BLACK+DECKER GWC3600LB-XJ 36 V Lithium-Ion Vacuum Blower, Bare Unit (Battery not Included) , Orange

Weight: 2.4 kg
Dimensions: 27 x 21.5 x 52.1 cm; 2.4 Kilograms
Model: GWC3600LB-XJ
Colour: Orange
Manufacture: Stanley Black & Decker
Colour: Orange

41 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    Fonctionne difficilement sur des feuilles mouilles, la manipulation entre la fonction souffleur et aspirateur est fastidieuse.!

  2. MilVet says:


    Das Gert ist leicht und handlich. Nutze es vorwiegend als Laubsauger auf dem Friedhof. Leider ist der Akku nach Ablauf der Garantie ausgefallen und der Laubsauger nach knapp 3 Jahren. Nicht gerade langlebig!

  3. Dan Graziano says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this as we have the hedge trimmer and the strimmer- so one battery does all three. Use the vac on blower mode all the time for grass clippings, leaves and hedge clippings- works well and the battery life is great too. Also works well for drying your car! Not used the vacuum yet so can’t comment on that- but I’m happy. Pricy but worth it for the convenience of cordless and the common battery. Great purchase.

  4. DenaOlivas says:

     United Kingdom

    I am very pleased with this. I bought it because I have already invested in the battery system, with a strimmer and lawn mower, but it is very powerful and very light.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Sehr hilfreich fr Wege und Hof von Laub zu befreien. Mit Akku kann ich 1 Std arbeiten und er ist auch leise. Kein Kabel mehr notwendig.
    Der Sauger verstopft sich relativ schnell bei nassen Laub und groen Blttern wie Ahorn & Haselnuss
    Mit trockenen Bltter funktioniert der Sauger gu

  6. Anonymous says:


    Krachtig en toch licht toestel. Ombouw van blaas naar zuigfunctie is een beetje omslachtig.

  7. LisetteFrancois says:


    Produit trs utile pour nettoyer une terrasse vite fait voire le sol du garage mais pas fait pour les gros travaux d’automne ou il faut utiliser un appareil plus puissant filaire ou thermique .

  8. QWOMindaddex says:

     United Kingdom

    For a small blower, this works really well. It is light enough to use for a good length of time. Not used it to suck up leaves yet but guessing it will be as good as the blower setting. Hard to put tubes together but once done, very substantial

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Hats off, a really well designed piece of kit. Light and easy to use. I have a petrol version for heavy weight vacuuming/shredding, but on general garden clearance of dry leaves, this is so much easier to use.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    So glad I bought this – even though it was a bit of a faff putting it together!
    It’s a good blower, but the bonus is that it’s also a vacuum. It picks up leaves easily and also small twigs.
    Light and easy to use.
    An added bonus is that it uses the same battery as a Black and Decker strummer I already had, thus saving me the cost of another battery.
    The only down-side was that the instructions to assemble it are pretty poor and it was a frustrating struggle, albeit a successful one after some cursing.

  11. Anonymous says:


    Bon appareil.
    Puissant souffleur assez lger.
    La batterie s’use assez vite.

  12. Anonymous says:


    Trs pratique bien sre manque de puissance mais je le savais en l’achetant.

  13. Anonymous says:


    Non certamente come quelli a motore..
    Ma come rapporto qualit prezzo leggerezza manutenzione nulla…
    Va pi che bene

  14. Anonymous says:


    Tout dpend de l’utilisation pour ma part quelques feuilles et brindilles donc nickel soufflerie et aspiration quand mme un peu lge

  15. DannBlackman says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersIf you use it for what it’s intended for then it’s perfect. I use it to vac the patio, porchway and garage. It’s not meant for wet leaves, it will clog up. The blower is very good. It’s light and easy to use, and so portable, no cables.

  16. Anonymous says:


    parfait pour une terrasse ou feuille bien sche,sinon la puissance est limite, et la batterie ne permet de grand travaux – mais cela convient parfaitement mon utilisation (terrasse et petit terrain)

  17. JohnathanKirsch says:

     United Kingdom

    Lightweight easy to use adequate power to clear autumn leaves, battery life very good, recharge time as per manufacturers claim

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersHaving read the reviews was not sure what to expect but as I already have other Black + Decker items I decided to purchase. Have to agree on the comments regarding some difficulty assembling the product, but nothing major. The garden is bordered by trees on three sides so there is a fair amount of leaves and debris dropping on a regular basis. To date the vacuum has picked up anything that I wanted and the blower has also been very effective. Maybe I set my expectations low but I have no complaints thus far.

  19. Retro Girl says:


    olles produkt. man darf sich hier kein wahnsinnsgeblsd vorstellen, um erde zu sauhen aber fr laub, zum absaugen total ausreichend, bin voll zufrieden damit. in kombinatkon mit mehrefen akkus kein pfoblem. ein akku hlt ca. 15 min mit der strkaten stufe. absolut zu empfehlen. habe auch von der black und decker sefie ddn 36v rasentrimmer und die heclenschere und schone sie nichg. habd 3000m2 grund mit viel hecken und stauddn. falls was kaputt wird hat man 3 jahrr garantie. habd bereits einen defekt des rasdntrimmers hinter mir; habe nach 2 jahren sofort ohne probleme einen neuen bekommen. die gerte sind fr den aspruchsvollen heimwerker umd vorallem um den preis absolut zu empfehlen..

  20. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersHabe das Gert im Urlaub gesehen, wie der Grtner die Hotelanlage damit sauber geblasen hat.
    Gekauft (super schnelle Lieferung !!!) und getestet, allerdings nur im Geblse-Modus, da ich Laub
    nach wie vor mit dem Rechen zusammenkehre, die Menge wrde in keinen Sack passen.
    Bin absolut zufrieden damit, das Gert entspricht genau meinen Erwartungen was Geblsestrke
    und Akkulaufzeit betrifft.

    Dass gejammere kann ich nicht nachvollziehen, es sollte doch langsam bekannt sein, dass ein
    Akkubetriebenes Gert an keinen Benziner oder 240V-Gert rankommt in Sachen Strke und Laufzeit.
    Wenn nicht gerade eine ganze Siedlung saubergeblasen werden muss, so reicht das Gert allemal.

  21. CatheriCreswell says:


    bonne puissance en souffleur parfait pour souffler des feuilles seiches ou du gazon aprs la tonte mais pas mouill

    aspiration pas test, mais la mise en place du kit d’aspiration est contraignate

  22. Anonymous says:


    Mi piace molto com’ progettata. Comoda da montare, usare e smontare. Buon materiale e facile da pulire dopo l’uso.
    Unica pecca, secondo me, che non inclusa la batteria…va comprata a parte (consiglio acquistarne 2 batterie, per la breve durata di 15-20 minuti ca, cos da finire il lavoro in una volta sola)

  23. Anonymous says:


    Quiz un poco falto de potencia, pero para lo que es, cumple su cometido. ligero batera de litio con bastante autonoma.

  24. Anonymous says:


    Trs satisfait de cet aspi souffleur mais aprs avoir mit un certain temps le monter car la notice de montage est pour le moins succincte..

  25. Anonymous says:


    Schn leicht und trotzdem powerfull. Da ich vom Rasenmher schon 2 Akkus habe, sehr praktisch in der Benutzung und man spart sich weitere Akkus und Ladegert..

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I found this a little awkward to set up at first until I read the instructions along with the pictures! Then it took me about ten minutes to set up. The vacuum is amazing, but I managed to block it up within about 15 minutes of using it, but it is fairly easy to unblock. I already had the battery so it wasn’t too expensive.
    The blower is not powerful, hence the four stars.
    Very easy to change from blowing to vacuum, but I don’t think I will be using the blowing much

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI’ve had some problems with a similar B&D product last year, and was reluctant to place the order, but my experience with this Vacuum Blower could not be better. You have to be realistic, you will not clean acres of ground covered with leaves using this product, nor will it be of help to pick up tons of wet leaves, but if you are looking for a perfect solution to vacuum the leaves or blow them, in a small garden, this is your solution.
    one battery allows you 20-30 minutes of work in super-efficient turbo mode, and more if you use eco mode. The product comes with no batter and charger, as you can see from its description, so I use charger and batteries acquired with another B&D product. You need some strength to assemble it, but it is a quick and simple process, and once you put it together, there is nothing you have to do other than to change battery and empty the bag if you use it in vacuum mode.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersHaving read the mixed reviews, I ordered this with some doubts about how good it would be. Well, I was pleasantly surprised, if you need to pick up small and dry leaves, then this is absolutely perfect, it’s light and easy to handle. If you expect it to pickup large wet leaves, then don’t bother, it cannot do that. I already had two items in the Black & Decker 36V range, so this bare unit was perfect for my needs. This is like all cordless tools, use them for the purpose for which they were designed and they are great, expect them to perform the same as a mains or petrol powered unit, and you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

  29. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our Usersel. leicht, dadurch gutes Handling.
    Etwas schwacher Luftstrom, fr die Trassenreinigung aber geeignet. Akkulaufzeit in Ordnung, bei greren Terrassen ist ein zweiter (ziemlich teurer) Akku erforderlich

  30. Heather M says:


    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersSilenzioso e leggero (lo utilizza anche mio figlio di 8 anni) tanto da poter essere utilizzato anche per interni.
    Batteria e caricabatterie acquistati separatamente al prezzo di 100 (entrambi non sono compresi nella confezione).
    Mi aspettavo qualcosa di pi per quanto riguarda la potenza, vero che si pu regolare (da modalit ECO a TURBO), per spingendolo al massimo la batteria dura davvero poco.
    Molto utile per raccogliere foglie, erba, aghi. Pigne o simili non li raccoglie.

  31. RachelleCausey says:


    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersCe souffleur aspirateur est trs pratique grce sa batterie. Plus de fils, du coup on se balade partout dans le jardin trs facilement.
    J’ai dj les autres produits sur batterie Black & Decker. je bnficie de mes anciennes batteries car dans ce pack il n’y en a pas.
    La housse semble trs solide. Le montage et dmontage pour passer de l’aspiration au soufflage est simple et rapide.
    Je l’utilise toujours en mode turbo car la puissance reste juste. Sur une terrasse les feuilles se dplacent trs facilement et nettoie toute la terrasse.
    Dans l’herbe cela demande un peu plus de temps.
    Je ne regrette pas mon achat pour l’utilisation que j’en fais, avant j’en avait un avec fils lectrique (trop lourd et peu maniable mais plus puissant).

  32. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersCe souffleur manque surment un peu de puissance je peux comprendre les personnes du mais je l ai achet pour un petit jardin pour pousser l herbe de la tondeuse et les feuilles de bambou et il fait pour cela du bon travail il est fonctionnel lger et la recharge de la batterie prend que 2 heures maxi pour pouvoir marcher entre 30 minutes et 1 heure.
    Je pense aussi que pour aspirer les feuilles il doit tre juste prfr un modele thermique. Le point positif c est aussi le bruit il est silencieux je recommande au final pour un petit jardin.

  33. YVZJeanamgahgx says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersTrs satisfait de cet achat. Ce souffleur me sert pour liminer des petites feuilles ou brindilles sches sur des terrasses de grande taille.
    Il remplace le balai. Son autonomie est suffisante et il n’y a pas de fil.

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The cordless feature is brilliant but don’t expect it to pick up large leaves etc. There isn’t really a shredding mechanism, just the blades attached to the motor which move the air.

  35. Jen Wheeler says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersPretty good for light use in the garden. Lightweight and easy to put together/empty and lasts a decent amount of time on a single battery. Not as effective as a corded dirt devil I had previously used which could ingest pretty much anything and had a bigger bag but this one is pretty easy to unblock when required.

  36. MarkusA82yfnjjz says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersMatriel lger et performant.
    Parfait pour les alles et terrasses. Bien sur pelouse et feuilles sches. Plus compliqu si les feuilles sont mouilles, il vaut mieux lui prfrer un engin thermique.
    Bref c’est un bon complment.

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our Usersbattery lasts about 20 mins.
    nearly as good as a low end petrol blower,
    MUCH lighter
    MUCH easier to use.
    MUCH safer (not much vibration, no heat)

  38. PrincesVEC says:

     United Kingdom

    Being I have taken over the garden now and it is quite big. My husband is a poorly man now and can’t manage it due to his ill health. Well what can I say its ‘absolutely wonderful’, very light (I do have a B&Q one but I am going to get rid of it as its so heavy) and I use it for mainly vacuuming up leaves etc. Just ‘whip’ around the garden so quickly and also picks up rubbish on our front drive – so easy. So pleased with it- best thing since slice bread.

  39. ToryTaverner says:


    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersFini l’herbe sur la terrasse aprs le coupe bordure, fini le balai…

    je n’ai pas test l’aspirateur, mais le souffleur est suffisamment puissant pour chasser les feuilles, l’herbe, les insectes qui sont sur les parties ou on ne veut pas les voir.

    Avec le coupe bordure qui utilise la mme batterie, c’est extra.

  40. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our Usersparfait pour mon usage, pas mal de buissons dans le jardin donc pas mal de feuilles. Souffle, aspire et broie trs bien.

  41. Wellness Mama says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersGreat piece of equipment. The suction works very well. It’s really good at picking up small leaves (pine needles, ewe tree leaves) which a brush really struggles with. Larger leaves are sucked up well and I’ve not had any get blocked in the fan. The bag empties easily via a long zip. The blower on full-power is very effective. The ‘eco’ setting often lacks enough power but even on full-power the battery lasts long enough for a large area. It does weigh a bit – it’s lighter if you empty the bag quite often. Overall, very pleased.