WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower 300m²

Weight: 15.2 kg
Size: WR130E 300m2
Dimensions: 63 x 51 x 28 cm; 15.18 Kilograms
Model: WR130E
Part: WR130E
Colour: Orange
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: WORX
Colour: Orange
Quantity: 1
Size: WR130E 300m2

25 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It appears to be good value and competitive with rivals. I have had very good service from Worx equipment dating back over 10 years without problem. I was drawn especially to the long warranty on the motor and the ability to update the software. The installation, Bluetooth set-up and manual operation all went as per the instructions. A trial run drew attention to some minor adjustments needed to the boundary wire to ensure the drive wheels kept out of the borders.

    Unfortunately it will not see serious use until the grass starts to grow again, but I’m looking forward with confidence to it being a good buy!

  2. Sage Anderson says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent grass cutting robot – replaced my ride-on. Much, much easier than I thought – it does everything automatically. Highly recommended!

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It just works. But you wont realise how much it is doing unless you have something to gauge it by. I wanted the ‘edge’ feature so although I have a small garden (74m sq) I went for the 500 model. Unless you have a bowling green of a lawn, I would get extra pegs for the cable. You will find that the cable will sometimes lift in places and it will need pegging down, although this is a now and again not every day.
    The lawn always looks good, I will still have to walk around the very edge with a strimmer, but this is a 5 min job every couple of months not me having to mow the lawn every week. Also, I now longer have to deal with clippings, so no trips to the tip or paying for the garden waste bin.
    The connection to the WIFI is a pain in the butt. Once you have it working, it just works, but expect to mess around with router and settings a bit unless you have a dedicate 2.4ghz band. (I have new bt fibre hub and I had to turn of 5ghz and do some port forwarding until it connected).
    The wife is very happy with the grass, I have more spare time and I would buy again if needed. brilliant piece of kit, wish I had bought long ago.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Initially there is some setting up to do but after a week or two and some YouTube videos it can basically be left alone to cut the grass. Very pleased with i

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Once up and working, this lawnmower is amazing. However it is tricky to get set up and sync to WiFi. It’s takes time and you really have to read the instructions. I found out that the firmware on the lawnmower wasn’t upto date so I couldn’t get it to work or sync with WiFi. As it was a weekend tech support didn’t respond straight away. When you have put aside a full day to get it all working, that’s an issue. However, I went on reddit forum and put a post in the the landriod sub reddit and someone said check the firm ware. So after checking it, I found out that it was out of date and not the latest version, so it wouldn’t sync with the app. I got a USB downloaded the new firmware onto it, then at the back of the machine there is a USB slot, I plugged it in and followed the instructions online on how to ingrate the firmware…..and it worked, the robot lawnmower syned over WiFi and it started to cut the grass. Then I could add a schedule for cutting on the app and just leave it to cut for 1 hour every day. Its not a simple plug and play machine, but if you are prepared to to a few hours getting it set up, then it’s amazing. To control your lawn mower from your smart phone is a game changer and I no longer have to mow my lawn. I would say if you aren’t tech savvie and not confident with smart phones or upgrading software on things, then this could stump you out. But if you are confident with tech it’s not an issue. I bought this on a 25% off sale.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A bit annoying trying to connect to WiFi but once up and running it works fine

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Awesome little product and worth every penny! It’s does take a little time to set up but once that is complete all you do is sit back and relax. I haven’t cut my lawn since purchasing and the grass looks amazing, well maintained, luscious and green. Would highly recommend!

  8. BertMedeiros says:

     United Kingdom

    I’d packed this up once to return to amazon but relented and tried one more time to see if it would work. I did speak to customer services, technical but found them to be pretty clueless. The guy was going to speak with his supervisor about my issues and call me back, but he never did.
    I eventually got it to recognise the two distinct areas of lawn, i.e. front garden and rear garden. It doesn’t, as they claim, appear to learn the area. Instead I just set it off and hope it eventually covers all the area, which it sort of does, leaving just the odd patch, uncut.
    It’s very quiet in operation and, when it does cover the whole area, does a nice job. Although you do need to trim around the edges where it can’t reach.
    So far, I’m glad I persevered and kept the thing especially when I see my neighbours with their conventional lawnmowers. I can cut the grass while I put my feet up 🙂

  9. JoellenFincham says:

     United Kingdom

    Good bit of kit, the manual could be better and more information in it would be helpful.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I like this product. It’s even cheaper than a dog in lock-down and almost as much fun. It mows nicely effectively and on-time. It operates well from my phone as well. Sometimes I just make it mow for the hell of it (lock-down madness I suppose). Why 4 stars rather than 5? It does dig up areas where the ground is uneven and so leaves some ruts on some of my trickier corners. Of course, I wish it didn’t do that. Actually, it’s super. I’ll give it 5 stars.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is an excellent robotic lawn mower and we have not been disappointed. The physical set up is straight forward and just takes some time and care. What is then a bit puzzling is getting the thing to do it’s stuff via the app. Set to auto it languished in the garden not moving for days on end. I can easily tell it to mow but it is supposed to think for itself and do it. It does occasionally tootle out and mow for about an hour. The. It parks its self for a few days. Clearly a setting not right. And this is the only issue I have with Worx not the mower. Do some descent instructions and a cheats guid to setting up on auto please!I have emailed them. They emailed back saying wrong department (instead of just forwarding it to the right one!). So when told it is a joy to watch the lawn being mowed whilst I am doing something else. I just wish the how to use instructions had have been better. I would still but it again though as the mower copes really well with our slopes and undulations cutting right up to the edge. So good mower not so good instructions but you can figure most of it out yourself – apart from auto!

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    After much consideration, I finally decided to purchase the Worx WR 130 E S, which ideally suited my needs for my small, odd shaped, fairly bumpy lawn area. I did consider the edge trimming model but that was 250 more so decided that for just a bit of strimming at the edges, the smaller model would be fine.
    Installation, following the Worx instructions, was quite straightforward, although I was a little concerned that you just laid the wire into the grass, but carried out the procedure as described in the instructions. I decided that it would be ideal to dig in, in places where footfall over to the grass may cause problems of tripping on the wire. I am retired and getting on in years so installation was a slower process than would normally be, but I completed the complete installation in an afternoon.
    Running the mower for the first time was straightforward, although linking up to the Wi-Fi was a little problematic, even though I had a very strong signal at the charging point. The message came up on the mower readout that the connection was successful but the phone would not link up. So I consequently started the mower manually and away it went.
    Later that day I tried connecting with the phone and, this time, connection was successful.
    As instructions said it would be best not to dig initially on see that the mower was going exactly where you want it proved to be good. I found that their distance of 26 cm was a little bit wide and after fine-tuning found that 18 to 19 cm from the Borders was just right.
    We do have problems with foxes in our area and they had tended to dig up and chew the wire in places which had to be repaired, but after fine-tuning I decided I would dig the wiring a centimetre or two into the soil, just pressing the spade blade in to the soil a fraction, wagging it side to side, then pushing the wire in and closing the gap.
    I did have a problem when I was notified that firmware update was needed. I downloaded the update onto USB stick and followed the instructions, only to find that the mower went completely dead and would not restart. I tried reinstalling again and again, but still to no avail. I contacted Worx via email to which they responded very quickly (within an hour or so), explaining that they had come across this problem a few times before and attached the software required to reset the mower and install an updated firmware. Installing the new firmware went reasonably well although it didn’t follow exactly the procedure the instructions said, starting the mower manually and away it went. Since then I’ve had no problems whatsoever.
    I must say that my lawn has never looked so good. I’ve now had the mower for a couple of months and I can, at will, change the settings, times, mowing, etc any time I want from my phone.
    And a great bonus is, that if foxes decide to transcend the lawn, I just call Robert up and tell him to get mowing – they soon clear off! So mower that acts as a Fox deterrent. FANTASTIC!
    To say that I’m pleased with this fantastic little machine is just an understatement. I encourage anyone thinking of buying one that this is the make to get.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Simple and no bother, no clippings to add to the already full composter. It does eat the wire if you’re not careful, bury it once you are sure about where it should go. Allow half a day to properly lay the wire, it will save hours of looking for breaks if you don’t. Won’t be going back to a ‘pusher’.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI have a 500sq.ft garden & the mower does a pretty good job of keeping it looking trim. The “cut to edge” feature works ok on path edges but not borders as it still can’t get close enough without the wheel falling over the edge.

    Compared to my previous robot (a Flymo) it gets stuck more often (mostly around the dry dusty edges or if it runs over a pine cone) but at least it tells you when it’s stuck. Or it’s supposed to… And that is the biggest problem I’ve come across so far. The internet connection software and App are unreliable and badly written. It loses connection with the cloud for long periods of time and doesn’t remember anything that happens to it while it’s disconnected. So you get some alerts & not others and the activity log is incomplete. Oh and ignore the marketing hype about cloud-controlled amount of cutting – it only works properly if you set it up & optimise it manually. Which works well from the app as long as the machine is actually connected at the time!

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Got 450m2 lawn which drives me crazy when doesn’t look good. Had basic Husqvarna model (1200 paunds 2019 model) that supposed to be for garden up to 600m2, but never managed to do the whole lawn equally. After an year of using Husqvarna saw an YouTube video of Worx and decided to try it. So far (almost two months of use) I’m very happy with. No uncut patches and and lawn looks beautiful. WiFi connection is very useful for me. Cut to age function is also a plus. The only cons for now is that if you stop it or it blocks while mowing you need to take it back to the charging station to restart (or at least haven’t find a way to do it without take it back to the station). Definitely will recommend. Especially for the price.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent product – real time saver and does a superb job

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great little robot to have in the garden
    Once setup it works a dream doing the grass although I have only had in use a few times

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    As described box a bit tatty ,the goods inside appeared never have been out,not had chance too test it yet.however good value for the money.

  19. Molly Blackall says:

     United Kingdom

    For my birthday I bought no more grass cutting. Set up is a necessary evil so no complaints there. Our lawn is looking good.

    One warning, it’s quite theraputy watching it mow, so you may lose an afternoon watching it.

    Also, add on items (like find my landroid) seem expensive. Maybe just me.

    So… After a year of ownership, I noticed my lawn was much healthier than before. This has not saved me around 1000 in replacing my old tired lawn. It sometimes goes astray (my fault not it’s) but it is truly grand. I get on with other chores knowing my grass is sorted. Really great.

  20. GradyNHUrf says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis is probably echoing a few other reviews, but the key to this product is patience during set up. Our garden isn’t huge, probably just under 200 sq m, and we were fortunate we could run 1/2 the length of wire between the grass and the patio slabs which saved a lot of time, the other half I had to cut into the grass at an angle with a spade, push the wire in then cover it with the soil i’d just moved.

    Two things – first attempt just peg the wire out above the grass and set the mower to the highest cut (50mm) then place the mower near the base station but pointing away from it to the left, send it home and it will follow the wire the long way back so you can test your pegging distance is ok. You’ll probably need to make some adjustments for ditches, obstacles etc but once it can go back and dock you’re probably about halfway there. The other is the placement of the base station – it was important for us that it was tucked away and couldn’t be seen easily – we had one place where we could put it which was on the paving slabs but there wasn’t enough room to put a metre straight either side of the base (as is recommended). Fortunately the wire going in is fine, the one coming out comes out about 40/50cm before it immediately comes back on itself and into the garden. This works ok – the mower spends a minute realising there’s nowhere for it to go before it eventually turns the right way and off it goes.

    I’ll be honest, i nearly sent this back as my first attempt (4 hours) wasn’t great. I gave it another go and it took me another 4/5 hours and got it all working. Just be prepared for it to take a day or two depending on how complicated your lawn is. The app is excellent, we get decent wifi coverage in the garden so it’s easy to keep an eye on it, it hasn’t had a problem yet (about 4/5 hours mowing so far). The app will give you an estimated mowing time (eg: start at 9am and mow for 40 mins) based on the value you put in as lawn size (or you can walk around it with the app and it’ll try and work it out). Personally i thought that was a bit low so for now i’ve set it to 2 hours each day, which i’ll reduce until i can see the difference.

    In short, a great product but you need to be patient – whether you need one is another matter. Personally i don’t like seeing the grass grow longer and knowing i have to waste time cutting it at the weekend etc. We don’t have it cutting the front but if that’s something you need i think you need a 1 metre wide passage but check out some of the other reviews from people who have done that.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersHad a Robomow for 3 years and loved it moved house bigger garden needed to upgrade.
    However everything about the Landroid WR153E is better. The app connects over wifi rather than bluetooth so you can get a live update whilst at work and you can control it from work or your house from the app. You can program the Landroid with more detail like rain delays, garden size and frequency.
    The Landroid itself is lighter which is important as the Robomow would get on wet grass as it was over 13kg the equivalent Robomow for this size garden is 22kg the Landroid is only 10kg. The blades are miles cheaper and don’t disintegrate plastic toys left in the garden as they fold in on resistance. Also bought the ACS for extra safety which works really well. Also another big plus when the battery reaches end of life i can use it on my other Worx Tools which need less power and buy a new one for 50 Robomow batteries cost 100’s and need to be dealer fitted for you warranty i loved the Robomow but this is far more advanced and over 500 less for the equivalent model.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis has taken away 99% of the work of cutting the lawn. All i have to It cuts the grass around the very edge which now takes minutes.
    If you have a fast growing lawn that you have to cut every 7-14 days and it takes you an hour or more and dont like the task, this is for you!
    It even has multiple zone support so I can take it out of the back and put it on the front lawn, press go and away it goes cutting until the batty dies then you just put it back on the dock. Brilliant!

    Job done!

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI absolutely love this mower, it is totally mesmerising. What a time saver. Love it.

    Works hard everyday, so I don't have to!

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Quite brilliant! Does what is says on the tin. Buy with confidence. Well engineered, capable software and logic. You may need to help with the edges from time to time depending on your layout.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 28 From Our UsersI did a lot of research before forking out – this is a big expense for a non-essential item. in fact I’ve got the M500 but I wanted to write a review to help others considering a landroid.

    Two key things mattered to me: ability to cut close to the edge and ability to be lifted up and put on an isolated piece of lawn as i have more than one. The landroid M500 and models upwards deliver on both – if you go for the m300 you’ll only get cutting to the edge of your lawn if it is surrounded by paving slabs flush with the level of the lawn that allow the mower to straddle a good 6-8 inches. My lawn is surrounded by flush 4 inch brick so i needed the edge feature of the M500. it works very well – although sharp internal corners are the one bit that will need periodic trimming.

    This brings me on to the best feature – which is not even mentioned in the instruction manual! You can lift the landroid up and move it to an isolated lawn so it can do multiple lawns. The two catches are that you will need to lift it up manually to move it (unless there is a metre-wide channel to drive itself there – in which case it’s not isolated anyway) and you will need to move it back when it’s run out of battery so it can go and charge.

    The only thing to make this possible is you need to run the continuous perimeter wire round both lawns. you can achieve this by having a section between the lawns where the perimeter wires (out and back) are run together – see picture. One thing to note – if you do this it is essential that the direction of the current in the perimeter wire is the same for the second lawn as it is for the first lawn – so the landroid can follow the direction of the wire and travel anti clockwise when cutting the edge.

    I’m so pleased i took a chance on this being possible as I have three isolated lawns and the main benefit of having the automatic mower is that i don’t need to mow any of them myself now.

    The app is very good and allows complete control – you can check up on it from anywhere. it’s also got a handy lawn size calculating using gps and your phone’s camera to measure the area of the lawn using the perimeter of your lawn if it is an irregular shape and then sets an automatic schedule for the time of operation that you can manually adjust for the days and times you want it to cut.

    Mowers that say that they cut in the wet are actually telling you they don’t have function to not cut in the wet. it is a bad idea to cut wet grass as it does the grass no good so this rain sensor is excellent.

    There are parts of my lawn that I’m going to need to fill in some holes dug by foxes as it struggles a bit with these but nothing that a bit of soil and a spade can’t sort. It’s very inventive when it gets stuck and does a good job of wriggling out if it gets struck. The main issue is that if the hole persists the landroid will end up digging up around it if it is continually getting stuck and backing itself out.

    The landroid is a hard working little machine and the lawn looks very smart. I’m looking forward to an easy summer of having the best continuously neat looking lawn I’ve ever had!

    Brilliant - it can cut isolated lawns even though the manual doesn't explain how!