BLACK+DECKER BXAC40007GB 10,000 BTU Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Cooling Fan, LED Display, 3 Fan Speed, 24 Hour Timer, Remote Control, White [Energy Class A+]

Weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 30 cm; 3.5 Kilograms
Model: BXAC40007GB
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

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  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This air con is definitely one of the more stylish. All portable air con units are fairly ugly and require a hideous tube feeding to the outside (and also ugly window vent sheet to stop your cool air escaping – not included in package!!!). Of all ugly air cons, this is the nicest looking in my opinion.
    It is also bearable noise-wise when on the lowest can setting. If you have enough space to have it in a far corner, and put on music or TV, you can easily forget it’s making any noise. Could not sleep with it on though.
    Finally, it is quite good at getting the temperature down from about 29C to 24C in a large kitchen-living room. This will take about 25-30 minutes. Then I just keep it on to maintain the temperature.
    I also haven’t noticed a huge spike in energy use – at least, it’s on par with winter (so high for summer but I’ll take it over boiling in my triple glazed greenhouse of a new build).

    This will never reach the 18C it is set for, unless the room is already cool (in which case why bother putting it on). It might have done it in sterile tests in the lab but in no room in the home have I managed to achieve this despite sealing the room off and having it on for hours.
    As mentioned, noisy – see video attached to this review. Fine if you have something to drown the noise over with but cannot sleep with it on.
    Also, as this is just a portable household unit not a commercial or built in air con, it won’t put out enough chill to really cool the room down – instead it just blows out cool air at about the same rate as warm air might leave the room.
    What this means is that as soon as you turn it off, the room will quickly return to the higher temp it was before (and note- it will only work in a room not a whole flat or house).

    So I advise buying in winter when it’s much cheaper (I got mine for 260 in January) and stick to cooling one room only, where you can drown out the sound – then you will love it.

    As a new build dweller, it has been a lifesaver. Look forward to smaller, quieter, more powerful units in the future though!

    4.0 out of 5 stars Decent unit which takes the edge off the hea

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersWhen we moved into our home, we instantly realised how warm our house was. In the summer with any temperature outside over 20 degrees, we noticed a significant increase in the temperature even with opening every window possible.

    After a couple of years of using standard fans to try and cool our rooms down, we took the plunge and purchased this air con unit. Our initial thought when we unboxed the unit was that it was rather large and has a large hose that needed to be hung out the window that was unsightly.

    After we plugged the unit in, we couldn’t believe how quickly it made a difference! It instantly cooled the room down and made it more bearable to sit in the living room. To experiment, we then moved this upstairs and again it made a huge difference to our bedroom. The handles are quite shallow so moving this isn’t ideal as it does have quite a weight to it but for the coolness it brings, it is well worth the effort.

    It can be noisy but in comparison to other models we looked at, this seemed one of the quieter ones and we could still easily watch tv or go to sleep with this on. The sleep mode feature also has proved handy when we have moved this into the bedroom and the remote control is an added bonus to save having to get up to turn the unit on.

    I have given this four stars because of the shallow handles, noise and hose but the main issue is the cost of running the unit. It uses quite a lot of energy and can easily cause your bills to rocket if you aren’t careful!

    Overall, definitely worth it for the cooler summer days but need to consider the costs involved!

  3. Sage Anderson says:

     United Kingdom

    my husband bought this for himself for him working from home. It really helps a lot in the summer when is super hot. The only thing is it needs to put the pine outside the house or windows to release the hot air. It will be good if this can have a simple design.

  4. TamaraKearns says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve only used the dehumidifier function so far, yes it’s noisy especially when the condensation is working but it fantastically efficient. Used to have the dryer out for days, now done it 2-3 hours. I usually set it on timer and have it do its job while I’m out. Looking forward to test the cooling function in the summer.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis summer we were about to hit 40C temperatures and I had absolutely had enough. I work from home, in front of a hot computer, in perhaps the warmest room in the house.

    This AC unit worked an absolute treat to keep us sane during the heat. This is with:
    – No seal around the window, just sticking the pipe out there
    – The door to the room slightly ajar so the cat can come in

    You know when you open the over door and get blasted in the face by hot air? It felt like that every time we left the room with the AC in. We just slept in the spare bedroom during the heatwave because that’s where the AC was.

    Some notes:
    – Like all ACs, it’s pretty loud. If it’s hot enough for you to need the AC, I doubt you’ll care.
    – Like all ACs, it’s pretty heavy. A two-person job if you’re planning to lug this thing up some stairs. It’s on wheels though, so it’s easy to wheel around on the horizontal plane.
    – The pipe is not super-duper long. Depending on your windows, this may or may not be a problem – if they open above head-height, you’re probably out of luck.
    – I used the AC to keep one room in my house cool. If you’ve trying to keep cool in a massive room or cool your entire house, you’ll need something stronger.

  6. Suann quotHoneybeequot Lundsberg says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersPurchased this during the recent heatwave(Summer 2022). I was a little concerned about the running costs,what with all the talk of electricity prices at the moment but because of the extreme heat,we bought it anyway.
    Well the first thing I can say is that it really does look stylish with the round vent rather than the usual square vents.
    I put unit on in my (larger than average) bedroom,placed the exhaust pipe out of the window and left the room,closing the bedroom door behind me,for about 10 minutes. When I returned,the room was wonderfully cool/cold.
    I found that if I put the unit on 10 minutes before bedtime,it only needs to be on for a futher 10 to 15 minutes to really cool the room. Then I turn it off but sometimes when its uncomfortably hot at night,I simply turn it on for 15 minutes and that’s enough to cool the room through till morning. It doesn’t need to be on constantly throughout the night but if it is on constantly,the noise level is certainly bearable. I won’t have a ticking clock in my room because of the noise but I’m fine with this at the end of my bed.
    Finally,electricity wise,we actually have 3 air conditioner units in our house,one in each bedroom. None are on continuously through the night and as such,I haven’t noticed a great change in my electricity usage..
    So for cost,efficiency and cooling the room down,I give it top marks. (Also if you’ve just showered and you walk past the unit naked and damp,you’ll know about it!)
    I hope this review helps someone.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very pleased with this. Bought it to keep both us and our dog cool in the UK’s 2022 heatwave. It’s fairly chunky but I put it on the kitchen worktop beside the window to use it. There’s a wide tube with a flattened end that expels hot air, which I hung out of the kitchen window and closed the window on it as far as possible. I think I could have done that with the unit on the floor, but the tube isn’t hugely long so we might have struggled. I didn’t tape the window shut around it to seal it with some old plastic, that would have helped but we only needed it on for a couple of days. There’s also an internal container to collect any water from its operation, or you can poke a short hose through the window to outside to get rid of any condensation. We left it internal, and after two days it hadn’t collected any water at all, so no issue there. They were days of low humidity, I should say. Then we switched it on and it kept our small kitchen dining room cool, at 21 degrees, for the three hottest days when it was 35 degrees outside. That’s with having it on for most of the day, but not at night. Exactly what we wanted. I’d buy it again.

  8. Peter Larson says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI bought this just in time for the severe heat spell we had in late July or early August. I chose a 12,000 BTU unit to ensure it would have enough cooling power, and it does. Leaving the downstairs doors open, it cools the whole of the ground floor. Like all air conditioners, it costs money to run, but you won’t be running it all that much overall in the UK climate, so it’s a tool to deal with the occasional extreme, except this year, unlike the last 2 or 3, it has been somewhat more than occasional. You can set it to 21 C if you like it really cold, or you can set it to (say) 24 or 25 C if you want to save on running cost. (Personally I find 21 C to be FAR too cold, but that’s a discussion you can have with family members.)

    What you will need is a baffle where the pipe goes out of the house. There are ones you can buy that fit into a window frame or a sliding door frame, or you can make your own. Plenty alternative types on Amazon. You may also want a longer pipe, depending on how close you can get the a/c to where the vent hose has to go out.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 19 From Our UsersVery hefty unit, but very effective cooling even a large room.

    Firstly, this unit is bigger than I was expecting. In terms of dimensions, this is a big beast, and much bigger than the unrealistic dimensions provided in the product description (and bigger than what some of the other people have answered). It is 85cm Tall (inc wheels) x 36cm Width x 42cm Depth, though realistically, you need at least 55cm space if you are to put the exhaust hose on and bend it.
    It comes with wheels pre-assembled, which is just as well since at what seems ~30kg, it’s really hard to move around otherwise.
    Talk of the exhaust hose, it is about 1.5m long comparable with most other units, so do work out where you’re going to put the unit before buying. What’s not included is any window seal or similar fitting to minimise heat coming back in from outside, however given they don’t know what type of window/outlet you’ll be using, I guess it’s fair enough.

    In terms of functionality, this really gives a good cold blast and brought relief quite quickly for those sat close to the unit. However what you won’t appreciate is how noisy it is, and even any quiet/sleep mode really doesn’t help. But to be fair, I’ve not come across a quiet mobile A/C unit yet.

    At around 460 at time of purchase, it’s by no means cheap. But it is powerful, however do be aware of the weight, bulk and general dimensions so you know where you can store it for the other 350 days of the year when you probably don’t need to use it!

    – Powerful cooling, can manage large space quickly
    – Good rolling wheels means it’s easy to wheel around

    – large dimensions of 85cm H x 36cm W x 42cm D
    – Expensive
    – noisy

    Very hefty unit, but very effective cooling even a large room

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI purchased this Air Con out of season (Winter) when demand for such a thing is low. As such I paid about 300 for it.

    In the past week temperatures soared to 40c! I was working from home at this time due to the trains being knackered. Luckily I had this!

    Even in the high heat it cooled wonderfully! I was working and had the TV on. Had to put the TV up a bit to hear it but now ridiculously so! It’s not whisper quiet but it didn’t bother me!

    When I had the odd Teams meeting I had to turn it off and the difference it made was really noticeable! Even in the hottest time of the heatwave I was cool, sweat free and even considered putting on trousers as it was so effective!

    My Energy meter said it was costing 40p/hour. (July ’22’)

    Worth considering if you value being cooler for a bit of noise. Don’t mind paying to be kept cool.

    Certainly in the recent heatwave it has my recommendation!

    4 star as it could be quieter but for the price I can’t complain!

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 34 From Our UsersThis thing has been a real saviour in these exceptionally hot days and nights we are getting in UK summer 2022.

    We live in a new build that is designed to keep the heat in. Summers always push our bedroom up to 25c or more at night and for years I was deliberating on AC. Tried big fans, tried the coolers with ice and water… They helped but this thing brings the temperature down and keeps it down.

    Pro –
    It works well, brings temperature down fast.
    Sleep mode is good but I never use it i just keep it on over night
    Looks the part and fairly portable
    Remote is handy
    Running costs less than expected. Mine was using approximately 0.27kwh an hour. So approximately 2 -2.5kwh a night. My unit rate is 18.73p so about 46p a night.

    Cons –
    It’s not light, although on wheels it’s not easy to move about. Especially on carpets.
    The remote has no screen. So unless you can look over at the top of the unit, you don’t know what mode or temperature setting you are at.
    The vent pipe is a faff! The pipe is fairly rigid. The book says the pipe should be streight from unit and out the window with a slight curve but not like 75 or more. Shortest pipe the best as less heat from pipe back in the room before venting. You will notice I have the unit on a table to get it out the window. Window kits for outward PvcU windows are a nightmare. I ended up fitting the hoze end in 6mm ply to keep it in place.
    Running costs, depends on how much you value sleep. For me at approximately 40p a night it’s well worth it for the 14-25 days of use a year. 10 a year.
    It’s not silent. But on low mode it does the job and isn’t as loud as all the fans I previously had. If it was too loud I would probably get ear buds as it’s only a few nights nights a year.

    I was probably running these costs with 3 big fans anyway so not going to see much change in cost. I can put up with the set up of the vent and position for a short time for a good night’s sleep. But if you are looking for long term use, perhaps look for a more permanent unit to be fitted.

    Energy usage photos from TPLink Kasa smart plug not the AC unit.

    It's a temporary solution, not a permanent one!

  12. PhilomeTyrrell says:

     United Kingdom

    Auto mode: This cools well (which I would expect for nearly 500), but it’s very loud (65 decibels) until it reaches its target temperature, which in hot rooms could be a long time.

    When the room is hot, it’s emitting all kinds of low drones, whirrs, and whines like a very loud fridge or a vacuum cleaner in the next room. Initially, this doesn’t seem too bad, but after a while, it really does wear on you. Seeing this advertised next to a sofa in the marketing materials is misleading. For one, it needs to be next to a window (using as little of the 1.5m exhaust pipe as possible), and second, if you’re sitting close to it, have noise-canceling headphones on.

    This is likely just a limit of AC technology. At near target temperature, things become more pleasant; then it sounds like a regular fan with occasional ticking and whirring, but during heatwaves, it’ll remain noisy for most of the time. I am becoming accustomed to the noise (noise-canceling earbuds while working are a huge help) but I think it will be a dealbreaker for some.

    I’m rating it 5 stars because I bought it for one purpose: to cool my room during the summer heatwave, and it does that as well as one could hope. It looks nice, but it’s on the heavy side; another limit of AC technology. The delivery driver will wheel it out, and it will require a strong healthy person to get this up any stairs (I slowly kind of ‘rolled’ it up there), don’t attempt it by yourself if you’re weak or have back issues.

  13. Madhuri Adnal says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 13 From Our UsersI’ll update this over time but I wanted address one of the concerns others had in regards to noise levels. Don’t let it put you off as it depends on your own preferences.

    Updated : Switching from 4 to 5 stars. We’ve kept this running during the endure heatwave and it’s been a fantastic workhorse. Successfully cooled two rooms and allowed me to continue to work with three pcs running (one server) and various other electronics. The noise isn’t terrible and is a constant whir. Drained once only because i wanted to check how much came out after one full day and it was very little.

    We paired this up with a thermal curtain set and a non wall damaging curtain rod to cover our stair well and it worked a treat to keep hot air out and cold air flow in with very minimal air leakage down stairs.

    So far can’t fault the product and would buy again in a heart beat.

    I ordered the 12,000 version and so far can cool both the bedroom and my office with this single unit. This unit is an upgrade from a 10 year old air conditioner from another manufacturer, and the noise level in comparison is night and day. This unit is actually quieter than what we had and doesn’t vibrate the floor when run in. If you are used to newer quiet models then this may annoy you but for us it’s perfect. The sound is consistent and is a nice white noise to sleep to.
    If you are used to the residential HVAC units in the USA, this machine when the condenser is on sounds like a mini version of that.

    It’s handy having a light notifying you when to drain it to avoid leaking. The dehumidifier and fan option are welcome too. Husband is happy as is the long haired dog. While not cheap I am a very happy camper thus far.

  14. ShelaKangbpz says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 14 From Our UsersThis feedback is for the 12,000 BTU model of the Black & Decker Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner.

    The Amazon page states 45db (decibel) as a noise rating in low speed fan mode. 45db is a very quiet noise, that of a refrigerator running, barely perceptible. However portable air conditioners are all noisy, far above 45db, and the claim that this 12,000 BTU unit runs as quiet as 45db is quite frankly an impossible claim. In fact, this unit is very noisy, with measurements of 65db while running ONLY THE FAN on its lowest speed. If you then turn on the cooling function (and once the compressor cuts on), the unit runs around 75db (hair dryer and vacuum cleaner levels).

    Now, if the unit is placed in a room that has soft furnishings, carpet and curtains, it will seem to be quieter as those objects will absorb sound energy. If it is placed in a space with hard floors and bare walls, the sound will travel further and seem louder.

    The advantage to this Black & Decker unit, is that while several manufacturers make these types of portable A/C units, very few of them make units rated as high as 12,000 BTU. The downside is the larger the cooling capacity, the louder the compressor will be. This Black & Decker 12,000 BTU unit is extremely capable at cooling 30m2 space, however it is also the loudest we have ever tested. It’s compressor has a modulating hum, and the plastic case vibrates and adds to the noise levels. It will not fade into the background, and it will certainly impact conversations, and other audio sources such as television and music.

    If you are cooling a small space, or bedroom where you are sleeping, you should consider a quiet HOMCOM air conditioner. The 2021 models (black in color) measure 62-65db at their maximum levels (high fan speed and cooling compressor enabled) and are rated between 5,000 and 8,000 BTU.

    Keep in mind that for every 10db your are effectively doubling the loudness.

  15. Brie says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant air con, cooled the room right down, within a matter of minutes, the only downside is the remote doesn’t come with batteries

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our Usersso i brought this 14000btu black and decker one before summer comes and they slap on extra 100 quid and before the eco warriors start blocking aircon deliveries too haha ( you know that these will be there on target list at some point so thought id treat my self lol before they get their way and we are forced to eat grass, ride a bicycle the 60 miles to work and back every day and praise homage to our new vegan over lords lol ) anyway yeah this was to replace my old argos challenge model ( 8000 btu ) this is very quiet compared to the challenge model considering this is double the power, side by side the build quality is spot on its not much heavier either only a few kg in it, dont get me wrong how ever dont want anyone to buy one expecting it to be wisper quiet because its a portable aircon and all of them are hard to ignore but the sleep mode is decent, during the easter weekend when it was 22degrees outside my bedroom being the loft was at 28degrees in the middle of the day plugged this in and with in 30 mins the temp was a nice 20 degrees, 3 fan modes even on the lowest fan mode its decent how ever only points in one direction, but thats really the only down side that and the remote doesn’t come with a battery, so would recommend get one while you ca

  17. JustineQuezada says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersSmaller than average footprint considering the power of this unit. It is quite loud when it’s working at maximum. I just wish it circulated the air as it does look like the grille on the front should rotate. It would have been so much better if this was the case. But it certainly cools the room down quickly

  18. OliverWillson says:

     United Kingdom

    As our summers seem to get hotter and hotter I bought this unit in order to make the kids and our bedroom temperature more bearable overnight. This unit has been brilliant in achieving this and was lucky enough to buy this just before the hot weather started so got a very good price on Amazon.

    The unit is effective and cools air rapidly although can be a little noisy when the compressor is going at full speed. Once the room is detected to be at the set Temperature then it settles down to maintain the temp with less noise.

    My one (minor) criticism would be that each button press on either the remote or unit triggers a very loud beep which cannot be muted or softened. This can be disruptive when using the unit at night time Although in reality very rarely have to change the settings once it’s set up.

  19. IndiaSouth says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersSo I live in small one bed in Bournemouth, summer time temperature in my flat reach 40 degrees Celsius, this handsome guy is a life saver!!!! I can finally sleep !!!! Noise level is the same as my 18 inch fan , auto mode is simply great ! And value for money sooo good !!! I will update this review after few days but so far I’m very very very happy:) assembly very easy , good to know that remote is under styrofoam so don’t throw it away as I thought it’s missing ! After 15 minutes I could enjoy amazing cool air ! I wouldn’t swap this for any other , also there’s no battery for remote so make sure you have one flat 3V available
    Update soon ! Waiting for another heat wave , also length of exhaust pipe is so much longer than others ! Great buy ! I truly recommend to anyone who hates heat like me ! Very sturdy made piece of AC ! Thanks !

    5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Fantastic!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Only used the A/C function so far, it certainly provides effective cooling sufficient for cooling a reasonable space.

    I would recommend getting an extension vent hose as the one it comes with is only suitable if placing the unit next to a window. For me this was not possible. It is noisy but I believe this is usual.

  21. nufurlipos says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great quality air conditioner comes with hose.
    Only thing is that it’s not that quiet but makes up for it by the cold setting.
    This has to be emptied via a screw of bung. Comes with short hose .
    Mine is close to my back door so I can drain it outside.
    Ideal for small room!

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for our bedroom, as a night shift worker sleeping during the day in summer heat is a real issue, fortunately this great value aircon unit does the job perfectly, its a little noisey but in my experience mobile units tend to be, so if noise is a concern then you’d probably benefit from a fixed ported aircon unit which will set you back over twice the cost and will obviously not be mobile.
    Noise wasn’t an issue for me as I also use earplugs when sleeping during the day but it’s not exactly deafening and the pro’s by far outweigh the cons in my opinion, good looking unit with good functions.

    Managed to cool the room down sufficiently quickly, has a useful remote control that sits in a pocket on top of the unit when not in use..

    Great value portable unit highly reccomended.

  23. LetaNorthfield says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersTo anyone expecting the experience of a split aircon – be prepared for compromise.

    In this case the compromise would s volume and efficiency. The compressor is part of the machine, although substantially quieter than my previous portable air con. I find it quite tolerable and I not an unpleasant sound or volume, although you may have issues if you intend to Video call whilst it’s on – depends how close you are to it. No portable machine is going to be as quiet as a split one; window air con is probably the only other half way house.

    It will chill down a small or medium size room well, but for a large room get the 12k BTU unit. Mine seems to run at 900W power which is fine for my use but if you run this 24/7 it will hit your electric bill (~3 per 24hr)

    It is also huge, foot print is not enormous but it is a tall and physically big appliance, and heavy. You’ll want to keep it in one place throughout the summer and not lug it up and down the stairs on a daily basis as it is heavy, but it is on rollers.

    Nice finish, remote works, no app control but really, it’s not all that necessary.

    Also, be aware I have seen this machine fluctuate significantly in price so you might want to try looking to buy one on a cold wet day and not a scorcher. This machine went up 100 a few days after I bought it when temp went up to 27 Celsius.

    2 yr warranty is good. Although I haven’t found the machine on the B&D website which is a head scratcher but I guess it must be made by a different manufacturer and simply B&D rebranded.

    All in all, very pleased.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great machine for the money. Finally my attic office is usable in the summer again!

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI’ve been contemplating buying an air conditioning unit for some time now. Having given in with traditional fans just re-circulating the same warm air around and not doing anything else i decided to buy one… this one. It came two days after ordering so i was quite pleased with how quick it came. Having only used this for 2 days i’ve been extremely won over by it’s ability to cool my room right down. Easy to set up but It is a tad on the heavy side. It does have wheels so once on the ground it’s easy to just roll around.

    Sound levels are acceptable but if you’re looking for something on the quieter side this isn’t going to suffice. There’s a constant buzz along with the fan noise on any setting. However, i was able to sleep through with it on the lowest setting. As i say not the quietest but it is bareable.

    The room i use it in is a 4m x 3m and it is more than adequate at cooling my room down within 20 minutes of use.

    I didn’t give it the full 5 stars for two reasons:
    1) There is no window kit supplied so i’ve had to order this separately to help seal the rest of the window where the air vent tube hangs out.
    2) No battery in the remote that it comes with and again have had to order separately for this (it’s a CR2032 3V battery for anyone wondering).

    I hope this review helps anyone looking to purchase one.

  25. Milbank Quarterly says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 84 From Our UsersOmg this machine is fantastic! I have a large 2 bedroom flat with south facing wall to wall windows. The heat gets unbearable in the UK heatwave. I’ve added tinted windows, the tall Dyson fans to the bedrooms and have kitchen and bathroom extractor fans running on the north facing side. Plus I keep the humidity low with a big dehumidifier machine. Which has all helped, but I use a clothes dryer condenser machine every day. Once that heat is in the flat, it’s very hard to get it out again. Especially when there is no breeze coming through the windows and it’s very humid outside. Our flat went up to 29c last year, before I even put the dryer on. So this year I read as many reviews as possible, and decided I had no choice but to take the plunge and make my own mind up. So glad I did. Yesterday my indoor temp was 27c and with the air con on full speed it lowered it by 2degrees within 10 minutes. I left the living room door open the whole time, and not only does the whole room feel like I’m sitting in an air conditioned car, but it makes my long narrow hall way cold as well. After an hour the bedrooms started feeling cooler and then I was able to put my clothes dryer on. Yes its a bit noisey. But we can hear the tv over the loudest speed setting. So isn’t bothering us. I’ve added a quick video clip to show how it does reduce down in noise on the medium and lowest settings on full air con mode. Ignore the background tapping, that was the dog walking around wanting to be involved lol. Having low humidity to start of with, I think may be the key to why this machine instantly feels my room and hall up with beautiful cold air, to the point where Im actually feeling too cold and have to turn the machine down if the clothes dryer isn’t on by 5pm. But keeping it running cooled the bedrooms down even further for bedtime. The wooden floors instead of carpet probably help as well. We haven’t fitted the window kit yet. I’m sure that’s going to make a difference as well, especially when that horrible humidity outside rises. The soft breeze outside yesterday wasn’t blowing any of the exhaust hose heat back in the window. Today no breeze and I can feel the heat outside enter near the window only. The machine is still keeping the room lovely and cold. Another trick I found, was using a desk fan on my kitchen unit, near the door way, facing outwards. This helped direct the cool air in my hall to reach the bedrooms faster. One room is on the south side same size as my living room (pics added to give you a rough idea of the room size) and my sons double bedroom on north side, has gaming equipment that heats his room like a heater. This portable air con machine btu1200 is making the world of difference, from just being situated in the living room. I definitely wouldn’t be without it now. Update Today: Even with the temperature outside at 29c, and the low humidity in my flat, the machine makes it feel like 21c instead of the reading in the living room showing 25c for instance. Rest of the flat it got the temp down to 26c but still feels nice and cool with a nice breeze affect flowing around. After 2.30pm my bedroom was down to 25c as well. Today I’m using the auto setting. It switches from air con to cooling fan superbly. Which also switches automatically through the speed settings. The noise in the room just blends in the back ground when the tv’s on and the families home. I’ve had annoying, useless floor stand fans worse than this noise. So the noise isn’t bothering us and hardly noticeable in the rest of the flat. When it’s in fan only mode, it’s even better than my tall Dyson fans. Plus with its self dehumidifier working in air con mode. I no longer have to use my separate dehumidifier machine. Haven’t had to drain no water out of the machine yet. But this is only the second day.

    Update: third day is raining, very hot and humid. My flats humidity over night went up to 56. I even turned my old dehumidifier machine on around midnight and the tank was full by the morning and again in the afternoon. So thankful to the kind Amazon member! Who not only replied back quickly to my question, of whether I could use the air con machine on rainy days. But also took the time to do a quick video as well. It was very much appreciated! So I set about adding a waterproof window kit and pointed the hose out the window. Making sure it was pointing down to help prevent rain getting in it. Worked a treat. Plus today I’ve had the auto mode setting on all day. Due to the high humidity still in my flat because of this hot rainy weather. Took longer to cool and reach the bedrooms down the hall. But baring in mind, I did have the clothes dryer on for 2 hrs and my front room and hall were still super cold. The machine makes much less noise in auto mode as well, not just because it’s switching between fan and speed settings. But it seems to run with a smoother noice it seems. Either that or I’m just already accustomed to it being back ground noise now. I ran the machine for 12hrs today and my electric smart meter device was only showing 3.89 for the whole day. Usually it shows 2.50 to 3.00 depending how many times I have the clothes dryer on. So for less than a pound a day to run the air con for that amount of time, is fantastic. I’m still dreading the day the water needs emptying though. I’ve no idea how much will need to come out. It’s a pity they haven’t designed one with a removable tray to empty, like a dehumidifier machine has.

    Works great!

  26. michael frank says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersI have only run this for a few minutes but I will tell you what I like and what I don’t like.

    I also like the simple controls & the included remote control. It is very simple to use and fits into a recessed slot on top of the A/C unit.

    I like how reasonably quiet this A/C unit is, though it’s an air conditioner and they are always going loud. The unit I purchased this to replace is a 16 year old model of unknown BTU and this Black & Decker is indeed less noisy. It seems wrong to describe this unit as quiet as all A/C units are loud, but this model is not too bad. It isn’t annoying.

    I also like the design, it is quite a stylish looking air conditioner.

    What I don’t really like is how large it is….inexplicably large….larger than it seemingly should be…and this is one heavy beast! Also in the dislike category are the “handles”, which are a joke. They are simply indentations in the side, which requires you to use only your fingertips to lift. Not good.

    I also do not like how short the exhaust hose is…it’s quite short at 1.5 metres. The Black & Decker exhaust hose is so much shorter than my unbranded, 16 year old 3 metre hose. It just seems like cost cutting for the sake of it.

    All of these niggles aren’t a reason to take a star off this unit as it is really is quite nice, but this last one is quite annoying. The louvres (vent slats) are fixed in place, which no review or the Amazon product description mentions, so I have to physically turn the entire unit if I want to have air in a specific direction. I cannot think of a single reason why Black & Decker would have done this.

    This really is reason enough to return an air conditioner. I would return this in a moment if it didn’t weigh almost 35kg and because of its size it is quite unfriendly for the postman. The Post Office might ban me if I turned up with this item!

    I really hate the fixed louvres – they make ZERO sense on an air conditioner. Accordingly I have removed a star. This is otherwise a decent air conditioner. It was made better with the more than one hundred pound discount on Amazon, but there are better units around. Maybe not for the price, but they are there.

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI think this is good value for money. Works very well and you have to experiment as the instructions are useless with certain quirks in operation. First I agree with other reviews, it is noisy in anything other than sleep mode, but it works and is good for the sale price, 460, I wouldn’t keep it. Two things to look out for, 1) the cool temperature can only be set when the thing is cooling the room, may sound strange, but if it is on automatic and fan only, you will see what I mean; 2) the drain plug for the water tank is so low, it is going to be a pain draining the stupid thing. Been using this over the recent heatwave and I am very pleased with the result.

  28. JeffryEtfefkaa says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersA good all around air con. It works well and cools a large room. It is quite large and does make quite a bit of noise. It’s a bit like having a car running in your house :s. The most annoying thing about it was the hose length which is really short and wouldn’t reach my window which meant I had to buy an extension kit. It would be better if they included a longer hose and worked out a way to get it connect to windows that open at an angle.

  29. Sarah-Louise Bailey says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 45 From Our UsersPurchased this to replace an ageing one purchased from a DIY store over 7 years ago. First this is very stylish and Sturdy product, I particularly like the size and chrome effect on the front and clear digital display. The product contains withIn a tank for when using the dehumidifier to collect water and can easily be drained from a tap at the back. However this makes the same amount of noise as our old one. Overall nice stylish product, but certainly isn’t quiet in operation.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Stylish but ..... Read Review.