Tablets 10 Inch Android 10.0-YUMKEM Tablet PC Octa-Core, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, WiFi, Dual Camera, GPS, 1280×800 HD IPS Screen, 6800mAh, Type C, Phablet with Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse, N10, Gray


NOTE: There’s a plastic film on the screen and camera, please tear the film off before use.


1 x keyboard, 1 x mouse, 1 x capacitive pen, 1 X DC charger, 1X USB cable, 1 x OTG cable


This YUMKEM tablet has a built-in octa-core SAC9863 processor and 4GB of memory for an ultra-smooth user viewing experience. With 64GB of built-in storage space, you can save all your favorite programs and e-books together. Using its 5MP front camera, you can video chat with friends, participate in online courses, or hold Zoom meetings. It also includes GPS and Bluetooth functions.

1 1 1
Display 10.1-inch 10.1-inch 10.1-inch
Storage 64 GB (expandable by up to 128 GB) 64 GB (expandable by up to 128 GB) 64 GB (expandable by up to 128 GB)
RAM 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
CPU Octa core 1.6 GHz Quad core 1.8 GHz Quad core 1.8 GHz
Operate System Android 10 GO Android 10 GO Android 10 GO
Including keyboard and case

Weight: 920 g
Dimensions: 24.3 x 15.3 x 0.6 cm; 920 Grams
Colour: Gray
Manufacture: YUMKEM
Colour: Gray

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28 Responses

  1. AileenMccleary says:

     United Kingdom

    It is quick to start. I bought it as a tablet replacement since the screen failed on the tablet. I use it mainly for checking emails, reading the news and browsing.Brilliant display and fast when you are surfing the internet.It’s easy to set,with the added advantage of a keyboard you can remove and use on its own.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersLooking for an affordable tablet for on-the-go, we came across this model from Yumkee.

    I must admit that I was quite surprised by the package because in addition to the tablet, as well as the instruction manual it came with, a keyboard, a mouse, a charging cable for the tablet, a pen, and a case for the tablet are supplied. Upon turning on the tablet it came with a full battery, YaY, so you can get started and work with it right away.

    This tablet is an android operating system, So anyone who already has experience with Android will definitely not have any difficulties with its operation. But it won’t be a problem for ios users either! You just add your home wifi add your email address and download the missing apps you need from the google play store but most Google apps are pre-installed like (Maps, Mail, Drive, Play, Youtube, and Netflix…) On delivery, the tablet had 59 GB free of 64GB, due to the pre-installed apps.

    The overall display has a good enough picture quality, the camera on this tablet is just okay, great for someone who’s not into really crystal clear photos 🙂 Overall, I’m pleased with the device, The overall performance is good! it is a good alternative for anyone looking for a good cheap device that doesn’t want to pay too much for a branded name!

    An Affordable Tablet !!

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    What a good value tablet and accessories pack from Yumkee. Not only do you get a half decent specification tablet, you also get a keyboard, a mouse, a tablet pen, and a protective case for the tablet. You basically have everything you will ever need to use with the tablet.
    This tablet has the up-to-date Android 10 operating system. Specifications wise it has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM which along with a okay processor makes it fast enough for normal usage. The screen display picture quality is good enough for browsing and watching videos. Bright colours and good contrast settings. Sound is acceptable and improved using earphones.
    This tablet package is fantastic value. Usable as a tablet and as a mini laptop for small work or school projects.

  4. Benjamin Abbott says:

     United Kingdom

    Great tablet, More than was expected. Works much faster than other tablets same range. Outstanding quality, nice on touch, and has a good grip. Impressed with sleek and lightweight design. The clarity of the screen and the crispness of the colors really jump out to you. Good for kid uses. Simple and basic functions, big screen. Can sometimes be laggy when running heavy apps. Touch feedback is pretty good. Uses USB-c so that’s a plus as so do all my other devices. Accepts micro SD cards for expandable storage. Has 64 gigs of on-bored storage. Overall, this is a great PC tablet for surfing the web.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Got this for my daughter as she learning from home and needed to upload homework daily to school application.
    Unfortunately her old tabled hasn’t got flash light to when taking pictures on the evenings it was quite a challenge. I had to use my phones light to lighten it while she tools the picture.
    This one purchase to help with this issue and makes life more easier.
    This tablet it’s like ultra book computer as came with full package.
    It came with keypad and also protective cover, touch pen etc
    Homework uploading much easier, great pictures quality with flash light.
    Overall great package for day to day use and home learnings.

  6. AnnieFXXausa says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersThis is a really nice Android Tablet that is fast and very well made.
    This tablet comes with a very nice case that protects the tablet and provides a nice stand for the tablet when watching movies etc. You also get a Bluetooth Keyboard and wireless mouse. The mouse is used by plugging in the USB into the tablet. The Bluetooth Keyboard connects via Bluetooth and is very good and accurate.
    The tablet is nice and fast and runs everything very smoothly. The screen is nice and bright providing a nice clear image.
    I watch a lot of movies and TV series so the fact that you can watch Netflix on this tablet is great. netflix and other streaming apps like iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video work amazingly well. The tablet has some nice speakers and also a 3.5mm Audio Jack so you can connect headphones if you wish to do so.
    The tablet is fast and can handle multiple apps open and switching between them is very smooth.
    Overall for the price I ahve been pleaseantly surprised by this tabket and for the followinf reasons I have decided to rate it 5 stars:
    looks great
    well made
    very fast
    excellent for streaming
    nice quality accessories
    very good scree

    ice fast table

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersThis is an absolute brilliant little tablet when needed it can even turn in to laptop the touch screen respond very well tje sound quality is amazing i am using this product for my office work where i have used many different apps and also zoom call never face a issue and never lack in speed.

    The camera quality is just iceing on the cake its so cheap and it comes with case screen guard mouse its a proper tablet laptop i have been searching for.

    I cant forget to mention about the battery life it just last for few days and also it charges very fast.

    Excellent Table

  8. Lori Grunin, says:

     United Kingdom

    This tablet is easy to set up and install all the APPS. The screen is excellent , I feel comfortable to watch the images. And the keyboard can type certain characters well. It is value for money to buy this tablet with keyboard and mouse.

  9. EusebiaSchaefer says:

     United Kingdom

    It is a brilliant aftermarket tablet for a relatively cheap price.
    I use it as a remote control for the digital sound desk. Its performance and display are stunning. I used to have older generation Samsung tablets and they always felt a bit plasticky and light in hand. This tablet is made of aluminium and its built quality is superb.
    The tablet comes with Android 10 out of the box, so I am not sure if I will get any more future updates (I hope I do)
    A couple more good things about this tablet are its USB-C port and
    3.5mm jack for headphones. IPS Display is crisp and bright and is also perfectly usable outside or under direct sunlight.
    The battery life is hard to tell, but I tried to use it for a good 6-8 hours and I had still 15% of battery left. So presume on average usage it will easily last you for a day.
    All in all, I am happy with the purchase. For the price I paid, I don’t expect to see an iPad Pro killer 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Still early days ( hence 4*), but so far It’s up to the expectations. Very easy to use and ticks all the boxes. My little one is delighted with all the accessories that came with the product. Yes , I would definitely recommend.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Vey happy with this. The tablet is well built and has a lovely gold finish on the chassis. The picture quality is very good on a HD IPS screen. It also has decent specs with an octa core CPU and 4GB of RAM.

    It also includes a wireless keyboard and mouse which are both decent quality. With 64GB of storage space there is a good amount there for apps, pictures, etc… but also the possibility to extend by up to 128GB via a microSD card which you will need to purchase separately.

    Overall, very happy with this and I have no complaints.

    Great tablet, great price

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersWicked little tablet which costs next to nothing when you consider it compared to other tablets.

    Compared to the other well known brand names that make you pay extra for more features or accessories, this contains everything you would need.
    Mouse tick
    Keyboard tick
    Stylus tick

    Once you get it running, its quick and nimble. The screen is clear and sharp. There isn’t any lag between touching the device and it actually doing things which I’ve seen on other cheap tablets and phone because the processor isn’t up to the job.

    Best thing of all is that this doesn’t come with any bloatware. Its only got installed what it needs and allows you to install the rest. Unlike Samsung which try and get you to use their version of the software than googles proven ones.

    Plenty of storage on the device, but if you are going to be holding lots of videos there is a memory card slot to add up to another 128gb. The Memory card slot can be found hiding under the top cover. It pops off with a little force and you’ll see the slot for it.

  13. icyabstract says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersFor anyone who does not really want to got through the full review I will jist say that if price does not bother you this is a great one-in-all setup including screen, keyboard and mouse.

    I was looking for a setup for a primary school child. Something he could practice typing on a keyboard and learn how to use mouse.

    After receiving the pack I was really happy with the quality and the extras, as it includes a keyboard, a mouse and a case. The quality is very decent and all looks like it is going to serve me well for a while.

    The tablet has enough memory for all the games, apps and films, but also it rather speedy. Using it for over a week now intensly all works smooth and without glitches.

    Battery recharging and life I would sy is on par with typical devices of thos size.

    The screen quality may not be matching the ipads or fancy samsungs, but it is not bad and more than sufficient for daily tasks.

    Summarising the setup is great, unless you heavilly rely on quality of the screen, like a graphic artist or something similar.

    Otherwise a fantastic wee setup.

    Great laptop-like setup

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 20 From Our UsersThis is a lovely little tablet with a low-price tag, and it even comes with a keyboard and mouse!

    Although this tablet will only set you back around 130, it has a bunch of excellent features and has some powerful components within (4GB RAM, Octa-Core CPU, etc.)

    The battery life also seems to be excellent; my daughter uses it most days for 5-8 hours per sitting and it doesn’t need charging until around 10 hours of usage.

    As with most Android tablets, you an expand the storage capacity by up to 128GB through the use of an external microSD (these only cost around 15 at the time of writing).

  15. Dr. AC Fool for Blood says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 41 From Our UsersThe tablet features a stylish design with a metallic back that gives it a more expensive appearance.

    Except for the elevated camera lens on the back, the profile is flat.

    Has a 64GB internal memory (approximately 50 GB usable after basic setup/operating system/updates) and can be expanded up to 128GB with a micro-SD card.

    Finally, there are USB C charging ports, a 3.5mm audio/headphone connector, and a Bluetooth keyboard and keyboard are included in the package.

    It can multitask (run two applications at once/picture in picture) since it runs Android 10.

    It offers access to the whole Google Play store, making locating streaming/official applications simple and trustworthy.

    Multitasking and app users have been seamless and speedy in my experience.

    It’s decent at this level/price point of the product.

    The screen is adequate for the price, offering 1280p quality on YouTube, Netflix, and other services.

    Although it has outstanding viewing angles, brightness, and colour, it may cause glare in bright/light circumstances.

    The two speakers at the tablet’s base provide a respectable degree of music loudness, crisp sound, and restricted bass.

    The front and back cameras are better for video chats and shooting a document to attach to emails than for Instagram posts and vlogging, respectively (recording video).

    The remainder is the only option I would suggest. Who would want to use a 10-inch tablet as a camera or media recorder in the first place?

    This tablet is capable of performing basic activities, multitasking, streaming, and so on.

    Expect high-definition camera footage, high-demand video editing, and high-demand gaming applications to operate well; consider the availability of budget tech/alternatives/reliability, what is available, their price points, and how the goal post moves with the price.

    Finally, for a piece of budget devices costing around 115, this tablet is worth consideration, especially for younger children/teens who will be using it for things like browsing the Internet, YouTube, Netflix/Streaming, and some light gaming apps.

    Adults who want an inexpensive or second tablet with a larger screen for Internet surfing, emails, reading/listening, and video calls might also consider it.

    best budget table

  16. BrendanConnah says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersDon’t think twice if the specification and price meet your criteria buy it, but do read this review.
    Promptly received tablet but like another reviewer most accessories were missing. I noticed the remark in the product description to contact MEIZIWEI if anything is missing. They promptly responded to my contact via Contact supplier message on Amazon and the missing items were despatched from China and promptly received within 11 days. Apparently a consignment was sent to the UK which did not contain all the accessories. It seems to be a quality tablet. Do not despair if any items missing contact the supplier direct.
    Good value for money. Have loaded my favourite Apps, Music and some photos.
    If you are not used to recent versions of Android you may experience difficulty linking your tablet to a computer for downloads. Annoyingly Android USB connection defaults to using the connection for charging only. When connected your PC will show the device in windows explorer as N10-EEA but indicate the folder as empty. You must select Settings, Connected devices, USB and click on file transfer. Windows explorer will then show the tablet contents and you can upload or download files and photos between the Tablet and PC.
    I did initially experience a problem even with the correct setting because the supplied C/USB connector lead was a little loose when inserted into my laptop USB socket. It would permit charging but not file transfer. To overcome this I gently squeezed the connector between my forefinger and thumb to pinch it in slightly and this seemed to grip the connector better into the socket. I have now purchased an additional better quality Type C/USB connector which is red purely to distinguish it as a C type whereas my other leads which I use for connection with my phone and various cameras have a variety of other older styles of USB.
    The only other issue that I have found is that whereas the case is OK to protect the Tablet it could be better. There is no ridge to slot the base of the tablet into (inside the front cover) to support the tablet horizontally, consequently any vibration is likely to cause it to slide.
    Don’t think twice if the specification and price meet your criteria buy it.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The table has alot of potential, internal components are of a high standard, I did have some difficulties that did get addressed with the customer service team, and I was happy with the outcome. I believe this company are customer oriented, and well be involved in making highend products going forward..

  18. JudsonOttgcqy says:

     United Kingdom

    I am very pleased with the tablet. For the price I think it’s unbeatable. I’ve been buying Fusion 5 units for years but didn’t like the old micro USB connector so took a chance on this one.
    It plays all my apps nicely including some that wouldn’t install on the Fusion. The screen resolution could be better but is adequate for almost all my apps.
    The only drawback is a lack of a manual and the very awkward way to upgrade with an SD card expansion but if you’re happy with the base memory you won’t care.

  19. InnocentCharmer says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis is an absolutely brilliant device, it is fast and responsive and does everything I want it to, the OTG feature works well and I was able to watch a film directly from a USB flashdrive. I had a couple of things that didn’t appear to be obvious, namely where to put the Micro SD Card and set up the mouse (the keyboard connected very easily via bluetooth). I wrote to the seller and was sent an image to demonstrate how to find where the Micro SD Card could be inserted. it was at the camera end and you push up the strip of plastic to reveal the Card slot. I have attached the image in case anyone else has this problem. I resolved the mouse issue myself, I had to insert the OTG cable with the dongle that comes with the mouse attached. the mouse worked straight away, no setup required.
    Consequently I am extremely happy with my purchase.

    Excellent Table

  20. AngelBirdsall says:

     United Kingdom

    Tl;:dr. Inexpensive, gets job done, no bloatware/malware, tonnes of storage.

    Funnily enough, I’m using this more as a second monitor than a tablet, but it works as both well. Screen isn’t the highest of resolutions or most vibrant, but tis good enough. Speakers as expected for price, a bit tinny.
    This thing is mainly good for its large storage and long battery. Because its android, I can download basically anything. For me to be able to use it more like a “laptop” with the nicely included mouse and keyboard, I downloaded sentio from the play store. Wouldn’t use it as a laptop replacement but, it’s no fully cut out for tha

  21. JanetteHck says:

     United Kingdom

    I was unsure about this tablet when I purchased it as I had not heard of the make, but I am now glad I did buy it. Great value for money, easy to use, decent battery life, customer service is amazing. I did not think I could add a micro SD card, but was told I could. When I could not see how to insert it, customer services came back with instructions and a video to show me. When contacting customer services they have almost replied immediately. I would highly recommend this tablet.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my other half it comes really well presented with keyboard ,mouse and stylo looks smart and works really well great quality and very easy to set up .. I also received a free gift with the purchase so chose sd card which was then sent soon after they also offer full support /aftercare should any issues arise which is a great reassurance when buying online – I spoke with customer service by email just to claim the free gift and received great customer service personal and friendly . Highly recommend fantastic price and quality ..I always like to write very honest reviews good or bad to help other buyers . this one is a winner for me

  23. MonserrCervante says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought as a Christmas gift for my wife. Good size screen, plenty of RAM for speedy use. Would recommend.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought for my 18 y/o daughter for college work, streaming and general teenage messaging about. She’s used it daily since Christmas and it’s been fab. She’s not encountered a single problem. We’ve had cheap tablets before and there’s always something lacking but the specs on this are grea

  25. LloydSimonson says:

     United Kingdom

    Ok quality, does the job well enough.

    I changed my review from a 5 star to a 2 star and I’m changing it back to 5 stars, after having an issue with the screen share, they never gave up on me even when I decreased my rating.

    Problem solved at this point.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Fantastic quality can’t believe the value for money everything about it is excelle

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great little tablet, does everything it should, easy to handle, very Impressed

  28. SiobhanEdmonds says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this to preview wildlife shots on location which I does admirably, despite the large files concerned. The case that comes with it is really good quality.

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