YABER WiFi Bluetooth Projector, 8000 Lumen Projector 1080P HD Portable[Projector Bag Include]With 4-Point Keystone, Digital Zoom-50%, PPT Presentation Entertainment Compatible with Android/iOS etc.


  • YABER Newest V6 home theatre WIFI Bluetooth projector adopts advanced German LED light source. With native 1080p, 8000 lumens, 10000:1 contrast, delivers bright large-screen up to 350″ with fantastic image clarity. Portable size: 25.8*22.7*10 CM but powerful function. The first 5-inch 1080P projector finally came out. ( Come with a Projector Backpack)
  • The biggest feature is the V6’s innovative 4- Point Keystone Correction (Which Innovation on the basis of 4D keystone correction), WiFi & Wireless Video Viewing Screen Mirroring Function & Bluetooth 5.0 system.


Package List:

1 x YABER V6 Bluetooth Projector;

1 x Power Cable;

1 x HDMI Cable;

1 x 3-in-1 AV Cable;

1 x Remote Control;

1 x Projector Lens Cover;

1 x User Manual;

1 x User Projector bag;



WIFI Easy Operate Connection:

1. For IOS devices: You can choose Wifi Display and turn on the WI-FI function on your devices. Search for the projector WiFi and connect your device to it. Turn on the Screen Mirror or AirPlay function on your iOS devices or open the video APPs directly to mirroring on the projector.

2. For Android devices: You can choose Wifi Display. Click the OK button for more than 2 seconds to switch to the Android display interface.

Turn on the Multi-screen or Miracast function on an Android device (make sure your Android device supports Multi-screen or Miracast function), and choose the projector.

Warm Tips From Manufacturer:

1. The Wifi network bandwidth should be greater than 50M.

2. Wifi connection stability depends on the distance.

3. Build the Wifi connection between the projector and home router at the first time of use.

4. Due to Netflix copyright protection, you should play Netflix from PC or TV Sticks.

Weight: 3 kg
Dimensions: 26 x 23 x 11 cm; 3 Kilograms
Brand: YABER
Model: V6
Colour: White
Manufacture: YABER
Colour: White

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134 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    So I purchased one of these last year. Was absolutely brilliant at the start. About 3 months in it started to develop and huge dark brown area on the screen. Contacted Amazon and was instructed to contact yaber. I did after a few weeks of back and fourth. They agreed to send a replacement for the item. Good customer service. Second one arrived been using it for about 3 months come to turn it on today. Click not powering up unplugged it, tried a different cable and nothing. I have contacted Amazon again and I’m now waiting on them arranging something. I will not be taking another replacement which is a shame but I’ve lost trust in the product. But it was good while it worked but you expect for a 220 item that it would work for longer than 3 months I may have lost trust in the product but the customer service was outstanding. And all that said I would buy another product from yabe

  2. Jacob Roach says:

     United Kingdom

    Picture is actually 1920×1080 unlike some others claiming to be. It’s very bright and has a great picture. Only issues are: gets quite hot, but to be expected from the performace of the thing, also is quite loud also to be expected. The lens that is fixed inside has gathered some dust which I am unsure how to clean, so the picture now has some very tiny almost un-noticable specs around the edges which aren’t a huge problem, might give a go at taking it apart to see if I can clean the inside. Overall very happy and use it often.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very handy to have the carrier bag to pack away the projector and leads. Picture quality is good and keystone correction in 2 planes works well. Great that it reads Microsoft files directly.
    Gets very warm and the cooling fan is quite noisy. The built-in speakers aren’t powerful enough to overcome it. Luckily I have a Bluetooth soundbar that it pairs well with.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Sound is good. Works with firestick etc. Well worth the money.

    Fantastic for the price.

  5. "digital games discounts" - Google News says:

     United Kingdom

    Best in is price range, nothing more to say.
    I am using the projector 24/h a day, every day without any problem. However the audio, a mono, is poor but it is set up for movie.

  6. JournalLive says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 15 From Our UsersVery pleased with the projector, the quality and brightness of the picture are very good, the screen is huge, super easy to connect to my Apple TV to stream Amazon Prime/Netflix/Disney+, good remote and case very handy. I emailed Yaber customer service about a black spot on the screen and they solved the problem. Very happy with the projector.

    Fantastic image

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 14 From Our UsersThe positives:

    The projected image is pretty damn great in quality, definitely looking at 1080p when the projector is connected directly through HDMI, however, the device mirroring services are quite laggy (not our wifi as the Chromecast has no trouble) and so I’d suggest utilising a Chromecast or firestick for streaming. I had zero difficulties with Bluetooth connectivity and quickly hooked up my soundbar and headphones to the projector (however, I do have to select the Bluetooth on the home screen for each movie session). The sleek and beautiful design of the projector means it stands alone on the tripod platform and doesn’t look out of place in my home – great stuff! The luminosity of the projector is pretty decent for LED, but then again not the best, however, this is simply rectified by pulling the curtains or switching off an extra lamp. The keystone feature is great, with both a horizontal AND vertical keystone which is great for having a screen situated at an angle. The remote control really adds to the product and makes it a lot easier to immerse into a film with just a few clicks, as opposed to the long walk round to adjust sound or picture quality. The speaker is decent but lacks bass, although this is very understandable for the price of such a good looking projector. The Yaber projector does support MHL projection from mobile devices and laptops which is a nice added feature.

    The main downsides of the Yaber projector:

    – Fan is relatively noisy but loud movies can cover this up
    – There is only one height adjustment screw so any uneven floors or surfaces are a small problem
    – Projector own mirroring feature is laggy
    – The projectors focus wheel is blocky and thus sensitive in its adjustments
    – An auto-focus would remove a lot of set-up time (obviously and understandably sacrificed for the price)
    – Bluetooth has a small latency at times meaning that some scenes audio can be running slower than the picture

    – The colour saturation is a little off and thus every scene has an extra white (screen) brightness to them which is great for dark scenes but in the light scenes objects can blur a little (see photo comparison)

    All and all, I am extremely happy with the Yaber V6 and will greatly recommend to anyone.

    A VERY decent projector for the price

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I wasnt looking for an expensive projector, i just wanted something to replace the old TV in the bedroom. It has no become the cinema room 😀 . Both my wife and kids love it, I’ve placed it on a shelf above the bed and we spent the first Saturday morning we had it watching a movie in bed.

    I just have a chromecast connected into HDMI 1 and cast from my phone with Plex, Netflix & Disney+.
    I havent tried miracast or bluetooth streaming as i dont need them and the only issue I’d say is the fan is loud but depending on what your watching and the volume you have your media at you may not hear the fan.

  9. Cody Perez says:

     United Kingdom

    I will write my detailed review later but to cut story short. No need to buy expensive or well known brands. Been there, done that!
    This Yaber will serve the purpose.

  10. NicholNewbery says:

     United Kingdom

    Great projector for the price. Nice clear picture and easy to setup. Comes with handy secure backpack for set up on the move! Remote control is handy too if you don’t want to move from the couch! Many happy movie nights in our house 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    After much research I decided on this projector for my first attempt on a homemade halloween display using digital AtmosFX clips which I bought from their website. I was worried that because it was the cheapest one out there for spec I might have been disappointed, but it was perfect for the job. It’s not that loud IMO (contrary to a few reviews) and the resolution was absolutely fine. Would highly recommend, especially if like me, if anyone is using it for a digital halloween display.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Absolutely brilliant projector . Quality of the picture is great, the sound is great and this is in daylight.
    The quality for the price far exceeded expectations. Best projector we have had. Thank you Yabe

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Had been thinking about a projector for a while as still not entirely comfortable (due to covid) with going to the cinema.
    The Yaber V6 1080P creates a cinematic experience from the comfort of our home and is suprisingly simple to set up. We haven’t yet decided on a permanent position for it but the inclusion of the rucksack means it’s easy to take anywhere and set up wherever you fancy.
    The picture and sound quality are both great. There is of course some noise from the fan but this doesn’t detract from what is an amazing piece of kit for the price. We have since paired with a soundbar (again very easily done) and don’t notice the fan at all!
    Very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend for anyone seeking a big screen experience without leaving the house!

  14. Adam Ismail says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 105 From Our UsersFirst off, Very great product, live in a decent medium size student room, big wall and it projects well, unfortunately had to place projector at angle but the configuration can alter the screen to make it complete which is very nice!
    Quality is great, for me as projector is at an angle, the image quality is slightly reduced about 10% of the screen on the right side (blurry) but not noticeable when watching.
    Dont have projector screen so I guess that may help quality and contrast further but so far its working well and have no complaints, there’s a good focus dial which helps to remove blurriness. There is sound from projector but your viewing of movie or tvshow will cancel it out.
    Brightness is excellent
    Picture quality is great
    Contrast ratio is average
    Sound is good
    Overall happy investment!

  15. GerardWeinstein says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersAlthough I had read many favourable reviews of the Yaber V6 I really wasn’t expecting too much. I have been blown away by the picture quality and ease of set up. The inbuilt speakers are more than adequate for gaming, which I use it for most. Daylight viewing is not great but in darkness the projector is superb.

    Excellent value for money

  16. EkuchBurrows says:

     United Kingdom

    This was a great buy. Was very easy to set up and use. Makes a slight noise when you start it up but when you start your film etc you can’t hear it. Lovely item which I think is definitely worth the money. It comes in a lovely black protective case. Arrived quickly, well packaged

  17. SerenaLoveless says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Easy to setup. Picture quality is amazing. Sound is really impressive. Did buy a Bluetooth speaker but it was laggy so just using projector. Very portable. Not too noisy. Setup with chrome was straightforward. Not sure about phone mirroring l

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Perfect, picture quality is brilliant in the evening less so in day light as you’d expect but still good quality. Connected to sky mini box and can access Netflix Amazon and Disney with no problems. Sound quality is average but connection through Bluetooth to any speakers including AirPods is perfect. No more telling her to turn her tv down when we want an early night. Quick delivery. Very pleased with this purchase.

  19. Mardi eat. live. travel. write. says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Ok, not great. If you get a nice dark room then great, but otherwise it’s washed out pretty easy. Works with iOS yes, but need a fire stick or similar to stream anything other than YouTube

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I use this for projection of a laptop including still images and video. The screen is high resolution and reasonably bright but I would have preferred a larger image or a zoom function. that aside I am more than satisfied…

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 229 From Our UsersThis is an exceptional piece of kit. Comes on a carry bag.
    Very easy to set up. Picture contast so good you can watch it in midday light etc. but of course, better I the dark.

    I have a screen width of around 80″ from 3 meters on my set up.

    Colours a lot better than previous ones I have owned… the reds are getting there however you can only adjust saturation as far as that’s concerned.

    Great 4 way keystone and digital zoom reduction (pity it doesn’t go the other way).

    Adjustable sound from excellent speakers which a 5w.

    Adjustable Contrast, Saturation and Brightness.

    Remote simple but good.

    You can also clean the lens as there is good access to the back of it.
    A gem of a mid-range projector which I would thoroughly recommend. A 3 year warranty plus a gift worth 25 by redemption which could include a firestick of an extended 3 year warranty. Now that is excellent service I think and a real bargain.

    Yaber is quality!

  22. Deidre33Yvbzqe says:

     United Kingdom

    Have been using Yaber V6 projector for couple of months and have been pretty impressed with overall quality and the features. My major requirement was the one with best possible keystone setting as i don’t have place to keep projector exactly opposite to the wall. I have placed the projector at 45 degrees and yet picture quality is good though there is slight blur towards the edges. It did take me a while to arrive at right setting. however when not placed at an angle, picture quality is amazing. sound output is decent and sufficient for me. I would definitely recommend this reasonably priced projector.

  23. AhmedDykes says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ll try to keep this short.

    I got my Yaber V6 2 days after I ordered it from Amazon. The packaging was nice and I love the projector bag. From what I gather you get a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is cool. The projector looks really good and it does feel like a more expensive one (if you know what I mean). I’m using it for a couple of days now, no issues whatsoever. It took me 2 minutes to set it up. I’m using Amazon Fire Stick Light to watch Netflix, Prime and Disney+ here in Ireland and they all work perfectly fine (no VPN needed). Remote is really good and responsive but you do need a pair od AAA batteries to use it (batteries not included). I’m using it on my light grey wall to watch stuff when it gets dark, and I got no issues with picture quality. Contrast, picture sharpness, and brightness are all really really good when it’s dark outside, bright but still watchable when trying to watch it in a bright room. Sound is ok, sometimes too loud but you can volume it down to get to that sweet spot. My apartment is small so I don’t use any external speakers, Yaber ones are perfectly fine. Fan noise is noticeable when you turn it on but won’t even notice it when you’re watching something (Projector is 0.5m away from my head when I’m using it). Wifi is ok, but since I rarely use it I can really say anything else about it. Same goes for Bluetooth, I don’t use it. You can find a lot of reviews online, especially on YouTube if you decide to get one for yourself. Yaber V6 projector and K1 Wimius projector are exactly the same, check both of them before you buy one. You might get a cheaper Yaber or a cheaper Wimius (they do go on sale every so often).

    Do your research, check the reviews, especially YouTube (Phase Drive Vlogs have the most deatailed one) and good luck. It really is a cool affordable little gadget, perfect for a home theater setup.

    I hope this helps

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    For the price I paid, cant complain. Great value for money. Wish the sound came when you plug in fire stick or Chromecast, but it’s easy to connect Bluetooth to it.

    For what you pay, I see no reason to complain at all. Obviously the darker the room, the better the picture quality. This will not replace my TV. But it’s great for movie nights and a good marathon binge watch

  25. Used Furniture Review says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Product arrived nicely packed and was super easy to install.
    Bought the product as we had already tried it from a friend that had bought it, and was highly satisfied with its performance. Very good picture quality and sound. It’s an absolute bargain for the price.

  26. Alexei Oreskovic says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I’m not one for writing reviews, in fact this is my first and only doing so as this is amazing for the price. We spent hours looking for one and actually returned a different one as it wasn’t that good. This is brilliant and would recommend

  27. MonroeBroadway says:

     United Kingdom

    I purchased this projector primarily for outside purposes. The all round picture quality is very good even without using a relevant projector screen. The remote is responsive and easy to use. The WiFi is good the sound quality is very clear without using external speakers.
    I am very pleased with my Yaber V6 purchase and for the price I would recommend.

    Yaber V6 Projecto

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 104 From Our UsersVery happy with this Yaber projector, I was a bit scheptical at the begining but then reading the reviews and giving it a try for a few months now I have to say that I am pretty happy of the projector also considering the excellent price.

    I have used it to play Resident Evil from with the google Stadia and it worked perfectly, I have hooked it up to my Playstation to watch BlueRays and games and it was great!

    I also enjoyed srtreaming Disney and Netflix via google chrome and I did not have any issues.

    What I would improve a bit is the brightness as I have another Epson projector and the beam is much brighter, but I guess it uses a different technolgy and also it’s on another price range (… 500 ).

    So if you are looking for an easy to use, good quality projector without breaking your bank the Yaber I think is an excellent coice.

  29. JoleneShepherd says:

     United Kingdom

    Am really happy with the Yaber V6 projector. The 4 point keystone is excellent and has allowed me to place the projector at an off-centre angle to the screen. Am currently using the projector with an Amazon fire stick. It is projecting on to a 100 inch screen from a distance of about 12 feet. With two young children, the Yaber projector is great for movie nights. Since buying the projector, my family hardly use the TV anymore.

    I did have some problems with the projector about three months after buying it. It started displaying horizontal lines on the screen. I logged a support case with Yaber and was quickly contacted by a very helpful customer support lady called April, who asked me to run through a series of troubleshooting steps. Unfortunately, the suggested steps did not resolve the issue. April then provided me with a firmware update for the projector, which immediately solved the problem.

    I have to say that, because of the excellent customer support that I received from April at Yaber, I would be looking to purchase Yaber products again in the future. To summarise, the Yaber V6 is a good product at a good price and the customer service that I received from Yaber has been professional and efficient.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 236 From Our UsersI bought this after my t.v died and I always wanted a projector. The picture quality is amazing and you can see every pore on someone’s face depending on the scene. I don’t use a screen and this is projected onto a grey wall. It is still good in daylight with curtains closed and still amazing with a lamp on in the evenings. I was going to get a separate sound system but discovered that it has great sound quality on its own. One thing I will say is very dark scenes are not that great and sometimes I am left looking at a grey wall in some scenes but I reckon that would be a problem with any device. The fan is a bit noisy but I have got used to it and can zone it out when watching stuff. The remote is also good as the projector picks up its signals without having to point the remote directly at it.
    Overall I am very impressed and it is definitely worth the money.

    Edit: After a few months of having this projector and since my first review I thought to come back and give more feedback. I am still very happy with this projector. I since discovered that you can adjust the screen size which is simple and expected.What is even better is that you can have the projector facing parralel to a wall but adjust the settings so the projection can be projected at an angle, say at 45 you can adjust the screen so it looks perfect as if it was parralel. This is fantastic if you have an awkward living space and can’t quite find the perfect spot for placing your projector. The Bluetooth is great for watching with a headset on and screen casting is so easy. I’ve screen cast from my Mac a few times, I also use a Roku stick for media and the projector is able to power it via USB rather than needing a plug socket. Not much else to add but this tops any t.v I could have bought for the same price.

    Amazing picture quality

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I like how this fits in a small backpack (provided) so it’s easy to transport. I haven’t really been able to use mine in the daytime but that might be because of the way my garden faces, I need to try in someone else’s garden, but when it is dark the picture quality is great. It’s also very easy to connect to WiFi and I use an Amazon Fire stick with mine although you can screen mirror from your phone.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    pretty surprised with quality of projector. volume is pretty good too – impressed

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This projector is simply amazing for the price! Picture quality is sharp and excellent, in love with the keystone adjustment as it makes it so much easier to position the screen from the side of the room and it still had great focus from far away, and to top it off, the sound quality from the projector is also amazing!

  34. Candyce Nicole says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 240 From Our UsersI want to leave a honest review here on what you get for your money and how it compares to something say a 500+ projector from Optoma.

    I purchased this after my last optoma projector finally gave up after 9 years of use.
    Over that time, I watch tv less and less, and just wanted something to use in the dark for movies.
    For the price I paid for this, 190 I think, I thin it’s pretty good.

    I am projecting an 100+ inch image on my wall, no screen or special projector paint, and its pretty good.
    I “calibrated” the brightness settings etc using a youtube video for projectors which worked well.

    I do notice some blurring, and on a larger image when using the 4 point correction, its hard to get every part of the screen in complete focus at once. Its definitely good enough! But I can notice it differently when I compare the centre of the screen to the edges. Not sure how this situation happens exactly but I tested it to death and I can adjust for one or the other.

    In terms of brightness, in broad daylight, its definitely no good.
    With a bit of light coming in, if you set it to vivid mode, its also acceptable – but not good.
    In the dark, its really good.

    The lumens provided for this product (8000) are no good because they are not ANSI and probably not accurate anyway. Personally, if I were to be using this everyday instead of a TV, or in any kind of light, I would shell out more for a good brand like optoma. They will generally be *much* brighter.

    The fan on this model is also fairly loud. It’s louder than more premium models.
    That said, when a movie or something is on, it does fade into the background as white noise, so it doesn’t bother me. You can always hear it though.

    I’ll rate this as a 4 because:
    Good points:
    1. Good 1080p image.
    2. Bright enough.
    3. Interface is nice to use.
    4. 4 point correction is really useful.
    5. Cheap. Really cheap.
    6. Distance to image ratio is really good.

    Bad Points:
    1. Its not the highest lumens projector on the market – come on! There are professionals projectors available that can be used in broad daylight lol. I don’t think this is as good as the well known brands in terms of brightness.
    2. Bit of blurring on the image after corner correction.
    3. Fan is quite loud.

    Overall really happy with the purchase.
    Just know what you are paying for.

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