Philips Hue Lucca White LED Smart Outdoor Pedestal Light, For Garden and Patio. Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

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Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 44.8 cm; 1.37 Kilograms
Model: 1740293P0
Manufacture: Signify

23 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bought as a gift for a friend who never installed it, I’m sure it works fine!

  2. ElvisMccrory says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Very pleased with all of my Philips Hue lights. Well made, look good and work well.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I’ve made my whole house smart bulb compatible and the garden was the last thing that need to be made “smart”.
    Looks great, went up easy. Definitely worth it!

  4. Matt Bertz says:

     United Kingdom

    Light bulb not that bright but is dimmable and is good for outdoor along with a philips sensor. Both are quiet pricey but worth if you want something on the long run.
    I had it over 6 months now so far and does the job!

    Philips Luca LED outdoor ligh

  5. CoreyADXod says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Feel a bit plastic but once they are on the wall they look grea

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have about 5 of these and they seem very well built, best but is you can change the bulbs. All the other hue outside lights are fixed leds so when the light goes you will have to throw the whole fitting away. When you want a dusk to dawn light those type of lights won’t last long considering the price but with this one it’s just a bulb change

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very pleased with my Philips Hue Lucca so far, looks very modern and stylish on the front of the house.

    Uses a standard Philips Hue bulb inside the enclosure, so you won’t need to replace the whole unit if the bulb was to ever blow.

    Very simple to mount, just a few screws into the masonry. Be advised the product does not include a motion sensor, this is sold seperately by Philips, you have to control this light via your Light Switch or the Philips HUE app, hence the reason I haven’t reviewed the product based on motion detection.

    You can set up routines in the Philips HUE app so the light will come on during certain times of day, a game changer for keeping your entryway illuminated in the evenings.

  8. Katie King says:

     United Kingdom

    Replaced the old garden lights with a pair of these. Easy to install and configure. They look great.

    Note: the review asks me to score “Motion detection”. These lights on their own DO NOT have motion detection. I knew that when I bought them. To get motion detection you must buy the “Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor”, which is even easier to install (it’s wireless) and easily configured with Hue app (and Bridge) too.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have bought a few Hue lights for outdoors, and while they are expensive they have much cleaner lines than normal fittings, are easy to clean, and look brand new, years later. We had the silver fitting at our old house, and 2 years later it still looks like it was brand new.

    I’m buying another 2 of these fittings to go with the 1 I bought for the new house in September, this time for the back.

    You have to buy a separate motion sensor, which is a bit of a con, and yes, these are expensive. But Hue is a good system for security and you can set a low level ambient light which will deter burglars and welcome you home. This can be set to work with sunset and sunlight – or at times you wish, randomly. That’s really what you pay the money for Hue for. It can also be switched on and off with Alexa by voice. Good if you have your hands full, although Alexa can be obtuse.

    These fittings are mains hard wired, but they are easy to fit. Only quibble is that the unit depends on a very small screw to be secured. If you lose it, it’s a pain! So many manufacturers are doing this, that I’ve ordered a tiny screw set, so I don’t have to have the eyes of a hawk!

    This is annoying but it’s not a deal breaker for me. But you would think there would be a better way to secure a big heavy lampshade than some tiny screw the size you might use in a pair of glasses.

    The PIR is separate with Hue which seems a bit cheap, however this means you can set up the PIR in a location away from the unit and the lights will come on. For our set up this is an advantage. The light will also come on if you so wish, when it senses you/ your phone is near.

    Overall while Hue is expensive it is good, and offers some clever flexible solutions.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These are on the front of my house. The lights are fairly large so make sure you take note of the measurements but they look great and being plastic should stay looking great unlike all the steel ones I have bought in the past. The motion sensor initially look huge and I was worried that it would be an eye sore but once fitted I soon forgot about it and the functionality is great along with the extra functions available through the Hue app.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The light is nice, well designed and robust. However, when you turn off the mains electricity by the fusebox and back on again, the light loses its connection with the bridge every time and stays on permanently. It’s not a huge problem but is frustrating as you cannot turn the light off. I have to go into my loft space and find the bridge. I have to press the big link button over and over again.

    So just be aware, unlike a router, smartphone and many other devices, the Hue does not seem to know how to re-establish a connection. You will need to do it manually many times. The Apple app my home loses its connection as many times and it will need a hard reset of the Hue link button.

    Overall, its a nice light but deeply frustrating when I am shouting at Alexa and nothing happens.

    Communication errors after power rese

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    For the price it would have been nice to get fitting screws, rawl plugs and maybe a simple drill template included.

    I was surprised that it’s actually just an outdoor fitting with a screw in Hue bulb. The bulb has a slightly different model number so presumably is better rated for extreme temps than the standard ones. However, you can probably get away with a normal outdoor enclosure and a standard hue bulb for a lot cheaper.

  13. Journalist says:


    Une borne d’extrieur au design assez russi appairer avec votre pont Philips “HUE”.
    Si vous n’avez pas encore le systme “HUE”, il vous faudra un Pont pour utiliser correctement l’ampoule.
    La borne est sobre (et sombre), couleur mtal, un peu lgre (dommage pour un produit destin tre utilis en extrieur, mais vous pourrez la lester avec un peu de sable ou quelques pierres).
    Usage extrieur, de prfrence en pleine terre (arrive du fil par dessous, un usage “pos” est difficilement envisageable).
    La procdure est simple, on dmonte le pied du luminaire (3 petites vis munies de joints ne pas perdre) pour avoir accs au bornier (Phase/neutre, pas de fil de terre), on branche et on effectue une recherche de nouveau luminaire dans l’application HUE.
    C’est rapide, et la borne fonctionne tout de suite. Variation d’intensit uniquement sur ce modle, l’ampoule est de couleur “blanc chaud”, et ce n’est pas modifiable.
    Deuxime tape pour les utilisateur d’Alexa, une nouvelle recherche de luminaire dans l’application, la reconnaissance “automatique” n’tant parfois pas adquate.
    Ensuite a roule… Bon… je pense que j’en profiterais plus au printemps, en ce moment je ne passe pas beaucoup de temps dehors.
    Le bon point c’est que ce luminaire utilise un emplacement “standard” E27 pour l’ampoule. Vous pourrez donc remplacer l’ampoule par une autre ampoule connecte ou non en cas de panne. Ce n’est pas le cas avec certains appareils de la gamme HUE ou les lampes sont intgres et non remplaables.

  14. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our Usersoter avant achat: ce kit ncessite un pont HUE et un raccordement au rseau lectrique.

    On a un luminaire cylindrique de taille moyenne gris fonc dans une texture non lisse, surmont d’une zone opaque pour l’clairage, dont la partie haute se dvisse.
    LUCCA borne est fourni avec un outil pour visser et une ampoule Hue White E27.

    La luminosit 806 lumen et de 2700 Kelvin est un blanc chaud.
    On pourra videmment changer en utilisant une autre ampoule.
    La puissance est de 9,5W.

    Je regrette qu’il faille se dbrouiller compltement pour amener l’lectricit.

  15. John Lincoln on Google Plus says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersCette borne est en alu peint en gris anthracite, avec une texture un peu granuleuse.
    Contrairement l’illustration actuellement prsente, la hauteur totale est de 400 mm (et non 250 mm)

    Ce luminaire est de la gamme HUE mais n’en a finalement que l’ampoule E27 white . Elle est cependant un peu diffrente car reconnue comme clairage extrieur dans l’application HUE.
    Il est donc possible de la remplacer par toute autre ampoule e27 (maxi 9,5W), comme par exemple une HUE white & color .
    A noter que l’ampoule fournie peut fonctionner de manire classique, sans pont de connexion Philips.
    Le systme HUE permet d’utiliser le signal d’autres luminaires HUE jusqu’ 20 m afin d’tendre la porte. En plaant des luminaires tous les 20 m on doit pouvoir couvrir des grandes alles.

    L’alimentation est dissimule dans l’embase plastique du potelet qu’il faut dvisser (3 vis, cl torx fournie).
    On y trouve un domino dissimul sous une cloche plastique. Un obturateur caoutchouc est fourni pour raliser l’tanchit avec notre raccordement lectrique.
    Pour fixer le luminaire au sol, il est ncessaire de percer l’embase 3 reprises.

    Une fois l’ampoule HUE monte, la cloche en plastique diffusant cercle de mtal se monte simplement en vissant. Il est d’ailleurs dommage qu’il n’y ait pas de systme scurisant le vol de l’ampoule, sachant qu’elle coute une quinzaine d’euros.
    Au niveau de l’clairage, l’ampoule E27 white rgle au maximum de sa puissance est selon moi suffisante pour ce type de produit.

    Hauteur 400 mm (et non 250)

  16. Anonymous says:


    Cette borne d’clairage extrieure Lucca de Philips est fournie est fourni avec une ampoule hue white.
    Bien entendu, le pont Philips Hue n’est pas fourni mais si vous n’en n’avez pas je vous conseille d’en avoir un sinon il n’y a pas d’intrt d’avoir cette borne d’clairage.
    En effet, si vous n’avez pas le systme, cette borne ne vous sera aucune utilit pour une utilisation connect (elle fonctionne normalement).
    La borne est fourni monter votre rseau lectrique. Il faudra donc disposer d’un dispositif extrieur et d’tre un peu bricoleur pour pouvoir l’utiliser car ce n’est pas une prise lectrique qu’il faudra brancher mais directement les cbles.
    La borne est heureusement tanche vu qu’on la laisse l’extrieur. Dans le jardin, elle est assez jolie avec sa couleur anthracite.
    L’ampoule fournie est de couleur neutre blanche mais on peut la rgler en couleur plus froide ou couleur plus chaude. Ce qui est pratique avec le systme Philips HUE s’est que l’on peut rgler la luminosit facilement via son smartphone.Ce n’est pas complexe pour ajouter l’ampoule votre systme HUE existant (la gamme Hue est assez facile d’utilisation). Pour l’application IOS, c’est celle que vous utilisez dj avec votre pack existant HUE. Vous pourrez ainsi programmer l’allumage de la borne d’clairage et faire les diffrentes configuration.
    Je vous conseille d’ajouter aussi un interrupteur hue. C’est vraiment trs pratique et mieux que de sortir sur smartphone.En conclusion, borne d’clairage extrieure Lucca est trs pratique si vous disposez dj du systme Philips HUE.

  17. AbrahamRubio says:


    On retrouve bien ici la qualit “Philips” :
    – Cot borne : le design ici est bien pens, cette borne est moderne tout en restant assez “discrte” pour passer dans n’importe quel jardin. Le revtement gris anthracite est du plus bel effet mme si on pourra lui reprocher une certaine sensibilit aux rayures. Le montage est trs simple et tout a t fait pour assurer une bonne isolation l’humidit.

    – Ct logiciel : j’utilise dj un pont “Hue” la maison. La liaison s’est ralise sans problme et trs rapidement. A noter qu’une distance de 20 mtres est possible entre chaque bornes ce qui permet de placer un grand nombre de bornes sur un chemin assez long et loin de la maison. Avec ce systme on peut facilement programmer un allumage de la borne selon l’heure par exemple. La liaison avec Alexa (d’Amazon) fonctionne impeccablement bien, cela fait toujours son petit effet devant les invits quand je dis voix haute “Alexa, allume le jardin” ! 😉

    J’ai apprci le fait qu’une ampoule (ici Hue) soit fournie : c’est un gage de prennit (si l’ampoule ne fonctionne plus on peut la changer sans devoir changer toute la borne !). On peut aussi mettre une ampoule de couleur par exemple.

    Reste le prix, assez lev mais on a l’habitude avec ces produits. A voir dans le temps ct solidit, je ne manquerais pas de faire une mise jour de ce commentaire dans quelques annes si le systme se dtriore.

    Important : il s’agit bien ici d’une borne destine tre relie un rseau lectrique au sol dj existant. Il n’y a donc aucun cble et il n’est pas prvu que la liaison se fasse sur le ct (pas d’encoche pour passer le cble).

    Si ce commentaire vous a aid dans votre choix n’hsitez pas cliquer sur “UTILE”, cela m’encourage ! ^__^

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 24 From Our UsersWe bought two of these Hue outdoor wall lamps and will soon add another one to replace rusty, less sturdy lamps (that we already equipped with Hue bulbs. We have a growing Hue range and this is a great addition to it. This new range looks aesthetically pleasing and given its coating / material rust won’t be a problem at all. Time will tell whether the white lamp cover will yellow.

    With a little DIY skill and tools (drill & screwdriver) it was quite easy to fix the lamps on the wall: requires two drill holes each. Obviously make sure to shut down the power mains before connecting.
    We have however replaced the standard white Hue bulbs that came with the lamps with the coloured versions that we were already using in our garden lamps (see picture attached). So we continue to bathe our terrace in the appropriate atmospheric light when nessecary.

    Great quality lamp, love Hue, easy to install

  19. Kathryn says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 32 From Our UsersNice and well built, but i felt that the amazon listing doesnt clearly state if its required hard wiring or if a plug is supplied.
    for the record this product will require a qualified electrician to install them.. they do NOT come with a plug

  20. DerickYKDR says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI’ve already reviewed the Tuar version which we’ve installed either side of our rear doors, so I won’t go into detail about installation etc of the Lucca, but we purchased this for our front door which was badly in need of a replacement light fitting. The Lucca design is excellent for the front of a property, working almost as a ‘sabre’ style light would in so much as it shines up and down. This for us is ideal, as our house number sits directly below the Lucca, and is therefore lit up whenever the Lucca is on. We control this by a timer routine in the Hue App and it works really well.

    One star off as the price is high for what is, in effect, a simple product with a basic Hue bulb included, but I guess you pay for the desirable Hue name, the design, and in fairness the build quality, which is absolutely first class. A doddle to install, and really looks the part.

  21. Anonymous says:


    La lampada convince gi dopo essere spacchettata. davvero molto bella.
    Sono rimasta sorpresa dalle sue dimensioni, in quanto pi grandi di quel che mi aspettavo.
    Il montaggio semplicissimo come qualunque altra lampada che va montata a terra. Il collegamento con il sistema Hue (se lo utilizzassimo) avviene semplicemente aggiungendo la lampada alla App della casa intelligente.
    Lampada ha un aspetto molto moderno ed esteticamente attraente. Mix di alluminio smaltato e plastica rigida di qualit. Dobbiamo munirci di cavo della lunghezza adatta a quella necessaria.
    Lampadina in aggiunta fa la luce direi calda, ma possiamo cambiare la sua intensit tramite App.

  22. Perla Shaheen says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 14 From Our UsersBuild quality of the housing is brilliant, wall plate isn’t great but does the job. Drill out / cut out the plastic from the screw holes which are meant to be horizontal and vertical slides to help you align. Slice the rubber gromet and fix before attaching the back plate to the wall and use a spirit level. Good location for wire terminal block. And once fitted looks awesome. I changed my e27 bulb to a colour Philips hue bulb as I had a spare. The bulb supplied is the standard just white dimmable e27. Would have liked Philips to supply the ambience white.
    Ordered another already for the front of the house. Since you can set the brightness level means unlike other LED wall lights it’s not in the neighbours face so to speak.

    Dimmable wall light, great build and easy on eye design.

  23. Cindyvcdgdf says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersThe Hue Lucca is easy to install. Not cheap but a modern design that fits my home perfectly. Keen to add more from the range. My only small niggle is it has very few edges to place the spirit level.

    Lucca lights up my world