VATOS Remote Control Car RC Car Toy 4WD High Speed Car Off Road Vehicle 1:20 Scale 26km/h 2.4GHz RC Monster Truck Racing Car RC Buggy Truck Crawler Hobby Toy for Kids (Green)

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If you are looking for an exciting and extra cool Radio controlled car toy, then you will definitely love our VATOS RC Car.

4-Wheel Drive and All Metal Sealed Ball Bearing

Four wheels are all installed with independent suspension spring, which make the cross-country car body more flexible, also enhance the shockproof function to protect the electronic components inside the car body.

Strong Shockproof Resistance

The powerful shock absorbers contribute to swiftly absorb the vibration generated by the bump and restore the RC car to normal driving state. Therefore, the stability of the car body can be greatly increased.

2.4GHz Radio System and Long Remote Distance

Work off 2.4GHz frequency with anti-jamming capability which allows to race 8 cars at the same time, the same area and up to 50m/164ft remote control range.

All Terrain Truck & Semi-Waterproof

This All Terrain RC Car can go through the sand, grass, wet mud and marshy land, easy to finish lots of difficult movement. With the semi-waterproof feature, no need to worry about extreme environment, go ahead and enjoy your games.

Great Time with Kids

Everyone knows the excitement and fun of unpacking a gift! VATOS RC Car is an ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas presents.

1 laser gun 5 53287 1
Year Range 8+ 6+ 5+ 3+ 5+
CE Certified
Lifetime Support

Dimensions: 26.92 x 21.08 x 12.95 cm; 516 Grams
Model: 9145
Colour: Green
Colour: Green

50 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Years ago, I was deeply invested in hobby grade RC’s, trucks, cars, and helicopters.

    I’ve got a few of my large vehicles around still (a few trucks and a car) and in the last five years, I’ve gotten into 3D printing, with some 3D modeling.

    I’ve managed to design a few parts for my large vehicles, but trying to print fully solid parts can get expensive, to the point it’s actually cheaper to just search for and buy parts. But I’ve always wanted to print some customized parts, mostly wheels and tires, for an RC. Very early last year, I got a “Firerunner” 1:24 scale RC truck, which I really like. Trouble is, it’s TOO small. Parts are so tiny that 3D printed units just break. So, a few weeks ago I randomly did a search here on Amazon for 1:20 scale RC’s, and this one popped up.

    I haven’t started modding this little truck…..YET. But I’ve been driving it around and felt my experiences and opinions of it in stock form were most valuable. Let’s start with power:

    This little guy has it in spades! Yes, it’s a brushed motor. But with it’s soft, sticky tires, on carpet, this truck will flip itself on it’s lid with one quick pull of the throttle trigger. On firm, tight dirt or rock, this truck will again flip itself on it’s lid if put in reverse then forward, even with the delay between directional shifts! I haven’t tried driving this little truck on pavement….YET. But the tires are so soft I bet they’d wear out very quickly. Now, onto durability:

    Again, very tough little truck! I haven’t sent this truck skyward….YET. But launched off a small ramp or dirt jump, I think it would do just fine. The truck is lightweight enough that it bounces back from hard impacts very well. I’ve sent it careening from having it fly across my rock and gravel driveway, and have flipped it on hard, fast turns numerous times already, and aside from a few light scuffs, the truck is raring to keep going. Now, onto electronics and other features:

    I REALLY like the battery holding cage of this truck!! I love the fact that it doesn’t use clips or flimsy clamp plates, or any tools to use it, yet it very firmly holds the battery in place! As mentioned, this truck has a brushed motor….which is sealed away with it’s ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) inside the enclosed chassis of the truck. This concerns me. The motor is directly under the battery cage, which means the motor’s heat is warming up the Lithium battery. Lithium doesn’t bode well with heat…. I can only hope it never becomes an issue. This does give the truck highly water RESISTANT properties, but I worry about motor ventilation, and I worry some buyers may make a conflating assumption that waterPROOF and water RESISTANT are the same, when they are not.

    Finally, as to why I haven’t given this truck five stars: I haven’t had this truck’s low battery voltage cutoff engage on me, which worries me. I’ve driven this truck for about 30 minutes, full throttle, on my driveway. The truck finally slowed a teeny tiny bit, but it didn’t stop running, which is what it’s supposed to do. Maybe this truck just has phenomenally long battery times, but I have my doubts. The battery is still in great condition, though I’ve been using my hobby grade battery charger to charge it (the included USB cable works just fine though!)

    Overall, this truck packs a shockingly high punch for it’s size. Aside from it’s tires, it could handle a lot of abuse, and I’d definitely recommend it for responsible kids, and/or an older kid or “big kid” adult that may want to modify it. On that note, one may have noticed I said ‘YET’ a few times in this review.

    I have plans for this truck. It has really nice shock absorbers….that aren’t filled with oil!? This flabbergasted me. I’m definitely going to remove one and see if it’s sealed. If it is, I’m loading all four shocks with dampening oil. Also, I’m going to design and 3D print at least two sets of wheel/tire combos for this truck. One smaller set of PLA wheels/tires for some drifting action, either on pavement or on a hard floor. It’ll look weird, but should be a lot of fun! And another set of TPU treaded tires, for tread design experimentation. Heck, I may even try my hand at design different bodies for this truck!

    This is another small gripe I have, but it’s very personal and given the intended audience of this truck, I can’t hold this against it. This truck’s wheels are held in place with a single screw, threaded directly into the plastic hub. As I swap wheels and tires out, I just know those plastic hubs will wear out. Not a fault of the manufacturer, as they didn’t intend for mods like this to happen, but I do wish they had gone with a run of the mill hex hub with a metal threaded shaft for the wheels. I’m hoping that push comes to shove, either I can find some replacements, or better yet, develop and make a more durable hub. Maybe one like I described, once I wear this truck’s stock tires out but I’m digressing here!

    Again, very solid little truck, so long as it’s used responsibly! I shall see how well it holds up to mods that I create and install on it!

  2. Rob Clymo says:


    Super Auto mit extrem viel Power – leider nicht in Schnee, Regen und Matsch verwendba

  3. Fenway Health says:

     United States

    A lot of fun, for the money! The battery lasted 25 minutes, and still going.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Despus de 6 meses y decenas de horas de uso el coche sigue yendo muy bien. Tiene potencia para ir por pistas de montaa, y el ajustador de potencia garantiza jugabilidad a cualquier edad, si bien es cierto que a mxima potencia la batera no dura ms de unos 20′, pero es que mxima potncia es MUCHA POTENCIA.

    Producto de calidad, y atencin al cliente perfecta, si tienes cualquier problema responden y lo resuelven. Volvera a comprarlo.

  5. Lara T. says:

     United States

    Works but don’t love the battery access on the car. Have to take off the top of the race car to remove and install battery for charging. Other than that the car works great.

  6. DustinHailey says:


    Mon fils l’a immdiatement test en situation relle dans le parc proximit…bois, gazon, cailloux… surpris par la petite bte. Il l’adore !

  7. Anonymous says:


    Santa brought it to our 4 year old son and we all love it. At this age we have to use it on the lowest speed and it is still amazingly fast, powerful and the battery lasts forever. It’s very lightweight, about 420g and quite small but packs a powerful engine and the standard 7,4V battery that can power much larger RC toys, feels much like a 300hp Porsche. The controls are also very smooth and precise, it registers even the tiniest movement and is very easy to maneuver even by our 4yo, and it’s great for training his fine motor skills.

    Within 24h we played a lot with it and emptied the battery twice, once indoors, and once outdoors.

    Indoors we use it to pull all sorts of toys to slow it down even further, otherwise it’s way to fast even on the slowest setting. The heaviest thing it was able to pull was a truck toy with a 8Kg kettlebell on top, so pulling something 20 times heavier is impressive. With smaller cargo it’s more manageable and still a lot of fun.

    Outdoor the battery lasted for about an hour on on temperature around -5C, on snow and ice surface on a countryside road and it was again a lot of fun, especially when drifting on ice.

    I only tried it once on high speed and it was so fast that I had a hard time keeping it under control.

    I also attempted to test the range of the remote control and at some point I could barely see it anymore and it was still reacting to commands.

    The only complaint is the poor design of the front bumper which is already cracked after bumping into some obstacles, and the suboptimal way to secure the body of the car using those metal clips. We already lost one of those clips and would prefer something using springs instead.

    All in all the quality, driving experience and level of detail is amazing (including springs, dampeners and 3 differentials), and the motor and battery insanely powerful for its weight.

    Totally recommend this product!

  8. LeannaJHRX says:


    El coche va bien y es rapido pero demasiado pequeo en las fotos parece mas grande

  9. Michelle Stark says:


    Lo compre para hacerle un regalo a mi hijo por su cumple y anda encantado con el coche, la batera dura entre 15/20 minutos dependiendo de cmo lleves el coche, al ser para un nio est claro que el coche anduvo por agua y salt 4 escaleras y sigue rodando como si no pasara nada

  10. drdolly says:


    Je l’ai fait roul plusieurs fois entirement dans a l’eau, la blue et le sable et elle est intacte!

  11. Anonymous says:


    Parfait pour l’instant. 2 jours de jeux. Semble assez costaud et rpond nos attentes. Mon petit fils est ravi

  12. GlennStrehlow says:


    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersTrs bonne voiture tlcommande, elle est puissante et va trs trs vite si on la rgle sur la puissance maximale. Sur la manette il y a un bouton pour rgler la vitesse, vitesse lente, vitesse moyen, et vitesse max, ce qui est trs pratique quand on a pas envie de rouler vite.

    La voiture est puissante dans les mont et elle est aussi trs maniable en intrieur pour faire quelque parcours.
    La batterie dure assez longtemps mais j’ai dbranch les led des phares avant pour gagner en autonomie et je dirais que j’ai gagn plus ou moins 10-15minutes d’autonomie en les dbranchant, ce qui permet de jouer une bonne heure en vitesse lente, je n’ai pas calcul l’autonomie en jouant en vitesse max car la plupart du temps je joue en lente ou moyenne. Le vhicule l’air solide, il a fait pas mal de cascades et aucune pice ne c’est cass.
    Il y a quelques interfrences de temps en temps, ce qui fait perdre le contrle du vhicule mais c’est trs rare et a dure 1 2 seconde pas plus.

    ATTENTION: Si vous souhaitez offrir un enfant, ce vhicule peut tre dangereux en vitesse max si il venait percuter une personne.

  13. MieVee @ says:


    lo regale para una comunion y valore el precio porque eran dos gemelos ,eelos estan encantados con el regalo

  14. MaryellKepert says:


    Marche super bien mon petit fils de 8ans est ravis

  15. Emma Harris says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersAbsolutely great.
    This was a Christmas present for my 4 year old son. It’s been his best toy ever since.
    This car seems to be indestructible on and off road and just keeps going. As any owner will tell you it can be pretty fast but the speed is controllable.
    Batteries last quite a while if the speed is turned down which still gives a lot of torque.
    Buy a spare battery though, it comes in handy.
    Also customer service is excellent.

  16. Riley Winn says:


    Schnell, schn, gut zu steuern. Sehr teuer, aber gute Qualitt.

  17. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBeim Auspacken war ich zuerst von der geringen Gre berrascht. Die ist zwar angegeben, aber wenn man das Auto in der Hand hlt, ist es doch ziemlich klein. Dafr macht der Unterbau einen guten, schweren und soliden Eindruck. Wenn der Flitzer dann mal loslegen darf, macht er seine Gre durch Geschwindigkeit sofort wieder wett. Ich habe zwar keine Mglichkeit, die Geschwindigkeit zu messen, aber geschtzt kam er gut auf 20 km/h und lie sich dabei echt gut steuern und dosieren. Auch langsames, genaues Fahren ist ohne Probleme mglich.
    Nach mehreren Fahrstunden und Unfllen, auch bei vollem Tempo, ist noch nichts kaputt, abgesehen von ein paar Kratzern. Da merkt man, dass das Auto doch in einer ganz anderen Liga spielt, als die optisch hnlichen Fahrzeuge aus dem 20,- Euro-Sektor. Ich bin jedenfalls voll zufrieden damit.

  18. RachelleGoldsch says:


    Cooles Auto . Ob die Geschwindigkeit stimmt wei ich nicht . Kann man sogar an der Fernsteuerung einstellen . DasAuto ist fr seine Gre aber echt schnell. ICH finde die Altersangabe zu hoch . Sonnst echt okay. Mein Sohn ist 10 Jahre alt und hat echt Spa. Am besten einen zweiten Akku dazu nehmen.

  19. Anonymous says:


    J’ai reu la voiture lors d’une promotion.
    Celle ci est bien arriv bien emball.
    Au dballage superbe qualit elle ne fait pas voiture entr de gamme mais plus petite que je l’imaginais.
    Petit hic la batterie promise dans la description n’y est pas donc rclamation et arrangement avec le sav Amazon que je remercie pour son professionnalisme.
    Les couleurs sont top
    La tlcommande est bien faite avec une excellente prise en main .
    Jouet achet pour Nol donc pas test sur route juste dball et contrl.
    Je suis sur que cela sera un beau cadeau qui fera son effet .
    La.biite est sympa et touts les accessoires sont fournis juste prvoir une seconde batterie car je pense qu’une sance avec cette voiture donnera de l’apptit pour faire une seconde scenace de suite pour un enfant .
    Je recommande excellent rapport qualit prix

  20. Anonymous says:


    fenomenal no me imaginaba que era tan rapida y tan potente, me a sorprendido la calidad del producto de verdad.

  21. Abhishek Pratap says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersA la verdad el coche es bastante resistente y va a una velocidad sper rpida. Lo cierto es que te lo imaginas con otra dimensin y es pequeito, sin embargo muy potente. Le encant a mi hijo.

  22. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersMon fils de 10 ans a rapidement pris en main la voiture, possibilit de limiter la puissance du vhicule, passe partout, trs satisfai

  23. Erik Sofge says:


    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersSpa fr Gro und Klein…
    Fr den 5 jhrigen ist die Lenkung nicht ganz so einfach, die Finger sind zu kurz sodass er beide Hnde braucht zum vor und zurck fahren… Durch die Einstellung der Schnelligkeit ist es fr die jngeren Kids aufjedenfall schon nen riesen spass… Auf voll speed eher was fr die “groen” Jungs.

  24. SethLyellhi says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersEs macht echt Spa Mit dem Auto zu fahren. Das Auto ist super zum lenken und lsst sich super bei uns im Garten fahren.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United States

    My son loves this toy and it was a wonderful Christmas gift.

  26. KareemStonehave says:

     United States

    It is very easy to use. I bought for my 6 year old. He usually breaks rc cars in less than a week. This has held up for 2 months so far. He loves i

  27. MuoiMinnis says:

     United States

    Great little starter RC car. Good run time and great for the price.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Battery last long and gave my son and I a beautiful and wonderful time with each othe

  29. Anonymous says:

     United States

    My son is 11years old and plays with this truck daily…strong,fast, durable, especially with a 11year old steering it…and it recharges fas

  30. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This remote control car is awesome! My son hasn’t played with it but my boyfriend has. It’s fast and looks so nice. Coolest remote control car!

  31. JoycelyThaxton says:

     United States

    Bought for my 10 year old son. He loves it the battery life could be longer and maybe the tires a little bigger but it is fast has great reaction time and range is amazing

  32. KazukoGulley says:

     United States

    Great product so far!!! Bought it for my son who is 6.5 but is good driver maybe great driver lol he plays gt5 for ps4 and kills it!! Lucky to find damaged box one they were selling for $42!! Free shipping. Wish it was a touch bigger but this thing rocks. For the money get it for your kid wont regre

  33. Lindsey Davis says:

     United States

    Great little car. It is fast. Battery is definitely decent for the cost and size.

  34. AhmadGalleghan says:

     United States

    Great little car and very happy with the customer service. RC appears to be really good quality however I did have an issue with the remote turning off while I was using it. Contacted the seller via Amazon and they sent me a new one. Very happy with this seller and my purchase.

  35. EkuchBurrows says:

     United States

    My son loved the car. The only think is the battery only allows about 20 minutes of play time and you have to charger again. But my sons still loves it anyway. Thanks!

  36. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Got this for my son and he loves it! Runs fast and very sturdy little car. He hasn’t stopped playing with it!

  37. TheronFBZgu says:

     United States

    The remote control is stuck when go backward I don’t know why and the battery don’t still long time..I feel sad about it my son can’t have fun with this problem but he like how it is go fas

    The remote control is stuck when go backward I don’t know why and the battery don’t still long time..I feel sad about it my son can’t have fun with this problem but he like how it is go fas

  38. Zach says:

     United States

    My grandson loves it, having a lot of fun. Easy to use.

  39. RoseannaMobsby says:

     United States

    Bought this for my 3yr old son, and he hasn’t put it down since it arrived! Super fast, flips, turns, goes front and backwards, and easy to control. My older daughters love it too! I probably should have waited for Christmas, but he was too excited when he saw the box arrive. Super cool toy!!

  40. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Good quality product….
    In a reasonable pricee….
    The car is strong enough
    Good speed

  41. Jorge Jimenez says:

     United States

    As soon as we got it my son couldn’t put it down! Easy to follow instructions for charging and easy to use! My 6yr old son was outside forever! It’s fast, durable, battery life was impressive considering my son had this at full blast the entire time!! This car even got the neighbors talking!

  42. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I absolutely love this car very sturdy, great quality, love the make of body and I love that it drives on all kinds of surface, and the controller is very easy to handle

  43. Robyn Good says:

     United States

    Bought for my 8 year olds birthday. He’s a rough and tough but and this thing just keeps going with him. It’s only been about 2 months but very dependable little ca

  44. RichelleDupont says:

     United States

    This product is so fun for both adults and kids. With 4X4 four wheel drive and the rubber tires this truck great for outdoors and able to run through any type of terrain with speeds up to 26km/h! I would definitely recommend this product!!

  45. Adam Benjamin says:

     United States

    It’s so simple to use and the battery lasts very long. It’s very cute and my puppy loves it. It’s so fast but easy to control.

  46. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersI got it to play with my son. This is coming from someone who has never been into hobby RC trucks, I’ve only used simpler RC ones.

    The car quality and features are awesome. Proportional steering, independent suspension, included lithium batteries, speed limiters on control, good steer correction.

    To play with my son I set the lowest speed range and it’s low enough for him to handle it outside. When trying it inside the house, I also use a physical limiter to prevent the throttle from being depressed all the way, it works great.

  47. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 23 From Our UsersRead the other reviews about how much fun this RC car is and know that I agree. I only want to add some less reported information.

    We ordered two, because two kids being able to race against each other is 3 times the fun. It sounds the obvious thing to do.

    These cars are fully proportional. This means that unlike the $20 type of RC cars both steering and throttling are not of the “all or nothing” type but that you can actually regulate how sharp to corner and how fast to drive.

    These little cars are powerful. With the 7.4V lithium batteries freshly charged they can actually do wheelies.

    These cars have actual differentials that spread traction over all 4 wheels evenly. Cheaper RC cars may use axles that connect the left and right wheels rigidly which leads to a much less pleasant steering experience.

    These cars are stable.
    I am surprised about how well these cars stay right side up. One of the most annoying things about playing with RC cars must be that you accidentally flip them over and then need to walk 50 feet to put them back on their feet. I won’t say you can’t accidentally land them on their back, but I do mean it does not happen annoyingly often.

    The cars run surprisingly long on a full charge. Sure you can get more spare packs but I believe the driving and charging time is a good compromise between wiring the kids up and allowing them to cool back down.

    The controls needed a small fix.
    Both units gave some reliability problems in the beginning. One transmitter did not work at all and the other quit at the slightest bump. I was already in the process of sending them back when I decided to do a quick try on fixing them myself as it only felt like a loose wire or something. It turned out that the battery contacts were unreliable. The reliability may vary depending on the brand of batteries but I believe the standard Rayovac AA batteries should have been no problem. Anyway, I opened the remote (5 small Philips screws) and bent the little metal plate that makes contact with the positive of one battery so that it would create better contact. That’s all. It worked perfectly after that.

    There is a weird little controlling issue.
    There is some hesitation when switching from driving forwards to driving backwards. I don’t know why it does that and I believe it would turn RC car connoisseurs definitely off but hey, if you are a kid and not interested in practicing your parallel parking skills you won’t care.

  48. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This car is so rough and durable it holds up in the house, outside and even in dirt! My son and husband just love this! It would be great for a Christmas present or a birthday!

  49. PansyClouse says:

     United States

    My son plays for hours with his Remote control car . The best gift ever ! Thank you so much VatosToys . I really recommend this toy , it would be a great gift for birthdays or Christmas.

    My son plays for hours with his Remote control car . The best gift ever ! Thank you so much VatosToys . I really recommend this toy , it would be a great gift for birthdays or Christmas.

  50. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 11 From Our UsersSuper fun toy! Honestly, ordering this was an excuse for my husband and I to have fun . My toddler thought it was so funny to watch the car race around him and the house. It was also great entertainment for my dog who found it an amusing and confusing toy that she had never seen before lol. The battery life can go anywhere from 12-30 minutes depending on what you do with the car. At first I was a bit annoyed I only had one battery but it recharges so quickly that having one has been fine. I actually think we may purchase another battery for convenience.

    The only thing I wish was different were that instead of pins to hook the top of the car into the body, that it has an easier mechanism to detach the two parts. I found it a little bit of a hassle to take the pins out every time we had to recharge a battery. I still gave this a 5 because overall this toy is super super fun and a good deal!