PDP Victrix Gambit Headset for Xbox one & Series XIS


Dimensions: 1 x 260.4 x 215.9 cm; 640 Grams
Model: 049-003-NA
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Origin: China

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  1. Bridget Carey says:


    Super Headset, Akku, Tragekomfort und Ton sind wirklich gut. Hatte mich immer gefragt was Dolby Atmos ist und wurde positiv berrascht. Die lebenslange Lizenz fr Dolby Atmos fr Headset ist dabei und funktioniert prima.
    Nur zu empfehlen, vor allem fr den Preis

  2. Anonymous says:


    Also ich habe nichts zu meckern, der Sound ist super und man kann genau nachvollziehen wo die Gerusche herkommen. Das wichtigste ist die dolby atmos app runter zu laden damit es aktiviert wird und es wireless zu betreiben, weil am Kabel dolby atmos nicht luft. Zum Mikrofon kann ich nichts sagen da ich es zum zocken nicht bentige

  3. Anonymous says:


    Casque pour Xbox PDP Victrix assez polyvalent avec mode sans fil ou filiaire qui fonctionnera aussi sur pc sans problme. Il est livr parfaitement bien emball. Visuellement assez classique le violet apporte une touche sympa.
    Niveau confort il est assez lger, les coussins en simili cuir sont agrables , l’arceau lui est rembourr mais au bout d’un moment il provoque tout de mme une certaine gne.
    La qualit du son est plutt bonne ainsi que celle du micro aucun problme ce niveau l. L’autonomie est trs bonne en bluetooth.
    Un bon casque avec une qualit au rendez vous, voir dans le temps pour la matire en simili cuir, il lui manque cependant un peu plus de confort si il doit tre port plusieurs heures.

    Casque pratique avec le mode sans fil ou filiaire

  4. Denny Arar says:


    J’aime vraiment ce casque pour jouer, il a une porte suffisante et il peut aussi tre utilis en filaire au cas o vous oublieriez de le charger. Les oreillettes sont douces et confortables, elles sont aussi en cuir vgtalien, ce qui est une faon lgante de dire faux cuir tout en en faisant un argument de vente.
    Le son du micro est bon, je n’ai pas remarqu de problmes de retard, d’clats ou d’chos bizarres. La fonctionnalit intressante est la possibilit de lever le micro pour le mettre en sourdine. J’aime aussi le Dolby Atmos, mais uniquement en mode sans fil. Il amliore la scne sonore et vous permet de personnaliser le son avec un galiseur.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Ce Victrix Gambit est un casque gaming prvu pour les consoles XBOX One et les nouvelles XBOX Series X/S. On peut cependant tout fait l’utiliser sur PC ou bien mme avec un smartphone.
    Il s’agit d’un casque sans-fil (bien qu’il soit possible de l’utiliser de faon filaire via classique cble Jack), au design sobre, loin du bling-bling habituel des accessoires gaming avec du RGB dans tous les sens.
    Il est trs confortable, mme aprs avoir t port pendant de longues heures de jeu. Ses coussinets en mousse et l’arceau rembourr y sont pour quelque chose.
    Le son, surround sur XBOX, est bon.
    Le micro fonctionne parfaitement lui aussi.
    Bref, c’est un super produit, que je recommande

  6. Anonymous says:


    J adore !! Ce casque est top qualit.
    Trs facile installer, avec l application.. et a cl usb fournie avec.
    Sur xbox,PC ou mme sur votre portable, il fourni pour ma part un son de qualit.
    Pour le micro, bonne rception de la part de l auditeur .
    En gros que du positif.

    Génial !

  7. Anonymous says:

     United States

    So I decided to try my hand in streaming and I play Xbox. Naturally when setting up for streaming I did a bit of research and was informed that I would need a capture card this, chat link cable that, and a wired headset. So outside of Astros that now required an adapter because the series x does not have the opt cord port I ruled them out. I went through 7 different headsets prior of purchasing this pair. Instantly felt great about the purchase. 2 drawbacks I have about this headset is that the mixer button function does not work when playing as wired and that the headset is not as glasses friendly as I’d like them to be. It does put pressure on my frames but once I adjust the position of my frames or put in my contacts, I have not problems at all. The 2 drawbacks is what prevented me from giving it 5 stars but other than that I’m loving the headset. I went ahead and purchased the controller too and I can’t wait to see how that goes.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United States

    i really like this headset for gaming, it has a good enough range and its also capable of wired use in case you forget to charge it. the earcups are soft and comfortable, they are also vegan leather, which is a fancy way of saying fake leather while making it a selling point.
    the sound on the mic is fine, i didn’t notice any issues with delay or popping or odd echoes. the nice feature is the lift to mute mic, i really love the visual indication that my headset is muted. i also like the Dolby Atmos license but its only in wireless mode. it seems to really enhance the soundstage as well as allowing you to customize the audio with an equalizer.

    as far as the headset features go its a definite step up from the cheaper ones I’ve used in the past. the color scheme is also really cool with the purple accents. most of the headsets are black and green with the occasional blue so purple is a nice change.

    overall i think this is definitely worth the cost as the added features are a bonus compared to similar headsets in this price range.

  9. MerissaFeldman says:

     United States

    A mixed bag, but broadly positive.

    First things first, I had a little difficulty connecting this headset wirelessly to my PC. It comes with a USB-A dongle as well as the 3.5mm jack and a USB cable for wired play, but after playing around with it for a while in wired mode I unplugged the jack and plugged the dongle into my PC to test the wireless performance. My PC detected the dongle and ‘Victrix Gambit Wireless Headset for Xbox’ appeared as an available Bluetooth device, but it wasn’t selectable as my output device. After a little frustrating troubleshooting it turned out I needed to press the power button on the headset again (despite it having already been switched on while using it in wired mode) to connect.

    From there on in it was mostly plain sailing. The sound quality in both wired and wireless mode is about what I’d expect at this price point for over ear headphones, with solid bass and a pretty rich, full sound. It’s not the best I’ve heard, but it’s solid.

    As far as comfort goes I guess it depends on your head. These are *big* headphones. The earcups are thick, and as I have a slightly above average sized head that means they squeeze me a little. Not uncomfortably so, but I can definitely feel it. Despite their size, though, they don’t feel all that heavy. They’re sturdy and well built but relatively lightweight for their size.

    I can’t say I’m tempted to switch permanently from my trusty Razer Blackshark v2 headset, which ticks all of my boxes, but this is a solid option if you like big ear-encompassing earcups that block out most environmental sound.

  10. Noor says:


    Das Headset hat einen super Klang, das Mikrofon ist eher mittelmig.

    Den Dolby Atmos support hrt man raus.


    Die reichweite ist meines erachtens nach mit maximal 2 Rumen sehr gering, danach hrt man ein nerviges piepen.

    Die Einstellung verstellen sich manchmal von alleine.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United States

    In the box you get the headset, USB A wireless dongle, cable to hardwire the headset to a control pad or PC with a combo headphone and mic jack, and a USB A to Micro USB cable for charging.

    The microphone is permanently attached to the left earcup but flips up out of the way and mutes when it does so. There are buttons to control headphone power and mic sidetone just to the rear of the mic. Below are the Micro USB and headphone jacks. Then toward the front from there is a game/chat mix roller wheel. The wheel rolls smoothly with no detents. Be aware that the game/chat mix and sidetone controls only work in wireless mode. On the right earcup, you get a volume knob. It also turns smoothly with no detents.

    The earpads are comfortable and have what feels like memory foam in them. The earcups swivel up and down but do not rotate. They also sound creaky while doing so but that isn’t a factor once they are on your head. The top of the headband has memory foam that is comfortable. Overall I was happy with how these felt on my head and my noggin is on the larger side.

    I used this headset on a PC. There is no software needed to operate the headset. It does come with a Dolby Atmos for Headphones license that is activated just by plugging the dongle in. All you have to do is go download the Dolby Access app from the Microsoft store and configure it and you are good to go.

    The microphone sounds good and in line with current wireless tech. I had no problems with it and it adjusts well.

    Wireless range wasn’t the best when compared to other headsets I have had but I was able to get 38 steps away from my PC before losing connection. This takes me from my PC through the room it is in, through the kitchen, and all the way into my bathroom. While not the best I have used I’d consider it more than acceptable.

    When used wirelessly the sound is good in games, music, and movies. I’d say very good out-of-the-box sound, which is good when you don’t have included software to tune the equalization. Volume-wise the headphones get decently loud, probably as loud as you’d want them to be for long-term listening without damaging your hearing. They won’t get loud enough to blow your ears out or get too uncomfortable. Some would see this as these don’t get loud but it makes sense for safety and battery conservation reasons. I am satisfied with the sound and volume in wireless mode.

    What I did end up finding is that you can really wake these headphones up with a headphone amp and they sound even better and can get much louder without distortion. I plugged them into my Schiit Magni Heresy and Modi 3+ using the included cable and a headphone jack adapter that I provided. I was pretty impressed with how this headset sounded with some more power behind it. That doesn’t take away from the wireless mode though, it still sounds good wirelessly and that is how I will probably normally be using this headset.

    I like the flip-up mic but I wish that it detached so it could be replaced in the event of a problem. I don’t think the earpads are easily replaceable and I would have liked to see that. I wish that the volume and chat mix controls had detents. I also wish the USB port was a USB C port instead of a Micro USB.

    This brand wasn’t really on my radar but I like these better than some of the headsets from more well-known brands that I have tried. They aren’t perfect but overall I like them and would recommend them.

  12. TheresaFreeling says:

     United States

    FINALLY, a headset that works correctly and sounds fine! My son is using this wirelessly with his Xbox 1 so now he finally is completely cord free. No more cords to trip over, twisted knots of cords….. I cannot express how happy this makes me. He was VERY excited to be cord free as well. Set up was easy and ready to go in a few minutes. No problems. If this headset should fail, I would probably buy it again. His headsets usually last about 6 months if I’m lucky.

    1Month Update: MY SON LOVES THESE. Hopefully, they will last longer than his other headsets, but this is his 1st wireless one. I would buy it again, but I hope I don’t have to!

  13. Allison Matyus says:

     United States

    This comfortable headset features a mic, noise cancelling, on ear controls, and the capability to run wired and wireless. It can charge while being used in wired mode. The sound quality and frequency response from this set is average for the size of the drives, and leave some room for improvement considering the cost. Wireless range is ok, but the real advantage this headset has its controls built in and the ability to be used in wired mode. I use this on a windows laptop and really appreciate the wired mode when streaming live in a multi person chat environment. I havent really tested this out for gaming, so I cant tell you its performance in highly spatial 3D sound environments. The headphones are pretty comfortable for long durations of use. Mic works well in wired mode.

  14. EdwinSynder says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI am impressed with the audio and features of this headset. The mic on mine has no static noise, bi directional allows my friends to hear me better at all angles. The ear audio is superb with Dolby and 50mm of HD drivers. I sit close to my Xbox, like 15 feet away and I haven’t had any connection loss. Plus, this set is very very comfortable.

    Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

    Dolby surround sound game audio with a crystal clear chat mic…

  15. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersMy experience so far with gaming headsets is an old Turtle Beach headset that was lower-end and a wired Razer Kaira X, which is VERY nice but in a different (lower) price range and category to this Victrix Gambit Wireless headset.

    Build Quality–

    Solid. Thick molded plastic, not indestructible but sturdy enough for regular use. Stitched vegan leatherette cups, should last a while (and look nice with the contrasting stitching). Mic stem is very sturdy and reinforced in a way my previous gaming headsets weren’t. Flexible and stays where you put it. Wheels, controls and buttons are a little firmer and higher quality feeling than on previous headsets.


    Controls differ depending on whether you’re wired or wireless. The on-headset controls are disabled when wired. Inline wired controls adjust volume and enable / disable mic.

    When wireless, the right earcup has a volume control dial and the left cup a mic / chat blend control wheel. The Mode button next to the Power button turns Mic monitoring off/on/high in sequence. Useful if you want to be able to hear yourself talk on the mic or not. Lastly, there’s a Mic-off switch when you rotate the mic stem up and away from your face. You’ll feel it click and there’s a beep to let you know the mic is turned off. Neat!


    Pretty good. The headset is circumaural, so they enclose the ears and don’t sit on them. The cups are pretty deep. I have normal / average ears that just touch the inside edges of the cups but don’t reach the speaker grille. If you have larger ears, they might end up sitting on top of your ears. The cup material is vegan leather. It’s comfy but warm – despite playing for hours it was still comfortable and not as sweaty as I expected (my ears did get a little hot though). My head size is also average and the force of the headband is pleasant but enough. If I shake my head violently, the cups shift around a bit but the headset doesn’t fall off.

    Mic Quality–

    The mic quality differs depending on whether you are wired or wireless. When wired, there’s sometimes uneven levels and some flanging / artifacts to the recordings, which have a cold almost ring-modulated feel to them. Doesn’t sound great. For the most part you’ll be heard ok but if you’re planning on recording walkthroughs or rely on being heard during your team games.. might want an external mic or just use them wirelessly because..

    I actually prefer the mic recordings when used wirelessly. There’s way less artifacts and flanging. The only odd thing is aggressive noise cancelling that sometimes drops out the audio entirely when you pause. I picks up immediately when you start speaking and doesn’t impede conversation.. it’s just abrubt and weird. Not ideal for recordings but fine for gaming.

    Audio Quality–

    Didn’t really notice a difference wired or wireless for general use.

    Audio quality is pretty good overall and excels in a few ways. It’s a little boomy and sometimes poorly defined in the low end, which I don’t like in music. My other gaming headset leans the other way and has a fairly anemic bass response by comparison but is always defined and clear. However, using the Dolby Access app allows you to tailor the EQ with some presets, helping tame the Gambit’s bass. For games and action movies, the extra bass isn’t a problem, and in fact makes for a more exciting experience.

    What I REALLY like about the Gambit is the wider sound stage / stereo field. I’m used to professional / near-audiophile headsets (I record and mix music for fun). My other gaming headset has a slightly narrow stereo image and it bothers me sometimes. The Gambit has sounds that seem to be coming from really far left and right. Music tracks that are mixed well and have well-separated instruments are a joy to listen to. It’s VERY immersive and, combined with Dolby Atmos, really excels in surround sound applications.

    In game (I’m obsessed with Rise of the Tomb Raider right now), sound effects are visceral and it’s easy to locate objects based on sound alone – I’ve spun around hearing snow crunch beside or behind me multiple times (usually a rabbit or squirrel!). For gaming, these are excellent.

    Surround Sound–

    This marketing feature is a little disingenuous. This is a regular stereo headset that comes bundled with a Dolby Atmos LICENSE, which requires the Dolby Access app and only works in wireless mode because it detects / validates the headset license through the USB dongle.

    However, when comparing wired and wireless performance I realised I can purchase my own Dolby Atmos license and attach that to the headset port / soundcard in my laptop. So now the Victrix Gambit has Dolby Atmos when wired. And so does every other wired headset I own. Hmm.

    I will say that the surround sound effect is better through the Gambit than my other gaming headset, primarily because of the Gambit’s overall better / wider stereo imaging. Sounds seem more dramatic, objects whiz by your head and the low end that’s a little much in music is great for explosions and helping you FEEL the low end. Lots of fun!

    Final Thoughts–

    I’m used to paying this much (or more) for a semi-decent wired headset just for tracking or listening to music. Value-wise, for a wireless gaming headset that sounds this good, I’ve got no complaints.

    But I can’t give it 5 stars because the mic isn’t as awesome as the speakers and the low end definition still has some issues. There are other aspects to the sound that compensate but they’re not perfect, so it can’t be 5.

    Still, this is a super strong 4-4.5 stars for sure.

    Excellent gaming headset, great stereo and surround sound