Creality Official Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Meanwell Power Supply and Flexible Magnetic Plate Resume Printing One Year Warranty 220x220x250mm

Ender 3 Pro
Ender 3Pro
pla black pla white PLA grey pla blue pla red pla yellow
Color Black White Grey Blue Red Yellow
Weight 2.2lbs (1KG) 2.2lbs (1KG) 2.2lbs (1KG) 2.2lbs (1KG) 2.2lbs (1KG) 2.2lbs (1KG)
Diameter 1.75 ± 0.02mm 1.75 ± 0.02mm 1.75 ± 0.02mm 1.75 ± 0.02mm 1.75 ± 0.02mm 1.75 ± 0.02mm
Nozzle Temp 190-230°C 190-230°C 190-230°C 190-230°C 190-230°C 190-230°C

Model: Ender-3 Pro
Manufacture: Creality 3D
Origin: China

145 Responses

  1. IsidraYDDM says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Great printers as knew nothing about them as picked up on you tube vids and taught myself about what the parts do.Now I have two and they do the job.

    Top printer for a beginner does it job

  2. DiannaU18m says:

     United Kingdom

    ones you get the levelling right its good its just getting there

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My first foray into 3D printing and not disappointed. The printed assembly instructions are OK but online videos are better. Was up and running within a couple of hours. I have added a CR touch self levelling probe which make the bed levelling process a lot easier. So far have been very happy with the printing results using PLA and PETG, ABS is a bit more tricky. For the price, this is a great bit of kit.

  4. Lenore3417 says:

     United Kingdom

    Reliable, Easy to set up. relatively cheap, good quality prints and never had to change the nozzle once in 40 prints so far. Levels and stays level. No faffing about every time you print something new. just gets on with the job. I use octoprint for loading and printing with raspberry pi as it negates the need for continuous sd card removal. Great printer.

  5. ForrestJersey says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I recently had a significant birthday and she who must be obeyed asked me for suggestion for birthday gifts. I optimistically suggested this printer amongst other things, never expecting to actually get it, but she actually came up trumps. I have never owned a 3D printer, but can think of lots of things that I would like to make with it. Obviously it needs to be assembled before use, so I took a look at the enclosed instructions, then immediately discarded them and watched a YouTube about how to build it. It comes with the tools needed to build it, but the instructions are somewhat lacking. I did make a couple of minor errors, putting things on the wrong way round and then needing to reverse them, but after a couple of hours it was time to turn it on a see if it worked….it didn’t. I eventually discovered that the mains “kettle lead” needed to be shoved in a bit more firmly, then it burst into life. I decided to get an automatic “bed leveller” as I gather that bed levelling is a bit of a tedious process and black art. I am still in the act of fitting this and installing the firmware and then I will definitely add to this review about how printing goes, but so far so good. I imagine that most reasonably competent people could assemble this printer, but I would strongly advise watching one of the many You Tube videos on how to build it. MORE TO FOLLOW….

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Took a few hours to build up. A loose connection meant trouble shooting and rechecking my build. Lots of tutorials online. Fantastic results once set up correctly.

  7. Jeff Zurschmeide says:


    La stampante e arrivata ben imballata le istruzioni per il montaggio sono semplici ed in italiano, in 1 ora la stampante e pronta per essere usata, non necessita di nessuna regolazione in quanto e tutto automatico, solo il piano e da regolare manualmente.
    La prima che mi era arrivata lo dovuta mandare indietro in quanto difettosa, pu capitare, ma in un paio di giorni ho ricevuto un’altra macchina, e devo dire di essere soddisfatto della stampa, molto ben definita.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Gave this 3D printer to my son for Christmas. He is thrilled with the print quality and the fact that the nozzle has not clogged after over 100 hours of printing. However, after about 60 hours of printing, the plastic feeder broke and a new metal one had to be purchased. This happened in the middle of a project and was very disheartening. You may want to have one on hand. It may have been bad luck or that part in particular may not be designed to last long term or a lot of printing. My son says 5 stars but given the fault after only only a week, the parent lowers the score to 4 stars. 😉

  9. Anonymous says:


    Arrivata in un imballo impeccabile, assemblata in meno di un’ora, a parte qualche piccolissimo dettaglio da ritoccare che stata pre-assemblata dalla fabbrica, era non allineato o starato e altri dettagli che si potevano fare meglio, per il resto ha una struttura molto solida e molto precisa nella stampa. Solo un piccolo dettaglio, per il prezzo che la si paga si poteva anche mettere un’estrusore il lega alluminio invece che di plastica. Ma a parte questo decisamente soddisfatto.

  10. Anonymous says:


    Relativamente fcil de montar, imprime bien desde el primer intento (nivelando la cama y ajustando la altura para que pegue el filamento a la cama), pero para una impresin perfecta requiere tiempo, ajustes y leer mucha informacin.
    Muchos tutoriales por internet para modificar y actualizar el Firmware de Marlin.

  11. Anonymous says:


    Aprs une grosse frayeur l’ouverture du carton ( voir photos ) , imprimante en vrac et alim abime ..
    Montage assez simple mme si la notice est trs succincte par contre le rglage du plateau m’a pos des problmes , impossible de le rgler ( surement une pice tordue vue l’tat du colis )..
    Finalement ayant anticip en achetant un kit avec ressort plus fort et plus long j’ai put rgler sans problme et du premier coup mon plateau.
    Le vendeur a accept de me rembourser le kit achet en supplment sans quoi je renvoy l’imprimante car si je n’avais pas achet ce kit je ne suis pas sur que cela aurait march ( indispensable mon avis au vue de certains commentaires ).
    Bref depuis, j’ai effectuer plusieurs impressions et tout fonctionne parfaitement.
    J’envisage tout de mme d’autres amliorations comme le CR Touch ..

    Point faible, elle est plutt bruyante et priori cela viens des moteurs d’axes mais il me semble que l aussi il existe un kit pour ce problme.

    Les + : Une bonne imprimante pour dbuter un prix abordable
    Les – : il faut rajouter pas mal de kit complmentaires pour en faire une super machine

    Bonne imprimante pour débuter !

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Forget the bundled instructions and watch the youtube installation videos.
    Bed levelling is a pain but print quality very good when adjusted properly.

  13. ShanaLrvnwzctko says:

     United Kingdom

    Great printer for tinkering but would err on the side of caution if you are not willing to put the effort into troubleshooting when there are inevitable issues.

  14. MillardBunnell says:

     United Kingdom

    Working Fantastic but assembly is a little difficult for balancing a bed.

  15. Erika Brooks Adickman says:

     United Kingdom

    Generally so far I was impressed with quality of the printer and assembly and following assembly instructions no issue. If I could give any constructive feedback it would be the installation of the X axis. belt which I installed on the extruder before putting on the rail. I also backed off the tension on Y axis rollers as these were set too tight on the rail

  16. Anonymous says:


    Einfach ein Klasse Drucker zu einem super Preis Leistungverhltnis! Sehr einfach au zu bauen un zu bedienen!

  17. Anonymous says:


    Una buona macchina 3d, nella confezione manca un software di disegno base intuitiva.

  18. EdisonLPWkods says:

     United Kingdom

    The install process is quite complicate , and one part needs to re-assemble on your own but the menu doesn’t mention it

    Tkx thanks to my son , he found the truth and we move forward

    In the end we got it and it’s amazing 3 d printe

  19. DedraArcher says:


    Alcanza buena calidad de impresin, es fcil de armar y es muy constante

  20. NorrisCHXD says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Really good printer!

  21. Nancy Brown says:


    La barra de la plataforma tenia un defecto en el carril que al pasar la rueda por ella pegaba un saltito.
    Yo creo que al venir premontada en origen, al ajustar la excntrica de la rueda la forzaron produciendo un hoyito.
    Tuve que girar la barra y hacer nuevos taladros (con tornillitos pasantes para el tensor ). Los taladros de la barra sirven al girarla 180.
    Por lo dems la maquina funciona bien, solo he hecho las 2 figuritas de ejemplo, el perrito y el gato, el cerdito tiene el archivo corrupto y por lo que he ledo viene as de fbrica

  22. GLUHelaine says:


    Actualizo a 5 estrellas, ya que el problema que tuve con el producto (era debido a que en el transporte se aflojo el noozle del bloque de calor) me fue solucionado rapidamente reponiendome el vendedor las piezas daadas.
    Los acabados de esta impresora son muy buenos por un precio muy bueno tambien.

    Servicio post venta excelente

  23. Los Angeles Times says:


    Like the product more info on setup and start printing would help people.

  24. cpcable says:


    Assembly can be quite a challenge and getting it right too. However once up, it is amazing and wonderful to run. It is a serious machine for beginners, and capable of delivering some serious pieces. The heated plate is great too. Highly recommended.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Quality sturdy item its a bit fiddley to put together but if you take your time and follow the instructions all will be fine. Great introduction to 3d printing that I would highly recommend.

  26. Anonymous says:


    Tengo 13 de estas mquinas funcionando. Son mis caballitos de batalla. Muy bien. Estoy muy contenta con la compra. Las recomiendo

  27. GingerYffacbott says:


    Hay que montar una parte, pero no es nada difcil.
    Buena calidad de impresio

  28. JulissaCatchpol says:


    The instructions included for assembly aren’t very clear and ended up having to find an assembly video online to complete the build as some steps are out of order in the included instructions. Other than that, build quality is good and the included program is easy to use for beginners

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Purchased as a birthday present for a 13 year old. Easy to assemble as most of the main parts are done for you. Took a little bit to set the bed up, but ther is plenty of adjustment in to get it right. Used the piece of paper method to get the height right. Had the whole thing up and running in an hour. I would definitely recommend watching any setup and user guides by users online first, makes things a lot clearer.

  30. LeonaS21onzawec says:


    Sono un principiante della stampa 3D e sono soddisfatto del prodotto e di Amazon, che ha rispettato l’impegno. Non ho avuto modo di interagire con il supporto tecnico, per adesso meglio cos. Qualche difficolt iniziale con la calibratura del piatto, ma una questione di esperienza credo. Le stampe, visto il livello mio di principiante, sono strabilianti. Non un giocattolo per tutti, bisogna appassionarsi e dedicare il tempo necessario per apprendere le tecniche che poi ti fanno progredire. Si apre un mondo.

  31. Anonymous says:


    Aprs 90 minutes l’imprimante est prte a imprimer.
    Se monte facilement, les instructions sont clairs et les outils sont fournis.
    Ma premire impression est faite, le rsultat est hallucinant.
    Important de prendre le temps pour les petits ajustements pour avoir un excellent rsultat d’impression.
    Sur la carte micro SD il y a des PDF pour les ajustements et bien sr sur YouTube on trouve une tonne
    Je suis dbutant dans le domaine du 3D et cette imprimante est faite pour moi.
    Je recommande!

  32. Anonymous says:


    I bought the Ender 3 Pro more than 18 months ago knowing nothing at all about 3d printing. The reviews were generally good and the price was right for a printer to learn on. At the time it had one of the biggest build areas available, which I needed as an O scale railway modeller. Putting it together required a bit of common sense as the supplied instructions and video contradicted each other a couple of times, especially with the order the steps are in. I didn’t bother timing it, but it didn’t take long before it was ready to go.
    The machine printed really well right from the start. It’s done a lot of hours work, even running for more than 48 hours straight on a couple of occasions and has never missed a beat. Print quality and fine detail is excellent. The supplied magnetic build plate mat makes detaching models easy though I recommend using a glass plate instead when using hotter filaments like ABS.
    Overall I am completely happy with the Ender 3 Pro and would recommend it to anyone.

  33. Fox News says:


    The prints I have done so far are pretty good.

  34. Nelson Aguilar says:


    This printer is excellent for printing high quality prints. Plus great for beginners. The imagination is the only limitation with this unit.

  35. roviedear says:


    L’imprimante est arrive plus rapidement que prvu. Emballage parfait en bon tat. Pas trop compliquer assembler mme s’il y a peu d’instruction. Fonctionne parfaitement mais demande de connatre les paramtres ”Slicer” pour viter les surprises. J’ai dcouvert qu’il y a des risques d’incendie avec certaine version de firmware. Il est difficile de savoir si notre imprimante a un bon firmware scuritaire donc garder sous supervision lors des impressions.

  36. HeathREYpgsx says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI didn’t know anything about 3d printing before i got this, all i knew it was cool and i wanted one. I looked around and this was the cheapest with lots of reviews so i bought it.

    I didn’t have any problems building it, i found assembly pretty straight forward. It was like a flat pack from Ikea. Took me about an hour, maybe a bit more.

    I didn’t read any instructions and went head first into printing. BIG MISTAKE. I thought the machine was broken or something.

    After many failed prints i eventually downloaded a gcode file to level the print bed, tightened the belt, realigned a bunch of stuff, after that everything came out great. Seriously, my advice to anybody is spend some time watching a YouTube video of how to do it first.

    My bed was so poorly leveled i actually tore through the original mat and had to buy a replacement because i rushed into it.

    Also, don’t expect this to be quick. That ocarina i just made took 6 hours.

    So in summary the machine is GREAT but be patient.

    This is not a paid review or anything like that. I rarely bother writing reviews but if you’re in 2 minds i suggest just buy it, but keep hold of the tools that come with it!

    This is amazingly fu

  37. BookerMontenegro says:


    Muy buena maquina hasta el momento, con una par de mejoras la mquina va perfectamente, lo que se echa se menos es una pantalla tctil.

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Nice printer but the best part is the active modding community.

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I built the unit in just over an hour after viewing a couple of instructional videos, each had ‘extra’ things to look out for which made things easier.
    Setting it up correctly was more time consuming, an further video advised to do this with the bed and extruder at working temperatures and to use haur spray, Pritt or such like on the bed to get 1st layer adhesion, an issue with most printers.
    Supplied filament was sufficient for several small objects created with MS 3d Builder using the Creality slicer useful for initial setting up.

  40. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersExcellente qualit .
    A assembler avec patience et rigueur et des tutos vido sur internet permettent de bien respecter les diffrentes tapes .
    Rsultat impressionna

  41. DieterHervey says:


    easy to put together, works great for my first printer in very happy with this

  42. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought as a Xmas present for our son, his first 3d printer, he uses Amazon basics filament.

  43. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This printer is really good i enjoyed using it. so i’ve gave this a good review. The printer did stop working from a dodgy motherboard. Upsetting. only 4 stars because i’ve had to apply a refund and stay at home tomorrow for the pick up. That one was faulty however, i know if it kept printing like it did in the start its great value.

  44. Zachary McAuliffe says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersAchat pour mon mari il est super content, le seul problme c’est que aprs plusieurs impressions le plateau n’accroche plus donc il y a des loup faux juste qu’il trouve une solution mais aussi non elle marche super bien et facile d’utilisatio

  45. Anonymous says:


    Buena impresora buena calidad soy nuevo en esto de 3d y vente que ya est metida en este tema me ha comenta que es una buena impresora