Mobvoi Home Treadmill, Built-in Bluetooth Speaker, Remote Control, Walking and Running Machine for Home Fitness Exercise Indoo


Size: One Size
Dimensions: 124.46 x 68.58 x 106.68 cm; 34 Kilograms
Brand: Mobvoi
Model: Treadmill Black
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Mobvoi
Colour: Black
Department: Unisex
Dimensions: 124.46 x 68.58 x 106.68 cm; 34 Kilograms
Size: One Size

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  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Being a keen user of my local gym and exercise classes I decided to add to my home gym equipment with the purchase of a treadmill. I knew of the Mobvoi Treadmill as I have purchased several other Mobvoi products in the past (Ticwatch smart watches that are worn by several member of my close family) so do follow product releases. Comparative reviews looked very good for a device at this price point so my decision was made

    The treadmill is relatively heavy on delivery so a two-man approach to initial move and placement is recommended (at least it was for me to save my back!) — my package was carried around the back of the house to the annexe by the delivery drivers and left in the right area for me to unpack which was great.

    Packaging was substantial to protect the contents and when I opened the box, all was in place, undamaged and ready to carefully lift out and put in place in my home gym area.

    One key criterion for me was a treadmill that was substantial enough for daily use but also relatively easy to move out of the way when more space is required — this is certainly covered by my new purchase. There are wheels underneath the front of the treadmill to ease moving it in and out of place, these work well, and it really is easy to move this machine out of the way if you need to. Initial placement for me is in my annexe where I keep other gym equipment — I may move the treadmill into my office at some point if I decide to try the walking desk idea (and it could slide under my seated desk when not in use in this scenario).

    I would certainly describe this treadmill as compact in comparison to some other devices I looked at and I liked the way it could be used as a walking platform with the arm folded away or lift and fix the arm in place and it looks and feels more like a traditional running machine. As I mentioned, in folded position, I am considering setting up a walking desk so I can work and walk at the same time which I think would work well.

    I have slightly dodgy knees so most of my aerobic exercise is undertaken at a maximum of fast walking pace. This treadmill goes up to a maximum of between 7 and 8 mph I believe which is more than enough for me. One other comment is that (particularly given my knees), the roller is very comfortable to walk or run on with a nice, cushioned feel to it.

    I like the idea of the remote control and use it almost every time I’m on the treadmill — though there are built in controls when you have the front arm in place, I just find it easier to have the control in my pocket ready to use.

    The roller when running is surprisingly quiet and feels powerful enough for any use I am likely to put to the test. The only thing missing for me I guess is the option to introduce an incline on the belt — but this I suppose is a sacrifice made in order to make this as slimline and easy to move as it is, so it’s not a major compromise given the use I will be putting the treadmill to.

    There are built in Bluetooth speakers and once your phone or tablet is paired, these work pretty well for such small units. That said I generally like a more immersive experience and almost always use my wireless headphones when exercising — but it’s nice to know they are there if needed.

    My daughter is more of a runner than me and has loved using our new home treadmill over the last week or so, she had nothing but good things to say — in fact the only issue might be not being able to use it exactly when I want if she is hogging it!

    My conclusion: I love this treadmill, it ticks all the boxes for me — well priced, substantial but easy to move, good size without taking up too much space (let’s call it compact), feels like it will last well, stylish (if a treadmill could be considered stylish!), convertible (from walking to running machine). If I had to choose again, I’d choose exactly the same device unless I was going to spend substantially more money – so my take is that you won’t regret purchasing this treadmill and will no doubt enjoy plenty of time on the roller!

    Brilliant Treadmill With Great Features

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