BT Video Baby Monitor 6

Weight: 344 g
Dimensions: 10.4 x 14.9 x 15.2 cm; 344 Grams
Brand: BT
Model: 58496

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  1. WinonaHeck says:

     United Kingdom

    We wanted an easy to use baby camera that didn’t rely on Wi-Fi. Based on reviews, this seemed to be the best option.

    The camera comes with clear instructions and is therefore very easy to set up. You have to charge the parent unit for 12 hours prior to first use which wasn’t a problem for us but something to be aware of if you are hoping to use it on the day it is delivered.

    The picture quality is good – about what you’d expect for a product like this. There are lots of useful features – two way talk, temperature sensor, lullabies and zoom/tilt.

    It’s exactly what we needed to give us a little bit of freedom in the evenings!

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Thankfully, this monitor doesn’t transmit every tiny sound. Our baby is a very loud sleeper, with lots of grunts and other noises, when he’s asleep and doesn’t need us. Those sound don’t come through, and we can finally sleep! Then, with louder sound (ie crying) the monitor “kicks on” and the sound comes through and screen comes on. The noise level to trigger the monitor doesn’t seem adjustable (except by changing the distance from the baby unit to the cot, I suppose), but the level seems perfect, so I haven’t found that to be a problem. When you change the volume setting, you’re just adjusting how loud things will sound on the parent end, (not the level at which it kicks on).

    The main thing I don’t like is that even at the lowest setting, the screen is blindingly bright, and the shortest time it can be set to stay on after it comes on (either due to baby noise or due to pressing a button on the parent end), is 1 minute. This means after baby triggers the monitor, or after I press the button in the middle of the night to have a quick look at baby, our room is quite bright for a while. I’ve started throwing a cloth over it, when I step out to go get baby, to reduce the odds of the bright light disturbing my partner’s sleep, and then I remove the cloth when I come back to bed (so the light will help me wake next time).

    Overall, I’m very happy with this monitor, and feel it has helped us maximise our sleep!

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We really like this monitor. It works brilliantly. The parent unit is nice and big with a big clear screen and the picture quality is great! We particularly like the fact that you can rotate and move the camera remotely via the parent unit something some other ones don’t do! What I would say is if you use white noise, the sound on the parent unit cuts in and out, picking up the noise. The picture stays off though. The sound could be disturbing if parents are trying to sleep and you have the parent unit on, hearing it cutting in and out. We don’t know yet as our baby is still in with us. Just worth knowing. Not sure if there is anything that can be done to change that.

  4. PaigeN20htd says:

     United Kingdom

    We both really love this video monitor! The night vision is great, so clear and adapts really well to all kinds of day light. Babys room is in the middle of the house so the range works well enough. The battery life isn’t great but we leave it plugged in most of the time and isn’t a problem for us. The volume is great and turns down enough to still hear the baby overnight! Would recommend this to everyone!

  5. Chuong Nguyen says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great product. We use it every night, it’s got a great camera and screen, very clear and reliable. I have had a few baby monitors and this is by far my favourite and I highly recommend the product. We did use it in a cottage where it struggling to pick up the signal in certain places in the house but the distance was quite far. We have no problems in our home.

  6. ElvaG10fvg says:

     United Kingdom

    Great feature list, reasonable cost & really nice feel/build.

    Far better than the Motorola one we had & the other one that we’ve just returned as it was useless.

    Does everything you need in a easy to use, quality fashion.

    Highly recommended

  7. GildaBaragwanat says:

     United Kingdom

    Although this performed acceptably, I swapped it for the cheaper vtech because 1. When baby moves around, it’s just a blur on the screen. Ultimately I wasn’t happy with the picture quality for the price 2. Found the temperature indicator to be out by a couple of degrees. 3. I didn’t especially need the remote panning capability that I’m assuming you pay extra fo