Yale SD-L1000-SN Conexis L1 Smart Keyless Door Handle For Home Security, Remote Lock/Unlock, App Control, Key Card and Phone Tag Included, Satin Nickel finish [BSI Approved] [Energy Class A+]


Yale Module

Make your lock even smarter with the addition of one of our modules.

The Yale Module 2 allows you to control your Yale Smart Door Lock from anywhere in the world when linked to your Yale Smart Home Alarm System. The Yale Module 2 creates the link between your Smart Door Lock and Your Home alarm, making your home security even smarter.


Z-Wave Module

The Z-Wave Module 2 allows you to control your Yale Connected Smart Door Lock from anywhere in the world when linked to leading Z-Wave Home Automation Systems. Now with upgraded enhanced encryption from Z-Wave’s Module 2.


Sync Module

The Yale Sync Module creates the link between your Smart Door Lock and your Yale Sync Alarm, making your home security even smarter.


Remote Fob Module

Open your door from up to 10 metres away with just one click of the easy to use Remote Fob. Compatible with Yale Conexis L1, Keyless Connected & Keyfree Connected Smart Door locks


Yale Module




Weight: 1.85 kg
Dimensions: 2 x 3.5 x 27 cm; 1.85 Kilograms
Model: SD-L1000-SN
Part: SD-L1000-SN
Colour: Satin Nickel Finish
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Alkaline
Manufacture: Yale
Colour: Satin Nickel Finish
Quantity: 1

81 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Configuration documentation not very good when it comes to placement of door sense and programming keytags. I worked it out myself. Very little content online to support Conexis L2. Someone needs to sit down and carry out process step by step on and provide printscreens of interaction with app. Although Yale do not provide remote unlock you have to rely on Alaexa to do the job. This could be researched.

  2. IWVSylviaxi says:

     United Kingdom

    I already have a Yale smart alarm and Keyless connected smart lock, so this seemed the obvious choice for a UPVC door. The installation was tricky, but as other reviews have said, watch the utube video all the way through and then watch it again and follow the steps.

    The lock fitted the door without any need for modifications which was brilliant – old lock out (following the video) and new lock in.

    I played with the app specifically for this lock and as others have said, it’s awful, and I had already purchased the white Yale smart plug in for this (different to the one for the Yale Smart hub and the ZWave) – this one enables you to access the lock from the Yale Smart alarm app and lock, unlock plus you get email notifications when the door is unlocked/locked. You can also link it to disarm the alarm automatically when the lock is unlocked.

    As other reviewers have said, register all of your RFID cards/phone tags/etc at the same time as none of the apps seem to work properly for this.

    The [generic cheap] batteries which came with the lock lasted about 4 months, roughly 3-5 uses per day – have installed Energiser now which I’m expecting will last up to a year if similar to the Keyless Connected lock.

    I am happy to recommend this lock but do take your time with the install!

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This was installed on the front door (PVC). It was extremely useful regarding having a fob, card and app as I am awaiting MRI results for my lower back and the steps leading to the door are steep. One of my legs can give way at any time.

    Also the ability to assign digital keys to people’s phones is handy if I’ve had a slip or fall.

    Lifting the handle on exiting will automatically lock it. I think this can be changed in the settings. To exit from inside, push the knob and turn.

    This is where problems arose. I was unfortunately locked inside (the mechanism did something it wasn’t supposed to). Had there been a fire. Only heaven knows.

    Yale were extremely good in regards my complaint about this issue. I was issued with a replacement after some troubleshooting.

    I could still leave via the rear door which is a normal key.

    Ultimately I called a locksmith – I could not get the door to open. After providing proof of purchase, a copy of the receipt, along with confirmation from the locksmith that the door mechanism was perfectly fine – it was the lock. I was reimbursed the full cost of the locksmith too by Yale.

    I would recommend this lock as I truly believe I unfortunately got one that didn’t pass quality control and slipped through. I would however not have one on every door in the house.

  4. ONJCarissa says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI have had this Digital Yale Smart Lock installed on my front door since 2017 – so a long time now!

    The lock itself is fairly substantial, much bigger and heavier than my previous door handle/lock. It feels very well made and give a good impression when removing from the box that this is a great security lock. The handle and unit are chrome with a plastic RFID reader. On the rear of the lock is a plastic screw cover which takes 4 x AA batteries and a plastic cover for the reset button and additional yale modules (more about them later).

    So why would you want a smart lock? It’s technology… and i personally love anything tech related. It’s also great not to have to carry keys around with you. The app boasts unlocking and locking via the conexis app, as well as little plastic RFID fobs and credit card type RFID passes. You get a selection of these in the box.

    Fitting – this was fairly straight forward and i had zero issues with this. The lock alignment needs to be perfect though. If you are unsure then ask a local locksmith to fit. However this product is certainly ok for DIY installation. I did it myself in about 20 mins and had no issues. As mentioned before it is a very big and chunky lock so take this into consideration when purchasing.

    Locking/Unlocking – to lock the door you must pull up the handle. Although the lock is fully motorised it will not lock the multi-point locking section of the door. It only electronically locks the deadbolt. To unlock you can either use the app, an RFID fob or if inside you must depress the knob and turn. This lock would be no good for an elderly person who has dexterity issues, due to the knobs push in and turn design. My grandmother can not open this lock despite trying her very best. Once the knob is pressed and turned you then can open the lock by pushing down on the handle.

    RFID FOBS : These work well – although you have to assign them first within the app. Programming is fairly simple although everytime i update the fobs it does take quite a while for them to actually register correctly in the app, i normally have to do this several times before the conxeis app recognises the fobs. You can assign names to the fobs but this is beyond rubbish as the app does not ever notify you correctly (if at all) on who’s fob has been used. To use the fobs you just tap them on the black plastic at the front of the lock and if accepted you will hear the lock spring to life and open the dead bolt. I find most of my fobs dissapear from the app after adding, but they all seem to still work okay and unlock the door without issue.

    Phone unlocking – just does not work via the conexis app! I have reported this to yale several times and have now given up. I have a very early unit so they may have updated the firmware within the latest locks, but my original lock is still rubbish when it comes to the conexis app. (If you have a Yale Smart Hub then use the Yale Alarm app as unlocking works flawlessly within this addional app)

    I have locked myself out several times during the initial months after i first installed the lock. This was beyond frustrating. I ended up resorting to ensuring all my family had back door keys in case we couldnt open the front door. Contacting the Yale customer helpline is so frustrating – trying to find/speak to someone who knows anything about the lock became a joke. However i have to say that once i managed to track down a single yale employee who was knowledgeable – he was absoloutely fantastic and kept in regular touch with me to iron out most of the issues in the very early days of me installing the lock. I can’t thank this chap from Yale enough! Eventually though, after many communications via phone and email he also gave up and arranged for me to be sent a Yale smart hub to connect the lock too. I have a Yale alarm system so the smart hub just linked into this. I had to purchase the Yale access module though to get the lock to talk to the Yale Alarm app. This was another 50 at the time. Once i had linked the lock to the Yale Alarm system it just worked brilliantly. I have never had a problem with the lock since – this does however use a different app to the conexis one.

    Batteries in the lock last a good few months, however again don’t reply on the conexis app to alert you when the batteries are dying. It just never works at all! You will get to notice the sound the lock makes when it is struggling to draw power. I just replace the batteries when the motor sounds different. If you do link it to the Yale Alarm smart hub then this does notify you correctly when the batteries in the lock are starting to fade, but again this is via the Yale Alarm app not the dedicated conexis app.

    Conexis App – RUBBISH beyond belief. Now i have had this lock for 5 years and it still does not work with the dedicated app! I have now just given up using it. The problems i had with it are that it continually logged you out – having to log back into the app every time you want to open your front door was beyond frustrating. Even then on tons of occasions the app said my details were incorrect even though they were not. The twist to unlock feature via your smartphone again hardly ever worked. Touching your smartphone to the lock again just failed miserably most of the time. Notifications never ever work! History of the lock being used never works. It really is the worst app i have ever installed on my phone. I genuinely can’t understand how a company such a Yale would release such a poor app, more importantly why they have failed to sort it out and correct the issues over the last 5 years! Another really frustrating thing about the conexis app is that it uses digital keys. You only get a small amount of these digital keys (5 if i remember correctly) and these get wasted very quickly when the app messes up – which is frequently and at no fault of the user. You have to then purchase additional keys as an in app purchase at 2.99 per key!! This is daylight robbery! If you change your phone you again need a new key. Adding a time limited key again just expires one of your keys never to be used again. The amount of keys i wasted due to the poor app design was ridiculous. My contact at Yale again was super nice and provided me with 10 extra keys at no cost. I now never ever use the conexis app.

    So should you buy this lock – You may be surprised to hear me say YES… i do recommend this lock. My only caveat to that recommendation is that you also buy a Yale Smart hub and the access module. I did try the zwave module with smarthings but this again didn’t work great so i went for the access module. I have spent over 300 in addtional tech trying to get the lock to work correctly in the early days. The lock does however integrate great with the Yale Alarm app fantasticly. With the smart hub you can also remotely lock/unlock the door which is an excellent feature. You could not do remote locking/unlocking with the standalone lock and the conxeis app without the modules. This lock combined with the smart yale alarm system is excellent. If you don’t have the yale ecosystem then i would say avoid this lock like the plague especially if you only want to use the digital keys within the conexis app. The lock also has a battery back up feature that we have used twice – if the batteries in the lock fail placing a 9v battery on the contact at the bottom of the lock on the outside will just give it enough power for you to unlock it. This is a very handy backup feature that yale have included.

    Hopefully yale may have released updated firmware for the newer conexis locks – if they have then maybe some of the problems i am still experiencing 5 years later may have been fixed. I really do wish they would update my lock as i would love it to work how it is suppost to work, but that is not likely to happen.

    Overall i like this lock a lot, it’s just frustrating the lock doesn’t work without the additional items which cost a lot of money – next time i am not so sure i would be one of the early adopters of such new technology. I have certainly had my fingers burnt! Hopefully Yale will have addressed a lot of these issues in thier latest locks.

    I hope that you found my review helpful

    Great Lock - App is Rubbish - Buy the Smart Hub!

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have installed this lock which was pretty easy. It kept whirring when locked though, so took it off again; refitted the actuator and it now work brilliant.

    I had a previous Yale lock with number code (first pic) which we replaced. This lock fitted fine but doesn’t cover the previous locks holes see other pics which according details I read it as it should so check it will first.

    So easy to fit, works really well but do check it does cover what you previously had.

    Great Lock, but beware it covers your previous lock holes

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Took three attempts to fit this lock. Once the lock spins then you are good to go. Just looks rather big on the inside. For the price I think they should have included a z wave

    Strong and sturdy handle

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI replaced my old Yale Keyfree with the connexis l1. I’m quite a competent DIYer so figured I’d do it myself.

    Things I learnt during my 10 hour ordeal:

    1) ENSURE that your multi lock system is housed properly. This lock will not work if your multi locks out out of line.

    2) MAKE sure that you do not turn the actuator once you have installed it. The manual tells you to check that it moves slightly left and right, just do not move it, causes alignment issues.

    3) make sure that you register your master card before trying to make the yale lock stay locked.

    I have to say, hats off to the yale helpline, they were great (was on hold for an hour but that’s fine tbh).

    I also now have two holes in my door, from my old Keyfree due to the difference in the models. I’ll fix this with filler and then a metal cover (6 from amazon) once that I’m over this ordeal.

    Installation was not easy for me, but it was my own faults and unluckess.

    I dont use the app to open my door, it’s slower than using a key, but I do have a remote fob that I can press whilst in the car and the door stays open for 30 seconds.

    Points of interest: you will need the z module if you wish to connect to smartthings.

    Don’t rely on the app for entry.

    Remember you only get 5 FREE virtual keys. The rest you have to pay for.

    If you are replacing this with an old keyfree yale, remember you will have two holes in your door. It would be nice if YALE rewarded customer loyalty by some kind of discount if they are replacing one product for a newer one, specially if the old product malfunctioned.

    As for reliability, time will tell.

  8. ShayPWZUapood says:

     United Kingdom

    Having been looking for an alternative lock for a few months as my kids can’t be bothered to lock the door behind them; seems to difficult for them to pull out a key and lock the door. After reading all the negative reviews I took the plunge. Was very easy to fit. Watched the video first and then followed the instructions. Works as expected. Pull up the handle (hopefully my kids can handle this!) and the door locks. To open you simple press the button to wake up the lock and hold your card/fob against the lock. Pretty much the same for the phone when you open the app. Haven’t yet worked on the phone rotate option so far.

  9. PoppyFontaine says:

     United Kingdom

    Just installed this today. Installing the lock was straight forward and took about 45 minutes and I had to do it twice because I left a part out. Stand alone with fobs/tags etc works great. The conexis L1 app doesn’t work with Android as advertised. I installed the Yale access module and used the Yale Access app and that works great. Adding extra fobs/tags is a breeze. I’m really pleased with the lock. I no longer have to remember to deadlock the door when I leave, I just lift the handle and the lock deadlocks it for me. Very pleased and would recommend.

  10. BaileyKovach says:

     United Kingdom

    Straight forward to install and I have never changed a lock before.

    Remember it doest fix all door problems so if you have to push or pull your door in a certain way for it to lock this will still be the case.

    Had no issue adding keys and my kid can operate it fine after showing them it need a firm pull into the frame for it to lock as it did with the manual key.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I love the printed instructions which allows you to fit in less than two hours as I have arthritis hands but managed it well and so happy to see it work. love it and do not be put off by others negative reviews. The Essence of success is take your time and be proud to do it right. A Brilliant lock I bought during Amazon prime two day sale saving me almost 45. Thank you Amazon bring back prime sale soon.

  12. AletheaXULZ says:

     United Kingdom

    The lock itself does a good job the only frustration I have with it is that although it’s already 200 you have to pay extra if you want a module to connect it to your smart home and if you want more than 5 digital keys they charge you for that too! Was 200 not enough to expect that?

  13. Stergios says:

     United Kingdom

    This lock isn’t a Smart Lock as advertised. Yes you can gain access now whilst using a card/fob/tag etc, but to make it genuinely “smart” you have to purchase a further module to benefit from any said “smart” features which they advertise come with the lock – but actually don’t.

    It was easy to install

    Functionality isn’t as smooth as a gadget of this price tag should be. The log doesn’t always engage, even when you’ve lifted the handle all the way. It’s also very hit and miss whether it decides it’s going to recognise your app or card when you get home. I’ve been left on my doorstep for a good few minutes a couple of times waiting for it to open.

  14. TUCJannett says:

     United Kingdom

    When I bought and fitted this it wouldn’t work. It would lock the door but the motor would keep running. Eventually rang tech support who told me to go to the trouble shooting pages on the website and if that didn’t work, call back and they would replace it. The troubleshooting didn’t help so called back and the lock was returned. The new one worked fine. I then wanted to add it to my Alarm, be carful there’s lots of connectivity adapters and it’s easy to get the wrong one and they are expensive. If I’ve got any gripes it’s that it’s a little slow to wake up when you present a fob so you often are left wondering if the batteries are flat.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI’m glad I didn’t listen to the negative reviews, I was very cautious buying this and researched the product thoroughly before making my decision however the negative reviews did nearly sway my judgement!
    I’m pleased to announce I’ve had this lock for 2 weeks now and it has worked perfectly with all keys, fobs and Bluetooth devices.

    Pros – quick and simple to install, just please read the instructions to the letter, I had to pull off the lock once as I hadn’t aligned correctly which was my own fault for rushing.
    Very heavy, feels secure as well as looks it.
    Works well with all keys provided, and asigning keys via the app is simple.
    Looks beautiful!
    Smart locks are a future technology so insurance companies will no doubt look to these for lower house insurance premiums soon.

    Cons – the app doesn’t seem to like Android users for some reason, Apple works just fine however a lengthy delay in anyone using the android version of the app on my door.
    The connector wire looks and feels flimsy so do take great care feeding it through the door and looping it round when assembling the handle flush against the door.

    In conclusion I am so glad I bought this product, its elegant and sturdy and worth every penny so far. additional keys to purchase off Amazon are cheap and it has wowed everyone I know. Very happy with this product.

    For fitting there is a handy step by step guide on YouTube if you’re after a more visual tutorial than the attached instructions.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The Yale Conexis L1 is a smart lock that does away with keys to lock and unlock the door. This was purchased from Amazon on the 11th February 2021 and cost 184.49 at the time of purchasing. Included in the box is the Conexis door handle unit, 4 AA batteries required for powering the unit, 1 fob, 1 card and installation instructions.

    The lock is relatively simple to fix to your existing PVC and composite door with just a screwdriver. I was able to fit the lock myself, even with limited handyman skills, using Yale’s instructions and online videos. The installation took approximately 30-40 minutes in total. The only complication I ran into during the install was a screw being too big in diameter to fit through the door. To overcome this I was able to use a drill and make the hole wider which solved the problem. This is unlikely to be an issue for most installations.

    For myself, I was able to power on the unit and pair the unit to the Yale Conexis app running on an iPhone 8. So far I have had minimal issues unlocking the door with my phone with it being 9/10 times successful. When it fails to unlock, restarting the app generally gets it to work correctly. Using the app, however, is not the quickest way to unlock the door. Within the back of my phone case is a compartment for cards. I have the card in the back of my phone so when I approach the door I have to wake it by touching the sensor. Then I press the back of my phone to the handle, the light will then go green, the lock will beep and will unlock allowing you to open the door. The process takes approximately 5 seconds. From the internal side of the lock, there is a thumb turn which can be pressed and turned for the handle to unlock.

    To lock the door ensure the door is fully closed and pull up the handle. You will hear the lock operating and see the red light on the inside and hear the beep. I always press down on the handle just to double-check. Within the app, you can set an auto-lock timer. If the lock is not used for an amount of time lock will automatically lock. Like a deadlock, you will need to make sure you have a key with you if you pop outside for a few minutes or you’re going to get locked out.

    The main selling feature for me was the keyless entry so I only need to take my phone and wireless headphones out with me on dog walks.

    The biggest fear of using the lock is the lack of a manual key override. If the lock ever becomes unresponsive there is no easy way of unlocking the door. For me, I have a spare key in a lock box at the back of my house which I am able to enter if this ever becomes an issue. If the batteries were to ever run out there is a connection at the bottom of the external lock to hold a battery in order to power on the unit to gain access.

    With all this in mind, I would recommend the lock and give the lock a 4 star. The convenient keyless entry for me is perfect and the handle seems to be working as it should using the card for access. The only thing letting the lock down is the app.

  17. Kaitlyn0076 says:

     United Kingdom

    The Yale Conexis L1 is a smart lock that does away with keys to lock and unlock the door. This was purchased from Amazon on the 11th February 2021 and cost 184.49 at the time of purchasing. Included in the box is the Conexis door handle unit, 4 AA batteries required for powering the unit, 1 fob, 1 card and installation instructions.

    The lock is relatively simple to fix to your existing PVC and composite door with just a screwdriver. I was able to fit the lock myself, even with limited handyman skills, using Yale’s instructions and online videos. The installation took approximately 30-40 minutes in total. The only complication I ran into during the install was a screw being too big in diameter to fit through the door. To overcome this I was able to use a drill and make the hole wider which solved the problem. This is unlikely to be an issue for most installations.

    For myself, I was able to power on the unit and pair the unit to the Yale Conexis app running on an iPhone 8. So far I have had minimal issues unlocking the door with my phone with it being 9/10 times successful. When it fails to unlock, restarting the app generally gets it to work correctly. Using the app, however, is not the quickest way to unlock the door. Within the back of my phone case is a compartment for cards. I have the card in the back of my phone so when I approach the door I have to wake it by touching the sensor. Then I press the back of my phone to the handle, the light will then go green, the lock will beep and will unlock allowing you to open the door. The process takes approximately 5 seconds. From the internal side of the lock, there is a thumb turn which can be pressed and turned for the handle to unlock.

    To lock the door ensure the door is fully closed and pull up the handle. You will hear the lock operating and see the red light on the inside and hear the beep. I always press down on the handle just to double-check. Within the app, you can set an auto-lock timer. If the lock is not used for an amount of time lock will automatically lock. Like a deadlock, you will need to make sure you have a key with you if you pop outside for a few minutes or you’re going to get locked out.

    The main selling feature for me was the keyless entry so I only need to take my phone and wireless headphones out with me on dog walks.

    The biggest fear of using the lock is the lack of a manual key override. If the lock ever becomes unresponsive there is no easy way of unlocking the door. For me, I have a spare key in a lock box at the back of my house which I am able to enter if this ever becomes an issue. If the batteries were to ever run out there is a connection at the bottom of the external lock to hold a battery in order to power on the unit to gain access.

    With all this in mind, I would recommend the lock and give the lock a 4 star. The convenient keyless entry for me is perfect and the handle seems to be working as it should using the card for access. The only thing letting the lock down is the app.

  18. KristiAstudillo says:

     United Kingdom

    Firstly it is a fairly sturdy and impressive piece if kit, it felt more secure in operation than the original one I was replacing. Installation was pretty easy and possible with just a screwdriver. It would help if the instructions mentioned setting up all the tags In one go. We stored each one in turn and then found out only the last one was working, figured it out eventually. We also bought the z wave module which just pushes in, you do need their app initially but as soon as it is registered I switched to Smartthings and it was also immediately picked up by Alexa. And it all works beautifully. You do initially keep checking it is locked but one week later that has worn off.

  19. GloriaEnjenw says:

     United Kingdom

    Where shall I start ,make sure your existing door handles are level ,my old handles used 2 different holes ,wierd but made job of fitting it a nightmare, apart from that and the expensive cost and the z wave chip and not knowing what colour and too much choice all was fine ,I chose the blue one ,still don’t know if I needed it ,hope it doesn’t drain the batteries too much ,time will tell .fitted on 20th Feb 21 ,by a tech save electrician, should take about half hour but my strange old lock didn’t conform see 3rd pic ,good luck

    Seems fine but strange lock made installation a problem

  20. AstridGass says:

     United Kingdom

    Good solid digital lock. Look and feel premium. Not easy to set up the keys. Would be nice if it can handle fingerprint and password. The supplier’s battery lasted 6 months for average 4 open+close a day, no Z wave module added. When change batteries, no need to connect another power source to keep its memory, just remove old batteries and insert new batteries. I have 2 phones using apps which count as 2 credits. Also I have various cards and key tags which do not count in the credits. Thus, I have 3 credits left.
    Just learnt that you need to set the battery and locked/unlocked notifications on in app > key icon > my locks > Centre black icon > Advanced settings > Notifications in order to see these status.

    Good solid digital lock

  21. RosalinClegg says:

     United Kingdom

    For complete peace of mind, I opted to have my Conexis L1 installed by a YALE approved locksmith. I just did a quick search on the YALE smart home website for approved Conexis L1 Locksmiths in my area.

    The Conexis L1 connects to the existing physical locking mechanism within the door. In my case this mechanism was more than 10 years old. The Yale locksmith checked the mechanism to ensure it would operate trouble free with the Conexis L1. He found the existing mechanism was badly worn internally (probably where the door had been slighly out of alignment for a while and force had been used to lift the door handle upwards to latch into place when closing the door). The locksmith showed me evidence of this wear. He advised replacing the internal mechanism otherwise the Conexis L1 could fail / have issues locking (this is an issue commonly reported in reviews!). I asked the locksmith to replace the mechanism which cost 45. He installed the lock and gave me a demonstration. All worked brilliantly. Total installation price: 145 including VAT including 12 month warranty.

    The YALE approved locksmith fitted my Conexis L1, changed the internal door locking mechanism and paired the master key within 2 hours.

    The key fobs are really easy to pair one by phone. Do this slowly and take your time.

    I have also set my iPhone to unlock the door using the YALE smart living app.

    The app honestly isn’t as bad as some people report but it does have several annoying bugs. For example, if you change the locks beep sound volume loudness it sometimes reverts back to the default setting on its own. Not the end of the world and certainly doesn’t affect the functionality of the Conexis L1 lock itself.

    I was going to install the blue Z wave module so I can connect to Alexa. However, I decided against it for three reasons,
    1) it will only allow me to ask Aleza if the door is locked, open or closed. it can’t lock the door for you. But Alexa can be configured to remotely open the lock (see point 3 below for potential security issue).
    2) The lock batteries deteriorate far more quickly.
    3) The biggest issue is the security risk. I don’t feel comfortable with a burglar shouting through my letterbox “Alexa, open the front door”.

    It’s actually not as noisy as it appears to be when seen on videos on line. I was concerned the whirring sound would annoy me but it’s fine.

    To open the lock from outside, just put the yale fob against the yale logo on the lock handle and it will beep, produce a green LED light and you can open the door and enter the house. Once inside, close the door and lift up the handle, you will hear a confirmation beep confirming the lock is now closed.

    To open from inside the house, press the thumb wheel inwards while also turning and the door will beep, the green LED light will appear to confirm the lock is open and you can exit.

    If installed to the right kind of door (the Conexis L1 won’t fit all doors) by a Yale approved locksmith then it’s approved by UK insurance companies, and to the best of my knowledge it is still the only fully insurance approved smart lock in the UK. Check this yourself though with your own insurers.

    Don’t take too much notice of the poor reviews as it is a brilliant lock, even if the YALE app does need some further updates. One assumes the majority of these negative reviews are from people who have done a DIY installation without enough DIY knowledge, or people not reading through the instruction thoroughly before starting the installation. I have actually found two online videos where people had issues then later admitted in the video they did not read the instructions before starting!! As long as you have the lock installed by a YALE approved locksmith you will be fine and you will wish you’d fitted the Conexis L1 years ago. Good luck.

  22. MariBrdrhvacn says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersUpdate

    Ive had this lock for over a year now and touch wood, not a problem. The one thing I would say is I have the front door unlock through smartthings alot and the battery level isn’t reported to smartthings properly. The only way to check the battery level is to use your phone app to open the door. I’ve not had them runout on me yet.

    Other than that it’s brilliant

    I read the reviews first. I’m well into Home automation now. I’ve been setting it up in my place for about 10 years. I Love this handle it works well. Integration with Alexa is good. I can unlock my front door with alexa if a say a PIN. I can lock the door. Although locking remotely for a multi point lock is pointless as you have to push the handle up. However with the smartthings zigbee adapter installed and integrating with smartthings and webcore you can do some cool stuff.

    I now have alexa tell me if rain is expected when the door uocks for the first time in the day. Warns me of ice etc. I can check the lock status remotely.

    Install wasn’t that hard. Youve gotta read the instructions before your start and give yourself from half an hour to and hour. There are different fixing kits for different width doors. I found that the longer screw worked better form my door. Mine was 70mm.

    All in all works well. Had it for about 6 weeks now. Battery level has not moved.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product, I use myself and as a window/door fitter I also install a lot for customers. Makes life easier with the tap of a fob, about 10 gets you a set with a card, a fob and a sticker .. cheaper than getting keys cut all the time and it comes with a card and a fob also.
    I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has only one way in to their house, that would be silly relying on this as your only entrance to your house, after all it’s technology and it can go wrong like everything eventually does.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    This is not new and its packaging is opened and repacked, I had to had it over to glazers to instal it as there was shortage of time otherwise would have returned.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Three things to be aware of –
    1) You need to make sure you align the actuator in the keyhole so that it spins freely AND align the tailbar so that it is vertical with the smaller of the two slots (on the outer edge) at the bottom. Not very clear and took me several tried before I realised what it was trying to get me to do.
    2) The alignment tool did not seem to align the lock properly so in the end I centrally aligned the keyhole to the lock body by eye and that seemed to work better.
    3) You can add as many key devices as you want without using the App. Once the device is working off the initial key simple press R, scan whatever keys you want (you’ll get a beep for each) and then press R again.

    Good luck with installation – a bit of a fiddle but got there in the end. I know many give up straight away but it is just the case of checking you have everything correct. If it gives an error then go back and double check everything again.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    A sleek and modern quality lock. Very easy to install but take you time and read the manual first before starting. Then when installing follow each step precisely in order and you won’t have any problems. Ensure the actuator is set straight and lined up correctly. With this check done, you shouldn’t have any other issues. When registering the unlocking accessories, ensure you do them all in one go. Press button, register each one in turn, then press button and they will all work perfectly. It took me about an hour to install, I was working slowly and carefully. Also installed the z wave module, which again, is easy to do..but follow the manual word for word.

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This lock works exactly like advertised. It feels very secure. We also are using it with the zwave so it can be checked anywhere at any time and be locked and unlocked with your smart things app. I was sceptical about the addition of z wave as Alot of reviews had said it drained the battery in weeks some times days. But it has been a few months now and our battery is still on 100% so it doesn’t seem to effect it. I like the fact I can check if iv locked the door if im out and if not can lock it remotely. It also works with alexa and if your worries about security using voice to open it. You need a pass code and in our house couldnt be accesses via mail box.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It took two attempts to get the perfect fit for the tumbler but once adjusted works perfectly.
    Customer service dog poo, after a month Yale has not managed to confirm my email so the phone unlocking is not working. Pathetic! Shame – after several emails!

  29. Jerry Beilinson says:

     United Kingdom

    A very good lock easy enough to install as long as your door meets the sizing requirments for the lock, Inwas a little hesitant to purchase after reading some early reviews of the software but they seem to have fixed that and it now works really well with nonissues at all.

  30. Anna Gensini says:

     United Kingdom

    An excellent doorlock works as described I even bought the remote control. The only downside I had with it was the fitting. I ended up getting a locksmith out to fit it. Not as easy as they make out. But the door handle itself is excellent and works fine I’ve had it about a month now and had no problems at all. Would recommend it, but beware the fitting not so simple.

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to install and very convenient, specially with the z-wave module installed. The Smartthings app open the lock in less than a second from anywhere.
    Out of the box you can use the Yale App to unlock the door by bluetooth, but I certainly prefer the Smartthings responsiveness. However the bluetooth connection directly to the Yale App in your mobile is very important when power is off in the house or/and Wifi is off, you still will be able to open the door with the Yale App or a tag.
    It came with a key tag and a key tag sticker.
    You will need the module and a hub to make the lock work remotely.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Build quality: Really good build quality. It gives you confidence in the reliability of the product.
    Installation: The installation was a bit fiddly. All the steps are well defined in their YouTube video, so I recommend that you follow those. It will take you between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the installation.
    Unlocking using RFID: This feature works really well. You place the RFID card / fob on the sensor, and door unlocks.
    Unlocking using phone: Not very useful. In order to do this, you need the follow these steps: 1. Open the Yale app on your phone; 2. Tap to unlock; 3. Tap the sensor on the lock in order to wake the bluetooth in the lock; 4. Move the phone close to the lock.
    You’re much better off to buy an RFID phone tag, and stick in to the back of the phone underneath the phone cove. It’s invisible, and it’s quick.

    If Yale would have an AppleWatch-compatible app, I would give this product five stars, as it would take the phone out of the equation, and I would be more than happy to tap the lock in order to wake the Bluetooth.

    I’ve only installed the lock on April 24th, 2020. This means that I didn’t need to change the batteries yet. I’ll provide an update in case I’ll be locked out of the house.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good lock, fitting isn’t too bad if you follow the YouTube tutorial. I had issues with the actuator, it would lock but not unlock took the lock off the door about 8 times making sure it was in the correct position. In the end I found it worked when.i let the actuator lock. Took the handle off the door, reset the position of the arrows and put the handle back together. After that it worked perfectly and has done since. If it had worked the first attempt it would have got full stars

  34. UUILashaylynzw says:

     United Kingdom

    A little bit daunting to fit but following the instructions was pretty straight forward . I spent the first few days with it waving the fob around in front ofnrhe lock before realising you need to touch the Yale circle on your fob directly on the Yale circle on the lock with the Yale circle facing you , then it works first time every time . The app and phone unlock via Bluetooth is really only a backup way to get in as you need to open the app and then touch the lock then unlock the door with the phone and in practice it’s just too long . If you add the smartthings module you can use that to open the lock from your car or while walking upto the lock which is much better but at the price point it really should of had this feature built in or at least the module should be heavily subsidised but it’s not it’s another high price at anywhere upto 50 . The feature to power the lock with a battery from outside just incase the batteries run out is good but it does say it will give you plenty of warning when they are getting low (we shall see) I would also prefer that to open the door from the inside was a button that activated the motor rather than a knob that you push and turn . It’s too much for my hands (whole reason for getting it in the first place ) and I have to grab my phone and unlock it with the smartthings app. I would like to see a updated lock in the future that address all these points

  35. Andre Blackman says:

     United Kingdom

    Great to fit, and I am loving not having to worry about keys anymore.

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I have three of these. Had a few installation issues initially. The Yale app only gives you a limited number of virtual keys that are required for setup regardless of how many you purchase. So if you have setup issues you end up using your virtual keys and 3.99 for a replaceme

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    The lock is fantastic installed it myself in 10 minutes the only problem I have is that the battery’s do require changing quite a lot and these are no cheap batteries they are the energiser lithium ones but still change every 2 months but still a brilliant lock works well nice and smooth

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very good smart lock. Looks a bit big but is not ugly to look at.
    Makes life easier when used with the remote control.
    I checked out the British kite mark which shows it a safe secure lock.

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent lock! Have to careful when fitting, make sure you fit the part that replaces your old actual lock in a way that it can turn easily! This is adjustable, bit if not perfect it either won’t lock or will flatten batteries quicker than normal!
    Find and cards are cheap and easy to pair up using the Yale app. (1 card and 1 fob included!)
    I will buy the Wi-fi connector next (Z-wave module 2) next so it be locked/unlocked remotely..
    Kids sometimes struggle to unlock door from inside the house (push and twist)

    Excellent lock! Very happy

  40. ZacharyZ74 says:

     United Kingdom

    When we arrive at home, usually coming with kids , buggy and lots of bags, it’s really easy to use the key tag to just open the door.not necessary to find the right key. The installation guide is well written , not necessary to have a professional installer. If you properly follow the instructions, and doing steps as it recommended, it will not be any issue. I am planning to have to install the z Wave modul, so I can open the door without literally touching the fob or my phone to the locker.

    Easy to install easy to use

  41. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Comes with everything to fit to a wide range of doors. Fitting is a bit fiddly – give yourself a bit of time to do it – rushing means it won’t work and you may end up trapping the ribbon cable that passes through the door. Setting up also takes a bit of time, but once it is up and working it is great. Takes a bit of getting used to (especially for older folk who can’t turn the unlock knob it seem – must be a generational thing 🙂 ). I waited nearly 12 months before upgrading it with a zee-wave module to integrate it into my smart home setup.

  42. TQWGeorgiana says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Simple to fit easy to set up looks good and cheap

  43. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Do your homework check it can be installed to your specific door and you will love it not had a problem and if idid it was me that caused it and resolved. Had installed for 6 months and still getting used to leaving house without keys. Would also recomemend you buy module to either lock via Alexa/Google or the module to open via App from anywhere.

  44. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Managed to install this is approx 1hr. Some small problems but video and instructions combined sorted me out.

    It all works! Only issue is of the door isn’t fully ‘closed’ then the lock keeps trying to lock. It makes noises as it tries to lock and presumably runs down the battery. Not a big issue IMHO.

    Very happy with this so far.

  45. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersWell, I was wondering if I should invest when according to the compatibility guide, my Avantis multi-point, with the dead bolt above the latch, is not compatible with it. I even removed it to see about replacing it, however, looking at it, the question I had was why is it incompatible. So I asked Yale, via Facebook, [email protected] have never responded.

    The conversation went as follows (names and most pleasantries removed)
    Yale: In regards to the Advanits & Coneixs. They are not compatible due to the Advantis locking mechanism being the opposite way around compared to the normal multi point lock. Hope this makes sense.

    Me: Hi the locking mechanism still appears to the handle as the standard way round. The internals may be different but the handle is still the same way up. Has anyone actually tried it?

    Me: (Pictures sent showing normal door handle is the same way up etc.)

    Yale: It is the way the deadbolt is located, as it is above the latch.

    Me: (Puzzled) How does that affect it?

    Yale: it allows the Handle to lock, but due to mechanism inside the lock can not retract the deadbolt back.

    At this point, I am convinced my correspondent does not understand what he is talking about. I took the plunge, and bought one anyway. I was convinced that as far as the door locking mechanism it did no less and no more than any other door handle, and vice versa, The Yale Conexis door handle performed the same tasks in the locking mechanism as any other door handle.

    Cut a long story short, I bought it, I installed it, thank heavens for the video, just make sure you tighten the actuator screw before any testing. It worked. It behaved exactly as I expected it to, as it is intended to.


    I have only had id a day so far, but I am knocking off a star because of:
    (a) The App on my partners phone says she must confirm with the email sent to her, as yet, no email. Hardly the fault of an Avantis Multi-point lock.
    (b) [email protected] does not respond.
    (c) I have raised the issue with the same person via Facebook, so far, without acknowledging the fact that I successfully installed installed the handle on an “incompatible” lock, so far his response re the non existent email has been: “We’ve noted your issue and a member of our customer support team will get back to you soon ”
    We shall see.

    If I have other problems, I will update this later.

  46. safsadf says:

     United Kingdom

    I really liked the idea of SMART locks and was excited to install the YALE Conexis, I have teenagers and they are constantly losing their keys, but somehow manage to never lose their Phones. The ability to add users and create virtual keys is great. Installation is tricky, you need to follow the instructions in detail step by step, no skipping to what you think the next step might be. Setting up the APP was also slow and took a number of attempts. All in all, I am happy with the lock despite having some mechanical issues which YALE sorted out. I would recommend it but probably look forward to the next version and some feature updates to the APP.

  47. Taylor Freitas says:

     United Kingdom

    Instal, what a pig this was, just about everything with my front door required modification, no holes lined up, had to re drill the door, install a new locking mechanism, the wire which passes from one side to the other passes through the same hole as a screw which tends to get a bit of a hard time during fitting. Setting up the unit via instructions is hit and miss, it can be straight forward but if it’s not aligned exactly as Yale state then you will have to dismantle completely and start again the install fitting. Instructions to re perform installations are very hit and miss and the instructions did never suggest having to delete the app and re install it after the mechanical bits had been refitted. Without doing this it was impossible to reset the device to get it to sync and work. Spent hours. Was it worth it?
    Well now it’s been in place for around 3months and it’s been very reliable.
    I have two small niggles with its operation tho. One is that if the door user does not pull up the handle fully to its stop to lock the door on the way out the door lock will lock then unlock the door as the door user leaves the premises, not helpful when you want to know your house is locked while your out.
    A further point is that Yale state that the door can be locked and unlocked remotely, this is not true, the device can only carry out the task of turning what would have been the key, it cannot unlock or lock the door the door user us the only person that can do this manually.
    I’d love to see a door lock that can actually lift up the handle then unlock the door and vice versa.
    Connection to smart app is a bit rubbish and pointless, unless it can do the whole task of opening and closing the door in my opinion.
    For those guys reading this that think I might be a bit inept, I’m a builder of 20yrs and have fitted many front doors, lock, stock and barrel.

  48. noa says:

     United Kingdom

    Good lock and easy to install once we changed the locking mechanism in the door. Be very careful to measure the the exact distance. I had a split lock and it would not support this so I had to buy a new mechanism. Absolutely my fault but just a warning to others to double check. My only negative is that this lock has been advertising that it will support HomeKit for about the last 2 years and as yet nothing has come of it. I kind of wish I had Brought another lock now as I can not see them ever bringing HomeKit support to this lock.

  49. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s quite fiddly to fit … you have to follow the instructions very precisely…really important aspects are not pointed out in the instructions… e.g. once you have lined up the actuator you must not touch it till the very end! Also it’s vital that the wire does not get caught and it’s very hard to do that. A spring or piece of eleastic to hold it in the correct place would make a huge difference. However, once fitted, it works like a dream … so stick with it and be prepared to problem solve and you will end up happy. Not for a novice though.

  50. CalebG55eazke says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the third Yale Smart Lock I’ve installed. This time for my 86 year old mother in law.

    At her age and wrist strength she was finding the key on her new Euro Cylinder door and lock difficult to turn and operate, but the Yale has made this much easier as she only has to offer up the tag and operate the large lever handle. She’s not technically savvy at all, but she’s delighted with the ease of operation.

  51. J Vignesh says:

     United Kingdom

    Installed it myself and the guide is easy to follow and not too difficult. Just take your time and it will work fine. Had to fiddle with it a few times to get the alignment right.

    Set it up with a card, phone and tag. All work fine and are easy to set up. I use the tag on my keys to open the door 90% of the time but now I don’t need to take keys on a night out.

    Speaker on inside only (except alarm) so when you lock it from the outside it’s hard to hear the confirmation tone. You would check the handle either way, but you want to hear the tone first so you know it is locked. The locking takes about 3-5 seconds from lifting handle to lock, but you don’t need to hold the handle up and on completion a tone sounds to confirm it is locked.

    I do not have the z wave adaptor because nothing else works on z wave. Could they not launch an adaptor that would work with Alexa plus without a expensive bridge? Seems like they have opted for beta over VHS (the wrong format).

    Overall happy with the lock but to get the most out of it you need to invest in a z wave module and bridge so you can unlock remotely, check it is locked and so on.

    Cant tell you how secure it is as no one has tried to break in but I am confident that one look at a lock with no key and the average burglar would just move on with their bump key to next door.

  52. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I was concerned by the negative reviews but I took a gamble and it has payed off. No more carrying keys and thanks to the integration with the Yale smart alarm no more worrying if we left the door unlocked. We can also see when the kids have arrived home and when they loose a tag/card we can disable it. We also have let guests in when we are on our way home.

  53. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I had read all the reviews for this product and it seemed to me that they were either really negative or really positive. I have had the lock now for a week and love it. It was pretty simple to install after watching the Yale youtube videos a few times. I had a small problem where I would pair the fobs with the lock itself pressing the pair button but after 10 mins or so the fobs would not open the door. I then tried pairing the fobs using the app and that was the better option. The app tells you when to apply the fob to the lock to send its signal ( Bluetooth) and then it tells if it has been successful. The app also tell you the locks battery life and I plan to change the batteries every 4 months just to be safe. I paired 8 keys this way and they all work perfect so far. My house is an Airbnb so I have guests coming and going all the time. I purchased this lock because the guests would often have trouble using my old lock and key. I have made sure though that I have another way to get into the house should the lock ever fail. I have back door keys locked in a fob security box at the front door. My cousin has had this lock for 3 years and reports no problems at all. It was on this info I decided to take the plunge. Highly recommended.

  54. JohnieAngela says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersYou first need to check that the distance from the centre of your handle to the centre of your lock. If it is 92mm it will fit, otherwise you are out of luck.
    It is easy to fit. However, I had an issue removing the original euro cylinder. The manufacturer of my door decided to use Loctite and low quality screws. This was on the main screw on the edge of the door which holds the euro cylinder. The result was the screw became threaded. I got it out using a screw remover tool and my Dewalt 18v drill.
    Once the old handle and lock were removed, the install of the new lock was straightforward. Take time at this point to make sure everything is correctly aligned. There is a bit of ‘play’ before you torque the screws, so at this point make sure the lock is turning and not getting snagged. This happened to me but I realised if I loosened the screws and then tried it while loose, it would turn, from there I just tightened the screws and it worked fine.
    When programming your fobs and cards, make sure you complete this all in one go. I have heard it is not possible to add more later without removing them all and adding them all back with the new devices. I programmed mine all in one go and have never had a problem.
    The lock has performed admirably for more than a year now. Recently after the install, we would occasionally get the lock spinning sound when it was trying to engage the lock. This was our fault for not quite engaging the locking mechanism on our door. This is easily rectified by pushing the door handle up with a little bit more force.
    The Yale app is not that good. However, it did get a large update around the middle of 2018 and was a large improvement. It removed the ridiculous ‘turn the phone’ to unlock the door feature. Now you just press the unlock button (Genius!).
    I bought the lock to integrate with Samsung Smartthings. Why would I want to do this? When integrated with ST you have total control of the lock. I had to buy the Smartthing Module 2


    It is about 42 but well worth the investment for the benefit which become available. I have set the lock up so that it will automatically unlock the door when one of the ST presence sensor is detected.


    This works very well. When arriving home, the door is unlocked automatically and I do not have to mess around with keys. This is particularly useful when carrying objects like shopping bags and not having to put them on the wet floor to find my keys in my pocket.
    I have also integrated the lock with Phillips Hue lights. I have set some of them to a red colour when the door is unlocked. This has warned us a few times that the door is unlocked. I can unlock the door remotely to let in family and friends if we are not home.
    There are so many negative reviews about this product — I have my own thoughts as to why. Firstly, I believe that if the mechanism is not aligned correctly, it is going to cause problems later down the road. From batteries not lasting long and to the unit prematurely failing; this more than likely down to increased friction. Secondly, several users of the Z Wave module have also been highly critical. One aspect about Z Wave devices which needs to be appreciated is Z Wave does not use the existing Wi-Fi signal, it uses its own network and a different frequency. Therefore, in order for the device to work optimally, the lock has to have access to a strong Z Wave signal. Most Z Wave devices which are mains powered repeat the signal and improve the strength and range of the network. If the signal is weak, it will have a negative impact on the battery life.
    I use rechargeable batteries for the lock. The instructions tell you not to, however, I have found not ill effect for not following their instructions.
    Overall, the lock has work out great for us over for over a year. It is more convenient, feels high quality and looks good too. I ignored the numerous bad reviews and thought it was down to a bad installs, which created the bad experiences. I am glad I ignored the negative reviews.

  55. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I simply cannot believe the bad reviews on this Yale lock! It took me 20 minutes in full to take my old lock off and install the Conexis lock. Very, very easy to install. It then took all of 5 minutes to register the first key with the lock itself and then the other 4 keys (I bought additional keys) via the app. Yes the app is basic but it is, after al,l just for virtual keys! It is a lot more convenient to use the tags rather than getting your phone out, running the app etc.
    If I had any gripe at all it’s that it does not integrate with my Nest products. Don’t be put off by the negative reviews, follow the instructions to the letter and you will not be disappointed.

  56. ChadBoothe says:

     United Kingdom

    I am a bit of a tech freak so this was just another bit of tech for my home. Easy to install if you ignore the instructions and follow the video by Yale on YouTube. The smart lock allows you to open it with your smartphone, the supplied card or the two fobs supplied with the lock. You can also send a digital key to someone that you need to give access to your property. You can limit digital keys to only access at certain times. All in all very pleased with my purchase.

  57. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great item, easy to install and set up and once you have downloaded the app and set your family their virtual keys your all sorted. Definitely worth the money.

  58. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersBought this as I got fed up with my wife leaving her keys on the outside of the door lock seemingly out of compassion for our local burglars struggling in these difficult times.
    Installation was very easy and although the lock does look quite big, its not overwhelming.

    The lock has solved all the issues with the door being left insecure and the whole family has got into the habit of locking it after leaving/entering the house.

    Wife also used to lose her keys on a regular basis, so having a credit card sized card to keep with her mobile (which she loses less regularly) has proven to be useful. Although we have both downloaded the app to unlock the door from our phones using bluetooth (or however it works), we have found this to be a bit temperamental. So I use the fob to access the lock which I keep with my car keys and it is still going strong after being in my pocket with the keys for the last three months with no signs of wear.

    Another bonus is the kids can open the door from the inside in the event of an emergency without having to hunt for the keys as it is essentially a thumb lock on the inside. If the kids were younger I would have concerns about them allowing themselves out the house unsupervised – something to consider for younger households.

    I haven’t connected mine to the yale alarm system as this seems to be putting all my eggs into one basket. Happy for it to be standalone. After I couldn’t switch off my house alarm when the internet went down, I have fallen out of love with the Yale smart alarm system at the moment.

    After three months of use the 9v battery is now running low and needs replacing. Hoping this is because it was in storage a while and had lots of use from family getting use to it. If I have to replace the battery every three months, this will be a big negative.

    All in all, very pleased with it and appears to be wearing well and to be a good, secure system and user friendly.
    Would recommend.

  59. preet says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I found the door lock easy to install, feels very robust and not cheep. I would say the only thing that lets it down is the app as it’s hit and miss if the door will open using the app key, I am also unable to add keys with the app my wife’s phone only allows her to add the keys which is a bit annoying. I found the best way to use the lock is to buy the fobs for your keys and also the phone tags for the back of your phone, much easier.

  60. FreddieSilas says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this as my kids are always locking themselves out . Very easy to fit , was set up with 5 keyfobs in no time . like the fact can now let my kids in the house after school when they forget their keys so they don’t have to wonder the streets. I can open the door from work . Also have it connected to my yale alarm so when I fob the door the alarm unsets again easier for the kids as they don’t have to remember no.s .

    Never had trouble with the apps .

  61. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Update 1:
    Received product at around 7:30pm on Tuesday 11th. Being extremely impatient I began the installation process straightaway.
    The written enclosed instructions were awesome. Very clear. However I preferred the online video which was very easy to follow.

    Taking off the old lock was a small easy task. I applied wd40 to all screws I was going to undo as the lock had been in place for over 25years!
    I took this opportunity to check gearing inside the door was greased and made sure all points were working correctly. I applied wd40 anyway.

    Taking out the old barrel was easy. A screw on face of door where the locks and hinges are, holds it in place.
    You may need to put your key in the barrel and turn it while pulling it out.

    (I thought I’d be clever and pushed the lock up to engage the lock and hooks so it wouldn’t close, this was a mistake. As I’ll explain later)

    Next step was to fit the new barrel. This was probably the hardest bit as I couldn’t line it up with the screw from the outside. A little fiddling and it was done.
    It’s a god idea not to tighten the screws. Leave em loose. For now.

    I ran in to a slight hiccup where the bottom lug of the outside handle wouldn’t go through the original hole of the door as it was higher up.
    Out came the drill and bit and I drilled a new hole. Sorted!

    Inside door, I fitted the bracket, screwed it in. Left the screws loose for now. Used the lineup gadget and tightened all the screws. Including one for the barrel.

    Attached the cable and fitted inside handle. Inserted batteries.
    Did the appropriate testing. But door wouldn’t lock. Gutted.
    I did everything, Checked everything again. Still no joy. Was thinking of handing back.

    Till I realised, maybe the barrel needs to come out and door locks and hooks need to be unengaged.
    Worked a treat!

    Next step was to pair the fob. No problem. Few seconds. All done.

    Finally installed app. And to be honest, I have no idea what the issue is. Worked straight away.
    Lay out could be better, but it works fine. (Then again I’m only on day 3, lol)

    Not happy that I have to buy sharing keys.
    And just 1 fob and 1 key card is def not enough.
    Then again at about 5 for a pair isn’t bad.

    I’ll be buying the z wave module 2 and smart things hub to configure with homebridge and Siri.
    I’ll update again.

    Update 2:
    I have now added the Z Wave Module 2 with the SmartThings hub both purchased from Amazon.
    Works out of the box with very little config via the SmartThings apps.
    I can now lock and unlock the door remotely.

    I went one step further and used Homebridge to incorporate SmartThings with my iPhone Home App. Now Siri can unlock and lock my door.

    Very happy with my purchase.

  62. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Door lock works perfectly once installed although this is a replacement as the first one would not pair with my fob or iPhone. Yale customer support stated it had a software error and it should be replaced by the retailer. Amazon replaced it without a problem.

  63. Taisha says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bit fiddly to install, but straightforward especially with the videos. Watch them through first! Be careful with the alignment tool bit – I had to start over again.

    It works. We thought there was no digital lock available for a multi-point door so we are super happy.

    App is poor & slow, but also works. The phone sticker is much faster! The knob that you turn to open the door from the inside is a little difficult to turn 180deg, but this isn’t a bad thing in a house with kids in.

  64. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    At first, I was a little sceptical about spending so much on a door handle, however I’m really glad I did.

    Set-up was pretty easy, with clear instructions in the box and also videos available online. It took me around 2 hours to get everything up and running but this included having to start again when the internal mechanism wouldn’t engage properly. I’m not sure if this was just something I wasn’t doing right, but after lots of swearing and several adjustments, it was working.

    It’s a bit daunting locking the door properly for the first time from outside (putting your faith in the software) but I’ve not had any issues in the couple of months I’ve been using it. The app is a little fiddly (have to get phone out, launch app, sometimes sign in as it has a nasty habit of logging you out and then unlock the door) so I tend to use the included key fob and will probably invest in more.

    I’ve given 4 stars as I expected to be able to link up with my other smart home devices (Alexa, Hue lights etc) but this is only possible with a seperate hub – feels like for the price, this should be included.

    All said, I’m really happy with this and do find myself raving about it to friends – I plan on combining it with the smart alarm so may update the review after this.

  65. Fans says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersAfter some issues with the delivery service but finally arrived. It does take that long to set up just follow the youtube video installation on how to and watch it step by step when you carry out the installation – play & pause. Use a screwdriver not any electrical ones. Had issues to pair the key fob and cards which can be a pain but the easy way to avoid this is install the app on your iPhone and then add the card, fob from that it is easier and quicker. Make sure you have a logic behind your naming of the cards and you can buy additional ones from Amazon which are less than a 5 for two. Since installing it I feel safe and it is so easy to no lock your door and open. You can also set it to auto-lock after a few seconds all in the app. I contact Yale if they have any plans to support, Siri, Alexa and Google which is in the works where you can just install a module (really easy) and this gives you further access. Overall love it and make my door look wow compared to the other apartments. In addition, stuck a security stick just to let passers-by not to try anything smart. With the Yale L1 and the Nest Video Door bell its a perfect combination and security to ones home. Why the rating 4 the app design UI/UX could be better designed and more.

    Welcome to the future of home security

  66. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    When hubby first got this delivered I though ‘oh great, here’s another complication to add to my day’ i had visions of me getting locked out and locked in!!!
    But nope……its very very easy to work, and I totally love it. My boys aged 11 can unlock it with my phone and help me more, and I automatically keep the door locked now as it is easier and I feel safer. Everyone should really have a conexis lock, I wouldn’t be without it now.

  67. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI am heavily into home automation but locks were something I did not consider as most required drilling or redesigning of the locks altogether.
    Then came the Yale L1. I had been watching this lock for a while on the various sites but the mixed reviews always pointed me to buying from somewhere I can get warranty/support/returns and Amazon is great for this.

    Once arrived, I was shocked how big it is. But how many times do you see a door handle in your hand and off the door -it turned out it’s actually only slightly bigger than the existing one I had – about the same as removing the battery module on this handle.
    Fitting SHOULD have been easy but took almost 6 hours. This will not be the same for everyone buying as in my case, my existing lock screw was rounded off and so we spent ages trying to hack it off, going off to buy screw removers and so on as by then, we could not put the old handle back on.
    Once this was removed, everything went on fine but the door just would not lock.
    The lock engaged however not fully.
    After numerous attempts at refitting, we pulled the locking mechanism put by one notch despite measuring up to what the manual stated it should be based on our door size and voila, everything started to work perfectly.

    So the advice would be – Go slow with the existing lock screw to start with. The problem is these screws bond with uPVC doors and is a known issue so after years of not budging, it aint gonna budge!
    And on fitting the L1, check check and double check sizing and alignment.

    There is also an issue with certain Z-wave modules for this lock where the battery drains very quickly – Yale support has been excellent regarding this and where I was getting 9 days battery life, I’m on day 12 now so I think it is resolved.
    I’m still not entirely happy with the way the App works for this lock but maybe thats just my understanding – as I use the home automation app more, the Yale app itself rarely gets used and is not of any importance at this stage.

    Also with pairing up to HA, remember the lock has to be included in secure mode and be practically touching the HA hub/controller otherwise it will not pair properly.

    Looking at the lower end reviews:
    For those where you have to lift to the top – remember this lock unlocks the “key” part you would have. But you still have to raise the handle to engage the manual locks built into the door. This is by design and has no other way around it.
    To be honest, this is good in terms of safety too or should you get locked out.

    If your lock does not engage fully, check the handle is fully up. Again, this is no different to the manual way of locking …you would not be able to turn the thumb screw fully to lock the door until the handle was engaged up fully.

  68. chenred1234 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 42 From Our UsersLittle more difficult to install than I anticipated but once installed correctly everything seems to seems to working fine, came with small tag which is a fob, and plastice size key card, and 5 free key shares, can buy more if you like, just bought 2 more tags from Yale website 6.50
    I paired them both, to find only one working at a time,So rang customer service, very helpful and quick to answer (about 30 secs waiting time ) The mistake was mine,
    If you pair them separately it cancels the one previously paired, apparently got to pair at the same time together, so will have to try this..
    I downloaded the Conexis app I had read and watched bad reviews about this, But got to say its working great for me, unlocks my door every time, today I sent a shared key today to one of my friends as a tester, found it very easy, he as to download the app and set up account with email on his phone
    Through the app on my side I allow conexis to see all my contacts, and it immediately knew he had an account with his email showing, all you have to do his press one button that says shared a key. at this stage upto you if you send permanent key of but restrictions on time/day. he got it immediately as he was sat next to me, and it worked straight away.. Love it
    The only bad thing is!! if you revoke a key, you lose it…… Not sure why they do this? suspect its about the

    Very inpressed

  69. MadelineBowlin says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersGreat piece of kit, I gambled after reading so many poor reviews and it paid off. I must admit I did have a few issues setting the lock up but that was all my fault basically not following the steps precisely enough.
    Its great being able to lock the door with no key from the inside just lift the handle and it locks like a dream with a note telling me it had completed the task, a simple thumb lock will unlock it from the inside so no danger if there is a fire and need to get out quickly.
    Its been in now for a couple of months and is still working on original batteries, (Not bad seeing as there are 6 people using it) Everybody seems to like the new addition although it was one of those what have you bought now looks from everybody when I got it. Have to say its well made and has taken the stress of finding a key at night when all seem to have vanished into thin air. I have the app on my mobile phone so can get in using that if I’ve gone out without a fob. Fitted properly this is a gem and one of my favourite purchases.

  70. ModestaSpellman says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 22 From Our UsersFor a long time, I’ve wanted to have a smart lock on the house. I settled a few months ago to start with one attached to the Garage but like many people, the ability to check if my door was locked remotely, to let people in and to be able to not have to carry my keys everywhere was future I was after. I am however a paranoid person and in my last house refused to give over this ability to fear of break-ins and similar.

    Yale Conexis L1 Pros
    Remotely See the status of lock/unlock
    Z-wave Compatible (With a Samsung Smartthings devices handler)
    Keyless entry (Fob, Card, Mobile Device)
    Advertised as easy to install without a professional
    Can be unlocked internally manually.
    Can have emergency charge through 9v Battery
    In the event of losing a fob, it’s easier to lock it out than to replace the entire lock
    Easily Available

    I’m sure it can be hacked
    It requires power to operate
    It doesn’t have a fallback manual lock (Fobs, Cards, Bluetooth and Z-wave only)
    Requires the handle to be pulled up to lock after opened (Same as if you already have to do this on a manual door)
    Will it fit my door?
    Most Likely, The Kit has the largest array of movable parts and spares that I’ve seen in a very long time. But if you’re unsure and want to check ahead of time then Yale Provide a Compatability Guide found here

    Remote Use
    The Conexis L1 Smart lock doesn’t yet officially support the Z-Wave Module and It’s obvious why later but unofficially it works as well as any other Yale Z-Wave enabled device.

    It’s also possible to use the more officially supported ‘Yale Module’, Allowing you to use the Yale Smart Living console and apps to remotely access and control the lock.

    Out of the box (no additional module needed), the Lock supports Bluetooth to allow it to activate and pair with your phone to unlock.

    Now I foolishly forgot to take photos during the install process, But then again it took less than 15 minutes to remove the old lock and to fit the new. I cannot stress enough how easy this lock was to install.

    Yales own video shows the process perfectly and it really is as easy as they show.

    Integrating into a Smart Home
    Now I’m still a paranoid person when it comes to locks and while I did add the lock into my Z-Wave network I do not have any (at this time) automated rules in place that will lock or unlock the door.

    The device adds happily into the Samsung Smartthings controller and with the Rboy App and Device handler works without issue.

    You could however in both passive and active ways;

    Get Alerts when a particular fob unlocks the door
    Get Alerts when the door is unlocked and everyone has left the house
    Get Alerts if someone tries to unlock it but no one is detected at home
    Get Alerts if it failed to lock.
    Trigger Lights, Sound and Camera actions if the door is opened.
    Trigger the door to lock when you leave the house (assuming the handle has been pulled up)
    Trigger the door to unlock when you come home.
    8 Weeks Later
    Let’s cover the negatives first;

    So Why do I think that the Conexis L1 Smart Lock isn’t officially supported with the Z-Wave module. Battery Life — Dear God does it chew through Batteries with the Z-Wave module installed. After 8 weeks after the install, I’ve been through at least 4 complete battery changes (and remember it takes 4 AA batteries).

    The Bluetooth part and the Offical Yale App — The worst App I’ve ever used. Crashes, Popups randomly to try and unlock the door. Overall just unreliable, Even adding tags after the initial install is just a pain. The Yale Hardware and install team get a pat on the back but the Software UX and UI team need to rethink and retest.

    The Positives

    Unlocking using a Fob, Card or through Smartthings is very easy. As a cyclist, I don’t have to dig out my keys anymore when I leave the house in the morning nor when I get home again. If I were to go out late at night I don’t have to carry keys with me at all. This one positive by itself is nothing but a godsend and easily makes up for the poor battery life.

    It locks when it’s meant to, and Unlocks as well — No hardware jams and the internal unlocker is a great feature. I’m glad they didn’t require you to use a fob or key to unlock from the inside.

    So is it worth it?
    If you have the cash to burn, and can provide alternative security (e.g. Cameras, Alarms etc) then Yes.

  71. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBeing a bit of a tech geek I love this door handle/lock ( and no I wouldn’t marry it. So grow up ).
    Only downside is it’s a bit temperamental when locking – if you don’t fully raise the handle (technique to lock door) it will only partially lock and an alarm will intermittently sound to alert you (very annoying when you have people rushing out and your still in bed – “beep beep”.

  72. Health Policy and Planning says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 637 From Our UsersI’m happy with this product. It does work but it’s a skittish little thing; you have to fit it right, hence the poor reviews; they didn’t understand it’s foibles.

    Make sure you open the back door, or leave an accessible window open, just in case, Do this before you do anything else, as you may get overconfident, (we are ridiculous apes after all), and end up locking yourself out.

    Use the YouTube video to install, not the manual, (search Conexis L1 on YT and pick the Yale video). Make sure you follow it exactly. Do not mess with the thumb turn, line the arrows up exactly, do not mess with the actuator etc. If you do you’re knackered and will have to start again, most probably after you’ve put it all together, (which will hurt your heart). Just take your time.

    Order more key tags/cards/phone stickers with the lock. When you go through the registration of the first tag, ignore the video which tells you to register one tag and use the app for the rest. The app appears to have been developed on a school dinner budget, don’t trust it. Register all the fobs, cards etc at the same time. So, you press R once as guided in the video, and hold up each tag/card/phone sticker thing in turn, do not press R after each one, just hold them all up in turn; be quick as it does time out after 30 seconds or so, (red lights and beeps). Once you have registered all your tags etc, then press R. (Each one you hold up should be greeted with a beep and a green light, just keep holding each one up and registering. Register like your life depends on it!)

    Test each tag/card etc, with the door open, just pull up the handle, wait for it to churn and lock, then use the each fob to unlock, and so on. Now you have a bunch of registered things you can give to people, hide in your socks or whatever. Next; download the app and go through the directed motions. It worked okay for me, but your mileage may vary. The key here is you’re not too bothered if the app doesn’t work because you have a whole load of tag/card things that do work so you can take your time with the app.

    Troubleshooting Tip:

    If the handles are misaligned when you’ve finished, and you decide to remove the inner plate to realign the screws etc, take the actuator out and reset it, otherwise, when you put it all back together you could find it churns away and no longer locks properly. I did this and was thoroughly disgruntled until I worked out the problem, You have to treat this thing with kid gloves. Each mess around you do, be prepared to reset from the beginning, which is why it’s good to get it right first time. Check and double check handle alignment.

    Don’t lose heart with it. If it isn’t working, I would say that it is because it needs resetting from the start. The actuator is sensitive, if it’s not all aligned properly it will not lock properly.

    It’s a good product, you just have to follow the video instructions to the word, until you get to the fob registering, ignore what she says on the video and register all your fob things at once, as I have said above. I would have given 5 stars but this thing is new, so I’m holding out to see if there are more horrors it presents.

    In short. If you have a composite door with multi-locks, it’s your only option in the UK. But don’t be put off, you can make it work for you if you don’t get sloppy and follow the instructions on the video to the letter, word, whatever.

    EDIT: I’ve had the lock for getting on a year and it’s still going strong. I have had no issues with it apart from occasionally it keeps spinning after locking, you just lift the handle again and it stops. The lock has been incredibly useful, my kids have a tag stuck to their phones so they no longer lose or forget keys, because, as every parent of teenagers know, they never, EVER forget their phone.

  73. TheresaFreeling says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 21 From Our UsersThis item gets some very poor reviews but I was keen on the technology so I though I would give it a go. I was very frustrated, it was easy to install but I could not get it to work, unlock or even beep at me, and I followed the instructions exactly. After several hours and help from the customer services I was ready to give up. However, the customer services were excellent, they decided I must have a faulty unit and so posted me a replacement. Two days later and received my new lock and installed it. It worked first time and is excellent. I love it and would highly recommend this product despite my initial problems.

  74. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Excited and a bit disappointed at the same time. The lock was delivered on the day promised, looks really sturdy and of good quality. Installation was straightforward. I’m definitely not a DIY person and I managed it with the instruction manual. Worked straight after battery inserted. So far so good.

    The disappointed bit started when I tried to pair/add tags. As everyone else has already noted, the app is horrible. Now if you interpret all “lock” in the app as “key” it’ll make a lot of sense. But it is still incredibly unclear in some aspects. The master card/fob was paired with no problem (note you can pair either the card OR the fob but not both). Now going to the app for additional pairing. At first it didn’t work at all. No matter how I pressed the Bluetooth button on the lock it does not turn purple. googled but didn’t find any answer so I just deleted the lock (as it appears in the app but really it means deleting the key) and added another one. Then I can pair additional tags/cards but I was one virtual key down!! Surely deleted keys should be restored as available ones??? Also it is terribly confusing about “users” of the keys. As soon as I paired one additional tag in the app a “User 1” was added. I used another virtual key and paired the first card with it, then Users 1, 2 and 3 were added. They don’t seem to be associated with any keys/cards/fobs etc, so what are they?? Once a key (or “lock” as the app chose to call it” is set up, I cant transfer it to a new user/owner without creating another key (thus using my “precious” virtual key allowance – doesn’t seem logical? I have enough spare cards/fobs that I don’t really need to pair but after reading some reviews I was deeply concerned that they would have to be paired all in one go otherwise future pairing may remove previously paired cards so I paired them all. Another confusion comes from notification. I was experimenting with the lock for quite a while last night but in the history it only recorded three door opening event. Also it is very confusing as to which events you would like to be notified.

    In summary the lock is working fine but the app is absolutely hopeless. A bit surprised as card operated doors are in almost every hotel so at least key paring and customising authorisation for a key (eg for a limited time only) should not be anything too new to configure. I really hope they could update or, even better, completely rewrite the app so that this lock gets the reputation it deserves.

    Oh and, is there a forum or anything (apart from Yale customer service)? Unlike any other things I’ve bought in my life which I’m generally OK using, with this one I expect I’ll encounter loads of issues later. Is there anywhere I could go for help or search someone else’s solution?

  75. Barney Cotton says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersFirst, a note on installing and using the cards/keyfobs. Read the reviews on here (and elsewhere) to see what problems other people have. Read the instruction booklet. Watch the videos. Read the booklet again. Then install the lock, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

    You’ll need to use some common sense – my lock, for instance, uses a screw with an allen head to keep the lock barrel in place, because it has to be beneath the level of the frame – so I had to re-use the old one (not use the new supplied screws). Other than that, everything is provided to fit many combinations of frame thickness and position of lock.

    Next – pairing new keycards. Yale should make it MUCH more clear in the booklet – but to avoid doubt: when installing the lock, you pair ONE fob/card as part of the install. Just one. No more. Then you load the app onto your smartphone, create an account, and pair the lock with your smartphone. THEN you use the app to activate every other fob/card. If you try to paid another card/fob using the button on the lock, you’ll erase all the others, and have to start from scratch.

    The lock works well, although the locking/unlocking motor does make a noise like it’s really struggling (does on mine, anyway) – but internally everything seems of very high quality.

    Overall this is an excellent lock – so why have I only given it 4 stars?
    (1) For such an expensive lock, the stingy so-and-sos only give you one card and one fob.
    (2) For such an expensive lock it only has a 2-year guarantee – I think it should be far longer than this. Reading other reviews about their “service” department, I’ve kept my old lock!

    And finally – yes, the app (Android) is dreadful. I think I’ve finally found the way to turn off the notification to tell me that I’ve just opened the door (fairly obvious), but it still keeps coming up with other spurious notifications. The app works as a way to open the lock, and it works as a way to activate keyfobs but otherwise it’s rubbish.

    Personally I wouldn’t use the cards – put a card in your wallet with your personal identification/address – get that stolen and you’ve just given someone your address and the key!

  76. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 64 From Our UsersDon’t be put off by the negative reviews which I nearly was. The manual was easy to follow and installation was easier than I thought. I bought additional tags with it and registered those directly with the door – tested all of them before closing door and all work fine and continue to work. Sent a virtual key to my partner and worked fine too – so far so good but could understand frustrations if your not tech savvy and understand how Bluetooth / door entry systems work

  77. MikelVUBEjci says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersLove this lock, so easy to install and setup. I really liked the remote unlocking from the Yale CCTV app which I had to buy a module for. Yale seem to have withdrawn this option from the app now though so no more remote unlocking making the 30 module obsolete. Being able to delete lost keys is a great option.
    Charging for additional electronic keys on your mobile device is a bit of a Liberty as well. Apart from these gripes the lock is well made, easy to install and setup and although it’s very big it looks good.

  78. PrincessDLRS says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 67 From Our UsersBought this Yale Lock to add to my existing smart home, fitted to my side door while I learn / experiment. Should also note I added Z-wave module to add to Smartthings.

    Installation – First thing to say is, when It comes to DIY Im like Mr Muscle was in the TV adverts – useless!! however the installation (with the exception of Z-wave pairing) took me less than 20 minutes. I ignored the printed instructions, yale have a fantastic installation video (search youtube), it was very easy to follow and I was surprised how easy it was. Its fits a variety of doors and works perfectly.

    Pairing (tags) – In the pack you get one smart card and one tag, pairing process is easy (take off the cover, press the button, touch the tag then press the button again). However I noticed you can only pair one or the other (unless Im doing something wrong) I hope that issue is only one type and not one single device! I have two more tags en-rounte so will find out.

    Update – Speaking to Yale turns out you can pair multiple tags (phew) but it all has to be done at once during a single pairing process.

    App – I have to agree with most people here, the app sucks big time! Yale need to sack the developers and start again, twist to unlock??? seriously annoying. I don’t plan to use the app and use Smartthings intergration and whilst running Homebridge I can ask Siri to unlock the door and voila the door unlocks.

    Z-wave – This things doesn’t officially support the z-wave module, however I had no issues installing it and did get it working but it is very fiddly (See my review of the Z-wave device for instructions on how to get this thing working).

    With the ST integration I like that I see its locked, and the battery also.

    Top tip – Keep a 9V battery in the garden or in the car incase the battery dies.

    Positives –
    Easy to fit – anyone can really do it
    works well
    Feels very sturdy
    Addition of Z-Wave module makes it work with Smart Home Automation Hubs (note no official SmartThings Support)
    I can Ask Alexa to Lock the door!
    The Mechanism means mine 4 year old can’t just open it

    App – Is Awful!
    Batteries will run out when I least expect it
    Pairing Tags all has to be done at once

    Overall I think this is a great addition to any Smart home, as long as you accept that the phone App needs work, the good news is software can be fixed, hardware on the other hand is different.

  79. Joanna Sciarrino says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 74 From Our UsersI had a very shakey start to my conexis ownership. The first lock that i recieved was faulty. If anyone is thinking about installing this lock please check the tiny red wires are all connected on the main connector before starting as one of mine was not. So after completely installing the unit and fitting the batteries i had a continual alarm and it took me a while to figure out the issue.
    Now on to the bright side, Amazon were excellent and sent me a replacement unit the very next day. This unit litterally took 15 mins to fit and it fired up, paired phone and 2 tags, 2 cards without issue. This is a seriously good lock, amazing features and despite all the app related issues i read on here, i have had none what so ever. I use Android not sure if that makes a difference. To anyone thinking of getting one of these i highly recommend it. Its easy to install ” i have two left hands and no lock expierience” and even i did it. Yes i had a faulty unit but the replacement is of a superb standard and i think i was just unlucky with the first.
    Measure your door before you buy !! There is a thickness limit of between 44mm and 70mm. If your door is not between those measurements it will not work ..
    Just a few of the things that worried me before buying….
    Can i fit it? Yes its properly easy to fit.
    Will it be ok with my upvc door? Yes fine.
    Will the app work? Yes no problem for me.
    Is the build quality sturdy? Very solid indeed.
    Is it easy to pair tags and keys and things? Very
    Will it be worth the spend? Yes i really think so.
    Has it got that blokey gadget appeal? Shed Loads…

    Few months into ownership now so i thought i would do a quick update.
    Battery life is excellent, i ditched the batteries that came with it from day one and replaced with Duracell. I havnt even lost one battery bar so far. The twist to unlock phone feature is frankly aweful with my s7 edge but i dont use that anyway.
    The lock however is ace and im still very happy with this purchase. My wife uses a card, daughter has a tag stuck to the back of her phone and i have a fob, all 3 work a treat. I love the fob though tbh as i can unlock as i pull up on the drive and take stuff straight into the house without fumbling for keys.

    Long story short, i am very glad i purchased it. The app is a bit crap but once its setup everything is fine.
    Be prepared to answer questions though from visitors as everyone wants to know how it works :))

    Fantastic Lock, but very average app :)

  80. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersPros:
    1) It’s well made and feels secure
    2) It looks good
    3) The app works well now (on android)
    4) Yale customer service team were really helpful
    5) The history button is really good (can see who comes in and when!)

    1) Fitting wasn’t as quick as I would have liked (took me over an hour… probably would get someone to do it for you)
    2) The Twist and Go is gimmicky and requires a certain knack –I’d rather use the open button or a tag
    3) It doesn’t work with Apple Home Kit!

  81. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersFitted this to a house we let to student tenants as fed up with regular calls about lost keys and having to change the lock cylinders or get a locksmith out. Worried it would be a bit plasticky but feels very robust and has a good, strong lock action. Simple job to fit myself and looks good on the door. So far, so good let’s see how it survives a student bashing for a few months! Also hoping my plumber and trades will download the app so I can send them a code, rather than taking time off work to wait for them and let them in.