Arlo Ultra2 Wireless 4K CCTV Camera System, 6-Month Battery, Colour Night Vision, Weather Resistant, Integrated Spotlight, 2-Way Audio, 4 Cam Kit, 90-Day Free Trial of Arlo Secure Plan, White

outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan
outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan
  1. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Auto zoom and tracking

    Find out immediately if there is unwanted activity at your property.

  2. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Integrated spotlight

    Scare off unwelcome guests using Arlo Ultra’s motion-activated spotlight.

  3. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Siren Deterrent

    Trigger the siren from the Arlo app or have it sound automatically when motion is detected.

  4. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Premium 2-way Audio

    Listen and speak to visitors with crystal clear, full 2-way audio that reduces wind and noise.

  5. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    100% wire-free

    Built to withstand heat, cold, rain or sun.

  1. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Arlo Service Plans

    Sign up to an Arlo Secure service plan for a monthly fee to unlock advanced features on your camera

  2. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Visual Security

    Store your videos on the cloud, in the resolution they were recorded, for up to 60-days

  3. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Advanced Detection

    Arlo service plans enhance our cameras with advanced A.I. features to identify security risks

  4. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Faster Response

    Patented locked screen technology for a faster incident response including call an emergency contact

  5. outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

    Greater Peace of Mind

    Easily set-up or cancel – and if your camera is stolen your plan entitles you to a free replacement*

1 Arlo Service Plans 2 Visual Security 3 Advanced Detection 4 Faster Response 5 Greater Peace of Mind
outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

Arlo Home Security Cameras: Protect What You Love Most

outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

Arlo Ultra 2

outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

Arlo Floodlight White

outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

Arlo Floodlight Black

outdoor home security camera system 4K CCTV wireless smart home battery powered HDR weather resistan

Wirefree Video doorbell

Video Quality
4K UHD 1080P 1080P 1536×1536 HDR SIP video call
Field of View
180 degree 130 degree 130 degree 180 degree
Works without Base station
Night vision
Colour night vision Colour night vision Colour night vision Night vision
Spotlight Floodlight Floodlight
Alarm siren
Weather Resistant
-20° C to 45° C -20° C to 45° C -20° C to 45° C -20° C to 45° C
Wifi bandwidth required
2.4 GHz wifi 2.4 GHz wifi 2.4 GHz wifi 2.4 GHz wifi
Local Storage
YES Base station required Base station required Base station required
Noise cancellation

Weight: 331 g
Size: 4 Camera system
Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.2 x 7.84 cm; 331 Grams
Model: VMS5440-200EUS
Part: VMS5440-200EUS
Colour: White
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Polymer
Manufacture: Arlo
Colour: White
Quantity: 1
Size: 4 Camera system

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48 Responses

  1. MargretNorth says:

     United Kingdom

    Recently one of out neighbours was burgled. The thieves stole a bike from inside the house and nobody noticed. When the police came round door to door the question the always asked was do you have any cameras. Now, I’ve thought of this for some time, my bikes are kept in a shed and I do worry that they are vulnerable. The problem is all the other cameras I looked at needed holes drilling for power and weren’t really that effective.

    These are the latest version of the Arlo camera and I have to say they were a doddle to set up and get working. Out of the box you just pop the battery in the camera and put it on the magnetic charger until it hits 100% charged. There are 2 different types of mount in the box and I’ve used the screw in mount over the front door at home. I sited a second camera in the hallway where any intruders will be caught as they move through and the third is sited overlooking the rear of the house. Both of these are on magnetic mounts. I was sceptical about this but they are rock solid.

    Linking the cameras to the Arlo app is very simple and once linked I was able to add them to my Google Hub allowing me to see the view from any of the cameras very easily just by asking the assistant. We have set up geofencing and timed profiles for the arming and disarming of the cameras so when we go out, anything moving in the activity zones is streamed up to the Internet for storage.

    I’m very happy with the cameras, I remain to be convicted by the quoted lifetime f the batteries on a full charge. The camera in out hallway triggers the light as we head to bed and is showing a drop in power faster than the other 2 cameras but up to now it looks like we will get a good few weeks before a recharge is needed. The video quality is excellent as you can see from the video capturing our dog going for a drink. The camera is able to differentiate between a person and an animal and highlight him as an an animal in the video library.

    There is a trial period for the saving of videos online after which a subscription is needed, given the cost of the cameras, this could be a little longer. Other than that, I’m very impressed and satisfied with this package.

  2. Cory Weinberg says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the second iteration of the Arlo Ultra range. The first had some issues and this upgrade aims to eradicate those and give an overall improvement and from my experience it definitely does, but it still has a few improvements to make.. here’s why.

    First of all I like the design of these cameras. They are quite small, they look good and they are also easy to mount. The magnetic Mount is great and makes things so easy when putting them up and had no issues with getting them put in place. Setting up the cameras on the app was a smooth process too and had no issues following the instructions to get them connected. They did lose connection a few times but after tweaking my internet settings I managed to sort that out.

    This was a big upgrade for me in terms of resolution. I had only had cameras in the past that shoot at 1080p which still looks quite good but some details you can’t make out from afar. 4k makes a huge difference, the picture is very sharp and you can make out things from distance which is extremely important for security, especially if you want to capture someone’s face or license plate. The spotlight is a big upgrade for me. I don’t have a very well lit street at night so having the lights on the cameras is great and adds a layer of security. Saying that though the night vision is very impressive even without the light.

    When it comes to a smart device in today’s world, the app is one of the most important things. For me it has to be responsive, reliable and have good features built in. Arlo have done great with this and I find using the app a good experience. It did glitch out on me a couple times but I’m sure a software update will improve this. I use an android phone and the notifications/alerts come through very quickly and live view works with minimal lag. However, I have very fast internet and a good networking setup throughout the house. For someone without this experience may differ.

    Really happy with my Arlo setup nothing but good things to say apart from 1 minor thing. If you are spending over 800 on a camera system you would expect to not have to spend much more. But after buying if you want to use the subscription in 4k after the trial has finished it can be quite expensive. 12.49 a month for upto 5 cameras at this time of writing. It may not seem like much but that is nearly 150 a year. The cost is definitely worth considering but saying that I am happy with the service and for me it does warrant the cost. Brilliant camera setup and would recommend.

  3. VonnieRVIf says:

     United Kingdom

    The Arlo Ultra2 system has come a long way since its release following some significant firmware/software updates, and as far as my experience is involved, I can say that it this system is working well.
    The First thing you should know if you are going to select this system is that you are, to some extent, investing in the ecosystem of Arlo, that means if you want extra batteries or mounts or even extra kit like cameras you are tied into the Arlo system, this is no big deal as this would be the same for any of the other systems. The second thing you should know is that the price fluctuates throughout the year and should be taken into consideration before you buy. And last you need to do some research of your own, particularly if you want to subscribe to a subscription plan.
    The cameras them selves are great, a lot better than before updates, the imagery is crystal even when something moves across the view of the camera at speed like a car reg plate. The audio is superb at distance as well, and was clear up to the end of my garden which is 35 foot with noise cancelling so you don’t hear the wind blowing in the mic. The field of view is pretty much the best each camera giving 180 without too much warping. There’s a feature to track and zoom in on people but it seems a redundant feature as it’s much easier to do this after the footage is captured. Each camera has a rechargeable battery that says it will be good for six months but I would not rely on this and have them charged prior to going away for any lengthy period, you can check the battery levels in the app. Alternatively there are two other options 1. Buy additional leads and have it plugged into the mains or 2. Buy an Arlo solar panel for each camera negating the need to ever charge, this is part of why I said you are investing in an ecosystem. The night vision function on the cameras is just the best; The IR black and white night vision mode is as you would expect but the spot light (which is very bright by the way) coloured night vision is just fantastic and essential if you need to give a description, colour of clothing/vehicles is an essential part of any description. I love the magnetic mounts they are powerful, but it only comes with 2, the 3rd being a fixed mount, however, you can purchase more.
    The Hub is what connects the cameras and enables you to record to a Micro SD card (not included up to 250gb) or to the cloud, and placement of this will need planning especially if you have a large property, in my modestly sized 3 up 3 down semi-detached property, however, I had no problem with coverage, bear in mind I have a solid WIFI system and my router is one of the best on the market. I can’t see how I will ever need more than three cameras but if extra cameras are needed, they can be purchased separately for around 200 quid but because you may have decided to invest in the ecosystem you can buy a lower end camera like The Essential, and that will connect to your hub also and works with the same app.
    I wish there was a better recording solution other than the cloud and the Micro SD card, there’s no USB slot to connect a hard drive to the hub, you have to go with the SD card slot on the bottom and that is limited, the alarm is not so good but the spot light is and I guess as a deterrent that is sufficient but I would have liked something that would wake the world when it goes off. I would want someone to call the Police, if I was away for example, just to shut the thing up that way I would kind of get a fast Police response.
    There’s still a lot to learn about this system especially about how good the customer service is and how good the batteries really are, but I think these are things only time will tell, and I may do a future update to this review in another year or so. But for now, this is working really well and although the live footage can be a little slow to access on the app, I am impressed and the company seem committed to improving on the software. I am now tied into the Ecosystem and will be eager to invest in some solar panels from Arlo. I hope this review helps you decide whether this system is for you or not, but strongly urge you to conduct some in-depth research of your own into the various solutions out there.

    Best amongst its competitors but not without its flaws.

  4. ReyesEames says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIntroduction

    The ‘Ultra2’ by Arlo is a premium wireless CCTV system that delivers 4K quality footage; ideal for those who don’t want to run cables all around the house.

    The system has a smart AI feature which ensures that any movement will be detected, recorded and appropriately stored for future viewing an downloading.

    NOTE: With this being a 4K system, you will need to have decent enough internet (I have approximately 27Mbps download speed with 5Mpbs upload speed and my internet coped fine with two cameras (yet to try all three at once)).

    Box Contents

    * 3x Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Cameras.
    * 3x Rechargeable Batteries.
    * 1x Magnetic Charging Cable w/ Plug.
    * 2x Magnetic Mounts w/ Screw Kits.
    * 1x Screw Mount w/ Screw Kit.
    * 1x SmartHub w/ Power Adaptor.
    * 1x Ethernet Cable.
    * 1x Quick Start Guide.
    * 1x Video Monitoring Decal.

    I was quite surprised only battery charger was included when this kit has three cameras; so should more than one require charging at the same time, you’ll need to charge one at a time.


    Before you do anything, you will need to download the ‘Arlo’ app onto your smart device and create an account if you don’t have one already.

    I’ve been using Arlo products for awhile now and have always found it easy to navigate.

    Getting everything up and running is very straight-forward. First of all you will need to set-up the Base Station which the cameras rely on to connect to the app; click on ‘Add New Device’ then ‘Base Station’ and it will guide you through the process (The Base Station will need to connect to your router via the included Ethernet cable).

    Once the Base Station is set-up, do the exact same except for when it comes to adding a new device, select: ‘Cameras’ – ‘Ultra’ – ‘Ultra & Ultra 2’ and once again it will guide you through the process. I did have to select the manual connection option as the base station couldn’t automatically detect the camera, but it was still a quick set-up. Basically repeat the steps for the rest of the cameras.

    Before mounting the cameras, I would advise to charge them all up but annoyingly you have to charge them one at a time before only one charger is included!

    After the set-up is completed, you should get a 3-month trial to the cloud storage but thereafter, it will cost 12.49 monthly (correct at the time of review); it’s the highest cost plan from Arlo as that is for multiple 4K cameras.


    With the app, you can connect to your cameras at any point as long as you have access to the internet and of course your home internet is running. You can also view any footage that is taken manually download it to your phone/smart device.

    The 4K footage is really clear which is as expected with 4K resolution. All the cameras feature a spotlight and night-vision to make sure nothing gets unseen in low-lighting situations which gives extra peace of mind. The camera will also pick-up nearby audio clearly.

    The tech packed into these cameras are exceptional; it’s crazy how good it detects and identifies the difference between people, animals and vehicles and when it detects any of them or movement, it will start recording (you can tweak the notifications in the settings so you don’t get alerted if say, an animal gets detected).

    It’s hard to say how good the wireless range is because my house is on the small side; but for me, the connection was stable, especially with the included Base Station.

    Final Thoughts

    The Ultra2 is a quality wireless CCTV set-up but it does come at a very premium price, both for the main unit and the extra on-going costs for the subscription but that’s what you get for UHD/4K.

    If you don’t really need 4K but do want to go with Arlo, maybe have a browse at some of the other Arlo models because going for the HD/1080p versions will be a cheaper option.

  5. BeatricPounds says:

     United Kingdom

    I was offered the Arlo Ultra 2 4K UHD to review which came in this configuration as a 3 camera system and it is the updated version of the Arlo Ultra security camera. First impressions are good compared to comments on the earlier version as they do seem to have addressed most of the bugs.

    By way of specification the Arlo Ultra 2 cameras captures 4x more detail than a regular HD camera so you can zoom in 12x on important features without distortion to help identify a suspect – even at night. This I really like and the difference in the image quality os amazing. Also as with most camera systems you can receive motion alerts direct to your phone and if the camera detects an intruder it can be set to trigger a built in spot light and more advanced security features including a built-in siren, and two-way audio with advanced noise cancellation, to deter them.

    One of the best features of this security camera system that I really like is it is battery powered and connects via wifi so its 100% wire-free and installation is really simple. The battery’s should last 3-6 months and charge fast magnetically. Love this!

    Also with twice as many frames captured per second compared to 1080p video the Ultra 2 actually records a lot more detail in every respect, so you can identify the specific moment in time an activity took place.

    What I’m not so keen on is if you want store recordings and view them later you have to pay a monthly subscription for Arlo SMART security footage to record and stored it in 4K in the cloud. Frankly this is a common niggle of mine with most security cameras that don’t store locally on an SD card but I feel at this price point all footage should also be able to be stored locally in the hub as well at no extra cost. Frankly I’m not sure why it has a hub for that matter.

    Overall I really like this premium high end Arlo Ultra 2 camera system and the image quality is without question absolutely fantastic. That said there’s a heavy price to pay for it as it is very expensive compared to comparable HD camera systems including Arlo’s HD camera system so you will need to way this up. Happy to recommend it otherwise.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It arrived very well packaged. It comes with 3x Ultra 2 Cameras, 3x Rechargeable Batteries, 1x Magnetic Charging Cable, 2x Magnetic Mount and Screw Kits, 1x Screw Mount (long one) and screw kit, 1x SmartHub, 1x Ethernet Cable, 1x Power Adapter, 1x Quick Start Guide, 1x Video Monitoring Decal. They look robust.
    The setup and pairing were simple, just follow the setup wizard from the mobile app. Easy to control from the app on my mobile. Picture quality really good but night vision is not bad. The audio is very good and clear. One of the best battery cameras out there. The cameras give us a 180 angle. There is just one charger for three cameras. I wish they have a tree charger for each battery. I don’t like motion detection. It’s poor. Honestly, If I buy this camera system for 800 I don’t want to spend 12.90 per month for a subscription for using clouds. No continuous recording on the hub. but it nice alternative to the cloud.
    Overall, I happy with this camera system. It works with a very small lag. Easy to set up. Looks good. Amazing 4k quality image but as I mention in the headline, It is expensive.

    Easy setup and installation but pricey

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I guess this would be classed as a premium security system in Arlo’s range, certainly given the price tag. Having reviewed a 3 camera ‘essential’ system previously and only being semi-impressed I was keen to give this a try.

    The cameras are 4K UHD resolution so quite a step up in quality from the 1080p offered in the essential kit, the additional resolution is very welcome as the footage is clear and allows for greater levels of zoom.

    The box contains a load of bits from a magnetic charging cable (very short!) to power adapter converters and camera mounts. Oddly, two of the cameras have a different mounting system with just a magnetic mount, something that I’ve never found to be as secure as the screw in type that comes with the 3rd camera.

    It’s a totally wireless system and in that you get good and bad points. With this system you get a smart hub (aka base station) which allows you to store footage locally (sd card required) rather than paying out the 12+ per month for the cloud storage. I see this as a major plus point as the essential system I have previously reviewed lacks this and therefore forces you to pay for the cloud subscription service.

    Installation was fairly straight forward with you required to download the Arlo app and connect the hub to your router. I have pretty good WiFi and I think you’re going to need it with a 4K system, especially if you’re likely to use live viewing.

    You’ll likely need to do some updates when it’s all up and running as I did but it’s a fairly pain free process to be honest. I Also recommend fully charging the cameras before mounting them. The battery life is claimed to be 6 months but take this with a pinch of salt.

    It very much depends on where you locate the cameras and the amount of ‘traffic’ that goes on in the background, whether that be people, animals, cars etc they all go towards the draining of the battery. From experience, of not just this system but other battery systems, if your camera is pointing towards a busy area then you’ll be lucky to get a months usage from them. I would highly recommend you consider investing in the Arlo solar panel to power your busiest camera as you’ll get fed up of taking the camera down to charge the battery very quickly.

    The Arlo cameras have a good AI detection system and I found it to be very reliable and the night vision, certainly in B&W is very good as well. The cameras do have a spotlight on them but don’t rely upon them to flood the area with light.

    Overall I think this is a good quality system however it’s very expensive. If you’re thinking of having a camera facing a busy street and you want this system then factor in the additional cost for a solar panel otherwise consider a wired solution instead.

  8. HellenBPMtz says:

     United Kingdom

    I got sent this home security system to review, and have been testing it for a couple of weeks now. The first thing to say is it’s super easy to set up, you put the batteries in the cameras and charge them up, then you just download the app and it takes you through every step to connect them all. You then get a live feed in the app of each camera, optional notifications whenever they detect motion, and you can change settings such as using cloud storage (which they charge a subscription for) or adding a micro SD card into the base station which records locally. I’d recommend doing the latter, I like to avoid subscriptions where possible.

    The cameras are all 4K (technically UHD), which gives you a really sharp image even if you zoom in. The lenses are a super wide 180 degrees, so you can place them pretty much at any angle and still usually get everything you need in frame. They include wall mount kits which actually use an ingenius magnetic mount to keep the cameras at the desired angle. This works fantastically well, as the magnets are incredibly strong so hold the cameras really securely! This is great, as they are surprisngly heavy! I was surprised at the weight, but it does give me confidence that they’d survive a fall.

    The battery life is supposed to be 6 months, depending on settings and how much motion they detect. I can’t say if that’s true yet as it’s only been a few weeks, but it’s nice knowing that they’ll last ages anyway!

    The app is really well designed, it works with apple home kit if you like, and it’s really easy to navigate, with enough control of settings but without ever being complex! If you ever want to add more cameras down the line, this is easy to do through the app, so if you’re not sure you want a set of 3 yet, you can buy 1 and then keep adding more if you find it useful. It also tells you how strong the wireless connection between the cameras is, which helps with positioning them to ensure they’re all linked together properly! The motion detection is solid, even a small amount of motion triggers it, and I found I couldn’t trick it by moving slowly during my tests.

    All in all, it’s a great product and was an absolute breaze to set up!

  9. Brittney45J says:

     United Kingdom

    This system is impressive, the cameras are quite big compared to others I have tried but the battery life is extremely impressive. The picture is crisp and clean, the app is simple to navigate and the whole system feels quality. The motion detection works very well during the day and the night and with the high resolution you can see a lot of detail even on the darkest night. The mounts for the cameras are reasonably standard, using a 1/4″ thread and are adjustable, allowing you to position the cameras exactly where you want them. Im hoping to be able to tie these in with my existing CCTV system but I have not worked out how yet, so Im stuck using multiple apps and base stations. Very good investment for the security concious.

  10. CarriGuffey says:

     United Kingdom

    Another Arlo product of a high quality and kept standards can be seen with this set of CCTV. 3 cameras, Wi-Fi, 4K and possibility of adding additional cameras was stunning at first sight.

    Whole set came nicely packed and in surprisingly small box when all equipment mentioned is included. That said this is compact and modern CCTV surveillance kit.

    As usually Arlo includes clear and straightforward instructions. As it is slightly extended set, some IT knowledge would be required to finish whole set up, but it is possible for anyone to do it with a little bit of effort.
    3 cameras included were enough to cover almost whole area around the house and I believe it would be enough to cover any smaller office or workshop.

    All the features work very well but I am not sure how close this is to 4K video. From the live stream it looks a bit less than 4K but still beyond any other CCTV quality used before.

    Last but not least to mention is 6-months battery life. Over a month in usage of the set and it is still up and running with no issues. Full life of it is to be seen in upcoming months.

    Overall modern and quality CCTV set with many features to cover all major needs.

    Many features
    Indoor and outdoor use

    Set up can be tricky without minor IT knowledge
    High price
    Video quality looks less than 4K

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    So you shell out nearly 800 and you still need a subscription? Well yes, to get the same functionality without would be more expensive – you’d still need some sort of cloud service to upload to. These can’t be set up to uload to your own cloud service.

    I’m actually using without a subscription and recording locally to the SD card in the base station, which works so long as thieves don’t steal the base station.

    The video quality is excellent, but it won’t stop intruders wearing masks. Also, the cameras need to be quite close to see details, so you can’t mount high on an outside wall.

    The app is easy to use. It’s just a shame you can’t upload videos elsewhere (only to Arlo with a subscription) – I think with this limitation, they should offer a contact with free hardware and maybe a 24 month subscription.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    So, the Arlo Ultra 2.

    I’ve now used this system for 1 month, alongside their doorbell.

    The cameras are all wireless- totally wireless, but I found using 4K resolution meant the battery lasts 2-3 weeks, NOT 6 months. I ended up buying solar panels for them a good choice, because doing so means at least the south facing cameras are always at 100%. This was an additional 100 cost for the 3 cameras.

    Image quality is good but there is a significant delay to notification of about 10 seconds – not ideal. More widely, for reasons only known to Arlo, they have to connect to the Arlo Hub. The hub has some plus points – such as a Micro SD slot for on premise image storage, but it mostly means if you have thick walls or a big house you might need an additional router, at another 100.

    The on board AI is good, it can differentiate between animals and humans and does only alert when relevant, however it does sometimes miss notifications. This is bad because if it doesn’t identify something to record, you have no recording. I am disappointed they don’t have always on recording.

    So, why 4 stars? Well, convenience is good, fully wireless cameras that work. The connectivity could be better and always on recording means I drop a star.

    These are expensive and premium but they do work.

    My only last gripe? Subscription cost is very high after the initial trial… You pay a lot for convenience

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This particular set from Arlo comes with 2 x Ultra 2 cameras which have a very nice modern and compact look to them and are surprisingly heavy. They measure approximately 8.5cm x 8cm x 5cm and have a screw thread on the rear for regular screw type of mount. The front face contains the 180 degree camera lens and 4K image sensor, an LED flood light, a speaker and microphone, as well as the infrared motion sensor.
    The bottom of the camera features a magnetic charging port, allowing the battery to be charged by simply snapping the charging cable into position and a button that lets you remove the internals of the device to access the battery compartment.

    The system also comes with a small hub, which connects to your home router and provides it’s own wireless network for the cameras to connect to. There is also a MicroSD port, which can be used to record video locally.

    ***** In The Box *****

    2 x Ultra 2 Cameras
    1 x Magnetic Mounts
    1 x Screw Mount
    Various Screws and Wall Plugs
    1 x Smart Hub + PSU
    1 x Battery Charger + Cable
    1 x Cat5 LAN Cable
    2 x Rechargeable Batteries
    2 x UK Adapters
    2 x EU Adapter
    1 x Window Sticker
    Various Installation Guides

    ***** Installation / Usage *****
    Installation of the system is very straight forward.
    Insert the batteries into each camera and charge the batteries using the supplied adapter and cable and then connect the smart hub to your existing internet router using the supplied Ethernet cable and connect it to the mains.

    Install the Arlo app onto your smartphone from the app store and create an account and then follow the simple instructions on screen to add the device. The hub is added to the app first and immediately downloaded an update. After that is complete, the cameras are added to the hub and once again, an update was available for each of those.
    All in all, everything was added to the app in around 5 minutes.

    Once everything is connected and you are happy everything works, you can fix the cameras into position. Being as these are battery powered and wireless, they are very simple to install.

    You can of course view live video from the cameras and if you have an active subscription you can view up to 30 days of recorded video stored on the cloud. If you have installed a MicroSD card into the hub, you can also view recorded video from the local storage.

    The app works very well and there are lots of settings that can be changed to suit your needs. Some of these include setting activity zones so that motion is detected only within a certain area, setting smart alerts so that people, animals or vehicles can trigger alerts and you can also setup package detection so that if a parcel is left on your doorstep, you will be notified.

    ***** Conclusion *****

    The video quality and the ease of installation of this system really is very good, so no complaints there.

    I really wanted to love this security system as much as I’ve loved having the Arlo Doorbell, but I can’t.
    There are a couple of slight annoyances for a system that costs over 600.
    I have a fairly small 2 storey house and the signal range between the hub and cameras is quite poor. I have the smart-hub located centrally and the cameras when mounted outside around 10m away with 1 wall between them. I would have expected a much better signal performance. This may be due to using a Wireless Mesh system around my house causing interference with the systems own wireless network
    I also have a 3 camera Ultra 2 system and found that I can add the hub from this set to my existing account and then place a hub either side of the house and share the cameras between the 2 hubs — this is a rather expensive way of solving a poor signal, but it does work.

    I like the magnetic mount and charger. The mount works extremely well and is easy to position. However, It is a little risky having such a high value item located outside your house, held only by a magnet and I feel it’s a bit stingy of Arlo, only supplying 1 charging cable.

    Battery life seems pretty good and Arlo say they last approximately 6 months, although this will depend on if the cameras are located in a quiet location. If the area is busy it will drain the battery a lot faster (I put one in my living room and the battery needed charging after just 1 week). You can power the cameras constantly using a long cable, which Arlo sell separately but it’s quite expensive and I think should have been included in the package.

    To get the full benefit of this “smart” system, you will also need to pay a monthly subscription. You get a 3 month trial included with your device (which is a surprisingly good length), with the full subscription which will store video in 4K and let you use smart notifications it will set you back a hefty 149.88 per year. The main features (phone alerts, basic motion detection and live video) work without a subscription, but to record video to the cloud and to use the package detection, you will need to pay.

    I really like having the option to save video locally to SD Card, although it would have been much better to have a HDD installed, or even a USB port to give you the option of using an external drive, especially when storing 4K video.

    So overall, I’m torn with this setup. The system is pretty good, but not quite as good as I would expect it to be and I think the value for money is rather poor compared to a wired setup. It will definitely not be replacing my existing wired CCTV system, but I will use it for extra video monitoring, due to the superior video quality.

    Arlo Ultra2 Wireless Home Security Camera System

  14. Medicines Australia says:


    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersFinde das System (4Kameras) sehr gelungen. Kein Vergleich zum ersten Arlo System . Keine Ausflle oder aufhngen der Software. Luft bei mir sehr gut und harmonisch. Auch die Verbindung bis runter in den Keller durch eine dicke Betondecke funktioniert einwandfrei. Zahlreiche Einstellungsmglichkeiten runden das ganze System ab. Akkulaufzeit finde ich je nach Einstellung sehr gut . Die LED Beleuchtung der Kameras geben zustzliche Sicherheit und schrecken ab. Bin sehr zufrieden.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m no expert with these thing never ever had to set up a security camera before didnt know what I was doing so i was a novice.
    This camera was 100% easier to set up that could of ever imagined.
    Firstly I had to plug in the hub box plugged in the power cable and then added the cable between the hub and my WiFi box.
    Next step was to download the arlo app directly to my phone. Once app is downloaded and verified it gives you simple step by step instructions it couldn’t be made easier than what it is.
    The hub connects to the app first then the system does a data update.
    Then both cameras connect to the app they both have a small dad upgrade also it doesn’t take any longer that 10/15 minutes to get them up and running both cameras had 50% charge already on so cud be used strait away.

    To put the cameras up outside there are 2 holders that you have to screw in place they are both different.
    One holds the camera by a stone magnet I’m still not 100% sold.on that as sumone could steal it easily.
    The second the camera screws to it which I think is the safer option of the 2.

    There is also a magnetic charger included it doesn’t take long to charge up my cameras had 50% charge on it took about 2 hours to fill it up to 100%.
    The picture on the camera is crystal clear there is a couple.of seconds delay between the camera and the footage on the app.
    You can control the cameras fully thru the app set up what you want to activate it i found best setting for me is people and vehicles I turned off animals and other objects as I don’t want notifications pinging unnessacerily.
    My favourite detail is you can set zones what will trigger a notification to your phone.
    You set it in the camera setting then select zone and a purple box Will appear that you can drag and change size to where you want the notifications for.
    My camera covers my garden and next doors and the field in front so I moved my activation zone as my garden.

    I was very suprised how clear the sound is on these cameras also its like the person speaking I stood rite in front of you.
    My cameras are set up in a bungalow so the range between the cameras and hub is a short distance about a meter and a half for one camera and 3 meters for the other so signal is strong.

    Extra cameras can be added in the future if i want to add any.
    All footage is saved to the cloud for 30 days
    I dont know how long the charge will last I supose it depends how much activity goes on infront of the camera and keeps activating it.
    When you set this up you get a 3 month free subscription for the storage of your footage but after that it is 6.99 a month for the added features and video storage

    Overall I am pleased with this camera set up and I would recommend it especially if you need something with a simple wireless setup

    Thankyou for reading my review I hope it was helpful

    Crystal clea

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I set these cameras up on the front and rear of my home with the base in the centre of my house for connectivity. It took about 10 minutes per camera to install the mounts and a further 5 minutes to connect everything up and get the app going. The app has many options in relation to motion detection, video quality, scheduling and audio and video options. It took longer to work out what I wanted them to record that it did to setup the hardware. The cameras themselves are easy to charge, using a magnetic usb cable I connected them to the mains and within a few hours they were at 100% and ready to go. As I work in an office in my back garden I wanted the front door camera to inform me when people arrived (parcels, visitors etc) and for the back garden camera only to record when Im not in, the app allows this although its quite complicated (although it has to be for all the possible options people may want to be covered). I worked out that using a custom mode I setup a geo location rule so that the front camera was always active and sending notifications/recording and the back camera only activated when I left the house. This works brilliantly, the night vision is very clear too partially due tot he high resolution but also the sensitivity of the sensor used. In all so far the system has been invaluable, it recognises parcels, humans and animals and will notify you of each, the active zones are a bit tricky but I think its due more to my learning the system than the system itself. Battery life is very good if you tune the recordings etc, obviously the more its in use the less battery life you get so Im currently recharging the front camera once a week while the back camera is still on its first charge. Again I intend to refine my personal settings to get the best balance to maximise battery life without compromising coverage.

    A good investment that is backed up by far more secure systems than cheaper options, I have a few of the cheaper cameras that are good but frankly have almost no data security. Another good reason for using Arlo is that they update regularly, both software and firmware so you know that they are not quickly out dated.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom


    There are many CCTV kits available on the market from wired set-ups to wireless. Arlo’s ‘Ultra2’ camera kit is certainly within the premium range of CCTV systems on the market.

    You can get other branded wireless CCTV’s at a fraction of the cost of this product; but you are paying for a CCTV that has security, features and quality as priority, such as:
    * 4K HDR Video quality.
    * AES-128 bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS).
    * Night-Vision AND Spotlight features.
    * Motion Alerts (and can manually set areas of interest).
    * Smart Identification (knows the difference between people, animals and vehicles etc…).

    The smart AI feature ensures any movement detected to be recorded and appropriately stored for future viewing and downloading.

    It’s important to note that with this being a 4K system, it’s advised to have 3Mbps upload speed PER CAMERA, so that’s around 12Mbps upload required in total if using all 4 cameras (don’t confuse your upload speed with the download speed; do a proper check on your limitations before committing to this product). You will also need a smart Android/Apple device such as a phone or tablet to use this camera kit.

    Box Contents

    * 4x Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Cameras.*
    * 4x Rechargeable Batteries.
    * 1x Magnetic Charging Cable w/ Power Adaptor.**
    * 2x Magnetic Mounts w/ Screw Kits.
    * 2x Screw Mount w/ Screw Kit.
    * 1x SmartHub w/ Power Adaptor.
    * 1x Ethernet Cable.
    * 1x Quick Start Guide.
    * 1x Video Monitoring Decal.

    *You can get the Arlo kits either in white or black. I have both and I much prefer the black version as they look smarter and are more discreet at night time compared to the white version).

    **If you are baffled as to why Arlo has only included one charging cable for a PREMIUM camera kit that has FOUR cameras, it’s ludicrous if you ask me; they’ve done this with their other camera kits and I hope they take this feedback on for future kits.

    My advice for Arlo would be to implement one of the following in the future:
    1) Match the amount of charging cables to cameras in the kit (especially as they are proprietary).
    2) Make the cameras USB-C chargeable which is the standard on most devices these days and allows customers to buy spare cables at a cheaper cost.
    3) Make a battery dock that can recharge multiple batteries at the same time (can’t be hard to manufacture).


    If you decide you want to go ahead with the Arlo system, you will need to download the ‘Arlo’ application on your smart device and create an account. If you want more people to access the CCTV, the best option is for them to create their own account and you add them as a guest once the CCTV is set-up on your account.

    Like most rechargeable devices, it’s advised to fully charge the cameras before use; oh wait, only one charging cable is included…

    Getting everything up and running is very straight-forward. First of all you will need to set-up the Base Station which the cameras rely on to connect to the app; click on ‘Add New Device’ then ‘Base Station’ and it will guide you through the process (The Base Station will need to connect to your router via the included Ethernet cable).

    Once the Base Station is set-up, do the exact same except for when it comes to adding a new device, select: ‘Cameras’ – ‘Ultra’ – ‘Ultra & Ultra 2’ and once again it will guide you through the process. I did have to select the manual connection option as the base station couldn’t automatically detect the camera, but it was still a quick set-up. Basically repeat the steps for the rest of the cameras.

    After the set-up is completed, you should get a 3-month trial to the cloud storage but thereafter, it will cost 12.49 monthly (correct at the time of review); it’s the highest cost plan from Arlo, as that is for multiple 4K cameras.


    I’ve been using Arlo systems for awhile now and I’ve always found the apps user interface easy to navigate and use; if you’re completely new to it, don’t be afraid to explore.

    The app allows you to connect to your cameras from anywhere and view live footage as long as you have access to the internet and of course your home internet connection is working. You can also view any footage automatically captured and manually download it to your smart device.

    The footage is really clear which is to be expected with 4K resolution. All the cameras feature a spotlight and night-vision to make sure nothing gets unseen in low-lighting situations which gives extra peace of mind. The camera will also pick-up nearby audio clearly.

    The tech packed into these cameras are exceptional; it’s crazy how good it detects and identifies the difference between people, animals and vehicles and when it detects movement, it will immediately start recording (you can tweak the notifications in the settings so you don’t get alerted if say, an animal or vehicle gets detected).

    The effective wireless range is hard to judge because my house is on the small side and walls are not thick, so for me, the connection from the cameras to the base station was perfectly stable.

    Final Thoughts

    The Ultra2 is a top of the range wireless CCTV system but does come at a very premium price, both for the main system and the extra on-going costs for the continuous subscription, but you get what you pay for as 4K footage are large files and not cheap to store.

    If you’re set on an Arlo system but don’t really require 4K footage, they do have 2K and 1080p quality camera systems which are a bit cheaper to buy and have a lower on-going subscription price.

    If this camera systems features and specs tick your boxes and you have the appropriate internet to support it, then I would recommend this system.

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This Arlo Ultra2 wireless security camera is the perfect addition for protection around your home.

    It has many great features such as 4K ultra-HD video, HDR advanced image quality technology and you can zoom in up to 12x to see sharp and precise details. This Arlo camera also has automatic zoom and tracking to digitally auto-focus and follow moving objects with a wide 180-degree diagonal viewing angle.

    The camera also has enhanced night vision technology which allows you to better protect your home throughout the night as well as the day.

    Furthermore, it features and integrated spotlight which is motion activated and can scare off unwanted guests. Also, you can get motion alerts sent straight to your phone whenever motion is detected allowing you to quickly see and react to what is going on around your home.

    I like how this camera set has a two-way audio feature allowing me to communicate with people at my house even when I am not at home, and it works well with my Alexa. It also works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and SmartThings if you have any of these.

    Overall, this is a great quality product with lots of amazing features, is easy to install, use and is reasonably priced.

  19. Jenae Sitzes says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great home security system, Really easy to install and set up. The app is very easy to control and adjust settings with. The camera quality is brilliant you can pick up everything and the motion sensors work quickly and effective. The image quality is fantastic! In the day the picture is crystal clear and at night I’m very impressed as well.

  20. James Holloway says:

     United Kingdom

    The Ultra 2 system is not without its flaws, I have not come across WIFI security system that has been perfect in all areas but this one, at least, comes close. Prepare to put in a bit of work and ensure you have a good WIFI network to get the most from this kit.

    What do you get in this kit?

    4 x Cameras
    4 x Mounts (2 x screw 2 x magnetic) with screws
    4 x Batteries
    1 x SmartHub (with Ethernet cable and Power adapter)
    1 x Short charging lead.

    Let me first say there Is a little bias towards Arlo, not only do I already own a few of their products but this is a review of a free product, however, this won’t stop me being as savagely honest as I possibly can.

    The cameras have a real premium feel to them, they are of a good weight and the image quality is very good especially the night colour function. The hub, which you’re going to have to get use to, is small but not as discrete as I would have liked. It does enable recording to a microSD card and for that, at least, I am grateful.

    WIFI coverage is a little less desirable and many have commented on this already, it’s a bit of an issue but if you want to start getting yourself wireless free as the future of all things dictate, you may want to start upgrading your wireless system, consider installing a better wireless router than the basic broadband that came with the contract, also if you’re going to use all of your cameras in your setup consider an extender or mesh system. Yes, it’s an outlay but you will benefit in the long run, I already have a strong wireless setup and I had no problem with my cameras. The key is Hub placement.

    The battery life is reasonable, but if you want total peace of mind, always have them charged before going away for an extended period and check them at least every 2 months, you will soon get the hang of how long they last after a while of use, other alternatives include having them in wired configuration or invest in solar panels, all available online.

    The app is very good giving you a range of options but you will only get the premium functions by subscribing to a plan, of which I am totally against, and is one of the greatest downsides as far as I can see.

    The alarm is loud, the spotlight is piercing and the coverage of 180 is fantastic, three ticks in the box as far as I’m concerned, three cameras cover the entirety of the house and the fourth takes care of the garage. The human detection was consistent for me, although, I’ve heard this has not been the case for everyone but I can only go with my observations.

    I am disappointed that you can’t attach an external hard drive to the hub to record rather than relying on one microSD, but I think this is to push you towards a subscription.

    Arlo tends to send out updates to the Smart hub once a quarter the last being on the 14th of July this year at the time of this review.

    It’s a good system, but compare this to a wired system and the wired system will win every time, the reliance on the smart hub and the omission of certain “Premium functions” unless you have a subscription disappoints me, but the ability to add and extend my system with solar panels extra batteries and mounts, coupled with the dedication of the company to not only keep updating the software of the Ultra 2 system, but also keep on updating their older systems, gives me confidence that the company are investing in their product and listening to customer feedback.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    So, I am a big fan of this Ultra 2 4K Camera kit.

    It is very very good. But it’s not perfect. So why 5 stars? Because in my opinion this is the best offering on the market as of just 2021 – this is not to say this won’t change.

    So what’s good?
    – Fairly easy setup (you need a new-ish smartphone to benefit from this)
    – Totally wireless solution once you’ve plugged in the base station to your router
    – Fabulous image quality
    – Very very very good smart detection – they can differentiate between animal and people very effectively
    – Customisable alerts depending on when and what you want to secure
    – Good snapshots and video
    – The best night video due to the built in lights
    – For an extra charge you can have 24/7 recording of the last month – this is a FANTASTIC feature
    – You can also store a copy of footage locally using a micro SD card in the base station
    – You can – for an extra charge – use solar panels to make these cameras run 24/7 without every having to hook up a charger to the battery

    The not so good
    – After 3 months the subscription cost is not cheap. For 5 cameras you’re looking at around 16 a month
    – Battery life is a month at best if you frequently have the camera pick up people and animals (I added solar panels to make up for this and it’s been great)
    – You have to pay another extra charge for 24/7 recording and you can’t do it to the SD card
    – The base station isn’t powerful enough. I needed an additional one to cover my property effectively – this could be avoided by connecting these cameras to wi-fi and it makes no sense why they won’t.
    – The mounts can be a bit fiddly
    – BETA features such as parcel detection rarely work

    BUT given how good these cameras are, they are an effective if expensive deterrent for your home.

    The thing that kills me is the monthly subscription cost, I almost wanted to drop down to 4 stars as a result but I think sadly we now live in a world where this is one of those things.

  22. MarilynT20 says:

     United Kingdom

    Arlo Ultra2 Wireless Home Security Camera System CCTV, 6-month battery life, Wi-Fi, Alarm, Colour Night Vision, Indoor or Outdoor, 4K UHD, 2-Way Audio, Spotlight, 180 View, 3 Camera Kit, VMS5340.

    The Arlo Ultra 2 is an expensive home security camera system, so if you’re on a budget you’ll want to look elsewhere. At the time of this review it was 794.99 for the 3 camera system.
    I have previously bought Arlo systems and what is disappointing at this price is the miserly free three-month trial , (it used to be 12 months ) of Arlo Smart, but once that expires you’ll need to subscribe at a cost of 3.99 per month if you want to continue storing footage in 4K and making use of the various smart video features.
    These features such as setting movement exclusion zones and storing your video should in my opinion be free having paid so much for the system.
    It seems that almost everything I buy is going on to pay monthly to work as it should.

    With only incremental upgrades over the Arlo Ultra I don’t think it’s worth upgrading if you own Arlo’s other 4K home security camera.
    The changes are a longer battery life (6 months instead of 3 to 6), and better connectivity (it now works with 5GHz as well as boasting an increased 2.4GHz range).
    I did find on the older Ultra that I could not have cameras at the back and front even with the hub positioned in the middle of the house so that improvement is welcome.
    I am not sure about the battery life as the older Ultra system I had did not even achieve the claimed 3 months.

    I am pleased to see the setup procedure now works as intended as long as you have the App on your phone or iPad you just follow the prompts and install the necessary firmware updates.
    Once you have your camera positions set up if you get a blinking amber LED on the SmartHub indicates a camera is out of range. This could be due to range, or poor signal due to interference.

    You will need a micro SD card to store your video in the hub and particularly once the 3 month trial expires.

    The cameras with magnetic mountings could be very easily stolen in seconds by anyone with a small stepladder or just jumping up at the recommended installation height of 7 foot (2 metres)

    There is no way to make the Cameras work through glass as they use PIR detection which require a sense of IR to work… Glass ( most) blocks IR so it isn’t going to work but I was aware of that.

    It also has the same built-in spotlight as the Arlo Ultra, which when activated ensures that footage recorded at night is in color rather than black and white

    Build quality and design is very good as you would expect
    I like the fact it is a Wireless installation so no cables and no drilling holes needed.

    The Arlo Ultra 2 has 4K so you think it would pick out details like car license plates but I find that at about 10 yards it is not really legible as shown in the attached photo.
    A magazine also fairly close was not very sharp.
    I do not see any improvement in Video quality over the previous 4K Ultra and as before I did not think it was any better than my fairly cheap car dashcam

    I could not set up package detection for the front camera it says move the camera here but does not drag or drop and no other obvious way of doing it.

    I would probably give 5 stars for this product but the fact you need to take out a subscription to use with all the features after the very high purchase price is really annoying.

    Very expensive and ongoing subscription within 12 weeks needed to use all the main features.

  23. NCGPercyrimot says:

     United Kingdom

    It worth the extra money if you are in the market to improve your home security. The 4k video is crystal clear and give you the option to zoom in without loosing quality. This is how the new function works when the camera auto zoom into movement detected.

    The base unit can connect to your camera up to around 15m with a wall in between which should cover most indoor and outdoor. Since there is no wire to connect you don’t need to worry about drilling through external walls or between rooms.

    The Arlo app is fantastic and easy to use, as long as you have good internet connection the cloud storage give you the maximum benefit including option which recording to base station is not possible. It comes with 3 month free but will have to pay after 3 months.

    The spot light automatically comes on when detect motion, I use it in the garden as extra security measure, in the app you can adjust each camera spot light intensity. This is a must as you will not want indoor camera to waste all the battery turning on the spot to the max.

    Battery life really depends on the amount of activations, high traffic areas like house entrance I find that I need to recharge battery every 3 weeks. In my garden I only need to charge every 2 months. Charging the camera is easy with a power bank, you don’t need to take the camera off with a powerbank and cable, leave the camera on the mount so you don’t have to adjust angle again etc.

    I love the phone notification, a screenshot will come up and let you know which camera detected movement, it even show up on my apple watch! You can use the system as an alarm as each of the camera double as siren. There is 2 way audio communication with a 1-2 second delay, I can talk to postman over the camera with my phone at work which is really handy.

    The base station is the size of a small novel, it sits on my computer desk and plugged into my router. It does not make any noise and just sit there looking pretty.

    Easiest setup and install CCTV on the marke

  24. FabianStoller says:

     United Kingdom

    The set up of this camera system is more simple.than I could of ever expected.
    Firstly I plugged in the arlo hub and used the provided Ethernet cable to connect it to my router.
    Then I downloaded the arlo app free and this then gives you step by step instructions how to get the camera up and running it took I total about 20/25 minutes and all cameras were working.
    Each camera needs a battery in again the app explains how to fit these but on bottom.of camera is a button you press from eases out and you put battery pack in and then put camera back together it takes seconds.
    Each camera Will.connecr to the hub you can name your cameras.
    Then all you have to do is position them where you want them I have 2 out the front of my house and 2 out the back and the hub is in my living room.

    There is no connection problems no matter where I put the cameras anywhere in my home or stuck up outside.
    The camera picture is very clear I actually have mine set on the battery saver mode picture which says quality mite not be ashlar but I still find the picture very clear night or day.
    The motion detector range is very wide but I set my activation zones using the it just covers my property.
    As soon as someone steps foot in my yard or garden I am notified on my phone
    Everytjing is controlled thru the app I can zoom in and out watch any camera live. I can speak to people thru app and cameras even if I’m not home. Sound is clear as day like I’m stood face to face with the person.
    If I have an intruder there is a siren alarm which I have not heard or had tonuse thankfully I did go to test it but appnissued a warning stating it can cause ear damage so I’m guessing it’s loud and I didnt want to risk using it for no reason.

    You get a 3 month free trial to arlo smart this is the catch it keeps your videos on the cloud for 30 days and a few other features how ever after the 3 month trial you have to pay for this service at 7.99 a mo th which all in all isn’t to bad however after some more research that subscription charge isn’t for the full system it’s 7.99 for each INDIVIDUAL CAMERA so for me that’s 31.96 a month with 4 cameras
    I think this information needs to be highlighted to customers as I was unaware of this at time of receiving the system.
    And to have your security videos recorded you need the subscription as I haven’t found anyway of saving the footage any other way with this system.
    And this is why I can’t give a full 5 stars which is disappointing as it is a good system

    You get a charging cable but just 1 between the 4 I think with a set up of 4 cameras it could.of had 2 chargers atleast. They do charge quick but no way would the battery last for 6 month unless i imagine if it never picked up any movement and was never activated but obviously the more the camera is triggered the more battery it will use

    Easy set up
    Easy use
    Clear picture/sound
    Lots of features

    Hidden subscription fees not explained in full till to late.
    1 charging cable for 4 cameras

    I really hope this review is helpful and gives you some much needed information about this system

    After 3 month you have to pay a subscription per camera

  25. Dan Tynan says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a really great 4k wireless CCTV kit, build quality is fantastic with every part feeling durable and high quality, 4k image quality is absolutely game-changing in my opinion, you can zoom right in and it’s still better quality than a full HD camera, so this will allow me to see real details in the case of anything happening, installing and connecting it was simple and I have to say I’m very impressed with the colour night vision, it really is a big jump from black and white night vision you can see so much more detail, battery life has been great and the wifi connection rock solid, all in all, 5 stars from me, this really is top of the line equipment, highly recommended.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have found these Arlo 4k cameras amazing as even when zooming in you can still see so much detail, image quality is amazing as is the field of view at 180 degrees, the colour night vision is really smart and also looks superb, I’ve not had any trouble with the WIFI signal as some people reported, though I do live in a small 3-bed house so I guess it’s not that big, wifi has been rock solid and I can’t say a bad word about them, 4k is such a game-changer, highly recommended to all.

  27. Emma says:

     United Kingdom

    The video footage recorded is of amazing quality, the 4k resolution makes it possible to capture high quality detailed video which you can zoom in and still look amazing. The app is easy to use and the installation is guided by step by step photo with the Arlo phone app.

    There is no wires needed to install the cameras, just drill a hole for a screw for the magnetic mount, once secured just place the camera onto the magnetic mount and adjust the angle. You can have the live feed running while moving the camera to see it real time.

    The Arlo Ultra2 can also be used a an alarm system. Each of the camera have built in 2 way audio and also a siren. You can activate the siren or set up motion detection and sound the siren upon motion detection etc. Each camera comes with spot light function, bright enough to use as flood light and the intensity of the LED can be adjusted to conserve battery. To charge the battery you can simply use a power bank to power the magnetic cable, touch the base of the camera with the magnetic end and it will click firmly in place and start charging. Battery life depends on the number of activation it gets and also the intensity setting for the spotlight. I find heavy traffic front door need a recharge every 3-4 weeks and the one in the garden can last 3-4 months per charge.

    The camera is connect to the base station wirelessly, it needs to be close by to transfer large amount of video data such as 4k videos. Through 1 wall and at 15m it start to obtain blotchy video and starting to cut out etc. It was still working but the footage is not perfect. The only negative I have is that there is only 1 magnetic cable and they are expensive to buy.

    Professional CCTV system for easy DIY install

  28. IngridZ86izdkg says:

     United Kingdom

    For years we have had one of the now old fashioned security systems – a wired system with small boxes in the corner of each room and entry points, with a keypad to arm and disarm. The problem with these systems, as good as ours is, is that it only works when someone actually breaks into your house. I would prefer a system that dissuaded people from trying to break in, and that would record them trying, so I could hand over the video footage to police or insurance company.

    But the price is steep for a good system. And this is a good system.

    Arlo is a well-respected brand in the security field, so I was pleased to be able to try this system.

    In the box, you get a base station, 4 cameras (for indoor and outdoor use), a charging cable (all have rechargeable batteries), 2 magnetic wall mounts, 2 screw on wall mounts, an ethernet cable, a sticker and instructions.

    It all seems quite complicated, so we put off fitting it for a week or so, but decided we needed to get on do it one day. And we were very pleasantly suprised at how easy it was. From deciding where the cameras were going, to drilling holes in walls and getting the system up and running took less than an hour. This system does not require professional fitters – if you have a drill and a stepladder, you can do this!

    1. Firstly download the app. While that’s downloading connect your router and the base station using the ethernet cable. Plug the base station in to a plug socket near your router. That’s the first step done – it’s that easy. (You can also view the cameras online, via your “My Arlo” account, as well as on your smartphone.)

    2. Create an Arlo account in the app. You will be invited to have the 3 month subcription trial – click on the button to agree. At this point they don’t take payment details, so you don’t have to worry about cancelling at a later date*.

    3. Decide where you want your cameras to go. Bear in mind that you will have to get the cameras down to charge the batteries; and bear in mind that if you have them within reach they can be stolen or removed – especially the one with the magnetic wall mount. By the front and back door, we used the screw mount; and the one overlooking the back of the house (our “back” door is actually on the side of our house) we put up higher and used the magnetic mount. So put some thought into that before choosing. Even the screw mounted one is reasonally easily removed if you know what your doing, so none are totally secure. This in my eyes is a design fault.

    4. Drill the holes and screw the mounts on. Attach the cameras. Use the app to decide where the cameras should point.

    5. You’ve done the hard part! Now you can tweak and change the system via the app. Cameras can be enabled and disabled, so if you have some indoors you can disable them when you are in the house. The system itself can be armed and disarmed at the touch of a button. A siren can be sounded from the camera if you see someone you can scare the living daylights out them when that starts (it’s loud!)

    There is a microphone function so you can talk to someone – so if you are at work and someone comes to deliver a parcel, you can tell them where to leave it. Again, should someone be trying to get into your house, you can shout “what do you think you’re doing?” at the top of your voice via the microphone in the app! The whole system seems much better for security than the old fashioned house alarms.

    You can also grant access to the app someone else, and decide what priveledges they have, and they will get notifications (if you choose) of when activity is seen, and also be able to live stream, view previous videos and talk to people using the microphone.

    Battery charge – ours came with 48% battery, and it will depend on how much the camera is used to how long it lasts before needing to be charged – my guess is anything for 3 weeks to 4 months. You can see how much charge is in the battery via the app. The cameras are easy to charge – just remove the camera, attach the cable charger to a USB socket, and sit the camera on the other end of the charger.

    So, what can you do with the system?
    It has excellent motion detection, and can detect people, cars and animals – so you can set it to ignore cars or animals if you want, on an individual camera basis. There is even parcel delivery detection – so you know if it is a delivery driver rather than a salesperson at your door. Each camera has a spotlight which sets off at night when motion is detected.

    You can live stream from a camera – all of them at once if you like. This does run about 5-10 seconds behind real life.
    You can activate a siren from the app.
    Images are 4K so high quality – and in colour, even at night (other systems provide grainy black and white photos at night).

    *You can use this system without the subscription, and insert an SD card into the base station to save photos and videos. Having used the system for a few days, I think we will probably go for the subscription option- which is 150 a year for unlimited cameras, and includes 60 day cloud storage, plus a lot of other useful featuresand even replacement of camera in case of theft, which is an added bonus as the cameras can be removed.

    There are only 2 negatives I can find with this system:
    1. It runs on wifi, so if your power supply is down your security system won’t either. There is no back up battery for this.
    2. Cameras can be removed/stolen – especially easy if the thief is familiar with the system. Even if you place the magnetic ones higher up a good hit with a broom would knock it off (if you have a subscription they will replace stolen cameras, but I am considering replacing the magnetic mounts with screwed in mounts for added security).

    So, would I recommend this system at the price for the kit and the added price for the subscription?

    I would certainly compare to the other big contender in the market – the Ring system. Both are similar costs, but Ring has a cheaper subscription. Arlo cameras are better quality, and support is better if you run into any issues. But yes, I would recommend this system, and it is so, so much better than my old house alarm, which cost in the same region as this, but can’t compete on function.

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this camera in June and I have finished setting it up in August.
    Here’s some
    Positives: The box came nicely packed in triple box two cardboard and one itself camera box.
    Two cameras, Two batteries, One charger for both cameras, One power plug and cable for the hub station, and one hub station. Everything was packed very nicely.

    When I got this in June I installed the app and then tried to connect it for doing this I connected the ethernet wire and power cable with my router and the power with the power socket.
    It was obvious to connect the hub station first it showed blue light once and did not connect after that.
    We spent half a day trying to restart everything. To be fair it was very frustrating.
    Then I post a question on the amazon page and they answered me I followed their steps but I misunderstood the reset button and that is not my fault. I almost decided to send it back but I thought of calling customer care once.
    I didn’t want to deal with the waiting in the phone call.
    When I called them it was super quick their options are very fast to choose and within a minute i was connected to customer care and in between my call got disconnected they called me back.
    He helped me to reset everything. Now it’s all working.
    4K camera quality is good. It covers most of the area. Battery life seems to be good but we will see that.
    The motion sensor is really amazing night vision is fine too. The cameras are a very good size.

    Negative: Stabilising a connection was between hub and router very frustrated but I suggested to call them if you are struggling we did not do that on time.
    The problem is the reset button is so tiny you need a paper pin to reset it that’s just make everything complicated because all the steps are already written on the website or just google page but it is hard to find the reset button.

    The app is very handy and awesome but connecting a hub station with an ethernet cable is not my cup of tea. SInce it is so expensive they might improve t with wifi connection I don’t want to have cables next to the router.

    Finally, I am glad all is working now. I think except for having cables around the router I like everything about this cameras now. I wish I had called them before.

  30. RenateHerman says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this Arlo Ultra2 security system to go with the rest of my Arlo collection I currently have as I am a big fan of wireless cameras to protect my home.

    This camera system allows you to zoom in up to 12x to see sharp details with Arlo Ultra’s 4K and HDR advanced image quality technology which provides crisp and clear images. It also features enhanced night vision technology that is coloured so you can carefully see every detail even in the dark with the wide 180-degree diagonal viewing angle lens.

    It has many great features such as instant alerts sent direct to your phone via the app when a motion is detected at your property. The 2-way audio feature allows you to clearly hear and speak to guests from wherever you are. Also, a built-in siren and integrated spotlight can be remotely triggered to scare off intruders or can be set to alert automatically.

    The battery life of this camera can last up to 6 months can be simply removed and charged with the included cable. The Base station is included and needed for this security system, it took a lot of time to set up and place somewhere that was suitable for all cameras to connect to it, also it is not very small and discreet in my home which is a bit of a disappointment.

    I am utterly amazed at the footage provided; it really gives me great reassurance of the safety of my home. The cameras have a nice luxury feel to them and are a good weight. The app is great although the other thing that bothers me is the additional subscription fees that apply after the 3-month trial as they are not cheap.

    Overall, this is an excellent camera system once it is eventually up and running, it links well with the rest of my Arlo products I have and is reasonably priced.

  31. Dr. Erik Steele says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this Arlo Ultra2 security system to go with the rest of my Arlo collection I currently have as I am a big fan of wireless cameras to protect my home.

    This camera system allows you to zoom in up to 12x to see sharp details with Arlo Ultra’s 4K and HDR advanced image quality technology which provides crisp and clear images. It also features enhanced night vision technology that is coloured so you can carefully see every detail even in the dark with the wide 180-degree diagonal viewing angle lens.

    It has many great features such as instant alerts sent direct to your phone via the app when a motion is detected at your property. The 2-way audio feature allows you to clearly hear and speak to guests from wherever you are. Also, a built-in siren and integrated spotlight can be remotely triggered to scare off intruders or can be set to alert automatically.

    The battery life of this camera can last up to 6 months can be simply removed and charged with the included cable. The Base station is included and needed for this security system, it took a lot of time to set up and place somewhere that was suitable for all cameras to connect to it, also it is not very small and discreet in my home which is a bit of a disappointment.

    I am utterly amazed at the footage provided; it really gives me great reassurance of the safety of my home. The cameras have a nice luxury feel to them, are a good weight and have a nice black finish instead of the standard white. The app is great although the other thing that bothers me is the additional subscription fees that apply after the 3-month trial as they are not cheap.

    Overall, this is an excellent camera system once it is eventually up and running, it links well with the rest of my Arlo products I have and is reasonably priced although is a fair bit more expensive than the white set the exact same.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I brought the Arlo Ulta2 and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. The Arlo can work indoors and outdoors we got the big pack so had 3 cameras which were really nice as we set up 2 outside and the 1 inside which worked really well! The night vision of the ultra is nothing I have ever seen before and the quality day and night is extremely clear in 4k resolution and meant I could see both outside and inside clearly. Having the Ultra also means I can move it about without worrying about it dropping out without having to worry about cords needing to be plugged into a power source and the actual camera- it’s wireless and so easy to move about! Even on its mount, this Wireless Arlo is a game-changer. Of course, you do still need to charge as the cord that charges the ultra on Arlo’s bottom is magnetic and isn’t fiddly like a normal charger.

    With all the good there is unfortunately 1 bad point so the ultra is a little delayed when watching it from your device. I would say the delay is about 10 or so seconds-so maybe not the first choice for a “real-time” camera, this however doesn’t stop me from loving it. As well as being amazingly clear both day and night, did I mention it has a light you can turn on & off with ease from your phone and another impressive thing is on your phone you can make it sound an alarm! (This doesn’t seem as delayed as the video) , and it’s loud! And last it’s sharing capabilities- this means not only can I access the Ultra but so can my other half or whom I mark to have access. These are but a few things the camera does.

  33. FerdinaFranklin says:

     United Kingdom

    I have tried several different cameras and this one seems to be the best so far in picture quality. I love the convenience of having wireless cameras – I could install them almost anywhere with WIFI, indoors or out. Setup was really pretty easy. I charged the batteries to full charge before I started. Loaded the app on my phone and got the cameras all setup on it. The quality of the video is excellent, the ease of using the app is great, haven’t had it long enough to know how long the batteries last before needing a recharge, it has more bells and whistles that I really need. Overall, I think their main selling point is being wireless, without sacrificing quality, and if you have any wiring issues, the arlo is a good camera to consider.

  34. DanialKillough says:

     United Kingdom

    In terms of the hardware and software you get here, there’s very little to fault it. The image quality is nothing short of amazing, the app and all the smart features actually work (unlike so many of the cheaper brands), and the whole package feels like a quality security system. If you take security seriously and are prepared to pay for it, you can’t really go far wrong with this setup.

    However, it is expensive. It costs almost a thousand pounds to buy and then you have to sign up to a monthly subscription to access all of the advanced features. It is usable without the subscription, but I think not using all the features would be a shame since they’re the real value of a system like this. Also I found the wireless range not to be strong enough to get all cameras to connect to the same hub when they’re positioned around the perimeter of the house. That could be down to my house being of particularly sturdy construction so others might not have the same issue.

    I think it comes down to going in with your eyes open. If you’re happy to pay the upfront cost and the ongoing subscription this makes for an excellent security system.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    If you’re looking for some of the best cameras out there, these are definitely worth considering. They’re excellent quality cameras with a wide field of view, good night vision and and app and smart features that actually work. The recorded footage is superb. They really do put most of the cheaper products to shame in many respects.

    However they do have some downsides. If they’re installed in a busy area you’re going to need to charge them quite frequently, or pay even more for the optional solar panels. To access all of the features you’ll also need a paid subscription, which is not cheap. The wireless range from the hub isn’t enough to cover my whole house so I’m not able to put them exactly where I want to without using a second hub.

    However if you take security seriously, and you’d have to to consider paying 990 for 4 cameras, these are absolutely excellent if you don’t mind the expense. The increase in video quality over other cameras almost makes it worth it alone.

  36. Global Manufacturers says:

     United Kingdom

    These Arlo cameras are of high quality, 2 way audio is very clear! you can see and speak through your smartphone. I have been using 1080p to stream and the images during day and night are extremely clear, the wide range camera is very clear, and is all weather proof too. It also detects if it’s a person or animal on the videos which I find relatively fascinating! I also love about the Arlo system is how easy it is to control the notifications, if you don’t want your phone to receive them you can easily mute them. It carries on recording and you can view them at a later time.

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m absolutely amazed at how good quality these cameras are, the pictures and videos are so clear. Even the night vision which is also in colour is amazing and you get notifications on your phone if either animals /human or vehicle is detected on the camera.
    I was able to customise my camera settings in the App which I also used for quick and easy set up. I love the animal setting, this differentiates between humans and animals, which you can mute and I have enjoyed watching all of the animals visitors to my garden. It has 2 way audio noise cancelling and is weather resistant, The cameras were quick and easy to install and position and have 180 degree angle viewing allowing for a wider view.

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    So the first thing to say about these cameras is that they give a great quality picture and the motion detection is really cool, enabling the system to identify an animal or a person or general motion.

    I haven’t yet been able to determine that the claimed battery life is accurate although on one of the cameras which has constant motion in its field of view the battery did wear down pretty quickly. I managed to overcome that particular difficulty by turning down the motion sensitivity of that particular camera.

    Mounting the cameras to an outside wall is very straightforward and the magnet attachment is incredibly strong. You do need to have a decent Wi-Fi signal wherever you mount these, of course.

    The only thing that I don’t like is that some of the advanced features require a paid subscription rather than just the basic camera setup.

    With three cameras in the package this should cover most people’s needs and we have ours covering the front the back and the side of the house.

    The ability to allow others in the household to have the app and access to the cameras on their phones is very beneficial so that if one of you is away the other in the household can still keep an eye on things.

    I’m not totally convinced that the two-way speaker system is necessary, certainly for my needs, but I suppose some people the ability to tell a delivery driver where to place a parcel and so on might be useful.

    The units themselves feel incredibly will build and solid and the quality of the image is really great. In fact it’s fascinating just to watch the triggered events to see the kind of things that go on outside your house during the normal day. I also get to see how many times our neighbours cats decide to come into our garden!

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The Ultra2 Wireless kit is supplied with a base station , 4 cameras , 2 x screw mounts , 2 x magnetic mounts , UK and EU power plugs , CAT5 cable , 1 x bespoke USB power cable.

    The base station takes a micro USB card for local recording but one isn’t supplied.

    The cameras are a quite compact, but a bit deeper than I expected. They feel very robust and are well built. The securing mechanism on the mount works well and keeps it in place. The camera has one screw mounting point on its rear or you can use it with a strong magnetic mount. As with other cameras of this type there is no locking mechanism to stop the camera from being unscrewed from the mount.

    The batteries are replaceable which is great. It’s disappointing for a product at this price that you don’t get more than one charging cable. I can understand why they would want to reduce waste but they should perhaps let you claim a free cable if you want one.

    The Quick start instructions point you at the App.

    The android app installed fine and is well presented. It allows you to control the camera, look at recording history and Arm/Disarm all Alro devices though the main pages.

    There is a paid for cloud service which seems to be hosted by Arlo — currently 12.99 for 4k service. The free service allows live streaming and notifications if the motion sensor is activated the functionality is limited. With the base station I think the cameras will still record locally to the Arlo Smart hub to the micro SD card. These clips needs to be downloaded before playback which is a bit of a nuisance.

    The image quality is very good from the cameras. With a x12 zoom, lots of detail can be picked out. They can record in light and dark conditions with motion detection. There is a motion-sensitive LED so it can record in colour when dark. The cameras have Microphones and speakers so can be used as an intercom.

    The cameras connect to the base station via your Wi-Fi network. I have a camera connected the network via a powerline network extender at the bottom of the garden. Unfortunately, this camera drops connection but the others are all fine when connected to the main router.

    There is a ‘ Geofencing’ feature that enables automatic arming / disarming of the cameras when a mobile device leaves / enters a predetermined zone around the property. This is a neat feature.

    Cameras claim a 6 month charging period. This will vary considerably depending on how much activity the camera records.

    Good features —

    Comes in Black or white cameras.

    Small and robust.

    4k picture with lots of detail.

    Simple setup and good App interface.

    Clear intercom.

    Has LED light for illumination at night.

    Can program motion detection zones.

    Adjustable mounts.

    Big , replaceable battery.

    Website clear on pricing options for recording footage and can record continuously (at a fee) .

    3 month Online service included.

    Geofencing feature for arming/disarming

    Can be connected to an Alro solar Panel for continuous charging.

    Bad features –

    Subscription costs! It’s a good kit and I can understand why one would need to pay for cloud access but the way the camera functions are also reduced if you don’t subscribe is not good.

    Camera can’t be secured to the wall mount so could be easily removed if mounted at a lower level.

    Can’t setup own record to FTP function so locked into Arlo cloud service unless you purchase local hub.

  40. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersFacile installer. Matriel de qualit. Trs belle image mme soleil en face. Vision nocture en couleur. 2 reproches c’est le prix un peu trop lev et comme elle remplace une arlo pro 2 au mme endroit elle dtecte le mouvement un mtre de moins environ.

  41. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Video quality regardless day or night are awesome, motion detection works perfect as well, however the battery life doesn’t seems as expected as stated, well it still not a hard work to take it down to charge compare to having to find someone to install cables and power cord around, I still can take this way. Its also easy to set up and connect to WiFi to have it fully set up, but I do personally do think there is a need improvement on the mobile apps, apart from those, its definitely a worthy camera system to have, remember no cable work just fixed in and all set to go, most easy ever CCTV camera system to be installed.

  42. zZ0uN1iW5t says:

     United Kingdom

    We were so happy to receive this system from Arlo, We received the Arlo Ultra2 wireless camera system. The system was received very well packaged and presented. Setup was a breeze, simply charge all the cameras up first, via the magnetic charging cable, Power up the base station with the included power cable and ethernet cable, connect all the cameras by scanning the QR codes, and you’re connected! The cameras have so many features, night vision, motion detection, image tracking on motion, 2-way talk, and the ability to set the siren off. We have the motion notifications on so when anyone approaches our door we get alerts on our phone. We are so happy with it and would 100% recommend to others.

  43. AlfredFitzpatri says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought these to replace three Arlo Pro 3s. The setup was simplicity itself and the three cameras went onto the same mounts as the old cameras were on.

    The only problem I had was that one of the cameras wouldn’t update the hardware. A simple solution was to uninstall and reinstall it. It then worked perfectly.

    The picture quality is absolutely amazing. You can zoom into a car and easily read the number plate which wasn’t possible on the Pro 3s.

    I thoroughly recomend these cameras.

  44. Russell Holly says:


    Mit diesem Set macht es endlich Spa und Sinn, sein Grundstck zu berwachen. Super Auflsung und schnelle Reaktion. Ich bin seit Anfang an bei Arlo. Damals noch mit Batterien. Jetzt mit den Akkus, einfach ein Traum. Mit einem Netzteil fr drauen auch perfekt mit vorzeitiger Aufnahmen.
    Die 4k Auflsung macht auch echt mega Aufnahmen, so kann man wirklich alles sehen, was nachts so auf dem Grundstck so hin und her luft, kriecht usw…

  45. Anonymous says:


    Die Reaktionen sind sehr zgig, im Gegensatz zu manchen Beispielen auf Youtube, auf dem Handy sichtbar. Die Bilder bieten gut Qualitt, 4k aber nicht mit Zoom und Verfolgung. Reicht aber auch so bestens. Die Spotlight LED ist sehr hell und bietet auch bei Dunkelheit gute Bilder. 6 Monate wird eine Akkuladung aber nur an wenig frequentierten Stellen und ohne LED annhernd mglich machen. Leider ist die lokale Speicherung auf SD Card zwar mglich aber knstlich in der Verwaltung reduziert um die zu teure Cloudeinbindung attraktiver zu machen. Die zustzlich Funktion alleine sind jedenfalls fr mich kein Grund sie weiterhin zu nutzen. Es wre gut die lokalen Funktionen besser zu untersttzen. Sonst gerne wieder.

  46. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersDie Arlo Ultra 2 ist qualitativ hochwertig hinsichtlich der Verarbeitung, des Materials und der Technik. Das Design ist sehr gut. Statt einer hochglnzenden Oberflche wrde ich eine matte bevorzugen, um eine dezente Optik haben. Die Installation unseres 4er-Sets war einfach. Da wir bereits eine Arlo Go in Betrieb hatten, war das Hinzufgen der Ultra 2-Kameras in die App schnell gemacht.

    Arlo verspricht mit der Ultra 2 ein Hchstma an Przision in den Aufnahmen. Kleinste Details, wie in der Arlo-Beschreibung angepriesen, werden aber in der Einzelbildbetrachtung leider nicht przise dargestellt. So knnen keine wichtigen Merkmale des sich bewegenden Objekts im Standbild identifiziert werden. Die 4K-Videoaufnahmen erscheinen in der Bewegung eines Objektes auf den ersten Blick scharf. Wenn man sich allerdings ein in einer Bewegung aufgenommenes Einzelbild (frame) im Nachhinein anschaut, um Details des Objekts zu erkennen, ist dieses Einzelbild unscharf und kaum zu gebrauchen. Lediglich Objekte im Stillstand sind in der Einzelbildbetrachtung scharf. Hier erwarte ich von der hochpreisigen Arlo Ultra 2, die mit przisen 4K-Videoaufnahmen beworben wird, eine hhere Bildrate! (Die Frame-Rate eines iPhones fr normale Aufnahmen in 4K liegt zwischen 24 und 30 Bildern pro Sekunde (fps).) Die Frame-Rate bei der Arlo Ultra 2 in 4K betrgt peinliche 13FPS! Mir ntzen die 4K-Aufnahmen dann nicht viel, wenn ich in der nachtrglichen Einzelbildbetrachtung keine Objektdetails sehe. Wenn sich das aufgenommene Objekt immer in Bewegung befindet, sind die Aufnahmen ggf. nicht brauchbar. Dies ist ein deutlicher Mangel.

    Eine weitere Einschrnkung ist in der App – wenn man keine Cloudnutzung bezahlen mchte – dass die auf der SD-Card gespeicherten Videos der Basisstation nur umstndlich einzeln abgerufen werden mssen. Sie laden sich nicht automatisch in die Bibliothek der App. Dies ist eine umstndliche Komfort- und Zeiteinbue, so dass man sich gedrngt fhlt, doch die Cloud zu buchen und zu bezahlen. Dies ist fr mein Verstndnis auf diesem gehobenen Preisniveau fr die Arlokameras kundenunfreundlich und enttuschend.

    Bei unserem 4er-Set Arlo Ultra 2 mit dem SmartHub VMB 5000 B Europe wird man nach der Installation darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass nur zwei Kameras in 4K senden und die beiden anderen dann in 2K. Die wahlweise Objektverfolgung, z. B. bei laufenden Katzen, ist gut bis befriedigend, weil manchmal zu trge. Die Kameras funktionieren tadellos. Die App ist auch ziemlich gut und einfach zu bedienen. Wird eine Bewegung im Handy gemeldet, dauert es natrlich ein wenig (vielleicht 10-15 Sekunden), bis die App geffntet und das System auf Sendung ist. Trotz der bei uns installierten, zur Zeit auf dem Markt befindlichen schnellsten fritzBox (Router), sind die betrachteten aktuellen Aufnahmen nicht live”, sondern ca. 5 – 20 Sekunden von der Echtzeit verzgert. Die Reichweite des SmartHubs ist mittelmig und reicht ggf. nur fr 10 Meter je nach rtlichen Verhltnissen.
    Die Akkus sind sehr gut und nun nach fast drei Winter-Monaten auf inzwischen guten 20 Prozent. Das Solarpanel, das wir an die am hufigsten aktive Sicherheitskamera angeschlossen haben, hlt den Akku stets auf hohem Level.

    Mich wrde interessieren, wie ich schnell und unkompliziert die Reichweite des Hubs erhhen knnte. Unsere Kameras liegen teilweise in einer Empfangsleistung von nur zwei Strichen.

    Unter dem Strich bereuen wir die Kaufentscheidung nicht, weil die Bedienung, die Materialqualitt, die Verarbeitung, die Zuverlssigkeit und die vergleichbar gute Aufnahmequalitt schon berzeugend sind. Das Defizit der oben erwhnten Bildwiederholungsrate der Arlo Ultra 2 sollte in Zukunft fr ein Premium-Produkt” seitens Arlo deutlich verbessert werden genauso wie der “Zwang” zur Cloudbuchung.

  47. PTOCathryn says:


    Wie von Arlo gewohnt ein gutes Produkt.
    Bewegungen die jedoch weiter wie ca. 3,5m sind werden meist nicht erfasst.
    Die Cam kann 4K, das ist gut.
    Um das zu bekommen muss mann jedoch ein Abbo abschlieen, das ist schlecht.

  48. RenateWyatt says:


    Arlo sinonimo di eccellenza costruttiva, design e dotazione. La telecamera Ultra 2, assieme alla Ultra, l’ammiraglia della linea e rappresenta il punto d’arrivo per chiunque voglia proteggere la sua casa da intrusioni, monitorarla e fornirla anche di un adeguato sistema di sicurezza. Dotata della straordinaria modalit di registrazione in 4K e di una nuova portante radio wireless di estrema potenza, anche se non ancora sfruttabile in Italia, la Ultra 2 l’over the top per quanto riguarda le wifi camera, a livello mondiale. Non sto qui a descrivere le varie funzioni dell’oggetto, che sono tante, ma posso dire di esserne estremamente soddisfatto. Gi possessore di due Essential XL e di una Ultra, grazie all’Hub VMB 5000, ho potuto creare un anello di sicurezza con tutti i dispositivi in mio possesso. Il controllo del sistema, tramite interfaccia web, straordinario. I tempi di latenza, con una linea in fibra da 80 megabits in downstream e 20 megabits in upstream sono assolutamente accettabili. L’archiviazione, possibile grazie all’Hub, sia in locale che in remoto, la sirena autonoma su singola telecamera, la visione notturna e tanto altro, fanno dei sistemi Arlo l’eccellenza in questo settore. Praticamente, come decidere di comprarsi un automobile e scegliere una Rolls Royce.

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