mind.

Also, of course, it’s to give you a wider, fuller view of your baby’s room if you don’t want to miss anything. Fixing it onto the wall is simple: you could use 3 screws or our 3M sticker to install it on your wall.

Way 3 (On the crib)

Of course, for many parents, the crib is the main area over which you want a clear, defined and detailed view of all that’s going on in your baby’s room. You want to make sure you can keep a close eye on them, and mimic the care which you’d provide if you were at home in the flesh.

We make it easy for you to watch your baby’s crib because Lollipop has a unique and flexible mounting apparatus for the smart baby camera to attach it to the side of a crib. It’s so important that you have a clear view of your child.

Weight: 300 g
Dimensions: 34.5 x 12.6 x 10.7 cm; 300 Grams

18 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    Bon produit, utile et facile installer, vision nocturne perfectible mais correcte

  2. Anonymous says:


    Trs pratique car je reois les notifications quand il y a un soucis

  3. KittyJanssen says:


    Durch den Sensor bekomme ich Meldungen ber Luft und Temperatur des Zimmers. Ich kann es wirklich empfehlen zur Lollipop Camera zu kaufen.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Trs bonne qualit d’image, un plus avec le capteur temprature humidi

  5. MichellJuan says:

     United Kingdom

    Simple installation, just plug in. Thought it had a fault originally as the air quality would reduce itself at random times, turns out, she plugged it next to the air freshener the dozy mare! At least we know it works.
    Integrates nicely with the app with real time information, i like being able to adjust the room accordingly to make my little one comfy.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This product is the icing on top of the cake! It makes the lollipop camera even better. Now I am able to keep track of the rooms temperature as well as the airflow in the room. It also pops up as a notification if there are any changes. If you have the lolli pop camera or are thinking of buying this is a must have!

    It’s so simple to use, you plug it into a socket and pair it with your app. The Installing is so simple and takes minutes.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Je suis trs contente du produit. En effet, il n’est pas indispensable, mais je trouve qu’il est trs utile. La nuit, la temprature de la chambre de ma fille a tendance beaucoup baisser et nous ne faisions pas trs attention avant. Maintenant grce l’alerte cela nous aide beaucoup. Idem pour l’humidit de l’air, car le sche linge est malheureusement dans sa chambre.
    Trs contente du produit, je le recommande !

  8. Anonymous says:


    Super simple d’installation comme d’utilisation ! S’installe en bluetooth et envoy avec deux types de prises ce qui permet de l’emporter durant les voyages. Colis reu en 2 jours , petit appareil qui permet de contrler la temprature de la chambre de bb , la qualit de l’air et l’humidit de la pice. Je trouve cet appareil super en cas de soucis pour y remdier. Je suis heureuse de pouvoir avoir un regard sur ces choses l qu’on a pas forcment avec une autre camra.

    Sensor lollipop

  9. Anonymous says:


    Bon produit , conforme sa description on labore dj le mettre dans la chambre de notre bb
    Merci lollipop

  10. Anonymous says:


    Wir haben uns nun schon zum zweiten mal den Sensor als Ergnzung zur Lollipop Babycamera gekauft (einmal fr das Zimmer meiner Tochter und nun fr meinen Sohn) . Nun benutzen wir den ersten schon seid 1,5 Jahren und es wird Zeit eine Rezision da zu lassen und mal ein Lob auszusprechen. Wir sind absoult begeistert. Er zeigt die Temperatur und luftqualitt an, was uns immer zeigt, wie dick das Kind angezogen seien muss oder ob gelftet werden sollte. Besonders der luftqualitt wird sonst sehr wenig Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt. Auch, dass eingestellt werden kann, dass man benachrichtigt wird, falls es zu khl oder zu hei wird finden wir super.
    Fr uns definitiv eine sinnvolle Ergnzung! Und durch das kleine kompakte Design lsst es sich ganz einfach in einer Steckdose anbringen und sieht auch noch hbsch aus! Verdient definitiv 5 Sterne!!

  11. Anonymous says:


    Super produit ! Rceptionn trs rapidement, il m’a permise de voir que dans la
    Chambre des filles il y avait une temprature relativement basse et que le taux d’humidit tait mauvaise et que mes filles se rveillaient avec le
    Nez bouch et coulant ! Nous avons arrang cela !!! Trs bon produit je le recommande en complment de la camra !!

  12. Mario Fraioli says:


    Ottimo sensore. Si collega alla rete elettrica in modo diretto e via Bluetooth alla telecamera Lollipop. Informazioni puntuali e precise sullo stato della stanza del neonato. Utile per chi vuole controllare i dettagli.

  13. GermanFYNR says:

     United Kingdom

    Great to go with your lollipop camera as helps sense air quality, room temperature etc. without being an additional bulky unit. Plugs straight in to the mains, is compact and easy to cover without compromising performance. Was a little hard to pair initially but got there in the end. Not essential but definitely a good add on!

  14. GenevaAgaundo says:


    Facultatif mais complte bien la camra Lollipop. Rassurant de connaitre tous les paramtres favorables au bon sommeil de bb.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This product is fab! Really easy to link to the baby monitor!

  16. WesleyBelgrave says:


    Muy divertido para tener el dato de la habitacion del beb.

  17. LashundQQL says:


    J’ai acht ce produit pour mon futur bb. On l’a test et tout fonctionne bien voir sur du long terme.

  18. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThe device works great, smooth connection to the camera, stable connection, good data collection.
    Only remark for the Lollipop team as general, that all the data the devices collected are trapped in the app! So the chance for automation=0 that’s why it’s not 5 stars.
    DEAR LOLLIPOP Team if you read this develop an IFTTT or HomeKit integration, I’m bagging, it would make your devices so much better.