Revopoint POP 3D Scanner 0.3mm Accuracy 8 Fps Scan Speed Desktop and Handheld Fixed/Auto Scan Mode for Face and Body Scanning Modes for Color 3D Printing

3D Scanner

Ultra-High-Precision Consumer-Grade 3D Scanner

  • The Revopoint POP 3D scanner is a complex piece of professional 3D imaging equipment that outweighs other 3D scanners at its Value for money

  • Compared to industrial-grade scanners, our POP 3D scanner boasts a 0.3mm capturing accuracy and a binocular structured light, safe for any environment or object.

  • With affordability as our main factor, you’ll receive much more than what any professional imaging device can give you while saving even more!

  • With a weight lighter than a chocolate bar(200g), this POP 3D scanner is no larger than a smartphone. The ability to carry to any venue, outdoor or indoor, scanning everything becomes a reality.



  • The POP 3D scanner is accurate compared to the usual scanners you find on the market, and when matched to those on the highest spectrum

  • Sharper and more precise images can be attained even when you scan objects with irregular textures.

  • To design and creatives alike, accuracy is a godsend. It helps reduce the amount of work needed to render and edit, also gives you a better overall look immediately, making changes if required.

  • Beside, the POP 3D scanner can differentiate between the general structure of hair and capture them in 3D, allowing a clearer 3D scan of it. With that, 3D images of your family members can be rendered and saved to preserve the happiest moments with them.



  • Welcome to the dream of every animation artist or game design. you may use the 3D data attained to design your animation models flexibly.

  • Changing heads, facial expressions, posture, and all other things imagined are possible with our technology. The customization is limitless. Objects from sunglasses to shoes can all be scanned efficiently into the software.

  • The scanned objects can then be rendered into most major software and used as props. The option of freely adding these customed pieces to your 3D model makes designing enjoyable and more manageable.


Scan Face & Human Body

The Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is the optimal tool for 3D imaging and modeling.

  • The POP 3D scanner can scan the human body efficiently and the intricate features of someone’s face. By establishing accurate cloud points with our technology, a human’s facial features can be implemented almost identically in a digital image.


Scan Artworks with Color

The POP 3D scanner equipped with binocular + structured light can deliver high-quality scans with texture and match color profiles.

  • Our infrared scanner can pick up high-profile textures on the object, perfect for artworks by scanning with ultra-precision. Conveniently select the color scanning mode to add vibrancy to your image. Generate vivid and robust color profiles for whatever you need


Scan Industrial Parts

This structured light 3D scanner is ideal for making a quick, textured, and accurate 3D model of industrial parts. It scans fast and captures the precise detailing you need to work.

  • Our POP 3D Scanner can help you reverse engineer most industrial parts to prevent catastrophic failures. Such as a single gear in a whole system. If cracked or broken, you need to find a replacement immediately. Start by scanning the broken piece and merge them. Create a flawless new gear to replace the old. This helps reduce the amount of downtime taken when something needs replacement.
  • If one of your parts is damaged, scan and get it fixed by 3D imaging and printing. The files scanned are compatible with most software used in today’s engineering industries.


Scan anything

The POP 3D Scanner comes equipped with a tripod/handheld base that allows you to maneuver your shots like a professional

  • This improves stability and reduces any errors when scanning outdoors. Connect it to a smartphone with a cable outdoors and start scanning.
  • To help improve the scanning capabilities, our scanner has a marker alignment mode. This mode allows scanning a large or feature-less object through the selected marker points. Marker points are an additional item that can be found in our store


Face Or Body




Industrial Design


Enjoy funning


Brand Revopoint
Product Model POP 3D scanner
Single capture accuracy Up to 0.3mm
Single capture range 210mm x 130mm
Working distance 275mm±100mm
Minimum scan volume 50mm×50mm×50mm
Scan speed Up to 8 fps
Light source 1 class infrared Laser(eye-safe)
Alignment Feature alignment, marker point alignment
Output format STL、PLY、OBJ
Texture scan Yes
Scanner weight ≤225g
Dimensions 6.06×1.5×1 (Inch )
Printable data output Able to export 3D model directly to 3D printing
PC/Phone configurations Windows: win8/win10 Memory:≥4G iMac type: Only for Mac OS 10.15 and above Android: ≥Android 6.0 Memory:≥4G iPhone 6s and all models after; iPad Pro& iPad & iPad Air: the 3rd generation and above; System Version: ≥ iOS 11.
Note which might vary subject to actual operating environment.

Dimensions: 30.51 x 19.61 x 7.39 cm; 1.22 Kilograms
Model: POP-A1
Manufacture: Revopoint
Origin: China

37 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    It requires a little of effort to master it but… scanning my face and merging it with Julius Cesar’s bust? Priceless! 🙂

    A must have tool for makers!

  2. KlausLofland says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    I bought this device in the Fall of 2021, just prior to the release of the second version. Detail wise, the first Revopoint Pop is very impressive. Scan quality does rely on good lighting and a steady hand, so there is a definite learning curve. Revopoint has improved the companion software drastically since this first came out, which helps fuse subjects that were scanned in pieces. I still haven’t managed a full scan in one shot.

    I find that scanning while connected to a PC works best, although the few times i used this via a Mac computer or a wireless device it worked fine. Previous experience with 3D software is highly recommended but not necessary for enthusiastic newcomers. There are plenty of helpful tutorials online, even though Revopoint resources are a little sparce.

    Dream tool for 3D hobbyis

  3. Anonymous says:

     Spain 🇪🇸

    Lo he utilizado para realizar escaneos a diferentes piezas, diferentes tamaos. Es un buen escner para le precio que tiene. Lo recomiendo para la utilizacin’pon no profesional. Una buena compra por mi parte

  4. Alexandra Able says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Good little scanner for the price. Level of detail seems good with non-shiney items. Even slightly reflective items seem to need spraying in a Matt colour before the scanner will pick them up well. The software is basic but does the job. I am still learning and getting used to it, but it does seem like a great scanner for the price.

  5. BobbieM33kdt says:

     Italy 🇮🇹

    Consiglio questo prodotto a chiunque si approccia per la prima volta nel settore dello scanner 3D e della modellazione. E’ incluso il programma molto semplice e intuitivo da utilizzare.

  6. Jacob O'Gara says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I think this little 3d scanner is going to be something special, I haven’t got it fully to scan everything only because I haven’t read everything about it, I was so excited to try it out and try I did, great scanner so far I did a quick scan and this is what I did ,I think once I get it fully set up and I’ve ordered a rotating plate to help it should make excellent scans, bit high on the price side but cheaper than alot, what can I say I want something cheap but overall 5 stars for quality and buld

    It's gonna be good times

  7. Anonymous says:

     Germany 🇩🇪

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIch hatte zwar als Anfnger anfangs einige Schwierigkeiten die beiliegende Statue druckreif zu scannen, aber nach einigen Tipps aus Video-Tutorials hatte ich bald den Dreh raus.
    Mittlerweile funktioniert das Scannen von Objekten mit dem Drehteller aus dem Set ganz gut.

    Fr dunkle und schwarze Objekte habe ich mir einen Kreidespray zugelegt — funktioniert auch sehr gut.
    Verbindung ber Hotspot (Handy) funktioniert auch einwandfrei.

    Zu handgefhrtem Scannen kann ich noch nichts berichten.

    Mein erster Eindruck ist sehr zufriedenstellend.

    Der Preis ist sehr gut. Die meisten 3d-Scanner wiesen erheblich hhere Preise auf.

    Ich kann den POP 3D-Scanner mit Drehteller nur empfehlen.

  8. cyberaty says:

     United States

    Never using a 3D scanner and being VERY new to 3D printing I was able to capture my sons image and transfer it to a stl. and print it with easily the first day we received it!

    Never using a 3D scanner and being VERY new to 3D printing I was able to capture my sons image and transfer it to a stl. and print it with easily the first day we received it!

  9. Anonymous says:


    Pour reproduire les ttes de ma famille et reproduire des jouets de mon garons

    Prendre son temps pour scanner un objet ou une tête humaines

  10. Andrew Altman says:


    Das Gert funktioniert gut, Verarbeitung und Verpackung sind solide und wertig. Man sollte allerdings den Hinweis beachten, eine schnelle USB-3-Verbindung zu nutzen und der verwendete Rechner sollte ber eine potente Graphikkarte verfgen. Die Genauigkeit des Scans bewegt sich, wie angegeben, im Zehntel-Millimeterbereich. Das gilt allerdings nicht fr alle Objekte.

    Die mitgelieferte mattweie Bste lie sich sehr gut scannen. Ich habe dazu einen Drehteller verwendet. Details waren etwas runder als beim Original. Eine nahezu 100%ige Kopie auf einem 3D-Drucker wird nicht mglich sein. Aber das Ergebnis war sehr gut.

    Handgefhrte Scans von Gesichtern bedrfen einer gewissen Sorgfalt und sind abhngig von der Leistungsfhigkeit des Rechners. Sie sind aber mit etwas bung und Geduld gut mglich. Handgefhrte Scans von einer ganzen Person habe ich nicht ausprobiert. Ich vermute aber, dass die Ergebnisse hnlich gut sein werden wie bei einem Gesichts-Scan. Man sollte 20 – 30 Minuten dafr einplanen. Farben sind aber ein Problem. Schwarze Schuhe zum Beispiel werden vermutlich nicht funktionieren.

    Damit komme ich zu meinem speziellen Problem. Ich hatte vor, technische Objekte wie eine Gitterstruktur aus der Tragflche eines historischen Flugzeug zu scannen. Ich habe deshalb einige Versuche mit vergleichbaren Strukturen gemacht: ein 1:16 Modell eines Willis Jeep und ein verstellbarer Schraubstock. Beides hat berhaupt nicht funktioniert. Dunkle Bereiche, auch Schatten, sind ein Problem. Nicht zu reden ber die schwarzen Reifen des Jeepmodells. Die konnte der Scanner gar nicht sehen. Ich habe deshalb meinen olivgrnen Schraubstock mit Kreidespray eingesprht. Also alles mattwei wie die oben genannte Bste. Aber auch das hat nicht funktioniert. Der Scanner verliert stndig und sehr leicht die Orientierung und macht dann neue Flchen an anderer Stelle oder vllig abwegige Gebilde.

    Mir scheint das ein Softwareproblem zu sein. Die ist offensichtlich auf unregelmige Gebilde wie Gesichter oder Kleidung ausgerichtet. Mit ebenen Flchen kommt sie hingegen nicht klar fr die Ausrichtung. Ebenso mit dunklen bis schwarzen Bereichen. Da sollten die Entwickler vielleicht noch Arbeit reinstecken!

    Alle, die hauptschlich menschliche Krper und Vergleichbares scannen mchten, sollten meine 4 Punkte als 5 Punkte betrachten. Bei dem Preis ist die Leistung herausragend. Wenn man sorgfltig und geduldig ist. Mal eben schnell drberhuschen funktioniert nicht. Das funktioniert brigens auch nicht bei Systemen, die das Zehnfache kosten. Fr Scans von technischen Objekten wrde ich 0 Sterne vergeben. Wer so etwas plant, sollte die Finger davon lassen und lieber einen professionellen Dienstleister anfragen.

  11. MonroeBroadway says:

     United States

    This scanner was at the right price point. I tried it, and it took some practice, but it does scan the included white test object. Working with the software to edit the results will be the next step. I am now interested to see if the POP2 has better features to make this process even faster and easier.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Had a lot of problems initially, but after a software update many of the problems were resolved. At the price they’re charging it’s definitely worth a second chance

  13. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 57 From Our UsersUnfortunately at the time of writing this review 3D scanning is still very expensive to get into. Not only are the scanner expensive but so is the software. The Revopoint scanner does the job as long as you understand the limitations. If you don’t understand how it works that it could be beyond frustrating with the amount of mis-tracks. I brought this to scan car parts to reverse engineer into functional parts in solidworks. Think headlight duct or fender flares. For my particular use taping the part off with white masking tape and using the sticky markers worked. With some practice I was able to get some good scans of the parts. But after forming the point cloud and subsequent polygon model it is not very useful after I brought it into Solidworks. After trying half a day to decimate the polygons and unsuccessfully trying to form planes I realize I couldn’t really do anything with the STL without additional plugins. Sadly I must say this technology is still too expensive for the hobbiest to get into.

  14. Anonymous says:


    Much better results than face casts, cleaner and covid friendly. Actors love me. Basic programs included, easier than the $3000 i borrowd from the school.

    Much better results than face casts, cleaner and covid friendly. Actors love me. Basic programs included, easier than the $3000 i borrowd from the school.

  15. MajorKearney says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersUpdate: I might have received a broken device I will try a new one an clarified my impression very soon. One thing I can say is that. they have a good aftersales relationship with they client.

    Impossible to get it to connect to a device. Wifi connection never last more than 2 seconds and with usb connection it crash instantly. I have try with a Samsung S20 a Pixel 2 and Ipad pro.

    This is more useless than the pet rock!

    I cannot believe the are selling this for hundreds of dollars.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This 3D scanner is amazing! I can scan my pets and my kids and 3D print them with amazing detail. Software is super easy to use too my 8 year old son scanned and smoothed out the 3D scan in the software with no help from me. If your thinking about getting this do it you won’t regret it.

    This 3D scanner is amazing! I can scan my pets and my kids and 3D print them with amazing detail. Software is super easy to use too my 8 year old son scanned and smoothed out the 3D scan in the software with no help from me. If your thinking about getting this do it you won’t regret it.

  17. AnhBOZWren says:

     United States

    It’s software is pretty good but use a manual turn table for scans and use the marker stickers so it help the software keep tracking.

  18. SophiaHubbard says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersAnfnglich hatte ich Probleme einen sauberen Scan zu bekommen. Durch ein Software-Update des Scanners hat sich alles zu besten entwickelt. Ich kann dieses Gert zu 100% empfehlen und kenne kein vergleichbares am Markt.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Consegna puntualissima e prodotto al di sopra delle mie aspettative.
    Scansioni di grande risultato anche iniziando dalle prime prove.
    Il servizio clienti efficientissimo, disponibili e velocissimi.

    prodotto eccellente

  20. MattJamesu says:

     United States

    Love it, accuracy and ease of use. Bang for your buck hands down Revopoint will be a company my business sticks with. Customer service A+

  21. Wallaceperitoni says:


    Aprs avoir utilis un scanner 3D Makerbot Digitizer depuis 2013, je suis vraiment impressionn par la prcision et la rapidit du Revopoint Pop. La possibilit de pouvoir digitaliser un objet massif l’extrieur est un atout important aussi. Il faut avoir tout de mme une bonne dose de patience et de persvrance pour avoir un rsultat adquat mais a en vaut la peine.

    Très bon scanner 3D

  22. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I really bought this to augment my 3D printers. First thing I needed to do was a helmet mount that matched my helmet’s surface. This product allowed me to do that. I had to use a third party app called Hexagon to to the merging of the helmet surface with the GoPro mount I downloaded from Thingiverse. I had to cover the helmet with tape to make the scan easier but after that it wasn’t a problem. Now I have a mount that fits the exact shape of the helmet so it should stay attached better. I have already scanned the top of the helmet to make a mount for my 360 camera when I have some time.

    Next project is to scan the hole in the center of my motorcycle tire so I can print an adapter to balance the tires. So far, the scanner has performed accurately enough for my purposes. It was cheaper than the others and does have the option to run work with a phone instead of a computer so with a portable power pack it is a mobile scanner you can use in the garage or outside. At this point I am extremely happy with the purchase and think It’s definitely worth the price. I wish it was better at scanning black/shiny items but this time I used tape to get a good scan. I think I’ll try the spray on wrap for the next one to remove possible tape wrinkles and texture.

    Great Bang for the Buck

  23. RonnyCharteris says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I had some initial issues, as a beginner, but great customer service has resolved all of them. Very rewarding to know that support is always there.

  24. kytterberg says:

     United States

    I bought my scanner and I had some cuestions I wrote to support and they answered my cuestions fast recomend it 110 %.
    scans are easy and great detail

  25. MajorTPXSdtncns says:

     United States

    Great 3d scans and definitely best value for the money. Wasn’t expecting the detail I got at this price. Software is very intuitive and easy to use. Got my mother scanned on the first try and my own face. Best using USB. Also tried wireless but it is more cumbersome. The Android app does a decent job but it is limited by the phone memory. Definitely more detail and haven’t hit a limit using a Windows PC (Octacore Ryzen 7, 48GB RAM) Need to find a USB extension cable capable of handling high speed.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    i finally decided to look for a 3d scanner but prices seem way high. every time i came back to this 3d scanner from Revopoint pop.. decided regardless of the negative views i would go ahead and order came next day great, found to be packed in a sturdy box and foam protection…
    unpacked downloaded software, and plugged in scanner to my usb3 port nothing happened, so tried the other cable the and i got a blue then green light , also the software stated camera connected.
    then cycled through camera connected and disconnected having seen this in the past i new straight away usb 3 could not provide enough power, so back to amazon looking for a split cable power and data through 2 separate cables, and i found that revopoint does the splitter to seperate the inputs…mobile connecter sent for it next day .

    mobile connecter arrived and connected the scanner i cable to a power supply 2A and the other into my usb3 port , the camera started and stayed connected and i was away scanning no problems.

    this scanner is ideal for what i want i have since purchased phone holder and led light.

    to anyone considering buying the scanner don’t provide neg feedback not working until you get the mobile connector you will surprised.

    great product (don’t supply neg feedback if not working may need mobile connecter)
    getting scans for my 3d printer and resin printer..

    i have no problem recommending this item

  27. TomasBeaurepair says:

     United Kingdom

    Scanning objects is easy enough and the results are very good. Be mindful of reflective and dark surfaces and workaround accordingly – dusting with baby powder and/or adjusting the gain in the software works wonders.

    Heads take a little patience and practice, but you can get fantastic results, especially if you have a swivel chair. I’m really impressed. The software does a good job of piecing together the scan data even when it might look like the person is gonna have 4 eyes and 3 noses.

    Top marks, I’m hooked.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My previous review on this device was quite negative.

    Having been gifted one (which we couldnt return), my husband spent more tike with it.

    In his words its a steep learning curve and better than most others on the market.

    He still has issues with the tracking sometimes but a bit of powder spray and market dots normally helps a ton. We have heard the second one has big improvements, will look to get one when the prices come down a bit.

    The original review is here…

    Originally, we thought this was a brilliant device, seemed to work well and my husband loved it (it was a gift).
    The device is built well and feels solid. The tripod it comes with is a bit cheap, and plasticky.

    After some use, he found it always miss tracked or restarted – which is very frustrating when you are trying to do a large object.

    Apparently there is a second version being released soon. We hope the hardware is a bit more stable, and the software is much easier to use.

  29. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBest scanner ever
    So precise and accurate
    Great built quality

  30. AlinaDSPefdi says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersGreat mate Riverpoint POP scaler 3G with is lots of soft worse or possible to be used and amazing support option well organized not heavy is it to use really well gift-able. That was one of the best gifts for my younger brother who actually studying 3G do University and he’s really happy however everything works

     Great mate Riverpoint POP scaler 3G with is lots of soft worse or possible to be used and amazing support option well organized not heavy is it to use really well gift-able. That was one of the best gifts for my younger brother who actually studying 3G do University and he’s really happy however everything works

  31. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersAyant acheter les deux, je suis trs satisfait du Revopoint POP, meme avec les rglages par dfaut les dtailles sont prsent, je recommande.

    Très satisfai

  32. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersUno strumento adatto a reverse engineering per acquisizione modelli.
    I modelli vanno opportunamente scalati ed elaborati mediante un calcolatore.
    Modellare un componente da zero sempre tedioso e lo scanner 3d agevola l’operazione bypassando la progettazione elementare.
    Si tratta di uno strumento adatto a pezzi singoli oppure assiemi con un basso numero di componenti.
    Fino ad oggi strumenti del genere erano dedicati a studi ingegneristici per le aziende, ma la miniaturizzazione dei componenti e lo sviluppo hanno permesso l’uso anche ai privati ad una cifra ragionevole.
    Le dimensioni e peso leggermente inferiori ad uno smartphone, ne permettono l’uso in condizioni di mobilit.
    L’alimentazione pu essere fornita da dispositivi mobili(smartphone o pc) mediante il cavo incluso in quanto assorbe poca energia.
    I primi test sono stati effettuati proprio sul busto che viene fornito con l’apparecchio.
    L’ideale per una scannerizzazione coerente un piattello girevole che va acquistato a parte.
    Il risultato buono con una precisione dichiarata a 0.3 mm.
    La distanza deve essere opportuna affinch possa ricevere una immagine coerente.
    Esiste un software proprietario gratuito sia su pc che su smartphone che permette il salvataggio del progetto utilizzando molteplici estensioni che possono essere elaborate successivamente.
    Personalmente elaboro i modelli 3d in solidworks/catia per generare un codice G da trasferire alla macchina cnc.
    Parliamo di strumenti per uso amatoriale che sono una risorsa per gli amanti del settore.
    L’uso in mobilit facilitato da un treppiede/asta telescopica ma lo scanner deve comunque rimanere ben fermo durante l’uso.
    Per lavorare su profili curvilinei e oggetti lisci necessario utilizzare dei punti di riferimento per scansione 3D. Sono inclusi in confezione punti da 0.6mm e sono anche acquistabili a parte.
    Inoltre necessario acquisire in condizione di piena luce e per tale motivo utilizzo un ring light usato anche per i selfie.
    Richiede precisione, pazienza e una certa manualit ma i risultati nel corso del tempo saranno sempre migliori.
    Per gli amanti della stampa 3d, i formati sono compatibili con tinkercad e altri software di modellazione simili.

    Modelli 3d per CNC e stampa 3d

  33. KarolinToussain says:


    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersIch habe den revopoint Pop Scanner gekauft und egal was ich probiere,es kommt nur Mist raus ,auch die beiliegende Gipsfigur, dieser Scanner ging zurck ,ich habe dann von revopoint einen Scanner bekommen .mit der neusten Firmeware 2.xxxxxx der erste Scanner hatte noch eine 1.6xxx Firmeware und siehe da, der Scanner mit der neuesten Firmeware funktioniert perfekt ,die beiliegende Gipsfigur habe ich mit dem Drehteller und nur 6umdrehungen eingesca

    Funktioniert perfek

  34. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersIch war zunchst skeptisch, aber meine Erwartungen wurden bertroffen.
    Ich habe bis jetzt nur die HandyScan App fr PC (auch fr Mac, Android, iOS verfgbar) getestet. Diese ist sehr einfach gehalten und bietet aber alle ntigen Funktionen um ein gutes 3D Modell zu erstellen.
    Der Support reagiert auch schnell und bietet ein eigenes Forum an.

    Ich wrde das Produkt wieder kaufen!

  35. MartiGuillen says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersJust had first trial and I am absolutely loving it!! It’s definitely not giving the resolution of a huge/expensive industrial scanner, but is perfect for users like me that’s limited on budget but still expecting a certain level of quality!! I’ve been watching Youtube Video and searching for such products for a while. Spent some dollars on stuffs, and this is by far the most satisfying one!!

    I will expect some updates on the software though. Took me a while to figure out how to set it up on my MacBook. (…and later on I found their instruction on Youtube.) The interface and USB mode need extra development but I’m tolerant to a new product like this.

    Overall I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase. I’ll spend more time on the hand hold mode and my other projects! I’ve had a million ideas in my mind. 🙂

    Excellent scanner that does the job. Works on Mac!

  36. LPMMontemtfcbr says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersPurchased this for reverse-engineering some complex automotive geometry that I was unable to remove from the vehicle. I was very skeptical about this unit due to lack of engineering-focused reviews. At this price point, I am very happy with the results.

    I would say .3mm accuracy is pretty optimistic, but my test parts were all black and glossy so they are difficult for this type of scanner to capture. The accuracy was adequate to locate bolt holes within the accuracy I was looking for. Foot powder spray or liquid makeup are a must for black and glossy parts.

    The software is reasonable, but documentation is pretty sparse. The revopoint forum has good technical advice from what I assume is their employees. MacOS does not offer USB support, and setting up WiFi is EXTREMELY technical, but it does work well. In fact, MacOS over Wifi worked BETTER than USB on my faster Windows machine. Meshlab is worth downloading if you need more adjustability in your meshing process.

    It works!

  37. CarleyMain says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersSo far I am very impressed by this scanner. Does amazing job with smaller items (if it fits on the turn table the scanning will be a joy) I still try to learn how to scan items free hand but the partial results I am receiving are promising. Scan quality is amazing. The mobile app and ability to scann while you are out and about is great. Few words of warning: this type of scanners do not like strong direct light as it will mess up with their laser pattern (outdoor scanning in cloudy day or before sunrise or after sundown) also scanning of black and shinning objects may be challenging and you may need to use 3d scanner sprays or dry shampoo on the objects. But this is true for all laser scanners. Over all I am happy with my purchase