Airthings 2960 View Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor (PM, CO2, VOC, Humidity, Temp, Pressure)

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Why View Plus?

Complete control over the air you breathe and the power to change it. Keep your family safe from the effects of allergens, pollution, wildfire smoke, viruses and more.

Airthings functionality

Dimensions: 20.4 x 11.7 x 5.4 cm; 502 Grams
Model: 2960
Manufacture: Airthings
Origin: Tunisia

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  1. danielle says:

     United States

    Bought this for my daughter’s house since her house is over 100 years old and she has a newborn. Radon level is zero to our relief. It also detects particles in the air. When the windows are open the particles are very high. Good to know.

  2. AndreSpain says:


    Achet il y a 4 mois. Produit fidle la description. Permet de connatre la qualit de l’air dans son habitat. J’ai un autre dtecteur d’une autre marque dans ma chambre. J’en voulais un plus prcis dans mon sjour/cuisine. Au dbut, j’ai compar les 2 dtecteurs et les mettant dans les mmes pices et les 2 se valent sur . Donc fiable. Je recommande.

  3. SilviaDorsey says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersThis is incredibly expensive, but I love the results. I have no way to know if the readings are accurate. However, they do match what I see and do.

    I have the monitor out in the open. When we go to bed, the CO2 drops down to levels that are close to outdoors. As soon as I wake up, it starts rising again. I put the monitor in our bedroom and the patterns reverse. Overnight, the CO2 in an enclosed bedroom rises into the red zone. I was able to drop the levels drastically by changing the furnace fan to run 40-minutes/hour instead of 20-minutes/hour. Opening windows keeps the CO2 lower throughout the day. When someone exercises, it creates a noticeable spike in that room. Older people exercising generate less CO2 than younger people.

    When we cook bacon, the PM1 reading spikes, but the PM2.5 does not since the particles are too small. Turning on the cooktop fan drops the spike in half. The PM2.5 readings spiked the day before 4th of July and continued for 2-days after because of neighbors lighting fireworks nearby. We had the windows closed the entire time.

    For comparison, I do have experience with cheaper devices. My Ecobee’s air quality monitor is useless. We get air quality alerts for no particular reason. The original Eve Room helped us to discover that the furnace in the garage was blowing auto exhaust into the house. The newer model has been completely useless.

    I am really interested to see the measurements in the winter when we can’t open windows and the gas furnaces are running!

  4. ShanaLrvnwzctko says:

     United States

    We previously had Radon problems and had a mitigation system installed. Also, with the recent air quality issues from wildfires, we were concerned about the effectiveness of our air filters to clean this out.

    The price tag was pretty high, but it came recommended by a professional engineer friend. So, we went ahead and bought it.

    This monitor gave us the peace of mind that we were looking for. It confirmed that our radon mitigation system is working very well (.3 ppm average in last 30 days) and that our air filters are cleaner out particulates (PM2.5) better than the outdoor air quality. The monitor and phone app was very easy to install and easy to understand. I love that we can see current values and averages up to 30 days.

    I did not rate the battery life because we purchased it about 1 month before posting this review.

  5. JulioY68gs says:


    This has been an excellent purchase as it has given us insight on the higher than expected C02 readings in our house. After 2 days the C02 will peak at 2000ppm, which is not good. 2 people living in a small condo, with no combustion (natural gas) appliances. Now I know that I need to air out the house at least every day, which brings it back down to a healthy 400-500 ppm. (We may have to install an air exchanger unit on the forced air furnace for in the winter months). At 2000 ppm both my wife & I felt tired and lethargic. We feel SO much better now that we keep an eye on these C02 levels. The radon levels are also an excellent feature. The app is very user friendly, and initial setup was a breeze. Our unit is acting as a hub to another Airthings unit in the basement. Would highly recommend if you are concerned about indoor air quality.
    As a side note, when our city was blanketed in smoke from far off forest fires, the Airthings unit would give us confidence that our Hepa air cleaners were actually doing something. The fine particulate levels remained low indoors.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Je ne pensais pas que le co2 pouvait tre si haut aprs une nuit se sommeil. Cet appareil est trs intressant et utile. Je l’ai aussi install dans le bureau de ma fille qui y travaille 12h par jour. Elle voit immdiatement quand il faut arer, tout simplement gnial mme si le prix est assez consquent. Les graphiques sur l’application sont trs utiles. Je conseille vraiment ceux qui se soucis de la qualit de l’air ambiant mme consultable distance. Ci joint une capture cran faite de mon travail.


  7. Anonymous says:


    To be honest, I went in thinking this was snake oil. Bought it to get my mom off my back and prove her wrong about her purifier. I was wrong and it has yet to make it over to my parents place. Here’s why:
    My house is new, very little dust even when I put off dusting for months. The house filters are pretty great. With the fires it’s starting to smell smokey so bought this “just in case”. Pm2.5, etc was fine. I got a big shock on the co2 levels. Open window, turn on HRV fans I see direct correlations in the graph when it is on or off. Since correcting this I see my ventilation system in the house has a major issue and now I have a lot more energy and WAY less naps. Would I buy another for my parents.probably not, this thing is crazy expensive. But I would lend it for a bit. I would suggest only buying this if you have cash to burn or you are trying to identify an issue. App is great. One of the cheaper, with less options may be suitable variants of airthings is also another alternative.

    Caught by surprise. 5star with a cavea

  8. Anonymous says:


    I mainly picked it up to monitor Radon and also like that it does PM2.5 and PM1.
    I’ve got a lot of good information out of it over the month I’ve used it.
    Very happy I went with the display version also, nice to see things without having to get my phone.
    I also contacted customer support with a few questions and they were great to work with.
    Very happy with it.

    Excellent unit for monitoring Rado

  9. Walter28Ukoj says:


    Once the Airthings has been placed and set for a week is works pretty good! You can set up notifications to be send to your phone to warn you of extreme changes in your air quality or temperatures.
    This was very helpful with the CO2 and Particles. We found out that we weren’t using are HRV enough, and even opted to change it to a ERV.
    Some of the things I don’t like is that the information is only synced every 9-10mins, the temperature is not the current at that second. Temperature only reads out in whole numbers and not in decimal numbers.
    To get a Redon reading it has to sit for like a week before it will provide information. If you decide to move it from the living room to a bedroom and want to change the name, it completely clears all data and starts like it a brand new sample.

  10. webteam-aj says:

     United States

    This is the third air quality monitor of various brands I’ve tried and the first that I trust the accuracy. The PM 2.5 reading seem accurate in my testing, and the same goes for radon which I’ve used separate long term tests which align with the readings from the Airthings device.

    The app is easy to use and responsive. My one suggestion would be to support HomeKit natively. You can connect it using Homebridge or similar, but native support is ideal.

    Overall worth the cost and provides useful data for monitoring home air quality.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersPurchased this to track radon in our mostly-finished basement area. Wanted (1) A product that was wifi connected that could (2) track radon and humidity levels over a long period of time, (3) offered some kind of long-term dashboard/UI that was easy for human consumption, and (4) gave some level of warning if levels were astronomical.

    While spendy, this product was one of the only ones to check off all the boxes. I considered going with the bluetooth-only model to save money, but I’m really glad I didn’t. The convenience of getting alerts from anywhere, seeing results any time of day or night is really worth the extra coin.

    I’ll admit, Airthings really needs to work on their alerting system. Getting alerts about CO2 when working out in its vicinity, particulate matter alerts when cleaning, it’s a bit annoying when the main alerts I want to see are radon and humidity, and I really wish they would allow you to set your own thresholds, but the smartphone app’s UI and usability is exceptionally good and the product is easy to work with.

    My other nitpick would be battery life and/or no rechargeable batteries. The supplied batteries lasted for a solid 100-120 days or so. I replaced with my normal Energizer long-life battery and got maybe 75 days out of those before changing a couple weeks back to the next set. I usually can tell when the batteries are going because sometimes the results get a little crazy. I’d also like smartphone app alerts when the battery levels are, say, below 20% but I don’t see that option. I mean, I’d love to just plug the unit into a power adapter and forego batteries totally, but I don’t recall if it was an option on this unit, and batteries have sufficed. I may look into that later.

    Overall though, yes, it’s expensive. But for constant monitoring, with alerts, to monitor all sorts of airborne levels, ACCURATELY, there isn’t another product on the market I could find. I’m a satisfied customer, with a little polish in a few places, I could really see Airthings becoming a household name to the level that Ring and Nest have become. Great little product here!

  12. Anonymous says:


    Insgesamt ist das Messgert okay.

    Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit, CO2 usw werden genau gemessen. Wnschenswert wre eine individuelle Anpassung der Schwellenwerte. Schade finde ich auch, das abgesehen von der Temperatur gegenwrtig nichts in ein Smart Home eingebunden werden kann (Alexa, Google, Apple geht sowieso gar nicht).

    Sehr enttuscht bin ich vom VOC Sensor. Zwar erklrt die Anleitung dass er nur relativ misst und regelmig Frischluft braucht um sich zu kalibrieren. Allerdings bedeutet das auch, dass in Rumen mit schlechter Belftung der Sensor einfach komplett falsche Werte anzeigt. Im Prinzip msste ich die Gerte mindestens einmal die Woche stundenlang auf das Fensterbrett legen. Im Alltag daher eher unbrauchbar.

  13. Rebecca Myers says:


    Mide todas las caractersticas relevantes de la calidad del aire en un solo dispositivo: dixido de carbono, compuestos orgnicos voltiles, PM 2.5, temperatura y humedad, radn, presin del aire.
    Viene con 5 aos de garanta. Manufactor desarrolla continuamente aplicacion mvil y firmware. El nico punto en la lista de deseos es hacer un mejor uso de la pantalla porque solo se pueden mostrar 2 valores a la vez.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I ordered this Airthings View Plus air quality monitor as it seemed to be well regarded and more professional than the other ones available and it could also read radon gas levels, something which is rare in such a feature rich device like this one. It is one of the reasons it costs so much. What surprised me is just how fast CO2 levels build in a small-medium sized bedroom within a short space of time if the windows and doors are closed. I wasn’t expecting that. I am talking about just a few minutes. The other one was the VOC (volatile organic compounds) reading. Mine was reading between 40 and 80 on average, within acceptable levels. However when I opened a moisturiser bottle to put moisturiser on my face and head as I suffer dry skin, the VOD reading jumped to nearly 4,000 in just a minute or so. It’s amazing what is in the air we breath, and it is more often bad than good. I now use a air purifier in my bedroom and make sure my windows are always open slightly, even if it is cold outside. I am happy with my purchase, and I think the app is useful. There was an additional app I was offered to download that is just called Airthings, rather than Airthings Wave, and it is a little confusing why they have two apps that do the same thing, but it seems the one just titled Airthings is the one that’s been updated most recently. I prefer the older Airwaves Wave app though as the layout is better and it gives you CO2 readings and radon gas levels earlier on after initial setup than the app just titled Airthings.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United States

    We’ve been sealing our house up more and more over the years, have had some previous radon testing done but wanted to track it in various places in the house over time and see if there was any correlation between other parameters (pressure).

    1. a weather station that could graph with readings from the Airthings.
    2. Chart multiple parameters at once
    3. provide actual pressure values instead of ones adjusted to sea level.
    4. Ability to slide the charts left and right over time when viewing results on my phone.

    Note: Purportedly I could login on a PC or laptop and download results and do all of the above there. I’d just like to see it on my phone ” out of the box”.

    This is a great product and I’m happy with the job it is doing. I also have high confidence that the readings are accurate.

    Now that I’ve got a good feeling for my house, will likely loan it out to some others so they can measure a baseline over time also.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    Edit (May 16, 2023): The app in iOS has now been updated, which according to Customer Support was the culprit behind the Wi-Fi disconnections. After the update, things seem to be working normally now. As such, I’ve raised my rating to 4 stars. Minus 1 star for lack of real-time updates (app updates let’s say every 7-10 minutes, you can’t simply refresh on a whim and expect new numbers to appear), and of course, that you cannot roll out an app that critically kills a key feature of your device! But a happy ending nonetheless.

    Edit (May 3, 2023): I also take back my comments on customer support. Seemed friendly enough but it seems since I’ve exhausted options, they have simply gone to ignoring me. As I’m traveling with the device, I will miss my return window, so I have a $300 paperweight. Proceed with caution, don’t throw away the box, and at the first sign of trouble, make sure to return it.

    ******** (Original review below).

    This simply will not maintain a Wi-Fi connection so doesn’t sync its data, which makes this device (to me at least) only usable at a standalone device, defeating half of the purpose of the device. Have gone through troubleshooting with the AirThings guys, they seem helpful and friendly, but nothing has worked.

    I have to give this product a miss. I may be one of the unlucky few.

    Firmware update fixed issues: Original: Doesn't work for me, wi-fi doesn't maintai

  17. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis Airthings View Plus is the top of the line monitoring device from Airthings.
    It measures almost everything, except for risk of mold.

    The screen displays your 2 chosen values and updates every few minutes, so do not expect real time values that you can measure. It is meant for long term data collection and cannot be taken from room to room to see immediate changes and differences.

    Despite having a display, it really relies on the app for its functionality and use. Changing the two displayed values requires a change in the app, and then several minutes for it to update on the device.

    If there is an issue with air quality, the LED indicator light will either turn red or orange depending on the threshold value. Waving your hand in front of this device will show all values that are out of range one at a time on the screen.

    The app is much better compared to the ones for Wave or Wave Plus because it includes more recorded measurements in either increments of hours, days, weeks, or months. This allows you to look back for example 3 months ago at 6pm on a Tuesday and find out what the VOC concentration was while you were cooking.

    It is possible to lend this to a friend and not go through the whole pairing process with WIFI by simply selecting the two measurements that are needed to show up on the display, and then bringing it to where ever it is needed. The app will not function as it is not connected to the WIFI it was setup with, but the measurements will be there on the screen, updating every few minutes. Useful for detecting Radon at a friends home, they just have to keep an eye on the screen. As the app will not work, no other values other than the two on the screen can be seen.

    This was $369.99CAD in 2022.

  18. Roland Hutchinson says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersLiving in the Northeast part of Pennsylvania, Radon is a big concern in our state. More than 40% of all homes in the state have Radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L, which is above the Environmental Protection Agency’s action guideline. When I purchased my home in 2016, one of things added during the sale negotiations was a Radon mitigation unit. I did the carbon follow-up tests after we moved in but never thought about actively monitoring it and assumed having a fan meant I was good. I haven’t used those tests for some time, so I figured having something that’s actually able to read it for me and provide me hourly info would be worth my investment. So, I got one of the AirThings View Plus units and placed it in my basement to track. For months I watched my numbers go up to 12-15 pCi/L and some days as high as 20! The lowest it seemed to go was maybe at most 5-7 pCi/L and I finally called the radon mitigation company that installed unit prior to our move.

    I found out most fans only last about 5-7 years and our fan was going on the unit, so I had to get a whole new fan that was also bigger than the one that was originally put on. It only took them about an hour of work to swap it out and get the unit back and running and after that I watched the levels drop and drop and drop down to barely anything recorded on my AirThings. If it wasn’t for this AirThings unit, I probably would have never known my radon levels, never got the fan replaced until it actually locked up or stopped working all together all while dealing with harmful Radon levels.

    Another bonus for tracking in my basement is the humidity levels. I use a dehumidifier mostly in the summer months, so it’s good to track it during the rest of the year to make sure it’s not spiking, and when I need to have it turned on for those spikes if it’s starting to get up to the 70% range. Before this, I just used a simple analog humidity hygrometer that I would have to go down into my basement to check the levels and make adjustments as needed. I also invested in a second unit for our Bedroom to track air quality as well as Radon, so I might look into another unit in the near future for our first floor.

    Probably the BEST way to track Radon in Pennsylvania

  19. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI have three of these, one for each of the floors in my home. It wasn’t cheap, but I wanted to understand level by level how my air quality and radon moved throughout my house. It’s been really insightful to see how cooking on the main floor affects the other floors, and see the radon start in my basement and get trapped on the top floor by my HVAC when it kicks on. Having the app and online historical data also allows me to see how pressure affects radon when the weather changes and how opening a window in the basement affects the other floors in the house. Lastly, the alerts are really nice. At some point you’ll stop checking the app every 10 minutes and you’ll get an alert letting you know that VOCs have spiked and you’ll realize you didn’t turn on the fan when cooking. Those little things all help you understand air quality and correlate your actions/items in your house to changing air quality.

    Overall I’m very satisfied and love the Airthings View Plus. I use all of them as stand-alone reporting, and none of them are hubs. The one thing that I’ve been disappointed with is the battery life. The batteries it comes with only lasted 6 months in the two units that are further away from my wifi, and the third unit that’s very close has about 15% battery life currently and is 7 months in. So I suspect it might last 8 or 9 months if I’m lucky. I put better Duracell batteries in for replacements, so we’ll see if that makes a difference, but I was hoping for at least a year out of them. I’ll update this review maybe when they’re at 50% battery life on the more reliable Duracell batteries with their projected life span.

    I’ve recommended these to a lot of friends and family. There may be a little more accurate units with sensors in them, but for ease of use, reliability, and consistency… I’d definitely buy these again.

  20. BerniceKeyser says:


    I like this IAQ monitor. It’s been keeping trend data for a few months and gave me some valuable insights (like keeping my bedroom door open to reduce CO2 overnight). It’s very simple physically with only a couple selectable data fields able to be shown on it’s little e-ink screen. All the other data for IAQ and trends is in the phone app or website. If anything reading is in alarm you can see that value when you wave your hand in front of the device, other wise it just says your air is good. A neat feature is the open cloud API that you can use to extract your current data. I used node-red to make a dashboard with all the other data fields the device screen doesn’t show.

    I would recommend this device for someone interested in their home or office IAQ.

  21. saken says:

     Italy 🇮🇹

    L’ho acquistato per monitorare l’ambiente di casa lavorando spesso in smartworking e devo dire che prima di acquistarlo ho voluto verificare qualche recensione in particolare un video dove viene confrontato con un prodotto professionale. A parte il sensore voc che non affidabile in quanto un sensore voc professionale avrebbe un costo eccessivo e il sensore del radon che non stato confrontato essendo sprovvisto lo strumento professionale. Gli altri sensori sono piuttosto accurati. Ho dato 4 stelle perch considerato che funziona con 6 pile, avrei preferito potesse essere testato con le batterie ricaricabili magari le NiZn che hanno un voltaggio pi vicino alle alcaline.

  22. Anonymous says:

     Italy 🇮🇹

    Ho acquistato questo dispositivo in aggiunta al (gi valido) Wave Plus per monitorare pi ambienti di lavoro.
    Devo dire che l’ho trovato egualmente facile da installare e utilizzare, la app per monitorarlo dal computer comoda (anzich stare sempre con lo smartphone in mano) e la funzione di hub (che consente di visualizzare da app i dati di entrambi i dispositivi) altrettanto. Peccato ci sia bisogno di collegarlo al computer per utilizzarla.
    Interessante ed utile il monitoraggio dei PM1 e 2.5, non disponibile sul Wave Plus.
    Infine mi pare che il View sia pi reattivo, pi veloce nelle letture dei vari parametri rispetto al Wave che era gi in mio possesso.
    Non ho messo 5 stelle dappertutto nella recensione poich conosco solo questi dispositivi; comunque acquisto consigliato!

  23. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersKey: If you can not afford to buy an Airthings monitor, just ventilate your rooms.
    This is not a sponsored, paid, discounted, freebie, or affiliate review.
    As a health care provider, I’ve evaluated, and treated 1000s of people with sleep/breathing issues. It’s been an eye-opening experience to monitor air quality, mending air quality with ventilation, and its health outcomes. For decades, I thought I had terrible environmental allergy issues. However, using air filters and humidifiers did not help much.
    With AirThings, I’ve been monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOC), particles, carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, and other parameters. I can not confirm its validity, accuracy, or precision. However, my 5-year-old son and I breathe so much better by keeping our VOC level down to 80-200 ppb and CO2 level down to 500 ppm. To maintain these levels, I ventilate rooms with outdoor air using a window fan 24/7 even in the winter. Yes, it increases my heating bill a bit, however, it’s worth it. I breathe so much better and my sniffles have gone down by 70% and I do not wake up stuffy.
    I was also concerned about humidity and particle levels. With AirThings, I noticed that by circulating outdoor air in the living space, I can get particle levels down far better than using a room air filter. With monitoring humidity, I realized that humidity is not an issue in my home. Now, I don’t use a humidifier or air filter, and I breathe a lot better.
    Initially, I almost returned the monitor due to initial Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection issues. However, after 6 trials, I connected well. Since then, I’ve had no connection issues. Their old AirThings app was terrible. The new AirThings app released in Jan 2023 is exceptionally well designed with an intuitive interface.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersThe product, and its suite of sensors, is great for homes. The hardware itself is mostly well thought out and seems to be built well.

    You manage the device through the app (a relatively new one, Airthings). You can view live/historical data on the app or via an online dashboard, which is pretty nice.

    The app, however, still needs some polish in both the UI and stability.

    The UI is modern and simple but doesn’t make it clear where to go to manage or see the most recent stats. Many help or knowledge base articles are dead ends, showing the “something went wrong” screen. Additionally, the pairing and unpairing process is not the most robust. To make matters worse, you need to unpair/repair to change Wi-Fi networks (for now). If you are moving the device to a different place, e.g. from home to the office, the sensors need to be recalibrated for a few days. I’ve frustratingly received multiple notifications that CO2 levels are too high but can’t see them in the app because it says it’s still being calibrated.

    Many of these things probably would be ironed out via later software updates.

    Not sure if this is a hardware or app issue:

    On my particular unit (sample size of 1), I cannot figure out how to get the device to recognize that it is plugged into a USB power source. It’s obviously working, as it still polls and updates data with all the batteries removed, but the app still says not plugged in. You’re supposed to get more frequent data samples when it is plugged in, in addition to hub functionality if you have other products.

  25. Anonymous says:


    I received a faulty product initially and promptly contacted Amazon. They quickly sent me a replacement which works perfectly. I’m very satisfied with both Amazon’s service and the product itself. If you see a screen that looks like the picture I uploaded, it’s likely a faulty one. Despite some uncertainty about its accuracy, I gave it 4 stars and would still recommend it.

    I received a faulty product initially and promptly contacted Amazon. They quickly sent me a replacement which works perfectly. I'm very satisfied with both Amazon's service and the product itself. If you see a screen that looks like the picture I uploaded, it's likely a faulty one. Despite some uncertainty about its accuracy, I gave it 4 stars and would still recommend it.

  26. Kevin R. Tipple says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Super handy device. The price is rather on the steep side but it gives you all the air metrics that you may need and highlights potential health hazards. The Airthings app is great and guides you through explaining all metrics device supports.

  27. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI was hesitant because of price and the description for their own products could be written much better. Everything seems to work well. Takes a week to get Radon and CO2 readings, but it seems accurate or agrees with other sensors I have, and the green/yellow/red alerts lights appear to be set at reasonable levels. Monitoring air quality can tell you much more about what happens in the house than for health and comfort. I use these devices to know when people have the furnace or air condition running with the windows open, and other things are awry once you know how the climate behaves in your house under certain circumstances.
    Bought a not much cheaper brand INK*** before buying this to replace an Awair, it was defective out of box and alarm lite indicators settings were not practical, so it was returned. Was using the Awair brand a few years before getting this Airthings, then Awair decided to stop supporting the product, so web interface and readings no longer worked. Awair offered to sell an updated unit at cost reduction, I was willing to pay but never happened – Never Awair again. This Airthings unit is same price as Awair products and Airthings appears of better quality, offers more readings and has a little more functionality with respect to the data. I think the display could be better, difficult reading in low light. Nice to have no touch, so less chance to get finger residue on it. Air quality monitoring product cost have skyrocketed in price (now that this is more popular), far more costly then cost to make, this Airthings unit appears to be the best buy for what you get.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersI moved into a new home and am preparing for a basement renovation, but before doing so, I wanted to make sure the radon levels were safe. I did a short term lab test and found that my levels were high (8.5-9 pCi/L) so I decided to do a long-term test to see how sustained those high levels were. I’m a pretty avid smart home enthusiast so I wanted something with WiFi that I could monitor remotely and had API integration with Home Assistant. The View Plus meets those requirements and then some – I could have gotten away with a lower end model but for all the additional air quality monitoring that this device does, it is absolutely worth the extra money. Plus, the View series with WiFi can act as a “hub” for other bluetooth-only Airthings sensors, which is great if you’re planning to add more of these to other rooms of your home. In addition to AA batteries, this model also has a USB port for external power – USB cable is included but you’ll need to plug it in to your own power brick, I used an old Samsung phone charger.

    I’m also pleasantly surprised with the web dashboard and mobile app, both look great and are easy to navigate and look at trends in your air quality. I was mostly concerned about radon but this sensor also reported very high CO2 levels in the basement at times.

    As far as accuracy, I have no idea how close it is on anything other than radon (since I can compare it with the lab test). I’m only 5 days in and it apparently needs a 7-day window to acclimate to its environment before the readings are 100% accurate, but it does seem to be reporting similar “baseline” radon readings as the lab test – sometimes it gets quite a lot higher than the lab test results (up to 18 pCi/L at one point).

    Overall I’m very happy with the quality of this device, it’s a great addition to my smart home!

  29. Anonymous says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    Golden Review Award: 63 From Our UsersThe View Plus (2960) measures radon, PM, CO2, VOC as well as humidity, temperature and pressure.
    It also can display outdoor weather and temperature in areas where that service is available. We have it in our bedroom to keep track of indoor air quality where we spend 1/3 of every day. It’s also great to see the outdoor temperature next to the bed when we wake up in the morning.

    I originally purchased the View Plus (2960) and one Wave Radon (2950) detector because we live in a high radon area (central Ohio). The 2960 has Wi-Fi and will collect data from other AirThings products and upload it to the AirThings dashboard. The wireless communication between the 2960 hub and the 2950 sensors is a proprietary protocol using the IEEE 802.15.4g standard. This is similar to Zigbee, INSTEON and Nest Protect home automation products.

    Based on my experience with other home-tech devices, I downloaded the app, and had all the devices near each other when I configured them. So, I had no difficulty setting them up. But wireless interference could be a problem and all of mine are within 50 feet of the hub.

    We put the 2950 in the basement. The dashboard is very helpful with radon because radon varies from hour to hour, day to day and seasonally. It is the long term average that indicates whether a health risk exists. I have a home office in the basement, and I’ve included a snippet from the dashboard of the radon levels recorded from late January through November 2022. This shows the variation, and how bad the levels were (over 22 pCi/L). Once we installed a mitigation system, the levels have dropped below 2 pCi/L.

    After the initial two weeks and I saw how bad the radon was, I purchased a second Wave Radon (2950) detector to have units in two parts of the basement (crawlspace and home office). After three months of monitoring, I was convinced we had a problem and we scheduled a radon mitigation contractor which was completed a few months later.

    After 8 months, I had a problem with the 2960. It showed really large numbers, then 0. I had already installed a mitigation system, so this was confusing. I purchased an AirThings Corentium to put side by side with the 2960, and proved to myself that the unit indeed was defective. The support person who originally picked up the ticket did nothing, and email for warranty service was ineffective. So I mentioned this in my previous review (since replaced with this one), and within two days a good support agent picked up the ticket, and helped me with the RMA process. It was disappointing that the unit failed, and that initial support was not helpful. However, the second agent was proactive, professional and communicated well and I was able to return the 2960 for a replacement unit. I’ve had the replacement for a week now, and it seems to be working fine. Based on the excellent response from the second agent, I will continue to recommend these products to friends. I can’t quite give the product 5 stars because of the failure of the first agent, and the initially nonresponsive warranty process. However, if the product continues to do well, I can see myself raising the rating back to 5 stars at some future date.

    As a final note, if you are not sure if you need radon mitigation, and are wondering whether you should spend the money or are just technologically afraid, the AirThings Corentium is a great product too. It has no smart phone or Wi-Fi integration, but is a simple-to-use product that utilizes the same sensor that is in the 2950 and 2960 and gives 1 day, 7 day and 30 day average readings.

    Good idea and nice integratio

  30. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 14 From Our UsersI bought two of these and run them side by side for about three weeks now. The temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and PM sensors gave consistent results at the onset but it took at least one week for the other sensors to give reliable results, as explained in the documentation. After the initial set time, the readings for radon, CO2 and VOC gave consistent results on average but instantaneous readings continued to vary to some degree due to the nature of these elements. One displeasure is that the thresholds for each measurements are fixed and cannot be changed by the user. These are used in the graphs and reports to provide a quick evaluation of air quality or to trigger warnings. While it should be possible for the web interface or the mobile application to make available a version with user-defined thresholds, this is not available at this moment. I hope that future versions or updates of the software include this option as standards for thresholds often vary by country or regions. The web and app interface provide a quick and easy way to see air quality at a glance for various periods (48 hours, weeks, months, years, etc.). I greatly appreciate the fact that raw data can be downloaded for further evaluation with your own tools.

  31. RhodaBarff says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersI can’t say too much about accuracy as I haven’t had a good way to test them, but I can say that I’ve been living with these sensors for a while now, and they do quite reliably respond to environmental events. I can turn on a fan, for example, and see PM2.5 trend higher as dust is kicked up, or I can sit in an unventilated office and watch the CO2 climb. So I have every reason to trust the sensor.

    My deeper experience is with using these sensors with IFTTT automation, as well as the dashboard and API.

    The dashboard and app are pretty good. My biggest gripe would be that they’re a bit static. So you’ll get the data in the structure they want you to, but there’s not a lot of flexibility. For example, thresholds (even for push notifications) aren’t customizable. But it all works and shows me plenty of information, so I’m happy.

    But if things like threshold flexibility bother you, support for IFTTT yields all the flexibility you need.
    IFTTT gives exactly what we could expect: connect accounts, and you can trigger based on thresholds for each metric on a given device. It triggers reliably, and IFTTT gives such a wide array of actions to take, so that’s great.

    And if you’re even “beyond” IFTTT, the offered API (or file downloads) lets you pull data into whatever reporting platform you want. I pipe all of my readings into Elasticsearch, personally.

    I also applaud the app, website, IFTTT integration, and API for being able to support an arbitrarily large collection of all the sensors they make. I’ve seen products like this in the past that are really only built for a user to have a single device, and that can be a frustrating limitation. But that’s no issue here, and I think it’s partially a result of their b2b offering, which provides some extra functionality (like a webhook platform, I believe) for workplace deployments. Those deployments would have potentially dozens of devices, and that support reflects in the design.

    Overall, I’d readily recommend them.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 28 From Our UsersThis is one of four different air quality monitors I bought from Amazon at the same time. I purposely wanted to compare performance (accuracy in particular) to make sure I wasn’t being taken for a fool and to reject anything that was just making up numbers (one of them was).

    As far as this product is concerned I feel that it has the most comprehensive and trustworthy data of all of them. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive by some margin. I don’t mind paying for quality though, so that’s OK. No point spending cheap just to be told some lies.

    Anyway, the app is excellent, with lots of data available and comprehensive graphs that are detailed and informative. I’m less impressed with the actual unit though. Having three other monitors to compare with, I find the physical display in the device to be distinctly underwhelming.

    Frankly it is near useless. Only two fields on display at any one time, assuming you have sufficient light to read them, but no indication of air quality unless you move over to the device and wave your hand CLOSE to it. No chance to glance at it and just see the air quality from afar. Air quality is not even a displayable field, so pick two random favourites from the sensors available and be left guessing about the rest.

    In contrast I have the Amazon AQM, which displays no data at all, but does allow you to see the coloured LED to check on the overall air quality with a casual glance. My other two AQMs either display all day at once or (can) cycle through the various data points one by one. Air quality is on display at all times.

    I think there is much room to improve the display on the View Plus. More data fields, backlight, always on LED. If the unit is plugged in, why wouldn’t you want and expect 24 hour at a glance visibility? I can understand the wish to save power when running on batteries, but mine is permanently powered. Maybe a firmware upgrade can enhance the interface.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United States

    We had a problem a few years ago with a deteriorating air return on our furnace, one that there was no real reason to notice except that I was getting sicker and sicker. It had something to do with that I worked from home most of the time and only left for classes. I had so many symptoms and no real answers. Of course it was coming from the home.

    Anyway, this would not have happened if we had had this at the time. We live in a 100 year old farmhouse and there are always issues, old and new.

  34. Anonymous says:

     United States

    We placed this in our main living area, that’s open to the rest of the house. Super easy to set up, app has run without issue for 5 months and going. We’ve found that our homes C02 levels are elevated, which is probably why we feel groggy a lot. We’ve been able to see it as it happens, the app notifications go off when they go up, and we can open windows and get fresh air. It’s great for price of mind and knowing what’s in the air. The humidity sensor is way better than the one on the humidifier. Very pleased. Mine uses batteries, I’ve had to change them once in 6 months.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I’ve used this for about 6 months in my home. It’s helped me to identify elevating levels of Radon in my basement that need treated with a ventilation system. The cost of the unit was approximately the same as hiring someone to come out and measure for Radon! The various other measurements, such as humidity, VOC’s, and particulate matter have all been consistent. Highly recommend

  36. Christian3085 says:


    Etwa doppelt so gro wie ein Rauchmelder lsst sich der Airthings View Radon problemlos montieren.

    Leider waren die mitgelieferten Batterien schon leer, wie das Gert auch selber gezeigt hat und auch die installationsanleitung stimmt mit den Ablufen in der App nicht ganz berein.

    Hat man diese Probleme aber erstmal berwunden funktioniert der Airthings View Radon wie er soll und informiert zuverlssig via App ber schlechte Luftwerte, selbst wenn man selber nicht zuhause ist.

    Positiv nach 30 Tagen erhlt man eine kleine inapp bersicht wie die Werte zu verstehen und zu bewerten sind. Diese ist zwar leider auf Englisch trotzdem eine nette Idee.

    Mit 199,00 zum Zeitpunkt der Rezension ist der Preis im Vergleich zu Messtest die im Labor ausgewertet werden mssen sogar noch gnstig.

    Am Ende gibt es von mir 4 Sterne.

    Leichte Startschwierigkeiten, dann top!

  37. Anonymous says:


    Ich bin ganz ehrlich mit euch, bevor Ich diesen Radon-Monitor fr den Produkttest anfordern konnte, habe Ich nicht einmal gewusst, dass Radon in der Wohnung zum Problem werden kann!

    Also den Monitor angefordert, einige Artikel zu Radon durchgelesen, und als das Paket dann ankam direkt aufbaut um zu schauen, ob meine “Keller”-Wohnung schlecht abschneidet.

    Die Verarbeitung vom Gert ist wie Ich finde sehr gut, keine scharfen Kanten, kein Knarzen und es fhlt sich nicht billig an!

    Die Verbindung zur APP von Airthings war kinderleicht, einfach der Anleitung im Paket und der App folgen, und dann ist die Kopplung in unter 5 Minuten erledigt.

    Nach dem Koppeln habe Ich mir einen guten Platz ausgesucht, bei mir steht es aktuell auf dem Wohnzimmertisch.

    Die ersten paar Tage kalibriert sich der Monitor von alleine, danach sollte das angezeigte Messergebnis wohl sehr genau sein. Abgesehen vom Radon-Wert wird zudem die Temperatur und auch die Luftfeuchtigkeit gemessen.

    Und tatschlich, je nachdem wie drauen die Luft zirkuliert, habe Ich mal mehr und mal weniger Radon in der Wohnung. Aktuell nur 11bq/m, an schlechteren Tagen, und Tagen in denen Ich z.B. erst Abends kurz gelftet habe, hatte Ich auch schon einmal Werte im Bereich von ~50bq/m.

    Wer sowas gerne im Blick behlt, kann sich diesen Radon-Monitor ohne schlechtes Gewissen zulegen!

  38. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersPROS
    Seven air quality measurements
    Supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
    Historical charts
    Easy to install
    High Quality material and built
    Excellent Application and GUI
    Acceptable Tech Support
    Many recent resources online

    Expensive but high quality
    Small screen with no backlighting, no visibility night time, app is better way to interact
    Cannot customize thresholds, uses common standards
    Problems with voice assistant integration during first setup, it takes time and adjustments to get it perfected

  39. Ysis Lorenna says:


    Der Airthings View Radon 2989 Radon Monitor ist ein Messgert um das Radon Gas zu messen. Das Gas ist radioaktiv und ab einer bestimmten Konzentration gefhrlich fr uns Menschen. Deutschen gibt es Orte wo die Belastung hher ist als die vorgegebenen Grenzwerte und mit diesem Gert kann man berprfen, ob im Haus gefhrliche Belastung vorhanden sind. Werte unter 100 sind in der Regel normal und o. k. ich hab im Internet bei uns nachgeschaut welche Landstriche Risiko Gebiete sind und festgestellt dass wir in der Nhe von einem Risikogebiet leben. Das Radon Gas konzentriert sich meistens im Keller, da wir kein Keller haben, sondern nur Bodenplatte ist die Gefahr also nicht allzu hoch. Wir sind zwar noch in der Einmessphase und die Werte schwanken noch teils stark. Im Schnitt haben wir aber ein Wert um die 60, was noch o. k. ist. Das Gert ist sehr handlich und energiesparend gebaut. Die die Batterieanzeige zeigt kaum Stromverlust an. Mit der App kann man die Daten sehr schn aus werden, leider gibt es wieder ein registrierter Zwang. Die App an sich ist kostenlos. Dieses Gert ist ein Nice to have, wenn man nicht in ein Risikogebiet wohnt. Sehr ntzlich finde ich dieses Gert fr Kellerwohnungen, wenn man sich also lnger im Untergrund aufhlt.

  40. IndiaSixsmith says:


    Airthings war uns schon bekannt als Hersteller verschiedener Raumluftsensoren. Geht es bei diesen Gerten eher um Schadstoffe und Allergene, so misst dieses Gert die Radon-Belastung.

    Das Gert ist sehr formschn. Es funktioniert entweder mit USB-Netzteil oder mit eingelegten Batterien. Die Anzeige der Werte erfolgt ber ein sehr gut abzulesendes e-Ink Display. Die Einrichtung ist einfach und problemlos. Hatte ich mich noch kurz zuvor ber einen chinesischen Temperatur- und Luftfeuchtigkeitssensor aufgeregt, den ich partout nicht ins heimische Netz einbindene konnte, so hat der Hersteller sich hier wesentlich mehr Mhe gegeben. Die App fhrt einen wunderbar, man bentigt jedoch einen Account beim Hersteller.

    Bereist nach kurzer Zeit bekommt man Werte angezeigt. Wir starteten im einstelligen Becquerel-Bereich. Genau genommen misst man bei Gasen Bq/m, wie es das Gert auch korrekt anzeigt. An den folgenden Tagen stieg die Zahl immer weiter an, was uns schon leicht irritierte. Inzwischen wissen wir, dass die Messwerte starken Schwankungen unterliegen knnen, bei uns zwischen 2 und 60 Bq/m. Wir wohnen in einem Altbau in der 1. Etage. Einen Keller hat das Haus nicht. Meistens ist die Belastung in Kellern am hchsten.

    Radon ist aber ein natrliches radioaktives Gas, das teilweise sogar zu Therapiezwecken eingesetzt wird. Nur zu viel in Dauerbelastung ist natrlich nicht gesund. Werte unter 100 sind jedoch absolut unbedenklich.

    Radonbelastung muss immer ber einen greren Zeitraum gemessen werden, wie man ja auch an den Schwankungen bei uns sehen kann. Daher ntzt es nichts, sich ein solches Gert auszuleihen um mal kurzzeitig zu messen. Die App hilft sehr schn beim Interpretieren der Ergebnisse und zeigt auch Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit mit an.

    Insgesamt ein sehr ntzliches Gert fr Menschen, die in Risikogebieten leben. Bedienung und Installation sind wirklich gut gemacht, so dass ich eine absolute Empfehlung aussprechen kann.

  41. Anonymous says:

     United States

    The product provides useful information on indoor air quality and radon levels.

  42. Anonymous says:


    Ich besitze mehrere Luftfilter, die ich an verschiedenen Stellen in meiner Wohnung angebracht habe, aber ich lasse sie nicht stndig laufen, weil ich versuche, die Lebensdauer der austauschbaren Filter zu verlngern, und ich mchte mich auch auf die Reinigung der Rume konzentrieren, in denen meine Familie die meiste Zeit verbringt oder die die schlechteste Luftqualitt haben.

    Leider ist das nicht so einfach, da nur einer meiner Luftfilter eine digitale Anzeige hat, die mir einen guten berblick ber die Luftqualitt in diesem Raum gibt. Die anderen Gerte, die ich besitze, geben mir kaum ntzliche Informationen, auer dass sie anzeigen, wann der Filter gewechselt werden muss. Also habe ich dieses Luftverschmutzungsmessgert von Airthings bestellt, um in jedem Raum meines Hauses genaue Messungen vornehmen zu knnen, so dass ich feststellen kann, worauf ich mich konzentrieren muss. Bisher scheint das Gert recht genau zu sein, und es hat mir wirklich geholfen zu entscheiden, wo und wann ich meine Luftfilter einsetzen sollte.

    Man kann das Display so einstellen, dass es anzeigt, welche 2 von 4 mglichen Werten man berwachen mchte. Ich habe mein Gert so eingestellt, dass es mir den PM 2,5-Wert und die Luftfeuchtigkeit anzeigt. Wenn man in der App nachschaut, kann man alle Werte einschlielich der Temperatur sehen und wie sich die Werte im Laufe der Zeit verndert haben. Der Monitor kann entweder mit 6 AA-Batterien (im Lieferumfang enthalten) oder mit einem USB-C-Kabel (ebenfalls im Lieferumfang enthalten) betrieben werden.

    Da ich meinen Monitor oft von Raum zu Raum bewege, betreibe ich ihn mit Batterien. Bis jetzt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit diesem Monitor und wrde ihn jedem empfehlen, dem es wichtig ist, sauberere Luft zu atmen. Es tut genau das, was ich brauche, und es macht einen Unterschied fr die allgemeine Gesundheit meiner Familie.

    Sehr genau und nützlich für die Verbesserung der Luftqualität in Innenräume

  43. Anagha Kulkarni says:

     United States

    Easy to set up, seems to be very accurate, and helping us better manage our home. We bought initially as a radon detector, but it’s taught us so much about managing CO2 from the water heater and other sources of air trouble.

  44. Anonymous says:


    ** Lieferumfang **
    1 Radon-Monitor
    1 USB-Kabel
    1 Set Klebestreifen
    1 Set Anleitungen

    Der Radon Monitor kommt zusammen mit einem USB-Kabel und einer Anleitung, die nicht sehr umfassend ist. Die meisten Infos findet man tatschlich in der App, die man zur Verwendung des Gerts zunchst einmal installieren muss. In der App muss man sich auch zwingend registrieren. Namen und Email-Adresse mssen angegeben werden und auch verifiziert werden. Das Gert selbst macht einen ordentlichen Eindruck und wirkt auch hochwertig in der Verarbeitung. Wahlweise kann man verschiedene Werte anzeigen lassen, aber nur 2 zeitgleich. Radon, Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit und das Wetter. Das Gert kann per Batterie (im Lieferumfang enthalten, bereits eingelegt) oder ber das mitgelieferte USB-Kabel mit Strom versorgt werden. Ein Netzstecker ist nicht im Lieferumfang, daher bentigt man entweder schon eine USB-Steckdose oder einen separaten Netzstecker.

    Kalibriert ist der Radon-Sensor allerdings erst nach 7 Tagen und nach 30 Tagen hat man erst aussagekrftige Messwerte. Das bedeutet, dass man erst einmal eine Weile warten muss, bis man einen zuverlssigen Wert angezeigt bekommt. Doch wozu berhaupt messen? Radon ist ein radioaktives Gas, welches Lungenkrebs verursachen kann. Das Risiko ist aber nur bei einer hohen Konzentration gegeben. In Deutschland werden die Grenzwerte normalerweise nicht berschritten und zumindest ist NRW kein Gebiet, wo damit zu rechnen wre. Allerdings macht es trotzdem Sinn, den Wert an den Orten, wo man sich am meisten aufhlt (Zuhause und Arbeitsplatz) einfach mal zu messen. Denn bei Energiesparhusern beispielsweise kann durch die starke Abdichtung die Konzentration trotzdem stark ansteigen. Je nachdem, wie belastet auch der Boden ist. Auf jeden Fall ein Thema, mit dem man sich zumindest mal auseinander setzen sollte.

    ** Preis/ Leistung **
    Der Preis fr das Gert betrgt 199 . Ich habe es kostenlos zum Testen ber Amazon Vine erhalten und wrde den Preis wahrscheinlich nur dann bezahlen, wenn ich wei, dass ich in einem Gebiet wohne, wo es zu hherer Belastung kommen kann (z.B. Bayern oder Sachsen). Dann allerdings wre ich auch bereit, den Preis zu bezahlen.

    ** Fazit **
    Der Sensor macht das, was er soll, nmlich die Radon-Konzentration messen. Viel mehr dann auch nicht, auer Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit, wofr man es ja nicht wirklich bentigt. Dafr denke ich aber, dass die Messung zuverlssig ist und man hier nicht viel falsch machen kann. Einzig dass zwingend eine App zur Steuerung notwendig ist, strt mich, weil man immer nie wei, wie lange diese supported wird. Daher vergebe ich 4 Sterne.

    Misst Radon-Werte und macht dabei einen ordentlichen Eindruck

  45. AhmadGalleghan says:


    Was kann ich sagen ber dieses Messgert von CO2 geht bis 5000 Lfte ich mein Zimmer geht es Rasch runter da ich mit Gas heize sind auch andere werte auch schnell hoch ich habe das Messgert im mein Kleingarten das Messgert luft ber LTE Anbindung. Radon werte sind Schwankend ich habe ein Kombi gert und das separate gert mit Mittel bis Groe Schwankungen zwischen 0 – 24 unterschied ob wohl es ca. 2 Meter nebeneinander steht Radon ist ein edel Gas was Radioaktive Partikel enthlt was sich in der Luft breit macht. fr grobe Einschtzung ganz ok dieses Gert ist seit 01.04.22 im Einsatz

    das Gute ist das die Firma eine Grobe Einschtzung gibt ber die Auenluft auf ihrer Webseite

  46. Chase Evans says:


    Der Radon-Monitor macht einen wertigen Eindruck und ist gut verarbeitet. Ich habe ihn mir bestellt, weil mich die Strahlenbelastung durch Radon in unserem Altbau interessiert hat. Nach mehreren Wochen im Einsatz ist es beruhigend zu wissen, dass unsere Radonwerte niedrig sind.

    Er lsst sich an der Wand befestigen oder aufstellen. Fr den Betrieb sind 6 AA Batterien mitgeliefert und schon eingebaut, man muss lediglich den Sicherungsstreifen herausziehen.

    Von der Bedienung her ist er einfach und selbsterklrend. Die Installation der App und die Koppelung mit meinem S20+ verlief problemlos, so dass das Gert in wenigen Minuten einsatzbereit war. Das Display lsst sich gut ablesen.

    Die Messwerte schwanken tageweise relativ stark, deswegen bekommt man mit solchen Gerten erst nach mehreren Wochen einigermaen genaue Werte.

  47. Sherrill4183 says:


    Airthings View Radon 2989 – Radon-Monitor
    Aus reinem Interesse habe ich dieses Radon-Messgert zum Testen bestellt, da ich in den letzten Jahren fters ber Radonbelastungen in bestimmten Gebieten gelesen hatte und meine Kommune im letzten Jahr Radonmessungen angeboten hatte.
    Da Radon aus dem Boden oder Grundwasser ausgast, sind die Konzentrationen im Boden bzw. in Kellern hher als im Freien. Besonders in Gebieten mit einem Grundgestein wie Granit und Schwarzschiefer wie z.B. im Bayrischen Wald oder in Gebieten von Sachsen.
    Bei der Inbetriebnahme hatte ich einige Schwierigkeiten, da nach dem Herausziehen der Batterieschutzfolie die erste Anzeige Change battery” war und eine Kopplung mit der installierten App Airthings” nicht mglich war. Eingelegt waren Zellen der Marke PROCELL, hergestellt in Belgien mit einem Ablaufdatum 03/2027.
    Nach dem Wechseln der sechs AA-Zellen hatten das Installationsprogramm und mein Smartphone einige Schwierigkeiten die Bluethooth-Kopplung herzustellen, was mir allerdings dann nach nochmaligen Entfernen der Batteriezellen und Neustart gelang. Nachdem das Gert ber BT konfiguriert war, war es auch problemlos im WLAN sicht- und nutzbar. Um eine Fernabfrage ber die App zu ermglichen, muss natrlich ein Account eingerichtet werden, der natrlich Daten auf irgendeinen Server zieht um sie dort bereitzustellen.
    Das formschne Gert selbst macht einen sehr soliden und hochwertigen Eindruck und kann deshalb durchaus im Wohnbereich sichtbar aufgehngt werden. Das Display scheint sog. elektronisches Papier” zu sein, wie ich es von meinem Kindle-Reader her kenne und sehr wenig Strom bentigt. Momentan luft das Gert im Batteriebetrieb. Nach ca. drei Wochen Betriebszeit sind ca. 4% der Batteriekapazitt verbraucht worden, was in der App auch angezeigt wird.
    Angezeigt wird die Radonkonzentration in Bq/m, die bei mir im Keller zwischen 29-60 schwankt, was ein normaler Durchschnittswert ist und mit your air is good” mir angezeigt wird, wenn ich vor dem Gert mit der Hand durch die Luft wische. Ferner zeigt das Display auch noch die Luftfeuchtigkeit an, auf dem Web-Dashboard der App zustzlich die Umgebungstemperatur.
    Das Gert soll mindestens 30 Tage Messungen durchfhren, um einen aussagekrftigen Wert anzeigen zu knnen. In dieser Einlaufphase bin ich deshalb noch.
    Den angezeigten Radonwert kann ich nicht berprfen, ich gehe aber davon aus, dass bei einem Preis von fast 200 EUR ein hochwertiger Sensor und entsprechende Auswertungselektronik verbaut sind. Das Gert wird in Norwegen gefertigt, somit kann man auch hinsichtlich der Daten, die das Gert ermittelt und bertrgt, beruhigt sein und wahrscheinlich nicht auf einem chinesischen Server landen.
    Trotz der Panne mit den Batteriezellen vergebe ich noch 5 Sterne, das sollte aber der Hersteller Airthings mal im Auge behalten.

    Luftraumüberwachung der besonderen A

  48. Anonymous says:


    Non il primo prodotto che compro di questa marca. Tra i pro ci sono : la sua multimedialit , il fatto che tramite app si possa accedere in remoto alle misurazioni, la facilit d’utilizzo il fatto che sia molto intuitivo. Tra i contro : il costo eccessivo del prodotto . Non sono rimasto deluso ma per quello che costa uno si aspetterebbe di pi !

  49. AbrahamBlaze says:

     United States

    I had no issues setting up this monitor. I installed the app on my iPhone and was able to set it up quickly and easily. I have it in our living room which does not have a direct fresh air source (no opening windows) because I was curious if our CO2 was too high. Sure enough, I get pretty regular notifications on my phone that the CO2 is too high. If we open up several windows throughout the house and turn on fans we do see the CO2 drop. The other readings are usually in the normal range except for our PM level which can get high if our neighbors are using their fireplace.

    I really like this monitor. It seems to be fairly accurate, as it corresponds with another monitor and our air purifiers. I really like that you can get notifications. I’m concerned the high CO2 level is causing my family to have more headaches so the notifications are my reminder to open up the house for a while. We haven’t had a wildfire since I got this, but they happen every couple years here, and it will be nice to see how bad the air quality gets to see if we need extra air purifiers. Overall, I haven’t had any issues with this and I really like it.

  50. HeleneFossey says:

     United States

    Mmm environmental data. Either you want it or you don’t. It accurately captured the volcano blast pressure wave passing over us.

  51. Anonymous says:


    Was ist Radon?
    Mit dieser Frage habe ich mich eher wenig beschftigt. Nachdem jedoch der Ort in Baden- Wrttemberg in dem ich lebe als Radon Risikogebiet eingestuft wurde dachte ich mir selbstttige Messungen knnen nicht schaden. Ich lebe zudem in einer Kellerwohnung eines Altbaus was das Ganze nicht besser macht. Radon ist ein natrliches Gas. Radon kommt berall in der Umwelt vor. Es entsteht im Boden als eine Folge des radioaktiven Zerfalls von natrlichem Uran, das im Erdreich in vielen Gesteinen vorkommt. Radon ist ein sehr bewegliches, radioaktives Edelgas, das man weder sehen, riechen oder schmecken kann.

    Wie gefhrlich ist Radon?
    Radon ist neben dem Rauchen der 2 Hufigste Auslser fr Lungenkrebs.

    Ist Aktionismus angebracht?
    Muss man sich deswegen jetzt verrckt machen? Nein! In der Regel reicht Querlften bei hheren Radonwerten bereits aus, um diesen Wert Signifikant zu senken. Manchmal braucht es jedoch bauliche Manahmen. Lebt man im Obergeschoss ist ein zu hoher Radonwert sehr unwahrscheinlich. Eine Karte ber erhhte Strahlenbelastung findet Ihr beim Bundesamt fr Strahlenschutz.

    Wie misst man Radon?
    Am einfachsten lsst sich die Radon-Konzentration in der Raumluft mit einem so genannten passiven Detektor (“Kernspurdosimeter”) messen. Passive Detektoren sind kleine Plastikbehlter, die keinen Strom bentigen, weder Licht noch Gerusche aussenden, sondern lediglich ausgelegt werden. Diese werden ausgelegt und spter an ein Labor zu einer Auswertung gesendet. Kosten pro Messung ca. 50.00 Weitere wichtige Informationen erhaltet ihr beim Bundesamt fr Strahlenschutz. Fr genaue Messwerte sollten diese Dosimeter” etwa 12 Monate ausliegen.

    Eine andere Mglichkeit den Radon Gehalt bestimmen zu knnen ist das Airthings View Radon 2989. Mit diesem Gert habe ich die Mglichkeit ber lange Zeitrume zu Messen. Ich kann das Gert an jedem beliebigen Ort aufstellen und habe eine sehr schne App.

    Das Messgert:
    1. Das View-Gert kann problemlos mit einem Wi-Fi-Netzwerk verbunden werden. Es kann auch als HUB eingesetzt werden. Das Display misst ca. 65x 30 mm. sodass man auch aus weiterer Entfernung die Werte gut lesen kann.
    2. Die Genauigkeit der Anzeige gut. Man muss jedoch mehrere Monate messen, um belastbare Ergebnisse zu erzielen.
    3. Der Hub im Gert macht es noch komfortabler, da man die Daten berall auf dem Smartphone berwachen kann.,
    4. Die Preisgestaltung ist wettbewerbsfhig mit anderen hochwertigen Radondetektoren mit dem zustzlichen Komfort der Telefon-App und des Hubs,
    5. Der Batteriebetrieb ist mglich, es ist jedoch ein USB-C-Anschluss verfgbar, um das Gert mit Strom zu versorgen, sodass es in Bereichen ohne Steckdose verwendet werden kann (der Hub bentigt eine kontinuierliche elektrische Verbindung)
    6. Die Messungen sind kontinuierlich und die gravierenden Nachteile von Snapshot” -Radonmessungen werden eliminiert.
    7. Die Daten werden auf Airthings-Gerten gesammelt, sodass Sie fr jeden Zeitraum ein Diagramm oder eine Grafik der Messwerte anzeigen knnen.

    Neben dem genannten Radonwert zeigt und das Gert auch die jeweilige Raumtemperatur an sowie die Luftfeuchtigkeit. Beides habe ich mit vorhandenen, zertifizierten Messgerten verglichen und keine Abweichungen festgestellt. Das Gert bentigt 6 AA Batterien, die mitgeliefert werden. Auch ein USB auf USB-C Datenkabel ist beigelegt.

    Radonmessungen bedrfen eines lngeren Zeitraumes. Dies hat viele Grnde und ist von etlichen Faktoren abhngig!

    Die App:
    Die App Airthings ist absolut problemlos zu installieren und versorgt mit den wichtigsten Daten. Das ganze so wie es bei einem Messgert sein muss ohne viel Schnrkel und blabla! Ich habe Euch die wichtigsten App Anzeigen als Foto beigefgt. Als Datenkrake kann ich sie bisher nicht bezeichnen. Standort wird abgerufen!

    Ein uerst solides Gert mit sehr guter und hochwertig verbauter Technik. Die App ist bersichtlich! Das Gert hat ein sehr gutes Preis- Leistungsverhltnis. Von mir klare 5 Sterne.

    Lange Messen ist ein MUSS!

  52. Anonymous says:


    Das Airthings View Pollution ist ein dezentes und sehr fein eingestelltes Messgert speziell fr Feinstaub und Pollen.
    Feinstaub (PM 2.5) sind Luftschadstoffe die die Gesundheit von Menschen beeintrchtigen knnen. Dies gilt ganz besonders fr Allergiker wie mich.
    Mit PM 2.5 bezeichnet man diese winzigen Partikel in der Raumluft, die bei erhhter Konzentration stark Gesundheitsgefhrdent sind.

    Der Airthings View Pollution zeigt einmal direkt am Gert , aber auch per Push-Nachrichten und auf der App die Luftqualitt an.

    Gemessen werden:
    1. PM 1.0 (grere Partikel)
    2. PM 2.5 (Feinstaub, Pollen usw.)
    3. die Temperatur
    4. die Luftfeuchtigkeit (Hum)

    Der Calm Tech Display:
    Hier kommt neben dem runden Design auch die neue Calm (Ruhe) Technologie zum Einsatz. Die Anzeige ist (hnlich wie man das zb. vom Kindle Paperwithe kennt) wei mit schwarzen Ziffern. Immer sehr gut ablesbar und eben Calm. Das heit nur die wichtigsten Informationen werden angezeigt, kein berflssiges Drumherum.

    Darum muss man sich beim Einrichten fr nur 2 Messwerte entscheiden die immer angezeigt werden sollen. zb. wie bei mir HUM (Luftfeuchte) und PM 2.5 (Feinstaub)

    ber dem Display ist in der Mitte eine RGB Led und 2 Lichtsensoren verbaut. Wenn man jetzt Winkt (so nennt es der Hersteller) wird eine Gesamtberechnung der Luftqualitt angezeigt. Mit den blichen Ampelfarben und (leider nur in Englisch) Good oder Bad.
    brigens muss man gar nicht winken, ich halte einfach meine Hand dicht vor die beiden Sensoren, so das diese verdunkelt werden.

    Die App “Airthings Wave” und die Installation.
    In der Englischen Anleitung findet man einen QR Code fr die App. Anschlieend muss man nur noch den deutschen Anweisungen in der App folgen. Dazu muss das Gert natrlich eingeschaltet sein

    Die App ist sehr minimalistisch gestaltet. Wichtig ist hier das Web-Dashboard. Hier bekomme ich einen berlick und kann mir auch einige Diagramme anschauen, wie zb. die Luftqualitt im vergangenen Monat im Raum war.

    Fazit: 4 Sterne
    Das Design, der Display und die Genauigkeit der Werte gefallen mir hier sehr gut. Das Gert ist sehr hochwertig.
    Schade finde ich, das hier bei einem Preis von immerhin knapp 200 nur die Feinstaub Werte gemessen werden.
    Mchte ich die dazu noch CO2 (Kohlendioxid) , VOC (Flchtige organische Verbindungen) oder CO (Kohlenmonoxid) gemessen haben, muss ich ein weiteres Gert dazu kaufen oder gleich 300 ausgeben fr den Airthings 2960 View Plus. Dieser misst dies alles und dazu noch Radon.

    Ich habe den Airthings View Pollution, ja netterweise zum testen erhalten und musste ihn nicht kaufen. Ich bin als Allergiker auf diese Werte angewiesen und bin sehr froh, jetzt dieses Messgert im Haus zu haben. Empfehle aber an dieser Stelle, eher den Airthings 2960 View Plus, da er alle wichtigen Messwerte misst.

    Messung der Luftqualität im Innenraum

  53. Anonymous says:


    Das Gert Airthings View Radon 2989 ist ein wertiges, optisch ansprechendes Gert mit einer guten Haptik.
    Das white Display macht zudem einen super Eindruck und ist sehr gut abzulesen.

    Das Koppeln mit der App des Herstellers klappt auf Anhieb und macht keine Probleme.
    Auch Alexa Skills konnte ich hinzufgen, aber hier hakt es noch ein wenig.

    Gemessen werden Radon, Luftfeuchtigkeit und Temperatur.
    In der Anleitung wird darauf hingwiesen, dass das Einschwingen der Radon Werte recht lange dauern kann.
    Ich muss zugeben, Radon sagte mir nur sehr wenig.
    Hier muss jeder selbst wissen, ob man diesen Wert braucht.

    Alles in allem ein wirklich schickes Gert.
    Kann ber Batterien oder USB mit Strom versorgt werden.

    Aber, daher ein Stern Abzug, fr eine exoten Messung in meinen Augen zu teuer.

    Optisch sehr starkes Gerät – Radon, sagte mir bisher nichts!

  54. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersInstallation

    In der Kurzanleitung gibt es zwar einen QR Code aber dieser fhrt nur zu einer Seite wo es eine lngere Anleitung gibt. Normalerweise sollte so ein QR Code zur App fhren um diese zu downloaden. Ich habe dann einfach im App Store nach “Airthings” gesucht und “Airthings Wave” gefunden.
    Etwas seltsam empfand ich die initiale Meldung, dass ich die Batterien austauschen soll. Ich habe alle Batterien mit dem Prfgert nachgemessen und diese sind alle maximal voll. Nach dem neu einlegen war die Meldung dann weg.
    Die Installation selber ging ber die App relativ einfach und zgig. Man muss noch einen Kopplungscode, welcher auf dem Display angezeigt wird, eingeben und die WLAN Zugangsdaten eingeben. Das Ganze hat bei mir sofort auf Anhieb funktioniert und rgerlich empfinde ich nur den fehlenden QR Code zum Download der App.
    Beim Alexaskill sieht es allerdings etwas anders aus. Installation und Verknpfung kein Problem aber ich finde keine neuen Gerte. Bei Gelegenheit schaue ich mir das Problem noch einmal in Ruhe an und ergnze dann gegebenenfalls hier um eine Lsung.

    Vorteile und Nachteile

    sehr hochwertig
    schicke App
    man wird automatisch via Push ber Vernderungen informiert
    sehr teuer und Erstinstallation knnte anwenderfreundlicher sein


    ber die Radonwerte habe ich bisher noch nie wirklich nachgedacht. Ob man das wirklich braucht muss jeder selber entscheiden. Qualitativ ist das Gert auf jeden Fall seinen Preis wert.


    Ich hoffe meine Bewertung war ntzlich und konnte bei der Kaufentscheidung weiterhelfen? Vielen Dank!

  55. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We have this to monitor radon. The system works well and using it as a hub is good. We have several units linked and it is easy to keep on top of

  56. Anonymous says:


    Dieses Set wird in einem kleinen Karton geliefert. Die Umhlle ist nur in englischer Sprache verfasst, die Bedienungsanleitung jedoch in insgesamt 7 Sprachen (auch Deutsch).

    Beim ffnen konnte ich keinen Geruch feststellen. Auch sind alle Teile ordentlich verpackt, auf Plastik wird hier verzichtet!

    Das Gert macht einen sehr hochwertigen Eindruck. Das Kunststoff ist sauber verarbeitet, ich konnte keine Kratzer oder Flecken feststellen.
    Es ist allerdings etwas schwerer (knapp 300 Gramm) als erwartet. Das liegt aber an den 6 Batterien, welche mitgeliefert werden. Der Hersteller verspricht eine Batterielebensdauer von ca. 2 Jahren.

    Die Bedienungsanleitung ist sehr kurz gehalten, denn die Anwendung findet hauptschlich mit der App statt. Diese lsst sich schnell downloaden und eine Registrierung ist notwendig. Etwas lnger hat es mit der WLAN-Verbindung gedauert, aber mit Erfolg.

    Alles wird dort gut erklrt und das Gert kann starten. Etwas erschrocken ber unsere schlechten Werte war ich schon erst einmal….doch der Hersteller weist darauf hin, dass die Kalibrierung ca. 7 Tage dauert. Eine Langzeitberwachung (min. 30 Tage) ist notwendig.

    Ein Anschluss mit dem USB-Kabel ist mglich, diesen musste ich erst einmal suchen… dazu muss nur die Abdeckung entfernt werden, danach kann diese wieder verschlossen werden, da das Kabel eine extra Aussparung hat.

    Das Display ist klar und das Ablesen funktioniert problemlos. Es werden 2 Werte angezeigt, fr welche man sich entscheidet. Auch das Wetter kann hier abgelesen werden.

    Nach einigen Wochen kann ich berichten, dass die Werte sehr plausibel sind, man kann sich gut danach richten. Wegen der Allergie meines Mannes haben wir auch einen Luftreiniger im Haus und diese Kombination aus diesen beiden Gerten funktioniert einwandfrei. Nachdem der Luftreiniger seine Arbeit getan hat, verbessern sich die Werte und mein Mann hat einen entspannten Schlaf.

    Der aktuelle Preis von ca. 200 scheint mir etwas zu hoch zu sein. Jedoch ist das ein zuverlssiges Gert, welcher uns mit der Allergie sehr gut hilft.

  57. Anonymous says:


    Das Messgert lsst sich schnell mit Hilfe der App einrichten. Es lsst sich entweder kabellos mit der integrierten Batterie oder mit dem mitgelieferten USB Kabel mit Strom versorgen.

    Es verfgt ber ein Ink Display auf dem man sich per App zwei von vier Werten (Feuchtigkeit, PM , Temperatur innen/aussen) zur Anzeige aussuchen kann. Ausserdem gibt es noch eine farbige LED Ampel, die bei Annherung der Hand an das Messgert die Qualitt anzeigt. Des Weiteren gibt es auf der App ein sehr gut gemachtes Interface, das alle Messwerte in verschiedenen Zeitscheiben anzeigt. Leider erfhrt man nicht besonders viel in der App ber die Hintergrnde der Messwerte.

    Gut gefllt mir, dass man auch auf der App eine Information bekommt, wenn definierte Schwellenwerte ber- oder unterschritten werden.
    Das Gert braucht 7 Tage, um sich in einem Raum zu kalibrieren, aber es zeigt bereits ab der ersten Minute Messwerte an.

    Zusammenfassend bekommt man ein einfach zu bedienendes Gert zur berwachung der Umgebungsluftqualitt mit einer gut funktionierenden App.

  58. Anonymous says:


    Das Gert hat einen sehr hohen Qualitt-Standard. Die Anbindung in die Airthings Wave App ist sehr einfach. Der Monitor kann ber 6 AA Batterien oder dem mitgelieferten USB-C Kabel betrieben werden. ber USB ist zudem die Nutzung als HUB mglich, um mehrere Gerte untereinander zu verbinden.
    Die Alexa App ist allerdings nicht sehr gelungen. Ein Langzeit Monitoring ber die Smartphone App ist sehr informativ. Das Paper-White Display ist extrem gut abzulesen, es ist allerdings nicht beleuchtet. Gefllt mir sehr gut.

  59. Anonymous says:


    Ein richtig toller berwachungsmonitor fr Radon, lsst sich super einfach mit ins vorhandene WLAN einbinden, das Display super einfach erklrt und auch toll abzulesen von der Qualitt. Es ist alles mit dabei was bentigt wird selbst die Anbindung ans Handy beziehungsweise an die App ist super einfach konstruiert und auch nutzbar. Zustzlich ist es noch mglich die Luftfeuchtigkeit und auch die Temperatur zu messen was ich persnlich sehr gut finde dass man da mehrere Gerte in einen hat. Rein optisch gesehen ist es meiner Meinung nach auch ein Highlight und es sieht sehr gut aus, man kann es berall im Raum aufstellen oder aufhngen. Von mir gibt es 5 von 5 Sterne und eine ganz klare Kaufempfehlung. Um die Sicherheit der Familie zu gewhrleisten ist das eine tolle Gelegenheit.

  60. Larry Elliott economics editor says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIch habe das Gert im Schlafzimmer installiert und war erst einmal erschrocken ber die tiefroten Messwerte. Als Hausstauballergiker konnte ich sehr gut einen Praxistest durchfhren. Einen Abend einfach ins Bett gegangen mit den schlechten Messwerten und am frh hatte ich eine Nase die zu war.
    Am nchsten Abend hatte ich vorher einen Luftreiniger im Einsatz und das Messgert zeigte mir eine sehr gute Luftqualitt an. Am nchsten Morgen hatte ich eine freie Nase.
    Ebenso haben sich die Messwerte schlagartig verndert als der Saugroboter seinen Weg ins Schlafzimmer gefunden hat und dort gesaugt hat. Anhand des Diagramms kann ich auch sehr gut erkennen ab wann der Luftreiniger wieder losgelegt hat.
    Die Messwerte sind somit auf jeden Fall plausibel und ich kann mich danach relativ gut richten.


    In der Kurzanleitung gibt es zwar einen QR Code aber dieser fhrt nur zu einer Seite wo es eine lngere Anleitung gibt. Normalerweise sollte so ein QR Code zur App fhren um diese zu downloaden. Ich habe dann einfach im App Store nach “Airthings” gesucht und “Airthings Wave” gefunden.
    Etwas seltsam empfand ich die initiale Meldung, dass ich die Batterien austauschen soll. Ich habe alle Batterien mit dem Prfgert nachgemessen und diese sind alle maximal voll. Nach dem neu einlegen war die Meldung dann weg.
    Die Installation selber ging ber die App relativ einfach und zgig. Man muss noch einen Kopplungscode, welcher auf dem Display angezeigt wird, eingeben und die WLAN Zugangsdaten eingeben. Das Ganze hat bei mir sofort auf Anhieb funktioniert und rgerlich empfinde ich nur den fehlenden QR Code zum Download der App.
    Beim Alexaskill sieht es allerdings etwas anders aus. Installation und Verknpfung kein Problem aber ich finde keine neuen Gerte. Bei Gelegenheit schaue ich mir das Problem noch einmal in Ruhe an und ergnze dann gegebenenfalls hier um eine Lsung.

    Vorteile und Nachteile

    zuverlssige Messwerte
    schicke App
    Display kann auch Wetterbericht anzeigen
    man wird automatisch via Push ber Vernderungen informiert
    zu viele Pushbenachrichtigungen (ich brauche nicht aller 30 Minute eine Info, dass die Luft schlecht ist..)
    sehr teuer und Erstinstallation knnte anwenderfreundlicher sein


    Als Indikator fr Allergiker und ob man den Luftreiniger doch nochmal laufen lassen sollte oder muss eignet sich das Gert sehr gut. Erstaunt war ich ber die schlechten Luftwerte bei offenen Fenster auf dem Land. Hier muss sich wahrscheinlich der Sensor erstmal richtig kalibrieren.


    Ich hoffe meine Bewertung war ntzlich und konnte bei der Kaufentscheidung weiterhelfen? Vielen Dank!

    ► überzeugende und realistische Messwerte mit Praxistes

  61. Cady McGovern says:

     United States

    I previously had a garden centric CO2 sensor that allows you to set up remote sensors to measure the quality of the air in a greenhouse environment.

    These are SO much better than that for the sake of actual home health monitoring. It is more human than plant centric.

    Setup was a breeze and took all of 10 minutes to walk through.

  62. Justin Koreis says:


    Kostenlos testen durfte/darf ich von AIRTHINGS diesen indoor *Air Pollution Monitor*, welcher regulr gut 200,- kostet und dazu dient, die heimische Luft zu berwachen im Hinblick auf Luftfeuchtigkeit, Temperatur und Feinstaubgehalt.

    Geliefert wurde der kleine Helfer sehr zgig un dtadellos verpackt in einer sehr stabilen Umverpackung, deren Deckel auf der Innenseite mit einem stilisierten Gebirge bedruckt ist, um *saubere Atemluft* zu versinnbildlichen.

    Darin enthalten sind:
    – kl. multilinguales Handbchlein
    – das Gert selbst
    – kl. Heftchen m. rechtl. Informationen
    – 3 Klebepads
    – USB Ladekabel (USB A auf USB C, 179cm Nettolnge)

    Als erstes installierte ich die entsprechende App, indem ich den abgebildeten QR Code scannte, auf der Seite keine App fand und diese dann im Playstore suchte und fand.
    Eigentlich erwarte ich, dass so ein QR Code mich auch zu der App fhrt – nicht kundenfreundlich.
    Fr die Nutzung musste ich ein Konto anlegen.
    Anschlieend galt es, die Plastiklasche am Gert zu entfernen, um die Nutzung des Akkus zu ermglichen.
    Um das Gert mit der App zu verbinden, ist BT ntig, aber … mein Smartphone findet das Gert einfach nicht.

    Hinzu kommt, dass die Anleitung sehr .. hust .. unausfhrlich ist.
    ZB rtselte ich die ganze Zeit, wo verflixt nochmal das USB Kabel angeschlossen werden kann, bis ich auf die Idee kam, dass man eventuell eine Abdeckung entfernen muss… Problem gelst.

    Angeblich soll der Pollution Monitor die Luftqualitt anzeigen, indem man vor der mittigen Flche winkt, aber faktisch muss ich meine Hsnd fast auflegen, damit ich die Diode darber aufleuchten lasse, welche GsD grn leuchtet und somit eine gute Raumluftqualitt signalisiert.

    Irgendwann wurde es mir zu doof, und ich testete per BT das Koppeln mit allen mglichen gefundenen gerten, bis die App tatschlich meldete, den Monitor gefunden zu haben.


    Dann sollte ich den angezeigten Code vom Display des Gerts in der App eingeben fr die Verbindung, doch das scheiterte an einer 4stelligen PIN fr eine sichere Verbindung.
    Alter Schwede, manchmal mchte man rumschreien und Sachen an die Wand werfen…
    Meine SIM und Sperr PIN eingegeben… klappte nicht. Die beiden vorgeschlagenen PINS eingegeben, von denen zu lesen steht, diese seien in der Regel die richtigen … ging immer noch nicht.
    Bis ich dann die Schnauze voll hatte und statt einer 4stelligen PIN – so stand es im Eingabefenster! – den 6stelligen Code vom Display eingab … und dann funzte es.
    Nchster Schritt: Verbinden mit dem WLAN o.O
    Ich schwre, dieser Vorgang hat mir graue Haare beschert!
    Aber danach konnte ich endlich finale Einstellungen via App vornehmen und das Gert nutzen…

    Sowas brauche ich echt nicht fter -,-

    Das auf dem Monitor befindliche , recht grobe, dennoch gut ablesbare Display zeigt leider nicht alles so an, wie ich es gerne haben wollen wrde.
    Das Wichtigste ist natrlich der Feinstaubgehalt, welchen ich allerdings zusammen mit der Luftfeuchtigkeit und der Temperatur anzeigen lassen wollte.
    ABER …
    … man muss sich leider fr 2 von insgesamt 4 Werte entscheiden.
    PM2.5 oder Luftfeuchtigkeit oder Temperatur oder Wetterwerte.

    Am Ende entschied ich mich fr die Kombination aus PM 2.5 und Luftfeuchtigkeit.

    Nachdem dann alles lief, bekam ich prompt die Meldung, dass unser Feinstaubgehalt in der Wohnzimmerluft mit 30 deutlich zu hoch ist und die Luftfeuchtigkeit mit 29 fast schon im gesundheitsschdlichen Bereich.

    Okay… mal sehen, ob die Werte so mies bleiben; dass die Luftfeuchtigkeit derzeit zu niedrig ist, wissen wir und arbeiten da hart dran. Was man gegen den zu hohen PM 2.5 Wert machen kann, muss ich erst eruieren.

    Jetzt, wo das gert ENDLICH so funktioniert, wie es soll in Verbindung mit der APP, bin ich auch zufrieden.
    Aber das war eine verdammt schwere Geburt – JESSAS.

    Da wir zunehmend gesundheitliche Probleme haben, knnte uns dieses Gert evtl. helfen, die Ursache dafr zu finden und ggf. dem Vermieter gegenber geltend zu machen. (mittlerweile liegt der PM 2.5 Wert im Wohnzimmer bei 46 o.O)

    Um ehrlich zu sein, finde ich mich mit der Anleitung relativ im Stich gelassen, sowohl was die App, als auch die Inbetriebnahme des Gertes anbelangt.

    Auch erscheint mir der Kaufpreis ein wenig zu hoch, aber das kann ich nicht so richtig einschtzen, weil ich nicht wei, wie teuer die entsprechenden Sensoren sind.

    So richtig berzeugt mich das Gesamtpaket halt nicht, aber ich gehe nicht unter 4 Sterne, weil ich hoffe, dass wir so die Ursache fr unsere Probleme finden, was unbezahlbar wre.

    Eine Kaufempfehlung spreche ich hiermit zwar aus, aber nur mit den obigen Hinweisen.

  63. MarleneM88 says:


    Die Anbindung ins Netzwerk funktionierte, nach der Registrierung unter der “Airthings Wave App”, ohne Probleme. Allerdings ist der Alexa Skill der Firma eine Katastrophe. Ich wollte das Gert zur Intelligenten Steuerung meines Air purifier und Luftreiniger nutzen, ber Alexa bekomme ich allerdings nur die Temperatur in Fahrenheit. Es besteht auch keine Mglichkeit diese in C zu ndern. Das Gert selber verrichtet seine Dienste gut. Die Anzeige ist Paperwhite ohne Beleuchtung. Per App kann ein Chart mit den Werten ausgegeben werden Es werden fr den Betrieb 6 AA Batterien bentigt. Per USB-C knnen zustzliche Airthings Gerte in einem Hub verbunden werden. Fr eine aussagekrftigen Wertmessung werden mehrere Tage an Daten bentigt.
    Die Qualitt und die Verarbeitung der Hardware ist ausserordentlich gut. Jetzt muss nur noch etwas an der Software verbessert werden, um es noch sinnvoller zu nutzen.

  64. Andrea Claire says:


    Bevor man die erforderliche App Airthing’s Wave” (akt. iOS-Vers. 3.9.1) erstmals verwenden kann, muss man dort ein Konto erstellen (Name, Email, Kennwort). Deutsch wir brigens als Sprache untersttzt. Innerhalb der App lassen sich nach erfolgreicher Inbetriebnahme mehrere Gerte verwalten, wobei hier aktuell ein Gert (View Pollution 2980) im von mir definierten Wohnzimmer” angezeigt wird. Angezeigt werden ansonsten im Online Dashboard” umfangreiche Informationen mit Grafiken (Kurz- u. Langzeitdiagramme) und auch Benachrichtigungen. Neu sind hier anscheinend auch lokale Pollenwerte (live). Zustzlich erhlt man auch noch Tipps und weitere Einblicke”.
    Die ermittelten Daten (Feinstaub PM2.5, Luftfeuchtigkeit und Temperatur) fhren zu einer Bewertung der Luftqualitt, die mehr oder weniger gesund” ist. Wer ohnehin regelmig z. B. aus gesundheitlichen Grnden (Asthma, Hausstauballergie etc.) einen Luftreiniger verwendet, erwirbt hier eine ideale Ergnzung. Die ermittelten Daten (Luftfeuchtigkeit und Temperatur) sind plausibel, nur fr den Feinstaubwert (PM2.5) habe ich keine Vergleichsmglichkeit und muss mich hier auf die Zuverlssigkeit der Daten des Gertes verlassen.
    Der View Pollution” lsst sich drahtlos bzw. ins eigene WLAN-Netzwerk integrieren und liefert so die Daten , die sich natrlich auch unterwegs abfragen lassen. Die Batterielaufzeit soll lt. Hersteller bis zu 2 Jahre betragen – das bleibt noch abzuwarten. Alternativ lsst sich das Gert auch ber USB mit Strom versorgen.
    Das auf der Frontseite befindliche, konfigurierbare 2.9″ Display zeigt in sehr bersichtlicher Form (ggf. durch Winken”) die Luftqualitt an: gut, mittelmig, oder schlecht. Auerdem lassen sich Schadstoffwerte anzeigen, welche auerhalb der Richtwerte liegen. So ist man bei Bedarf stets auch optisch auf dem Laufenden, ohne die App bemhen zu mssen.
    Platzieren lsst sich das Gert brigens stehend auf einem Tisch, oder montiert an einer Wand.
    Eine Hub-Funktion (WiFi + USB-Kabel) ermglicht den Zugriff auf weitere Gerte des Herstellers; diese Funktion kann ich aktuell allerdings nicht berprfen. Mittels Bluetooth (Einrichtung) erfolgt ein tglicher Datenabgleich.
    Was kann noch punkten ? Der Hersteller gewhrt eine 24-monatige Garantie, ist also von seinem Produkt berzeugt.
    Insgesamt macht der Airthings View Pollution 2980 – Luftverschmutzungsmonitor” einen ausgereiften und in der Anwendung unkomplizierten Eindruck auf mich. Bis auf den aktuell ambitioniert wirkenden Preis (ca. 200 ) habe ich hier keine gravierenden Einwnde.

  65. Jon Skillings says:

     United States


    You’ll need Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth for some aspects of initial setup. The process is step-by-step clear, and very user-friendly, especially for those lacking in tech experience.

    All told, plan on spending around 70-90 minutes on initial set-up and familiarizing yourself with the unit/functions.


    It’s simply, but it gets the job done. If you’re primarily worried with accurate reporting from the main unit, push notifications, and a breakdown of readouts, you’ll likely be happy with the app.

    Display on the unit:

    It’s not fully customizable. I feel that’s a bit of a miss. I prefer to be able to fully customize readouts on all my devices.


    Let’s get one thing out of the way, right away:

    This air quality monitor is a home unit, and is not designed to be as accurate as professional level units. With that said, this monitor is well within safety spec in all readouts.

    My brother-in-law, who works in the industry, compared this monitor directly to his devices. Not only is this monitor within safe deviation parameters, it’s very accurate for a home unit, and more than enough to monitor air quality levels.

    Bottom line:

    This is a very accurate home air quality monitor.

    4 stars

  66. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Very easy setup. I run it on USB power so no need for batteries. Good information on my indoor air quality.

  67. Grace Earl says:

     United States

    Ease of use, broad spectrum of measurements for inside air quality after a major wildland fire which burned 1,300 himes

  68. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I bought this one for a trial and put in at home. The monitor works very well. Since the display is using electronic ink, I think the batteries can last very long.
    The app is very very nice, giving me all the information and logs I want, and warnings come frequently when the parameters exceed the threshold.
    It is difficult to identify if the readings are accurate, but anyway, it is just a monitor to let me know the severity of the air conditions.

  69. ChristoWve says:

     United States

    We basically got this product to monitor/test for Radon in our house. We passed on the Radon test when we moved in, and have been paranoid about it since. Luckily, according to this device, we are at a safe level.
    The View Plus monitors Radon, CO2, humidity, temp and several other levels. I didn’t need ALL of that info, but it is nice to know it is there if needed. It is making us feel better when we look at it and it tells us the levels are all safe. If you aren’t monitoring it, you never really know. Its great for the piece of mind aspect.
    However, as some people have mentioned, it does require you to load an app on your phone, and it needs a wireless network connection. There is very little in the way of instructions, you will have to go to the site for more info. It looks like their customer service is almost non existent as well. If you can get it setup and forget it, I would consider this worthwhile. But there may be better options I haven’t discovered yet.
    ~~~ I hope this find this REAL review of a product Vine supplied to me helpful! ~~~

  70. Anonymous says:


    Devo dire che non proprio economico. Ma vale il suo prezzo. App semplicissima. Valori dei parametri sia su app, sia su strumento. Su app ci sono anche i trend. Lo strumento anche elegante(per quanto possa esserlo uno strumento). Io lo consiglio

  71. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Solid product, seems very accurate and sensitive.
    Full integration with Google Home would be a huge plus.

  72. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI love this product. It was very easy to connect to wifi and to have the ability to track PM2.5,TVOC, radon, temperature and humidity all on one unit is very convenient. I bought a second unit to monitor the downstairs as well. As far as accuracy goes, it seems to track PM 2.5 closely to our outdoor conditions so I am happy. It is still too early to tell on radon but am doing a 3 month traditional test that will be completed later this spring so I will be able to compare. One benefit is that I can shut down air purifiers (saving filter life) when conditions dictate. Also, as CO2 or TVOC levels increase, I am able to start ventilating. Amazing to see the spikes in PM2.5 with cooking. Anyway, great device with excellent data stored for analysis. I love it.

  73. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the pandemic has definitely increased my desire to be aware of the air quality in my home… it is for a variety of reasons, but one of them that is new is that, like many others, I’ve shifted to working from home. If I’m going to be home virtually 24/7/365, I want to know if the air I am breathing is quality or has any issues. If you’ve looked at smart air purifiers, it’s not at all uncommon for them to have features built in that monitor air quality and can report it back to you via an app or with other smart home integrations… so I feel like a good chunk of the functionality of this is already baked in to modern smart air purifiers. What is not in air purifiers is the radon detection, which, long term exposure to radon can cause lung cancer.

    This Airthings monitor comes packed in a nice looking retail box which would be a great gift. Setting this thing up was easy. It has app integration with an app called Airthings Wave. Looking through the app store, the app does have a bad rating, but I did not have any issues with it. One thing that was good to see is that the app has been around for what looks like several years and has continued to get frequent updates, so this seems to be under active development/improvement which is good. I really like the look of the View Plus device and that it has an e-ink screen, and wish more gadgets would use that. I wish I could comment on the accuracy of the radon detection but I haven’t got a second radon detector to compare it against, so I will just trust that it is accurate.

    One other interesting thing to note, this can be used as a hub for other Airthings devices. I haven’t got any others to test it out with, but I like that it can be expanded. I’ll probably use this in the basement and get another “normal” air quality detector for each floor in my house.

  74. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This airthings meter, much like the wave which I had before, does a great job picking up changes in the air quality and it helped me identify a gas leak. But this hooks up to the internet which is WAY better. It seems more sensitive than Amazon’s meter and has a way better app and graphed data. While it may not be totally accurate it is sensitive so if there is some bad air it will show it. I’ve also learned that the outdoor air at times has some bad spikes, so looking into that.

  75. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Quality product. I bought it because I use a multi fuel stove and kerosene heater and was concerned about air quality. This monitor gives very comprehensive information. Don’t know how accurate it is but it’s responsive. On one occasion I burned an incense stick for just a minute and PM went straight up from usual 2 to 134. Batteries went down only by 16% in over 3 weeks. Strangely, it asked me to change the batteries shortly after switching on, so I did. However, I tested the batteries that came with the product and they were fully charged. Overall I’m very happy with it. Worth the money. The app works great.

    Airthings 2960 View Plus

  76. DaniloMcelroy says:

     United States

    This is a device that will help you identify your air quality in different ways. You and your children’s health are very important and it’s good to know what’s lurking in the air of your home! This device will find out levels of Radon, Particle matters, Co2, VoC and more! The app will then also give you detailed information on these and how to mitigate these problems. Now I know why my children’s breathing was off thanks to this device!

  77. MeghanIUPL says:

     United States

    This is a small portable air quality meter. I have this in my basement to measure the air quality, especially the radon level. For years I did not realize I had such high levels of radon in my basement. I did a test years ago and the levels were at 8 and I had a mitigation system installed. Without regular testing, I am just relying on the machine to be functioning without any proof.

    With this device, it reads the air, and measures the radon levels continuously and averages it out daily. So far it says my air quality is good, and my radon levels are safe. It is portable, and you can move it and place it anywhere in the house. You can use the app to monitor the air quality from anywhere since the device connects to wifi.

    The app is easy to use, and the information is straight forward and easy to read. I basically just look to see if it says air is good or not. I’ve been nothing but happy with this device, and if you want to make sure your radon levels, and air quality is good in your home, this is worth the investment.

  78. Anonymous says:


    Very useful information in order to keep your indoor air “fresh”

  79. Anonymous says:

     United States

    User interface is very easy to use, the website tracks lots of data. I like that it can be battery powered or plugged in.

    Setup was very easy. I really like this product.

    I do wish some of the alert thresholds were customizable. It was recently -20 degrees here and it was telling me the humidity was too low (makes sense when it’s -20 degrees outside!)

    Great air quality monitor with optional push notifications

  80. LawrencE00 says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Easy to set up and works really well. The combination of all the different measures it provides is great.

  81. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to set up and works really well. The combination of all the different measures it provides is great.

  82. Anonymous says:


    So far I’ve activated it for 4 days. very easy to use. Cant comment on accuracy yet, but I’ll write back later because the calibration window is 7 days.

    So for I’m loving the tool.

    Drawbacks: The batteries didn’t work so I had to use my own batteries. Interestingly, it seems that the battery is draining faster than usual compared with the 18 months expectation which is on the box. Finally, would like to add that sometimes the Airthings website has availability issues so it doesn’t work sometimes where it says “Sorry, unknown error” when I log in.

  83. TheronBrito says:

     United States

    It’s been few days of use and I am loving it. Setup was seamless, UI is intuitive. Love the fact that I can access data using API or export the CSV if I want to.

    Only time will tell how long the battery last. The display is crisp (i think it’s using the same tech as kindle).

    Also i just hope the unit is accurate, as I have no way to verify if the reading’s are accurate 😉

  84. CathleeCothran says:

     United States

    The entire experience, hardware to app to web are generally pretty good. I get push notifications when the air is bad and the display is clean and clear. I do wish you could completely configure the display and that the display showed more info. The app is also a little vague with colors like green/yellow/red, different faces, and terms like “good.” To know the real extent of what your raw numbers mean you need to look at their scales on the website. There is no easy side-by-side reference inline where you want it.

    While the measurements are generally pretty good, they do lag compared to other consumer grade hardware. I have a Temtop unit that has most of the same data and it reports extremely quickly, often minutes before View Plus. Even a Levoit air filter with built in air quality will show status way faster.

    The hardware is mostly good as I mentioned above, but the e-ink display is a little laggy and dirty, seemingly a cheap, old, or ultra low power implementation that isn’t as good as newer similar displays today. The motion gesture is nice, but just a touch finicky. The physical thickness of the device is a little much to wall mount (my original intent) but I suspect thats to keep a simple face and have all intakes on the sides.

  85. JoseMRig says:

     United States

    Several years ago, I borrowed an Airthings (different model) radon detector from work and found that the radon level in our basement was 20 pCi/L, above the EPA recommended level of 4 pCi/L. We installed a radon mitigation system (not cheap!), which lowered the level. However, we have not tested for several years. Figuring it was once again time to check, I located this Airthings View Plus upstairs (where the level should be lower). Airthings goes to pains to point out that you should gather data for 30 days before acting on any radon measurements. Radon fluctuates from night to day and also depends on other environmental conditions. At nearly three weeks, we are at an average of 6.9 pCi/L. It is higher than expected given our mitigation system and its upstairs location. We will give it another few weeks, and if it is still above 4.0 pCi/L, we will contact the radon mitigation company.

    Aside from radon, this little unit also monitors PM2.5 particles, CO2, humidity, temperature, VOCs, and barometric pressure. The industrial design is slick and allows you to display two of those measurements of your choice on the screen at all times. Waving your hand in front of the display, it will progress through the measurements (even if they are not among the two that are displayed permanently) that exceed (red LED light indicator) or come close (yellow indicator light) to their designated limits. The number of dots indicates how many there are. It runs off of batteries with an optional USB power connection. I have not plugged it in, and at 2.5 weeks, the battery is at 93%. The battery life is impressive, given that the display is always on. They achieve this efficiency through the e-ink display (similar to a Kindle). The viewing angle is excellent, and the text is clear.

    In addition to higher radon levels, we also have consistently elevated CO2. Our newer home is well-sealed, and we regularly see 1500 ppm unless we open a window. Opening windows is tough to do in the middle of an Idaho winter. I was surprised to learn that high CO2 effects (especially numbers above 2000 ppm) include drowsiness, headaches, increased blood pressure, etc. The app that connects to the monitor is well done. It allows you to remotely check the readings and provides a lot of good information (like in the CO2 example above) about what high measurements mean and what you can do about them.

    This monitor has given us an eye-opening look at our air quality. It is a thoughtfully and beautifully designed unit and would be a great addition to anyone’s home.

  86. JodieT41wvxyq says:

     United States

    Most people do not know that Radon is in their home. So many homes are very tightly sealed, and the air stagnant. The is when radon gas can develop. This radon and air quality control is a must-have for homes, for safety and peace-of-mind.

  87. Steve Milloy says:

     United States

    There are many air quality monitors on the market, but most of them are not very accurate. Probably get most accurate one I have is built into one of my expensive air filters, but it only measures particulate matter. This Airthings View Plus monitor can also measure carbon dioxide, radon, VOC, humidity, temperature, air pressure, and pollen levels. I am very impressed with the features, and as far as I can tell it is accurate. It’s an expensive device, but in my mind it’s worth it considering the accuracy plus all of the different features it has. Unfortunately you can only view a few of the values on the built in screen, but once you set up the app on your phone you can see everything there. I plan to use this in every room in my home, so that I can determine where I have a need to install more air filters and if I have other air quality issues I was not aware of. Considering how important breathing clean air is to your health, I think everyone should consider having a monitor like this in their home.

  88. Anonymous says:

     United States

    It was quick and simple to set up the device. I downloaded the app, created an airthings account, added the device to the app, configured wifi on the device through the app, answered a few questions, and was done. Took all of five minutes. The app is easy to use and has a clear and intuitive interface. The device can display two values on the persistent display. These values can be selected. We chose radon and PM 2.5. If we wave a hand in front of the device it displays the humidity. The app allows viewing all measured values and there is also a web dashboard that displays even more data. The device has to be placed in a spot frequently occupied so we chose the bedroom. We already have a similar but different brand sensor in the living room. Despite their different locations and environmental factors, the CO2 and humidity readings are similar on both sensors. Results are consistent and appear to be accurate when compared against other sensors throughout the house. The app recommends allowing 7 days for the CO2 and VOC detection to calibrate and 30 days for radon. Results are easy to view in the app and display 48 hr, 7 day, weekly, monthly and yearly trend views. Battery life is impressive. After a week of use it has only dropped to 96%. So it doesn’t appear to require frequent charging.

    It was quick and simple to set up the device. I downloaded the app, created an airthings account, added the device to the app, configured wifi on the device through the app, answered a few questions, and was done. Took all of five minutes. The app is easy to use and has a clear and intuitive interface. The device can display two values on the persistent display. These values can be selected. We chose radon and PM 2.5. If we wave a hand in front of the device it displays the humidity. The app allows viewing all measured values and there is also a web dashboard that displays even more data. The device has to be placed in a spot frequently occupied so we chose the bedroom. We already have a similar but different brand sensor in the living room. Despite their different locations and environmental factors, the CO2 and humidity readings are similar on both sensors. Results are consistent and appear to be accurate when compared against other sensors throughout the house. The app recommends allowing 7 days for the CO2 and VOC detection to calibrate and 30 days for radon. Results are easy to view in the app and display 48 hr, 7 day, weekly, monthly and yearly trend views. Battery life is impressive. After a week of use it has only dropped to 96%. So it doesn’t appear to require frequent charging.

  89. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This device is super simple; just put batteries in, connect to the internet, and go! This device has given me so much peace of mind in my home. Because I live in an older building built decades ago, the air quality is not up to the same standards as other newer buildings with better ventilation, so I wanted a reliable machine that could notify me when the air quality was off. But because I am a renter, I didn’t want something I’d have to install into a wall. This one just sits on a desk; it honestly looks like an alarm clock and fits in so nicely with other desktop pieces, you hardly notice it’s there.

    The only problem I’ve run into with this device is that it has a bit of a problem connecting to the internet at first. Once I actually got it to connect, then it wasn’t a problem and it stayed connected, but that was a bit of a hassle, to begin with.

    If you’re like me and you’re worried about radon or other air quality issues in your home, I highly recommend this reliable and versatile little machine.

  90. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersWhen I came across this Airthings 2960 View Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor at a very very very reasonable price I decided I needed to have it. We moved into a house that had a high radon reading. We had a radon mitigation system installed but I always wondered if it was working and have found out that this device is able to accurately measure the radon among other things throughout the day.

    It was very easy to set up and right out of the box, two minutes later I was monitoring the air quality in my bedroom. It was connected both via Bluetooth and home internet. Easy!

    Setting up the app and it’s features was equally easy. It will take 7 days of monitoring/calibrating to norm the regular readings and 30 for the radon. It is very eye opening to see the different readings and what they indicate the air quality is.

    The app is awesome to navigate through and even gives you helpful information to make your air quality better and explains the number you are seeing.

    I would highly recommend this Airthings 2960 View Plus to get an idea of what’s going on with your air quality as a baseline and means to do things to improve it.

    I'm intrigued!

  91. JudyUgynegtmna says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI bought this for a radon problem in my basement. The app and web interface provided tons of easy to use information. Apparently testing Radon is not a ‘spot-read’, but rather takes days (or longer) to get an understanding of the levels. I placed the device by a crack in my foundation near the sump pump that was know to be a problem (carbon based lab tested). Within a day it confirmed that area was a 7 level radon. I then reset the device and moved it to a much more ventilated area in the basement. The levels dropped to about a 4. I’ve only used the device for 12 days, but it’s serving me well.

    Things I like:
    1) radon testing works
    2) the newest device includes a display, USB-C charging, the hub for easy app / web connection
    3) app works perfectly, people rating it low may not understand the radon testing described briefly above (and in detail in the app setup)
    4) very high build-qaulity
    5) the web-interface has TONS of downloadable csv data

    The only compliant / recommendation for Airthings is to figure out how to reduce the cost. While $300 is a small price to pay to help prevent lung cancer, it’s likely preventing selling a lot more units.

  92. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis meter is accurate and sensitive. I use it to monitor the air quality especially the VOCs emitted from my new furnitures. When windows are opened for ventilation, the number of VOCs goes down. It helps me to find a right balance on opening the windows as well as keeping the warm air inside the house in the cold days.

    Some findings are interesting the VOCs suddenly went up dramatically for a few minutes last night, finally I found someone was smoking outside our house. What’s more, when I prepared the dinner, the PM2.5 went up quickly as well. The number went down after I turned on the hood. Radon gas is another issue I concern but luckily so far the reading is quite low at my place. Overall it is an amazing product.

    Update on Jan 28: it is out of order now after using it less than 2 months. The device loops itself(flashing green lights—>Breathe Better Live Better—> No reading ). No improvement after I tried to do all procedure. I tried to contact the support via “Chat with us” in the app for help( as indicated the warranty instructions) but after waiting for over 40 mins now, no one answer me. I will wait a couple of days for their reply.

  93. Nick Perry says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersIf you’re looking to get a better insight into the air you breathe, then you won’t likely find a more solid device with a wider range of insight from a better company. We’ve utilized their radon sensor for two years now and have been looking for greater insight into VOCs, PM 2.5, and other particle data. After a lot of research on other products I decided that AirThings simply does it better. We are very pleased with the craftsmanship of the product, the ease of use on the app, and the wealth of data at your fingertips. I was surprised to learn that our air is quite clean, with the exception of high CO2 levels that sync up from candle burning and use of our gas stove. And while I’m not concerned by these levels, it’s nice to see a correlation of where it’s coming from and that external ventilation does reduce its presence. It’s also nice to see that our high grade furnace filters are in fact reducing PM 2.5 when compared to the outdoor levels from our PurpleAir sensor. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in the air they breathe and find that the price is on par for the device.

  94. SherrillRodrigu says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 49 From Our UsersTl:dr
    I recommend this product. I believe that it is currently the best on the market and provides a good array of sensors for the price. I have not received any financial or other consideration for this review. I have no connection to the company. Details, positive and negative, are found in the review.

    Intro: In operation (after 7-day calibration) for three weeks beginning October 2021. Unit is located indoors in the bedroom of a small single-story home in northern California. I purchased View Plus after an online evaluation of competitive units. The purchase decision was based on the array of sensors, acceptable display of sensor parameters, appearance of a good user interface, ability to easily download the data in Excel .csv file format, designed in Norway, and assembled in Tunisia (visible in product photos). I expect that this is the first product that I’ve ever owned that was assembled in Tunisia. There were no Amazon reviews as I purchased the unit as soon as it became available.

    My primary motivation for purchase was to measure indoor particulate pollution during the wildfires. I wanted a more quantitative measure than the colored indicators on our air purifiers. However, I have since become more interested in the carbon dioxide (CO2) and VOC levels. The inclusion of Radon, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure sensors is a plus.

    Particulates: I have had an extended conversation with Airthings via the app. They are responsive, although it may take a few days or even a week, if you ask technical questions as these need to go to the engineering team. As this is a consumer and not scientific device, there are cost limits on the nature of the particle sensor. Airthings does calibrate the particulate sensor to a scientific instrument. However, the Airthings sensor is most likely not able to distinguish between different particle size and scattering distributions that give the same overall signal. I had plans to do a cross correlation study with a scientific instrument, but circumstances conspired against me.

    At this time, I am satisfied that Airthings has done enough work that the threshold limits (green <10, yellow <25, and red >25 g/m3) for the PM 2.5 sensor are reasonably close to the equivalent limits used by the US EPA and European PM 2.5 AQI. For the data that I’ve collected, there is very little difference between PM 2.5 and PM 1 signals. I have not investigated why. One caveat is that the data collected so far has an average PM 2.5 and PM 1 values of only 2 g/m3 and only a single peak greater than 25. Since the rains have (finally) come, I don’t expect to have the opportunity to check against more polluted air conditions in the near term.

    Carbon dioxide: This provided the most surprise about the conditions in our home. I found that ventilation in our bedroom is insufficient to keep levels in the green without the window(s) being open at night. I am looking into ways to ameliorate this problem when keeping the windows open is not an option. When I first received the unit, I placed it outdoors to see if it would read the expected value of about 400+ ppm for average CO2. The unit read about 550, but it was before the 7-day calibration was completed. Over the course of the past month, when the room was well ventilated, I observed readings as low as 469 ppm. The unit will show the increase in CO2 when either 1 or 2 people are in the unventilated room for any significant period of time.

    VOC (volatile organic compounds): The measurement is in parts per billion, ppb. This is my first experience with VOC data recording. The unit is certainly responsive and exhibits significant signal when we are cooking, especially frying. As there are many different types of VOC, I cannot comment on whether one should take significant actions based on the results in the home. Do fry-cooks have career related health issues? At a work environment, such as an organic chemistry lab, there may be many types of VOCs that are clearly harmful to health.

    Radon: All the values that I have recorded are below the green threshold limit of 2.7 pCi/L (picocuries per liter). The average value over 2000 measurements is 0.7 and has a standard deviation of 0.4.

    Temperature: Comparing the value to household sensors indicates that the temperature displayed by the Airthings sensor maybe between 1- or 2-degrees F high. However, I consider that within measurement error for accuracy given the nature of the other sensors. Precision appears to be excellent.

    Relative Humidity: Comparison only with household sensors. Appears to be within a few percent.

    Atmospheric Pressure: Excellent agreement (within 0.5 mBar) with external values (local weather data). Range of data recorded between 1001 mBar and 1022.5 mBar.

    User Interface (Unit): There is an E-Ink type display that is not illuminated. This is a very low power display and conserves battery. No power used to maintain the current display reading. It has high contrast and easy readability. You can choose 2 sensors to display via the app (Phone or PC). When you wave your hand in front of the unit, it indicates its assessment of the overall air quality (good, fair, or poor) and shows any of the readings that cause a fair or poor result. It then returns to the standard readout. I have not found the lack of illumination to be detrimental.

    User Interface (Phone): I’m using a Samsung Galaxy A51 with Android 11. The software allows you to choose among several devices that you might have. As I have only one, it displays a summary that is in the attached photo. You can then tap “VIEW IN WEB DASHBOARD” to get graphic displays for different periods of time. You can choose to get notifications via the app, if values exceed the Airthings recommended thresholds. You can choose the sensors for which to have notifications sent. These thresholds cannot be changed. I think it would be good to be able to change the thresholds with the understanding that one is responsible for the values used.

    User Interface (PC/Web): I’m using an Intel-based PC running Windows 10 Pro and MS Edge for this unit. See attached photo. The graphing is generally quite good. I’d prefer to be able to choose the order in which the different sensors are displayed. It might be possible to do this by deleting sensor graphs (called tiles) and then adding them back. I’ve not tried that. The vertical scaling is automated and determined by the range of values of the data being displayed. The scale cannot be changed, but you can zoom using touch, if your computer/phone has that capability. Adding the historical data (not shown in the photo) will expand the vertical size of each graph and give the minimum and maximum value for the data range.
    Bug: You can add a tile for the outdoor weather, but only for Oslo, Norway! They have given me instructions for changing the location, but the software for the View Plus is not the same as for the software shown in the instructions. I have made them aware of this. It is unclear to me whether they can and will offer software updates.

    Downloading Data: The .csv file contains the time and sensor data for the entire time the system has been recording for that location. If I don’t do something to re-start history, the data file will eventually grow to unmanageable size. They should allow you to specify the range or use the range chosen for the graphing display. The file name is also fixed as the serial number of the unit. These are serious limitations given the extra work caused for the user, I consider them bugs.

    The data are separated by semi-colons, so converting from text to columns in MS Excel is easy.

    The data are recorded with a UTC time stamp. Since I’m in California, it is easy enough to subtract 7 hours and put the local time in the next column.

    The headers have a few character-conversion bugs: “” instead of “.” The character “” is inserted in the Temperature column header. These are minor.

    The date/time format is 2021-09-30T20:04:28. The “T” separator is a nuisance and prevents Excel from recognizing the form of the data. If they would replace the “T” with a space, then Excel would have no trouble. I use the replace function to do this. Again, it is no big deal, but should be a simple fix. I have made Airthings aware of these bugs.

    I will append this review, if I find additional information that may be pertinent to other users. I hope this has been helpful.

    Appendix 1: I’ve added a comparison of the PM2.5 data from the Airthings View Plus (indoors near an open window) to Purple Air data from an outdoor sensor (not mine) about 100 meters from my home. The Purple Air data are shown in the US and European scales. The data are for the 24 hours of October 29, 2021. Correlation is excellent for the main peak.

    Multiple sensors with good user interface

  95. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Me encanto el sistema, la app solo est en ingls, pero es genial para cuidar la salud.

  96. Olly Forster says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersGreat product, easy to use, but really needs to have Bluetooth more usable ie it does some initial connection work with Bluetooth but then does not upload data to your phone with it. You need wifi for that. The issue is that for most people in offices, you will not be allowed to connect any device to your office wifi and thus the app is useless.

    What is sad and stupid is the machine actually has Bluetooth. It just has not been enabled to allow the transfer that type of data to your phone. Crazy.

    AirThings, please update this!

  97. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 13 From Our UsersI bought Airthings View Plus because I have Asthma that is not well controlled at the moment and I want to make sure my home and work environments are as safe as possible for me. I honestly wasn’t sure if the information would be practically useful to me in the long run, but I figured I would take a chance and try it out.

    I live in Colorado. Between the wildfire smoke and pollution, unfortunately you can frequently not see the mountains on the front range in between May through Oct. It is extremely sad. Yes, it is true.
    When people come to visit from out of state in the summer, they are shocked they can’t see the mountains from Denver!

    When I grew up here it wasn’t like this, however, it’s becoming apparent having extremely poor air quality is becoming the new norm, after seeing the same conditions for many recent years in a row. The air quality is poor enough along the front range I actually may have to move out of state if I can’t breathe or spend much time outside 6 months out of the year. (Colorado is too crowded now and unfortunately all the people moving here are having a hugely negative impact on the air quality, and the wildfires are a big factor too.)

    Anyway, I bought this device with a few intentions:
    1. Check the air quality at my home.
    2. Check the air quality at work. (I am a bus driver and want to make sure my vehicle is safe for me, especially because of possible occupational hazards of exhaust exposure and my uncontrolled asthma might not be the best fit in the long run.)
    3. Check the radon levels in my Mom’s basement. We are not sure if her radon mitigation system is working properly and she is dragging her feet on looking into getting it inspected and fixed if necessary. I have nagged her for YEARS to no avail. Hopefully this device will help.

    I really wasn’t too worried about radon in my apartment because I live on the ground level and don’t have a basement. I realize radon can effect ground level dwellings too, but I wasn’t too concerned about it since it’s generally more of an issue in basements.

    I was totally surprised to see unsafe amounts of radon in my apartment! I was not expecting that at all!

    Detecting the radon problem alone made the purchase worth while!

    I will continue to monitor the situation and collect more data over a month to see how high levels go so I can discuss it with my neighbors and my apartment manager.

    Unfortunately, at least in Colorado, landlords are not legally required to pay for any radon mitigation systems even if levels are well above EPA guidelines for safe levels. That seems crazy to me that they wouldn’t be legally required to fix a potentially life threatening hazard. How is that ok?

    But I will still discuss the issue with my apartment manager because I need to know I’m safe at home. Thought my landlord may not be legally responsible to provide mitigation, I will still discuss the issue because they might. My neighbors also deserve to know about an issue that may affect their health too since we are in a connected building, they probably have similar radon levels.

    As I mentioned earlier, I’m a commercial driver and I want to test air quality on my motor coaches at work. (I haven’t done this yet because I am still collecting data at home for 1 month.)
    Our motor coaches are supposed to have HEPA filters installed, however, I’m concerned they may not be working properly. My asthma flares up when I drive. We also recently had an exhaust leak inside a bus which left a visible residue on surfaces. Clearly not healthy, however, the company fixed the problem immediately after we realized there was a problem. Anyway, this is one way I can get an idea of whether there are extremely high levels of pollutants inside the bus, so I have a little more information to consider. It is very possible pursuing another career that allows me to work indoors may be better for my health in the long run.

    Honestly, it’s impossible to know with certainty how accurate any consumer grade air quality monitors are without being able to do a dual test on professional grade equipment to compare results.

    When using any consumer grade air quality monitor, there is a level of ‘blind faith’ required for customers. aka, we can only hope the company did due diligence in testing their equipment because most people don’t have a way to verify their data is accurate.

    In my research before purchasing this unit, I saw most air quality monitors on Amazon have questionable accuracy based on reviews.

    Airthings seemed to have better reviews than some other companies so I opted to place my faith in them.

    I will continue to update my review as I have more data, including the radon issue.

    Wow, I discovered I have a radon problem!

  98. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersI purchased Airthings View Plus (this device) as well as Airthings Wave Plus. Wave Plus does not have Wi-Fi and only syncs via Bluetooth – with phone and proprietary SmartLink radio with Airthings hub. Also Wave Plus does not have display or PM2.5 sensor, which View Plus has.

    View Plus can work as SmartLink hub for Wave Plus but only if View Plus connected to USB power (not off batteries). View Plus is twice as expensive as Wave plus but it’s worth it.

    Both devices work well in tandem and are very sensitive. I think sensors are accurate and show similar values when placed together within 5%.

    The app is easy to use and show trends by minute as well as long term averages. It’s good to be aware of air quality. Our cat got astma and he got astma attack exactly when we got PM2.5 and VOC contamnation from outside air polluted by forest fires (terrible consequence of climate change, I know). But that’s the life we are living now. Can’t survive without constant air monitoring anymore.

    The best app and the best system out there

  99. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersSo far this does everything it says it does.
    However, I spent a couple days trying to get the hub functionality to work since the included USB C cable was faulty. Worked fine once I swapped it with one of my own. Additionally it doesn’t include a wall to usb power adapter.