Tacwise 1183 Electric Nail Gun 18G/50mm Brad Nailer

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Nails 180 20-50mm 180 20-50mm 18G 20-50mm
Staples 91 15-30mm
Magazine Capacity 100 Nails, 100 Staples 100 Nails 100 Nails
Tool Weight 2.5 Kg 2.3 Kg 1.7 Kg
Supplied in a Carry Case
Might suit you if: You need a powerful tool for heavyweight applications You need a professional and powerful dedicated nailing tool You need to perform high speed/volume nailing tasks and have an air compressor

Weight: 3.6 kg
Dimensions: 42 x 12.5 x 38 cm; 3.6 Kilograms
Model: 1183
Colour: Orange
Manufacture: Tacwise
Colour: Orange

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163 Responses

  1. MFOMitchell says:

     United Kingdom

    This does exactly what it says on the tin. So far, I’ve fired over 1000 (brad) nails in several different sizes with no problems.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Decent nail gun for light work. Struggled to get nails through mdf skirting into softwood frame even with two hands and lots of pressure. Occasionally had problem with 50mm nails missing every other fire, other sizes perfect. That said, yeah it’s been useful used several times on lighter applications no problem.

  3. DieterHervey says:

     United Kingdom

    Arrived on time and cant wait to use it
    I highly recommend one of these to everybody

  4. Just Jared says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBeen using this for a few month now and it has never let me down.
    If I had my time again, I may try the angled version instead, but the nails hold well and it’s had no problem punching through hardwood with the longest nails (pins) it will take. Case is handy too.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Does exactly what you would expect…and speeds the job up no end

  6. CarmaNmotkp says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersI wanted a nail gun to help with building my shed but I was very concerned with the mixed reviews with all the guns. I decided to select Tacwise as they are the main manufacturer and I wanted an electric one as I don’t have an air compressor. Looking at all the negative comments I thought I would go with a gun that just fired nails as I don’t need a stapler and hoped that by doing this the nail gun would be more reliable. When I got the gun and tried it on off cuts of the wood I was using I was very disappointed! It only fired one nail at a time, it then just didn’t fire again. Some times it fired but no nail came out. I spent an hour trying different things before I realised that the firing mechanism (like a pin that fires forward and the retracts) was sticking, the pin was fully retracting. I sprayed all the firing mechanism with WD40 and like magic it worked every time. Some time after, it stuck again but another spray of WD40 sorted it out. I’m now well on with the shed and must have fired around 1,500 nails without to many problems, in fact I would say that the more I’ve used the gun the more reliable it has become and I’m getting a feel as to how much pressure is needed to fire the nail all the way home. I’m firing 40mm nails through 12.5mm tongue & groove into 2″x2″ timber with no problem. I would say buy this model of gun an learn from my experience with using WD40.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A very good nailgun, but im missing a depthindicator.
    You can only adjust the depth the nails go in, by the pressure you put on the gun, wich is unreliable.
    Pratice pressure on a pice of scrap wood.

    Easy to use, easy to reload and pretty light and handy.

  8. Lauren Cooper says:

     United Kingdom

    This dedicated Brad nailer (Doesn’t take staples) is ideal for most DIY jobs around the house tackling things like fencing, joinery, trim and detailing work. I most recently used it to tack scotia beading around room after laying a laminate floor. I like the fact that there are plenty of safety features and the “nose” doesn’t damage the face of the job. It’s reasonable lightweight and maneuverable although would have been better if the magazine was angled away as in some Tacwise models to get into those tight corners. Ergonomic and easy to load and with a few practice shots putting slight downward pressure when firing ,each brad is lost just under the surface. Plenty of Cable length, and a sturdy carry box adds value. overall, does what it was designed for really well and am pleased I bought it.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It did the job I installed 750 of T&G pine cladding big time save

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Have to admit I was worried its not strong enough but after using it in sheds, for parts of doors etc, it’d really good. Took me a few tries to get used to it but once you do, it’s good. For price, it’s good as it gets I feel

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A little on the heavy side, however for a diy’er a great buy compared to the very expensive gas guns.

  12. HilarioTimm says:

     United Kingdom

    The nails dont always punch right in you have to finish with a nail punch but not all the time nice weight to it and easy to use

    Would buy agai

  13. ChristeBoshears says:

     United Kingdom

    Great nail gun . The only thing that lets it down is the soft tip which falls off now and again.
    If this gets lost then the nail gun marks the surface of the wood

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